Part 63 10/06/2020

The next few weeks were filled excitement at Khanna mansion. Mehak feel sleepy and less appetite most of the time. Karuna maa will prepare some healthy dishes with the help of Awara and will coax her to try them out and she will eat very little just to please her lovely mother in law. Shaurya, will wake up early as usual going for his morning sprint. Usually Mehak will be up same time as him and she will freshen up prepare his morning smoothie as well the breakfast for all. Since she is pregnant, Karuna maa taking charge of the house matters giving a break to Mehak. After his morning sprint Shaurya will do his smoothie and climb over to his room to check on the mom to be. It was almost 2 weeks since the news of the pregnancy broke out, Karuna maa acts like a teenager who is very active. Though she still needs her walking stick to move around but that doesn’t stop her from taking care Mehak like a princess in their home. Shaurya reached his room and draw the curtain to let the sunlight to brighten up the room little as the sip his smoothie. He walked over to the bed and see how she is sleeping soundly not knowing the time. Past weeks has been extra value added to Shaurya, with the extra love his wife showering him, and she is always craving for his attention these days. He keeps his meetings under the tab and tries to be home the soonest to spend time with her. His mom will message him on Mehak, so he can worry less. He chuckled looking at her sleeping position. Last night they slept in spooning position, then in the midnight he felt her hugging him tightly as though he will run away from her. Now she is sleeping on his side of the bed hugging a pillow. He put his smoothie glass away and sat next to her and caresses her hair gently from her cheek. The moment he did that Mehak moved to him and rested on is lap as the next preferred position. He silently watched her as he called her name softly.

Shaurya: Mehaakkk…

Mehak: Hmmm…

Shaurya: Its almost 10am sweet heart. Maa is preparing your favorite breakfast. Aloo paratha with yummy ginger pickle. Also, she is wondering what else to prepare for you. So sweet heart, wake up.

Mehak: Another 10mins Shaurya.

Shaurya chuckled lowly as he knows she will say that, that has been her usual ones every morning. He just thought of something naughty and lower himself and rubbed his stubbled chin at her ear as well at her neck area which made her to get up immediately. Shaurya kissed her nose tip as he wished good morning my love as he said finally, you got up with a wicked smile in his face. Mehak pushed her hair behind as she looked at him with a glare.

Shaurya: You look sensual babe.

Mehak: Is this the way to wake someone? (she pushed his shoulder as she said in raspy tone)

Shaurya: (still laughing at her) Get ready quickly, I need to go to office and make sure you eat your breakfast properly and take your vitamins. So don’t do any dramas and fresh up quickly and come down.

Mehak knows there is no point arguing with him, she pushed the duvet away and wants to get away from the bed, but Shaurya pulled her by her wrist which made her to pause. She looked at him and asked what.

Shaurya: You forgot something babe. (in his suggestive tone)

Mehak knowing what he wants, she moves closer to him. Shaurya closed his eyes as he anticipated a kiss on his cheek, but little did he know that his cheeky wife not intend to give a kiss, but she has some wicked plan, she went near him and looked at his profile for a second before she sank her teeth on his stubbled cheek which made him to let out a loud shriek. Before he could react, Mehak jumped from the bed and head to the bathroom quickly locking the door behind giggling loud. Shaurya jumped off the bed to pull her back but she was fast enough to lock the bathroom door. He started to knock the bathroom door demanding her to open it now.

Shaurya: Mehak you better open the door now.

Mehak: Bachu you won’t get anything, as it is you spoilt my sleep, but you want your morning kiss, no way.

Shaurya: I know how to get my kiss sweet heart.

He walked to his walk-in wardrobe and picked his attire for the day and lay them on the bed and check his mobile for any new emails. By then Mehak came out from the bathroom and she went inside the walk-in wardrobe to get dressed up. Both came downstairs together for their breakfast.

Karuna maa: Mehak beta, good morning, how are you feeling? Did you sleep well?

Before she can reply, Shaurya answered.

Shaurya: Obviously she had a good sleep maa, you should ask me that question instead.

Mehak who sat next to him pinched to quiet him. He ouches and complain to maa about her.

Shaurya: Maa, see what she is doing, even in front of you she is pinching me.

Karuna maa: Shaurie, is there a day you don’t bother my daughter. Not that she is sleeping all the time, its her pregnancy hormone causing her. Besides that, doctor asked her to take good rest and sleep whenever she is tired.

