Mehrya my version Part 94

Part 94 13/08/2018

Both Shaurya and Mehak suited well in the new city. Shaurya managed to get a car for rental to move around instead of getting the driver. He also manage to enroll into the nearest gym to continue his workout routine. Shaurya and Mehak did a small party inviting their neighbors at their new place and organized a tea party so they can get to know their neighbors around apartment and all liked them. They exchange pleasantries. Some of the kids also like Mehak for her cute soft spoken nature. Her opposite neighbor is Mr & Mrs Srinivas and their cute son Neev. Mehak and Neev become good friends and Neev always comes to play with Mehak after coming from school.

Shaurya’s work started from the following week with the short listing contestants, choosing the themes and other contest related matters with his new team at Bangalore. As Shaurya is well versed in the cooking competition they welcomed his ideas and they worked well as a team.

Shaurya was standing in front of the dresser without his shirt. Mehak made his breakfast and came to see him in his room. She took the shirt which was on the bed and made him to wear it , he let her to dress him and button his shirt, then pick the matching tie for his suit, Shaurya’s naughty hand went down her waist and hold her closer to his body while his fingers drawing some pattern on her body. Mehak didn’t see him but she felt the butterflies in her tummy and her cheeks gets red with his antics. She warned him Shaurya what you doing, you need to go to work and your shirt will get crumpled. She finished doing his tie and looked at him he pulled her even closer and planted a wet kiss on her cheek. Today you look so sweet and I will be thinking about you at work how to leave you here alone at home go and work, come with me Shaurya said, Mehak stick her tongue out and teased him Shaurya you going office not to  playschool to follow you like mummy. Don’t start anything come eat your breakfast she guided him to the dining table, and made him to sit and make him to eat his toast and juice.

In between he tried to be naughty with her but Mehak made him to eat quickly it was as hard with him as his hands keep going to her. His mobile ring and he sighed as he picked up the call. His assistant from the site called him to remind of his appointment and to check has he left home or not. Shaurya replied yes I am leaving shortly. He gets up from his seat as he finish his juice Mehak wiped his lips with her duppatta. She cupped his cheeks and pulled him to her lips and planted kiss on his forehead and hugged him wishing him all the best patidev. She remembered something pulled him to the Matarani altar and ask him to pray first, he obediently followed her. She feed him the curd and he had few spoons before he leaves and asked her to take care of herself if anything call him immediately she nodded yes and not to worry about her. He kissed her cheek by placing his lips longer on her warm cheek he left the door saying love you baby. Mehak smiled and whispered love you patidev.

He drove using the GPS and reached his work place on time. He met with the event sponsors and his co judges for this contest will be Mrs Anupama and Mr Bobby. They are advised by Mr Bhatt and few more leading sponsors. As he reached the board room his assistance with the co judges all were waiting for him he greeted them and apologized for coming late. Mrs Anupama said it’s okay and they get into discussion. Shaurya together with the team check the application forms which was shortlisted and picked the most suitable candidates they short listed them to 30 candidates. From there he with the rest suggested to test these 30 candidates culinary skills and other related to cooking before selecting them into the contest.  It was soon lunch time and they were served lunch. Shaurya was too busy whenever he took out his mobile to call Mehak but someone will interrupt him related to work and he was pretty occupied and couldn’t get a chance to talk to her.

On the other end Mehak manage to finish some of her task like creating new recipes. Whatever on her notepad hand written she type them out properly so is easily documented. She looked at the time it was past lunch time and she look at her mobile there was no single message or miscall from Shaurya , she mumble to herself, looks like Janab don’t think about me, when comes to work biwi is always the second, let it be, what I care I won’t call him too. Her self-talking broke when there her doorbell rings, she gets up to see who was it and it was Neev who came back from school waiting outside her door. Mehak greeted him happily, he asked how was school and all he replied her happily. He asked her to come over to her house so she can eat lunch and play with him, his mom invited her, Mehak was a bit shy but Neev convinced her to follow and she ask him to wait a bit she will get her mobile and house key, she went in to OFF her laptop and took her mobile along with the house key.

