Part 60 10th April 2020

Shaurya’s POV

After that fever and flu episode Mehak was still cold with me. She cares for me very much, but she still was upset with me. I can see that from her action every day. I know how to make her calm down and forgive me, but before that there was something bothering me. I havent told her about the scumbag I imprisoned in my underground at Jaipur. I was constantly updated by my guys that they are “taking care” of him very well. Just because I delayed revealing her I am KK she was quite mad at me. I never wanted to see her mad like that again in my life. She can be upset with me for anything and I will convince her and within a flick of the second I can make her bloom in happiness. Now if I don’t tell her about this scumbag who attacked her at Jaipur and somehow rather she finds out the truth I think this time she will run away from Delhi and I will need to do start my search job again. I don’t want to even to think about that. So, I decided today I want to try telling her slowly and later promise to her there is nothing else secret in my life. I decided tonight I will book for private dinner in one of the restaurant and slowly I will let her know the truth.

Mehak: Shaurya, where are we going? What is this sudden dinner plan?

Shaurya: Mehak (as he held her hand from her lap to his lips and plant a kiss on it) you need to be patience my love.

Mehak: What is the need to go for dinner suddenly? Okay make sure they have my favorite dessert okay? (she pinched his cheek as he let out a chuckle)

Shaurya: Haan baba, all your favorite dishes are there, we are going to reach soon, and you can tell me how’s the arrangement okay, now let me concentrate on driving or else, we won’t reach the restaurant, okay? (he kept her palm with him as he continues to drive)

They reached the restaurant, which is located in the middle of a garden. Along the path it was decorated with lights in the shape of stars, moons and many more beautiful ones. Mehak looped her arms around Shaurya’s arm and walked slowly to their table which is set in the middle of the garden. That was a bonfire set near their table and Shaurya pulled the chair for Mehak to be seated. They sat down, and the waiter served them the dishes. As they continue eating Mehak pushed a forkful of the navrathan korma in her mouth and asked Shaurya.

Mehak: So, why are we here, Mr Khanna?

Shaurya wiping his lips with the napkin as he saw her. He can see her, she had studied his intention way much earlier and he need to reveal the truth slowly.

Shaurya: Mrs Khanna dont rush, finish your food and let’s have our dessert then we will talk as much as you want.


Mehak: Achaa, so there is something you going to tell me, fine let me finish this yummy food then we will have the dessert and you can talk to me about anything okay, because you have promised me there will be no secrets between us.

Shaurya: Yes no secrets and I just want to see my sweet heart happy with me. as always…

He signed the waiter to clear the table and they served the dessert. As they served the dessert. It was Mehak’s favourite chocolate lava cake with fresh strawberries. As she slices the cake and feed herself, she asked with her mouth half full.

Mehak:Shaurya, at least tell me now, I have finished my food now.

Shaurya: Mehak, what I am going to tell you its a serious one. So I want you to tell now and get your opinion.

Mehak looked at his sudden change of demeanor and put the spoon down on her plate as her eyes fixed on him. Shaurya gently placed his palm on her hand as he held for support.

Shaurya: Meha…kkk, remember our Jaipur trip? Jaipur police called me to inform that they have caught the culprit who tried to harm you.

Mehak gasped hearing him and it took her a while to register what did he said and gulped her saliva few times as her throat itched badly.Shaurya circled his thumb on her palm as he looked at her attentively.

Mehak:Shau….ry..a.., when? How they caught him?

Shaurya: Jaipur Police Commissioner informed me about it two days ago. He….

Mehak:Shaurya, do anything but make sure he does not come out from the jail easily. Who give him the permission to harm another women and because of these kind of creeps women dont have freedom to roam around till night in our country. We are already in millennium but the safety for us still a threat. Look at my hand Shaurya, it still shakes in fear think about that horrific event. If not for you and for your care I dont know what would have happen to me. You were so patience handling my nightmares, my tantrums and made me to overcome my fear and now I am so happy, contend with my life. Never I have felt like this in my whole life. This is all because of you. In these few months you showed me what is true love is. Can I ask you something?

