Parvarish 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 13th March 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Lucky asking Sweety whether she likes Rinku or not to which she replies no as Rinku was the main culprit who spoilt innocent Rocky in the matters of love and what made him attract towards her because she isn’t beautiful. Sweety lies to satisfy herself and Lucky, too that Rinku is no good for Rocky. Lucky tries to explain her that ‘love is blind.’ Lucky handles the matter appropriately and explains his opinion about love and his approval of Rocky-Rinku’s love if they both complete their studies without being distracted in their love. They must have the courage to face and fight problems and being responsible.

Sweety gets convinced and is feeling proud of Lucky for handling this situation so effluently. Sweety asks Lucky to have a talk with Rocky later. Lucky is tensed as he knows that it is not a piece of cake to do. Ginny is leaving for her school while she remembers Rocky about their agreement. Rinku listens to their conversation and in dilemma she asks Rocky about the situation to whom he replies that Ginny has been known about their affair. But he is in no tension because a agreement has happened between him and Ginny. They both start chattering and babbling and blah…blah…Sweety lends an ear to them for calling them for having their breakfast.

Raged Sweety then calls Lucky; Lucky gives a call to them. While having breakfast, Rocky s staring and staring at Rinku to which Sweety is angry. Lucky diverts him by excuses. Rinku acts like she is in anger with Rocky and gets up. Lucky himself invites for the football match which Rocky is going to watch. Lucky haves a seat and tries to speak but to no avail. He gets distracted and gets emotional about a father-son’s “good old days”Lucky asks him to ask Raavi if she would like to come with them to watch the movie ‘Mere Dad ki Maruti’ so that he could get third ticket. Suddenly, he remembers about ‘important’ talk with Raavi and cut shots Lucky’s conversation and their plan to converse with Rocky fails.

At Ahuja’s, Raavi is studying when Rocky arrives and begs for her forgiveness and to give a last opportunity to Rinku. She accepts it. At Ahluwalia’s, Sweety is peeling peas or something while Rinku comes asking to be a helping hand. Sweety refuses her appeal and urges her to go and study. When Rinku starts studying, Sweety starts murmuring the “Black magic spreading Rinku, why my innocent Rocky is trapped in her black magic, what is in Rinku that made him attract towards her? Her face is neither worth to see nor she is worth to lend an ear to , Fat bull!! And tagged herself with Rocky.”

Rinku is going to prepare a tea for herself, therefore she asks Sweety to have some of it. Sweety denies, and whispers to give her poison instead of tea and tells her to go and have it itself. Rinku rushesto the kitchen to prepare tea. Sweety rushes, too to keep an eye on her. Sweety gives a terrible look as Rinku has used so much of tea leaves because the cost is increasing day-by-day. Rinku gets disappointed but still Sweety expresses her anger and goes from them. Lucky is in meeting with his clients. Sweety arrives at his cabin and expresses her stress that she cannot live with Rinku under one roof. She suddenly remembers that in the tension of Rinku, she forgot to make lunch for Ginny. Lucky gives an excellent idea of parceling the food from a hotel. They both reach home to find a delicious smell of food. Rinku has made the lunch. Lucky appreciates her but Sweety doesn’t. Instead, she accuses her for making lunch as Sweety has her plans of bringing the food from hotel. Lucky insists to eat the hotel food for dinner and Rinku’s for lunch. However, because of Sweety’s terrified looks compels Lucky to change his decision. Rinku disappoints as she was with the intention of helping Sweeety as they are paying a visit to their relatives because of which she might have forgotten to prepare lunch. Sweety however, changes her decision and asks Rinku to not take away the food made by her and serve as the lunch’s menu.

Ginny is happy as the conflict of which food to be served stops. Ginny appreciates the taste of food and thinks that Sweety might tell Ginny to be like her. But Sweety tells the she will not tell Ginny that Rinku is perfect. Lucky cuts the words and asks Rinku to have lunch with them. Sweety serves mint chutney to Lucky and by mistakenly she serves Rinku. Rinku is not attentive and gulps it. Sweety tries to tell her but as she is in rage she doesn’t tell. Rinku starts coughing and rushes to her bedroom to gulp some medicines. She then arrives at the dining table when Lucky asks her, she tells him that she is allergic to mint and she has told it to Sweety in the morning but Sweety forgot it. Lucky is shocked.
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