Parvarish 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 11th March 2013 Written Update

episode starts with rocky and rinku hug. When lucky comes back home in a car sees them hugging, and is shocked..lucky comes down in car and thinks that sweety was afraid of this and it happened. Lucky becomes worried, remembers past convos. Rocky and rinku still hugging.. rocky sees broken star and both make a wish. lucky rushes inside the house and goes to his room to meet sweety.
Rocky asks why did you get quiet all of sudden, rinku says i was thinking about what will happen about our love? sweety is talking to someone on phone lucky goes away. rinku says i dont know but my dad will never agree. i was always a toy for him. rinku says that is why i got influenced by ashok becuase i wanted to get out of this. rocky says no matter what i will fight wont look back.

sweety comes downstairs wen ginny says that lucky wanted to see u. sweety surprisingly asks where he is. sweety calls lucky.. lucky says i came to close the terrace door as it was open. Rocky says we are here don’t close it. lucky says what are you doing here? rocky says we were looking at constellations. lucky says how can i let this happen in my house? lucky says i made rocky understand but… rocky and rinku walk downstairs together. sweety looks at them at shock. she says you both were terrace again, why? rocky lies about seeing constellations. sweety says khanna sir is sick we will go see them. sweety says are you okay? lucky says i am just tired… rocky holds her duppata… rinku snatches it back…

Rocky keeps looking towards kitchen…Rocky says sit ginny.. ginny says i have to get food.. rocky says dont worry i will get it..rocky makes joke. sweety says fahter never talks and son keeps talking.. sweety says is everythink okay at work? Lucky says yes..

rocky and rinky hold hand at bottom both laughing… sweety says give kadhi to lucky.. rocky uses broken hand and sweety yells at him..rocky and rinku both bring up thier hands when lucky realizes that they were holding hands… Lucky gets up and says i am not hungry and goes away. this leaves sweety worried..sweety comes upstairs says you havent changed yet.. sweety says you must have eaten outside; and she gives hot water to him. lucky says rocky is in love, sweety continues talking about computer when she realizes what lucky said she get shocked.. lucky says thats why he was changed. i saw them hugging.. sweety is shocked. She asks about girl… lucky says dont react too much.. sweety is shocked..lucky says listen. sweety is like i have listened enough.. sweety says i told rocky and how could he? sweety says i will slap rocky twice.. rinku is our responsibility. sweety says i can take care of rocky… sweety knocks on rockys door…ginny opens and asks what did he do again? sweety shouts at rocky to come out of washroom… rocky comes out and shouts rocky about what he is doing.. lucky tries to divert but in vein. sweety says we are talking rite now..sweety says things are bad… Lucky says give me 15 min. then do what you want..sweety says okay.. Lucky says is it rocky’s fault? sweety is like then whose.. lucky says its his age. he tries to explain to sweety… lucky narrates rocky and rinku’s terrace convo about fighting to anybody… lucky says its not infatuation its love..


Update Credit to: cool127

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