Shaurya who was awed with her confession as its very rare , Mehak hardly open up with him and to him that’s nothing more beautiful than hearing it from her. Mehak was holding his palm firmly.

Shaurya: What is it my love, you dont need permission to ask me anything.

Mehak: Last time when Ajay and Rahul attacked me, you didnt spare them till they regretted their action.

Shaurya: What is it, Mehak tell me.

Mehak: This time please make sure police teach this culprit good lesson and till life time he doesn’t come out from jail easily. For every wound, fractures he caused me and every nightmare I suffered, he needs to suffer the same too. Please make sure that he doesn’t come out of the jail easily.

Shaurya: You don’t worry about that Mehak, but do you want to know or see the culprit?

Mehak: No Shaurya whoever did this, don’t deserve a second chance or I don’t want to know anything about him. Just promise me that he will severely be punished.

Shaurya looked at Mehak attentively as he studied her facial expression. He knows from it that she is firm with her decision. He saw her putting her spoon back on the plate as she wipes her mouth with the napkin.

Mehak: Come let’s go home.

Shaurya hold her right palm gently squeeze them as he looked at her.

Shaurya: Mehak we are together today as we promise each other to make each day memorable and happy ones, can you please put that horrible memory away and lets replace with our happy moments. So don’t spoil the moment, I know you like this dessert, its your favorite ones and you are not even trying them. Will you eat if I feed you?

Mehak understand what is Shaurya trying to say and maybe not for her but for himself she decided to move on from the dark phase of her life. She manages to come off from that moment with all effort from Shaurya. How he patiently handled her tantrum and he took care of her during the days. She smiled as she opens her mouth like a little child as Shaurya feed her the chocolate lava cake. Later she took the spoon and feed him as well.

Two days later Mehak and Karuna maa went to hospital for doctor’s checkup for Karuna maa. Whereas maasi has to go to Haridwar as she has her family matters need to attend. Since Shaurya had some urgent meeting with clients he asked Mehak and maa to go ahead first and he will come there once his meeting over. Doctor was impressed with Karuna maa’s recovery as she is doing tremendously well with Mehak’s care and guidance. She can walk independently but with an aid of walking stick. As they were waiting for doctor to give the prescription Mehak was walking slowly as she looked at the poster on the wall, which was on pregnancy care. As she was reading the poster, she heard someone called her name. she turned to look behind her. It was Rajeev Sir.

Rajeev: Mehak…

Mehak: Rajeev sir, how are you? Its been ages since I met you.

Rajeev: I am good Mehak, how are you doing? I am here because my wife is seeing a doctor here too, so I came with my wife. How’s Shaurya?

Mehak: I am here with maa. Shaurya is quite busy today that’s why.

Rajeev: Where is maa?

Mehak: She is there, waiting for doctor’s report on next appointment. Come lets meet her , she will be happy to see you.

Both walked towards Karuna maa who was seated at one of the seat there. She was happy when she saw Rajeev there. She knows the tiff between Shaurya and Rajeev. Rajeev at one point of the time he was against Shaurya as he worked with Shaurya’s business enemy and revealed some of his business details to them. Since then Shaurya terminated all his business dealings with Rajeev.

Karuna maa: Rajeev beta, how are you? How’s everyone at home?

Rajeev bend down to touch Karuna maa’s feet to take her blessings.

Rajeev: I am good maa, everyone good too, I am here with my wife for her doctor’s appointment.

Just as they were talking with one another, they didn’t notice Shaurya saw them talking and he stride there in lightning speed.

Shaurya: Mehakkk… (in loud tone)

Seeing him out of sudden and with his loud tone, Mehak got startled she looked at his face and didn’t understand why he is looks upset. She has seen Shaurya upset in many scenarios but today at the hospital she don’t know why is he upset. Slowly Shaurya step in between her and Rajeev as anger radiated from his aura. Rajeev know Shaurya well and his anger too. He has been like good big brother to Shaurya as he guided him in the past years just one decision he taken has change their relationship altogether. Not only that Rajeev equally lost a lot of his business deals after that. He is ashamed to face Shaurya and he knows he can’t avoid him now as he is right in front of him.