Mehak smirked at Shaurya as maa supported her and no one is listening to him. She had her breakfast and Shaurya placed a bowl of cut fruits infront of her and she give an unsettled look.

Shaurya: After your meal you must have a bowl of fruits. The doctor mentioned you must have balanced diet my love.

Mehak turned to look at maa.

Maa: Beta, Balanced diet is a must and this part I support him, so please have the fruits beta.

Shaurya wipes his mouth with the napkin and he got a phone call and get up from the table to answer them. Mehak looked at him as he moved away from the table, he signed her to the fruit bowl placed infront her. She pushes the fork in and started to feed herself with the fruits. She looked at maa and said.

Mehak: This house became like a jail and he is jail warden. Always his rules applies here, eat this , eat that, drink this, I cant even sleep peacefully.

Hearing her, Karuna maa let out a boisterous laughter at how innocent her daughter in law. Clearly, she is irritated with Shaurya’s strict behavior. She placed her palm on top Mehak’s palm as she gives her a soft look at Mehak’s direction.

Karuna maa: Beta, Shaurya takes care of all the people around him, their health, their safety and their needs are his priority. That is his way of showing his love and care towards them. As for you, you are holding an exceptional place in his heart, so now this baby, so he wants to make sure that everything for you two are in perfect. Previously my mom was here with us, he makes sure she always takes her bitter gourd juice early in the morning and throw away all her ice creams desserts etc from the house. He replaced all with no sugar type. Poor mom, she has to obey his words. At least be happy for you is just fruits and not the bitter gourd juice. (giggling)

Mehak scrunched her nose in disgust as she wonder how naani had the bitter gourd juice and no sugar stuff. She manage to finish the fruit bowl on time when Shaurya ends his call and came to the dining area. She wiped her mouth and gets up from the seat and maa asked her to walk around the lawn a bit as well play with Naughty as she will join her in a bit. Shaurya came after her with a pill and a glass of water.

Mehak: What is this Shaurya, how much I should be eating, just now breakfast, then fruits now the vitamin?

Shaurya sees her annoyed look and lean forward to plant a kiss on her forehead.

Shaurya: Okay take this vitamin and then you can scold me as much as you want later.

She took the pill and took the glass of water and gulp it and give him the look that she is annoyed with him.

Shaurya: Okay sweet heart, have a good day ahead at home, walk a bit with maa, don’t take too much nap during day time because you are keeping me awake in the night. Watch some TV show, do whatever you feel like doing and I will be home soon to accompany you. Till then just think about me and our little baby, (as he bends down to kiss her abdomen)

Mehak’s anger evaporated immediately as she loops her arms around his neck and placed her lips on his cheek.

Mehak: Okay, come quickly okay we will be waiting for you.

Shaurya pecked her cheek again and heads to the car to start his day. He knows he already late but he loves his wife so much that he cant leave her without attending to her.

Mehak walked a bit as she played with Naughty throwing his toy and he will get it and keep coming back to her.She gets tired in a while and moved inside the house and headed to the kitchen looking for maa. At the kitchen maa was instructing the cook with some menus to prepare for the day.

Mehak: Maa, what you doing here, you are supposed to rest as well, you just recovering slowly and I don’t want you to get tired again.

Maa: Beta, I am alright, don’t worry. Just telling them what to prepare. I want to get some dried fruits and nuts in this jar so when watching tv you can eat them. ( she pass the items to Awara asking him to put them on the coffee table)

Mehak : Maa can I ask you something?

Maa: What do you want beta, ask anything you want?

Mehak: Not that maa, (bending her head down to her abdomen) why I don’t see my tummy growing? Its like nothing, I don’t feel anything inside except sleepy? My baby will be okay right?

Maa hearing her couldn’t stop from laughing at her remark.

Maa: Beta, you are almost 6 weeks plus pregnant, so not so soon the tummy will start to show, it will take almost 4-5 months for the tummy to be seen, some mothers it will take them even up to 7 months for their to tummy show up. So, you need to be real patient. For the healthy growth of the baby, that’s why must have balance diet, and good rest.