Neev’s mom Mrs Srinivas happily greeted Mehak in. She ask her to make herself comfortable. Mehak sat comfortably on the sofa while Neev get his drawings and toys from his room. Mrs Srinivas invited Mehak to have lunch with them Mehak joined her with Neev for lunch. They chit chat over the meal and later Mehak helped her to clear them although Mrs Srinivas insist her not to do them, Mehak helped and joined Neev to play with him. She asked him to complete his homework first and then she will play along with him. He obeyed her and started to do his homework. Mrs Srinivas was surprised by his act and praised Mehak that never her son do homework once been told but when Mehak said he obeyed. Mrs Srinivas asked how her day is at new city, since her hubby goes to work how it is so far. Mehak smiled a bit and said it was okay I was busy a bit with some of my work then Neev came to call me. Mrs Srinivas asked would you like to join for yoga class, it’s nearby only and it’s good to practice Yoga on daily basis. Mehak said I don’t know I havent tried all these yoga and all, Mrs Srinivas assured her it will be good for her as she also teach dance there as part time, Mehak said she will ask her hubby before and will let her know.

It was soon become evening as Mehak spent time with Neev and she came back home and saw the time, she decided to take a shower before Shaurya comes. She change to her pyjamas kurti and tied her hair up into a bun and started to prepare dinner , she felt the house too quiet and was not use to the see such quite situation. When she was at Sharma’s they are always around her and when at Khanna’s Awara and Dolly maasi always there too. She takes a deep breath and ON the TV to a music channel and put the volume up a bit to work at the kitchen.

She checked the fridge and plan to prepare the dinner and started to cut the vegetables accordingly. As she was cutting the vegetable while humming her favorite song Humma Humma. She started to cook and Shaurya sneaked slowly without making any noise. He knows she must be upset as he didn’t call her at all. He snaked his arm around her waist which startled her. Her heart thumping like a fish a dropping of its hook. He rested his chin on her shoulder and exhaled a deep breath I missed you my jaan , Mehak  smiled a little but keep her steady face , she replied don’t lie , if you have missed me at least you would have called me once or messaged me , but today nothing came from you. He kissed on her shoulder and turn her to face him, she rested her hands around his neck and looked at his face, he was tired she asked him to go and have shower quickly and come she is preparing dinner, Shaurya stopped and danced with her follow the beat of the song he said we agreed that I will  prepare dinner but why are you making it, Mehak replied you look so tired , by the time you fresh up and cook we already sleeping that’s why I preparing  its okay you can come home early to cook another day now go and fresh up quickly , he pecked her cheek and runs to freshen up quickly.

Mehak prepared the dinner and he came out with his wet hair as his towel still hanging on her neck. She made him to sit down and wipes his wet hair, he enjoyed the way she is caring for him. She served him dinner and sat next to him to have hers. She asked about his day and he explain about what they did and she told him about her day with Neev and Mrs Srinivas. Then she told about the yoga class which is nearby whether she can go or not and Shaurya ask her to go ahead as Yoga is good practice for her body and enjoy. He told her that tomorrow is only half day work as they need to do briefing for contestant and by noon he will be free so he can bring her to shopping for her yoga attires and shoes and Mehak gets excited.

After dinner both sat together at the balcony garden swing and enjoy their chit chat before going off to bed.

Next day Mehak took a call cab reached the mall. Shaurya finished his work and reached the mall as well. Both hold each other’s hand and walked to a restaurant to have lunch and proceeded to some sports attire boutique. Shaurya checked for few t-shirts and yoga pants for Mehak and asked her to try it on while she trying the clothes he went to check on shoes and suitable yoga mate for her, she came out from the fitting room he started to tease her as she look like a cool chic in the training wear. She suppressed her lips for not smiling but he winked at her and she smiled at last, he get a pair of sports shoes and asked the shop assistant to get the size for her. Mehak tried on the shoe and she stands up Shaurya who looked at her sports chic look winked at her and said now you look like pattakka going college, if guys sees you like this I will be so jealous. Mehak hit his shoulder and said you like to talk all these nonsense. Anywhere you will start Shaurya. Mehak went back to change to her clothes and Shaurya paid for the stuffs and they both roam around in the mall.

As Mehak is foodie especially for dessert he brought her to have her waffle with ice creams and chocolates drizzled she tried to feed him and he took a little bite, as the chocolate sauce was sticking on her side of lips Shaurya tricked her to see there and he sneakily used his mouth to clean that spot which made Mehak surprised and embarrassed, she looked at him in disbelief and asked what are you doing Shaurya. He casually replied you made a mess while eating and I cleaned up that’s all. She quickly took her napkin to wipe her mouth Shaurya said it’s okay don’t be shy just eat, Shaurya keep teasing Mehak which made her blush into dark beetroot tone and both had fun discovering the new city.

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