Rajeev: Shaurya, how are you?

Shaurya: Mr Rajeev, its better you stay away from me and my family. People like you who backstabbed others will continue to backstab. So, I don’t want to have anything with you. Move away from my family.

Karuna maa: Shaurie, why are you so angry with him. Let go the past. He did a mistake.

Shaurya didn’t turn but still facing Rajeev.

Shaurya: Maa people don’t need many opportunities to learn their lessons, I had once and learnt my lesson.

Rajeev: Shauryaa….

Shaurya just held his palm over to his face to shut him up as Mehak gripped to his shoulder as a way to cool him down, realizing her hold there he inhale a deep breath.

Shaurya: Next time I don’t want to see you nearby my family. Now you just lost some business deals next time I will make sure you lose everything you have.

As he finish that sentence, he looked at Mehak from his shoulder.

Shaurya: I will be in my car, lets leave.

Saying that he went away from there as Mehak just manage to mouthed sorry to Rajeev. She slowly guided Karuna maa and walked to the car. She made her to sit down and went to sit next to Shaurya. It was quiet trip back from the hospital and tensed too. Mehak just looked outside as they reach Khanna’s mansion. Shaurya get down to open the door for Karuna maa but she refuse to take his help but called for Mehak, Mehak looked at the mother and son duo and understand that maa is upset now. She helped maa and bring her inside home. She made her sit on the sofa at the living room. She immediately went to the kitchen to make lemon juice for her and Shaurya. She came from the kitchen and pass the glass to maa and went upstairs to look for him. He was not in their bedroom she looked for him at the study room and he was shouting to someone in the phone. She put the glass on the nearby table and waited for him to finish his call. Once he ends the call she place her palm on his shoulder as she give him a gentle squeeze. Knowing her presence there, he just looked at the window not turning to look at her.

Shaurya: Why are you here? Just leave me alone Mehak. I am not in the mood to listen to any naggings.

Mehak: I am not here to nag you Shaurya. I just came to pass you the lemon juice. I know you don’t like to be nagged.

He rested his arms on his waist as he looked at the window. Mehak took a deep breath and wonder how to make him to understand.

Mehak: Shaurya, we cant be angry or upset with someone for very long. Whatever Rajeev sir did please let go of it.

Shaurya: Its not some small matter Mehak. He worked with my enemies to bring down my business empire.

Mehak: So?

The moment she uttered that word, he turned to looked at her as his disappointed gaze penetrated on her. He holds her by her shoulders firmly.

Shaurya: Seriously Mehak, you are asking me so what? You wont understand, how much struggle I put to start this Khanna empire. All these businesses, restaurants and this huge mansion not to forget which you claim is half of your paranthe wale gali its all done with my hard work. He did everything to bring down my hard work instead of fighting with me you are asking me so what? I struggled a lot to built them and you are just saying so? Easy for you to say Mehak.

Mehak was aghast with his tone. She came there to calm him down but it went wrong.Yes she knows from Karuna maa how Shaurya struggled since young to build his business empire single handedly. Though Shaurya’s father is rich and established businessman but Shaurya wanted to prove it to world from his own point that he could do anything. So he is here, owning many leading restaurants and now even he acquired resorts and hotels in India.

Mehak: Shaurya, I know all these you did with your own hard work , I didn’t say anything wrong against your hard work, I only said, even Rajeev sir work against you but you are Shaurya, you can do anything, to get back everything. Whatever happened in the past let go of them, don’t keep the past in your heart. Just move on.

Shaurya: I can’t move on easily Mehak. I can’t forgive traitors.

Mehak: No sins or mistakes cannot be forgiven, try to understand what I am trying to say.

Shaurya: Mehak I am not like you, you have a big heart you will forgive anyone for any reason, because I am a businessman.

Mehak: Shaurya listen to me what I am trying to say..