Both the mother and daughter duo shared some heartful conversation and watched some random Tv show together. Mehak insist she wants to prepare some tea time snack after convincing maa, she prepared some hot tea time treats to enjoy at the garden. They enjoyed the snack with the tea and maa asked her to go to room and rest a bit as she didn’t take her nap. Mehak went to her room and Naughty followed her wagging his tail. She looked at his study table and arranged the books properly. Later she walked to their walk-in wardrobe and she folded and keep their clothes properly as she mumbles how Shaurya mess them up in the morning. She notices a dupatta falling from the top shelf. She blamed herself for that mess as she taps on her head. She took the stool nearby and climb on it slowly. She started to push down the clothes from the top shelf continue to talk to herself. Naughty let out a bark at her.

Mehak: Quiet Naughty, can’t you see, how busy am I? I became lazy in these few weeks.

Shaurya returned home and he greeted maa, she asked him to go upstairs to fresh up, she will send his tea. He climbs the stair case excitedly to see his laddoo. He took off his coat and look around his room and wonders where she is, he even walked to the balcony and she was not there. Lastly, he walked to the walk-in wardrobe when he heard the soft barking.

Shaurya’s POV

I came home by evening, such an exhausting day indeed. I saw maa was at the living area and she asked me to freshen up and get rest. I headed to my room looking for my laddoo, usually she will be at the garden or living area but today she was not there. Even Naughty is missing. He will be the one will be coming to welcome me home and even he is missing today. So I came to my room to and saw no one there. I heard Naughty’s barking and Mehak’s voice from the walk-in wardrobe. I headed there and aghast to see Mehak on standing on top of the stool reaching to the top shelf in the wardrobe. My anger spiked up, I rushed to her and immediately lift her and put her on the floor. She looked at me in confusion and I dragged her outside from there. I started calling for Awara and the other house helpers. Mehak keep asking what the matter is but I was too busy looking for my house helpers. Awara came there with a tray and he looked at me in confusion as well from my demeanor he knows that I am furious.

Awara: Sir, what is it sir?

Shaurya: Awara , you are the longer serving house help here, and under you there are another 2 assistant helpers. But there is still no one doing their work.

Awara: (stuttering) No sir, we all are doing our work and we always make sure the house is always in pristine condition.

Shaurya: Oh really, then what is Mehak doing in the wardrobe?

Before I could finish my sentence, Mehak step infront of me and took the tray from Awara’s hand and told him.

Mehak: Awara bhaiya, you go and continue your work. Thank you

Awara: (looking confusingly at Shaurya and Mehak) okay Bhabhi.

Mehak took the tray headed to the balcony. I followed her in annoyance. She sat on the couch and took the juice glass to her lips. I can see she is very much annoyed, but I have my point here. Why were she on the stool?

Shaurya: Mehak, are you listening? Why are you doing all these works? There are plenty of people at home to do all these works.

Mehak turned to face me.

Mehak: Shaurya, first thing is that I am pregnant but is that means I cant do any work? Its always me who the one organise and arrange things inside our room. So why are you making it such a big deal?

Shaurya: (placing his hands on his waist) Really Mehak. I am furious here because you were standing on that stool, how if you lost balance and fell from there? It can harm you and the baby. Why don’t you see my point?

Mehak: I understand your point and how you care for us Shaurya but screaming and yelling at everyone is not the way to solve issues. I just came upstairs after spending time with maa the whole day, I was not sleepy and tried to keep myself busy, there I notice our wardrobe was a bit messy. Then I decided to organize a bit. Awara and other didn’t know I was doing them. Since young I am used to manage things on my own, I didn’t have any helpers to organize and I have told the helpers to leave the clothes on the bed and I will arrange in our wardrobe.

I just looked at Mehak in disbelief, here I am talking about her safety and she is arguing about why she is not asking the helpers to do the work. I am still fuming here, and she sat there sipping her juice and eye rolling at me. I want her to know that she cant always win with me not on this now. I stand still at the same trance watching her. Not sure what happened but she put the juice glass away and got up from the seat comes closer to me, her eyes didn’t meet mine, but her fingers went to my tie and loosen them up a bit and her fingers started to play around my first few buttons on the shirt. Her closeness near me has mellow down my bubbling temperature. She was so close to me and my hands involuntarily went to pull her closer to me as they rested on her waist.

Mehak: Sorry Shaurya….(still playing on his shirt button)

Shaurya: Sorry for?

Mehak: For yelling at you. I know you worried about me falling from the stool, sorry I was careless. I forgot in that moment that I am pregnant.

