Parvarish 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 11th April 2013 Written Update

Lucky and Raavi reaches the police station, where Jeet is been interrogated, One guard shows them Jeet is in interrogation room. They go there, only to comeout as the police inspector says they can’t go to the interrogation room without permission. Raavi wants to talk to Jeet for 5 minutes, after a small conversation police inspector agrees, Lucky calls the lawyer.

Pinky is crying, Sweety is consoling her that nothing wrong will happen to Jeet.Raavi talks with Jeet that he shall give her password and login so that she can study and go through the transaction. Jeet does not agree as he feels this might add another blame on him for sharing secret password and id.Raavi tries to make him understand that his bank members will not help him as one of them is responsible.

He shall help himself and let his family help him.She herself will fight to give him justice.Raavi wants to go with Lucky to check what allegations and charges have been given to Jeet and Lucky says,she shall stay with Jeet and later can call the lawyer.Jeet says that Raavi has become mature ,the small girl once now wants to know the legal procedures. Raavi gives a apt reply, “aapne hume padhaya likhaya isiliye to hai taki hum Zindagi me sari musibaton ka samna kar sake.”Jeet replies yes we shall fight for ourself without changing rules.

Sweety could not get anyone by phone,Pinky is more disturbed when bell rings and Jeet with others come there. Pinky hugs him .all of them had a conversation. Without Raavi all go to Ahluwalia house.Sunny and Raashi are unaware of Jeet’s case.

Rashi,Sunny,Rocky and Lovely are in Ahluwalia house,were Rashi says her mother cries in everything ,even Raavi does the same .but she does not Rocky and lovely make a plan and Lovely deliberately fail in”panja competition” ,As per plan he takes them all for ice cream parlor.

All the members in Ahuja house decide to meet Mr Rastogi , who is a family lawyer . On the other side Rocky informs Raavi that Rashi and Sunny have go the news from TV .Raavi consoles the kid and declares she will give her father justice.


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