Shaurya: Enough Mehak. Just leave me alone. I got lots of work to do and I got no time to listen to you here.

Mehak knows that there is no point to talk to him now, so she just left him and went downstairs to prepare food for the family.

Mehak’s POV

What is he thinking of himself, Kadwa kareila (bitter gourd). He thinks himself he knows everything and others around him are stupid. I am not going to talk to him after this. Let him be with his anger, what is he talking about, I went to console him but now pointing to me. Bewakoof kahinka, Gunda kahinka, (stupid guy, rowdy guy) Let me show him what I can do with him.


It was dinner time and Shaurya change to his home wear cloth and came down. Karuna maa sat at her usual place and Mehak started to serve everyone and Vicky came to join them as well. Shaurya sat at his seat and Vicky started to talk to him about the day’s development at the restaurant. Mehak just served all and sat next to Karuna maa and both started to eat their food as they discuss within themselves. Shaurya looked at her with his corner of his eyes but knowing both the ladies are upset he didn’t want to say anything. Once all finished their meals they went off to their room. Shaurya was playing with Naughty for a while at the lawn and he came inside as he wants to climb the stairs Karuna maa called him.

Karuna maa: Mr Khanna do you have time to talk to me or I need to get your appointment?

Shaurya: Maa, why are you saying like this? You know I have all the time for you. What is it tell me? (he hold his mom lovingly)

Karuna maa: Haan haan, now you have so grown up and not going to listen to anyone so its better I ask for permission to speak to you right?

Shaurya: Maa, is it about the morning incident? Please maa, try to understand me, don’t say I did a mistake here.

Karuna maa: You didn’t do any mistake here Shaurie but you need to understand you have unintentionally hurt someone else’s feeling.

Shaurya: Who did I hurt now?

Karuna maa: Shaurie, I am talking about Mehak. What did you tell her, she was a bit upset. I went to kitchen to help her but heard her calling someone Kadwa kareila, bewakoof kahinka, gunda kahinka… if I am not mistaken she never scold anyone like that, so if not mistaken only one person will make her angry, if its not you than who else?

Shaurya: Maa, your daughter in law cursing your son and you still didn’t do anything and let it be? You should be like the mother in the tv serial, to punish your daughter in law severely. Instead now you have joined her to make fun of me.

Karuna maa: (Pulling his ear) Don’t talk like that about my daughter, or else I will teach you a lesson. You are so good making her upset, learn how to control your anger Shaurie. Earlier once we lost her, with Mathaji’s blessing she is back to our family. Remember not to hurt her as , hurting her will also hurt me a lot.

Shaurya: Maa, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to say or do anything to hurt Mehak. Just that seeing Rajeev made my blood to boil.

Karuna maa: I understand your anger Shaurie, what Rajeev did to you is not justifiable but what Mehak did here, she only wished for your own good but nothing else.

Shaurya: Maa, I know about Mehak and her anger. Don’t worry about anything, by morning everything will be fine. Now good night and sweet dreams.

Karuna maa: (pinching his cheek) badmaash… go and convince her …good night beta, sweet dreams to you too.

After the mother and son conversation, Shaurya climbed the stairs to his room.



Shaurya’s POV

I saw Mehak sitting at the daybed as she busy reading something and the stereo system in the room playing some old classic Hindi song. I locked the door and walked to the washroom. I shut the door and wondered how to start a conversation with her. I think for a while and I got an idea, so I came out from the washroom. She was still in the same demeanor on the daybed.

Shaurya: Mehaaakk, did you see my mobile charger?

She huffed as she got up from her seat and went to open the drawer and took the charger out and pass it to him and sat down at the daybed again.

I started to think what to do next. I never fumbled with my words before now in front of my wife I don’t know how to start my conversation. I walked nearby her again.

Shaurya : Mehak, are you busy or something? Can we go for late night drive and have some kulfi, pakodas and chaats?

Mehak yawned and headed to the bed.

Mehak: No I am not going anywhere, I want to rest well. As it is too much drama today and I am tired of it, so I don’t want to see more dramas now.