Shaurya: Oh really you forgot about that now (caressing her hair and pushing the tendrils away)

Mehak: Hmmm…I was just doing something in our wardrobe and thought of arranging them properly. How can I ask Awara bhaiya to arrange my clothes, I don’t feel good you see?

I closed my eyes as I inhale a deep breath my hand caressed her back. Now I know what to do. Its been almost 45 minutes, I have freshened up had that juice and now I am standing at that stool arranging the wardrobe for her while she nags at me to put them correctly with the suits. It took me longer than I imagine and when she gets annoyed as I didn’t follow her instruction she hits on my back and give me an earful. Never I imagined I will be facing a nagging Mehak.  I will solely blame the pregnancy hormone for all these changes in her. I did read a lot during my drive that , during pregnancy besides the hormonal changes, these mood swings and many more changes are inevitable. This is hard I muttered to myself and now I know why Mehak is so particular about being organized. There were so many hues of pink and she is asking me to put this with that pink, and the other one with this pink. I never knew there were so many pinks, I only know light pink and dark pink. She is asking me to put this dupatta with the strawberry pink suit and I wonder which the strawberry pink is. God can someone help me here. There is these fuchsia pink, pale pink, and coral pink Mehak keep blabbering me.

Finally, it was over, and I get down from the stool and I looked at Mehak in disbelief. I did the arrangement just as she wants but she still stands there complaining I didn’t do it properly. I pulled her by her forearm to me and straighten her to face me. She raised her eyebrows as she looked at me.

Shaurya: Pheewww, how much you are talking, take a breath sweet heart.

Mehak blinked her eyes as I pressed my forehead against hers looking deep into her eyes. She stilled in my hold as her eyeballs fixed on my face. My hands went to cup her face as I inhale her scent.

Shaurya: Ever since when you became this much cute, sweet and also typical nagging wife.(naughty tone)

Mehak: (holding his hands) So I am a nagging wife is it for you?

Shaurya: From my business to everything I am the one giving orders and make sure things goes my way, the only person I have even allowed to follow after my mom is you. In fact even my mom don’t do this to me, today you made The Shaurya Khanna to fold your suits and organize the wardrobe. What else you plan to do with me sweet heart?

Mehak: If I cant tell you all these, then who else can make you to do all these? Anyway is the husbands responsibilities to take care of their wife, some more now I am pregnant thus its your job to take care of me no , us… (pointing to her tummy)

Shaurya: I wonder what else you plan to do with me.

Their conversation was interrupted by Vicky who came there to call them for dinner.

Vicky : Bhaiya , Bhabhi , bua callng for dinner. Bhai, if you are done with your room, maybe you can come over to my room and help with my wardrobe too. (he started to run away from there as Mehak tittered at them)

Shaurya: Idiot you stop there now, how dare you ask Shaurya Khanna to do work for you, Vicky you wait there.

Vicky ran downstairs as Shaurya chase after him to the dining area. Mehak followed them laughing at the both brother’s antics. Vicky hides behind Karuna maa as he asked her to save him from Shaurya.

Karuna maa: Stop both of you, Shaurie you are going to be dad soon and still behaving like a child. Vicky what you did this time?

Shaurya: Maa, Vicky this time asked for it.

After hearing what happened in the room, maa started to laugh with Vicky and Mehak together as she served them food.

One month passed happily. Mehak now completing her 1st trimester. The first few weeks started with dizziness and tired making her sleepy most of the time. As she entered the third month her morning sickness drives her crazy, not only her but it drives Shaurya mad too. At times he wonders why its called morning sickness whereby she was having them in the morning, noon, night or in short term the whole day. It was like a daily battle with these new series of sickness causing the war between Mehak and Shaurya. There are days Mehak will be at the toilet vomiting till there were nothing left in her. It caused her panic to eat anything. Karuna maa and Shaurya will tries to feed her something but the thought of crouching near the toilet bowl to vomit all out sickened her. Kanta chachi and Mansi chachi comes occasionally to check on Mehak and they bring some of her favorite food, but her digestive system rejected all. There was the day Mehak didn’t get out of the bed until night as she was nauseous all day, she was throwing up in the bathroom the entire day and lying in bed desperately to keep her calm, but it only made her throat ached badly. Seeing her condition just increased the anxiety in Shaurya which he gives up by evening as he called Dr Geeta to the house to check on Mehak. The elder ladies in the house keep telling him that these are normal during pregnancy and it will be over soon, but the doting husband can’t afford to see his wife’s health getting deteriorates by hours. She rejects all food and became pale. Dr Geeta checked her and she give her jab to stop the vomiting temporarily. Once the doctor left, it was unexpected when Mehak moved her head to his lap as she burst into tears. He agitated seeing her in such condition, the last thing he ever wanted to see in Mehak is breaking down into tears.

Shaurya: What happened Mehak? Why are you crying like this? Is it pain or something, let me get the doctor or let’s go to hospital? (he asked worriedly but this only made her to sob heavily)

He wanted to call for Vicky to get the car but Mehak pulled his shirt to stop him. He continued to caress her shushing her to stop crying and calm down. After 10minutes she was just adjusting her breathing in between as Shaurya pulled her up gently to face him, she looked like a mess as her nose red and hair not combed. He wonders who this new cry baby is. He knows his Mehak is very strong woman, she won’t cry easily and now she has been crying for almost 20 minutes plus not saying a word but just gripping him tightly. His thumb wipes away the cheeks as she lifts her eyes to meet his. Her silence kills him, but he doesn’t want her to force and let her to calm down her emotion. Once she was sober she leaned on his chest as she gripped his t-shirt. Her tear-stricken face and distraught state just mad his heart pound wildly soon she intake a sharp breath which made his heart clenched in a way. She cleared her throat and he know she will tell him what happened.

Mehak:  Shaurya, will you be upset if I said something? (asking in cracked voice)

Shaurya: No my love, you can say anything to me, you don’t need to ask for permission.

Mehak: I am feeling bad for bothering everyone at home, I can’t handle this pregnancy sickness, this is too much for me. (her voice cracking as she tugged to his shirt) I think I will die soon due to this pregnancy. Today when you went for work, I thought you don’t love me anymore.

Hearing her that, he closed his eyes as he clenched his jaw. How she can think that of these things? He knows all these is due to her pregnancy related hormones which is driving her and him equally nuts and he hopes that if there is away to remove all these sicknesses he is willing to do anything for her and remove her distraught state unfortunately he cant. Raising his voice at this time is not a good thing to do said his mind and he knows she is fragile now and all she needs is him. His hands caressed her back slowly to calm her down as he cradled her in his lap. He planted kissed on her hair and her forehead.

Shaurya: Sweet heart, I know this is not you who are saying all these, it’s the ugly hormone of yours. Remember I am always there for you, if you want me to stay here in the room with you just say it, I won’t go to work. I will do some other arrangements and be with you. You and our baby mean the world to me, how can you even think that I don’t love you, you know I will do anything for you, so don’t think of anything bad as it will affect your health.

She pulled out from his chest and looked at him in awe. She leaned to his cheek and place a warm kiss. Soon once she became sober.

Shaurya: come lets fresh up a bit and I will get for you some food.

Mehak: I am tired even thinking about having a shower.

Shaurya: In that case I will carry you to shower.

She giggled as she loop her arms around his neck, he made her to stand in the shower removing her loose kurti which reluctant in removing them. She blushed hard like a new bride which made him to chuckle.

Shaurya: You are still blushing as if we are doing this first time. Not that I have not seen you like this before. And we have done this multiple time.

She didn’t reply him anything as she allows him to apply the soap all over her and once done he wrapped her with the bath robe and wiped her properly. He made her to wear a comfortable house wear and she Shaurya brushed her hair and looked at the mirror asked her what she wants to have. After a long pause she said she wants to eat have fluffy pancake that he prepares for her while they were at Amsterdam and he smiled happily to prepare for her. Both went downstairs, maa and both chachis asked Mehak what she want to have and Shaurya told them that he will prepare pancakes for her and they smiled when both the walked to the kitchen. Mehak sat and watched Shaurya prepare the batter and cuts some berries to have with the pancake. He served the plate infront of her and she was reluctant a bit as she was tired of vomiting the whole day. Shaurya cuts a small piece and bring it forward to her lips and she take it in her mouth, chewing them slowly. She took the cutleries and started to eat as Shaurya looked at her. Shaurya signed at her to feed him but she pouted at him shaking her head in no, he grinned lopsidedly but Mehak feed him as Shaurya pulled her cheeks.

The next morning Shaurya accompanies her to the doctor’s appointment as Dr Geeta requested them to come for a check and every time Dr Geeta will ask her to eat well and proper nutrition is essential for both mother and baby. But this time Shaurya requested for nutrition reference and they were referred to Dr Sonakshi Bose who is also nutritionist in the same hospital. Before they leave the room, Mehak asked Shaurya to wait outside as she need to ask some stuff to Doctor Geeta to which Shaurya raised his eyebrows in surprise. He waited and Mehak came out. He asked her what it is about and Mehak said it was nothing. Shaurya knows there is something and she is not sharing with him about it. They walked into Dr Bose’s clinic. They met her and Shaurya discuss about Mehak’s pregnancy and her poor eating habits etc. Most of the talking done by Shaurya only as Mehak scrunched her nose as he dragging her to Dr Bose’s clinic.

Dr Bose: Mr.Khanna I am glad you guys here to discuss on the diet matters for Mrs Khanna.

Shaurya: Dr Bose, as I mentioned earlier, my wife Mehak having a serious morning sickness and poor diet at this time. I am trying to include healthy food like fruits, more veges and other items but I still need your advice how to make it into a proper diet.

Dr Bose: No worries Mr Khanna, I can help you with the proper diet planning and etc., you need to make sure Mrs Khanna follow them properly and she will be good. (looking at Mehak) Mrs Khanna, healthy diet is essential for healthy fetal growth. Follow the diet you will feel better and also for the morning sickness is common for early pregnancy. I will suggest some snacks to you to take in between. If you have any doubts you can call me, I am glad to help you.

They took leave from there. While in the car Shaurya holds to Mehak’s hand and draws some circles, she looked at him and frowned.

Shaurya: So why is this frown? We went to the hospital together and get your diet chart from Dr Bose. And if you are okay we can go for a date, what say you?

Mehak: what happened to the long agendas, meetings till evening etc that you were just now in the phone?

Shaurya: That’s all taken care. You just need to say yes or no.

Mehak: Shaurya, can we go to gurdwara please?

Shaurya looked at her and smiled as she waited for his reply.

Shaurya : If you want to gurdwara then we will go to gurdwara and spend our day together just like as you wish.

Mehak’s face brightened up immediately as he agreed with her suggestion and they could go to gurdwara. Driver drove to the gurdwara, both went to perform their prayers and spent sometime together and Shaurya wants to see his mother of his baby to be contented. They got home and both showed the sonography print out to Karuna maa and told her about the doctor’s visit. Shaurya explained about the nutrition chart by Dr Bose and he explained them about the food preparation etc.

Karuna Maa: But Shaurya all these we can prepare but making Mehak to eat is the real challenge.

Shaurya: Haan maa that’s for sure, we need to find all the ways and tricks to make her eat.

Mehak: What you two are planning here? If I can’t eat, you can’t blame me, it’s the baby the one causing all these. (she pouted as she munches the snack on the table)

Shaurya: Woi madam, don’t blame my baby, my baby behaves well, just like the dad.

Mehak: Oic, the dad is no less you see, he is one stubborn, adamant and rude etc etc.

Maa have no choice but must interfere them.

Maa: enough both of you, you both going to be parents soon and still fighting like a small kid, at least grow up now, have some responsibilities. Shaurya, your wife is pregnant, and she is having terrible mood swing. We all trying to be calm and handle her tantrums slowly, don’t start anything now.

Shaurya: Okay maa, also doctor asked us to join the antenatal class, so first-time parents like us will know more about childbirth and how to be prepared etc.

Maa asked Mehak to rest a bit and asked her what she prefer for dinner, Mehak said she is fine with anything. Mehak went to the room to freshen up and rest a bit, whereas Shaurya went to his study room to check on his work-related matters. She sat on the bed and messaged Sonal who is already with Mohit in Rajasthan. She missed talking to her and Sonal was quite busy setting up the new house, and also, she needs to report to work by the same week too. The besties exchange few messages asking about their day and how it was so far. Mehak told about her hospital trip and about nutritionist appointment etc. Just then Shaurya came to their room. He rested on Mehak’s lap as she caressed his hair.

Mehak: Shaurya, I just messaged Sonal. Both are busy with purchasing items for their place and Sonal conveyed her thanks to you because you managed to convince our family.

Shaurya not a problem, when my babies are happy then I am happy too.

Mehak: I see you these few days are quite busy, is it a lot of work?

Shaurya: Hmmm, I am partnering with a new company in organic vegetable farming. They are using technology from Europe to setup and I am busy finding for suitable location. Once we get that suitable location then it will be the start up and I will be occupied too. That is why I am busy but I promise you , I will get back home the soonest and spend lots of time with you and our cutie pie.

He pulled her head down to peck her lips but Mehak immediately pulled away from him and give him a sorry look. He got up from her lap and looked at her puzzled.

Shaurya: What happened, why you don’t let me to kiss you.

Mehak: Doctor said no kiss and other things (as she fidgets with her fingers)

Shaurya: (shocked) What you mean by we can’t kiss and do other things? Sure, you got it from the wrong sources or is it maa and chachis?

Mehak : No Shaurya, it was the Doctor Geeta the one said that.

Now he understands why Mehak wanted to speak to the doctor separately.

Shaurya: (kneeling on the bed looking at Mehak in disbelief) You send me out of doctor’s room to ask this is it?

Mehak: (with flustered cheeks) I just want to ask because I am not sure whtr this is okay or not? And doctor confirmed is not safe. So looks like you need to wait till I give birth and actually ready for doing anything.

Shaurya: Gosh this is too much, how am I going to be like back to my bachelorhood? I am sure there is a way or something. Or Doctor Geeta is old fashioned maybe we should check with other doctors.

Maybe pouted at him innocently which made him upset, he just rested his head on his pillow and looked at the ceiling blowing at him some air to cool him off. Thinking deeply why he can’t have Mehak during her pregnancy etc. Mehak turned off the light and rested on the pillow. In the dark room she suppressed her laughter as she manages to fool her greedy husband. She turned to the other side when his arm came around waist and pulled towards his side where he spooned her to him. He rested his feet on hers as he mumbled near her ears.

Shaurya: At least can I hold you to sleep or even this is not allowed? (in his annoyed tone)

Mehak couldn’t hold her laughter which made her to burst out loudly. Shaurya quickly got up and turn on the night lamp next to him to see what happened. She was still laughing at him miserably. He got it from her mischievous glint in her eyes that she fooled him. He rested his palms on his waist as he looked at her taking a deep breath to calm him.

Mehak: (she mimicked him) How am I going to live like bachelor? Can I hold you like this? (she throws the pillow at him) looked at your face Mr Khanna, no one would have seen your face like this.

Shaurya: Mehak do you think this is funny, and how dare you trick me on this? I nearly fall for it. (throwing back the pillow at her) This is about man and his needs. A need which is crucial for (but it was interrupted by Mehak)

Mehak: Crucial needs? Sorry I don’t get it? (tapping on her jawline with her finger) The only thing I know man only need food, shelter and air. Ever since when this became crucial?

Shaurya: (Moving closer to her) baby, if you want to know according to Maslow Hierarchy of needs, the basic needs of human are inclusive s*x, a good s*x indeed.

Mehak’s jaw wide opened when he uttered that word openly.

Shaurya: or you can say love making or inter….

Mehak placed her palm on his mouth to stop him as her eyes grew wide. She don’t want him to explain all this extra vocabulary to her and she knows by now her face would have turned red and he is enjoy looking at her like that. Shaurya smirked at her as he looked at her intently.

Mehak: Why you talking all these bluntly without thinking, don’t you think someone will be listening to all these talks?

Shaurya: (looked around their room and looking at back at Mehak) Who is listening there is only us here?

Mehak: (pointing to her abdomen) Don’t you think this person listening to all these suggestive talks of yours, what he or she will think about their mommy and daddy.

Shaurya: Don’t worry baby will think the mommy and daddy are madly in love so they can’t stay away from one another. (he leans closer to her face) before that, we got some important things to discuss under the blanket, shall we my love?

Mehak’s eyes was just at Shaurya wondering what he is up to, but her expression shows all about how panic she is.

Shaurya: Don’t worry my love, I will be gentle and make sure I don’t harm our baby. (leaning to her forehead as he planted a kiss)

With his gentle coaxing her word, she can’t refuse him, but her fingers caressed his stubbled cheek as her body seemed to melt against his when he nuzzled her. Shaurya turn off the night lamp as he sweet talked Mehak to the world where there is only two of them.












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