She rested her head on the pillow and pull the duvet on her. She faces the other side from him.

I am looking at her now, she decided to ignore me and go to sleep. Here I am standing like a dumb… I want to settle this tonight itself.

Shaurya: Mehak, I , I , I just want to ,……say, just want to say…..

Mehak: What you want to say, if you want to give any reason for whatever happened today, don’t bother as I am not going to accept any of your stories. Had enough excuses from you, now I want to sleep, go to balcony and talk to yourself.

Saying that she slept immediately but I am still looking at her foolishly. I know I behave badly but at least I deserves a second chance, but she is not even giving me a face. Look at her how is she sleeping peacefully. I climbed on the bed and looked at her, I slowly bend to kiss on her hair and rested as well to hope that the next morning will be fine. I know how to make my girl happy.

The next morning I wokeup early as usual but instead going for my morning sprint, I decided to do surprise breakfast for my darling wife and my mom. If food is the way to win men’s heart so I will do the same to win my woman too. I was whipping the batter for the pancake as Awara came in and he got shocked to see me there at the early morning. I greeted him as I continued to do the breakfast preparation.

Awara: Sir, what are you doing here? If you need anything you could have told me I will do it for you immediately.

Shaurya: No its okay, I want to do the breakfast for today. The menu is pancake, fresh fruits, with spinach quiche. Maybe you could help me with the spinach. Wash them properly first.

Awara: Okay sir.


While they busy doing the breakfast, Mehak freshen up and getting ready to come downstairs. She slowly get down and at the hall she bump into Karuna maa and both greeted each other.

Mehak: Morning maa.

Karuna maa: Morning beta. If you are coming down now, who is cooking at the pantry. Its nice tempting aroma though.

Mehak: I don’t know maa, come lets go and check it out.

They walked to the dining area but was surprised to see Shaurya standing as he set the table with fresh flower arrangement, delicious breakfast arrangement. Mehak looked at him and he looks hot in his yellow tshirt and dark jeans.

Shaurya: Good morning my ladies. Today iis your special breakfast for my both special ladies. Specially prepared by Chef Shaurya Khanna.

As he says that he pulled the chair for his maa and one for Mehak. He started to serve them as both tried to stop him saying that they will help themselves but Shaurya said its his honor to serve them. He pulled a seat next to Mehak.

Karuna maa: Wow Shaurie, what is the surprise beta. Today you are in such a good mood. You prepared such a lovely breakfast? I am sure this is not for me but for Mehak, but I cant resist though.

Shaurya: Maa, you two are very important ladies in my life so yesterday I did some stupidity so to amend that I make food to see you guys happy. That’s all. Now I just want to know is my wife like my gesture or not , or I need to try another method?

Karuna maa smiled at Mehak and she looked at Mehak who was heavily blushing with her son’s tantrum.

Karuna maa: Mehak beta, you are my priority. If you are okay then its okay for me too. The ball is in your court now beta.

Mehak squeezed Karuna maa’s palm gently.

Mehak: Maa, after all he did something for us, if we didn’t forgive him means not good right, so I have forgiven him. But tell him that he have to learn to control his anger, he don’t think properly when he is in anger especially.

Karuna maa: You see Shaurie, my daughter has forgiven you, now quickly feed her the food you made for her.

Mehak tries to stop but in was no use, as Shaurya start to push the pancake with bananas into her mouth. As they were giggling happily, Vicky came to join them and greeted all.

Vicky: Wow Bhabhi today western breakfast, whats special today?

Karuna maa: Vicky, today breakfast by the famous chef Shaurya Khanna. Yesterday he did something naughty so to make it up for his mistake he did these special arrangements.

Vicky: Wow bhaiya I am excited to try them all. Its hard to get food prepared by Chef Shaurya though.

Shaurya: Haan meri bhai (yes my brother) keep quiet and your food.

Mehak: Shaurya, can we go to gurdwara? Its been sometimes we go there.

Shaurya: Okay, get ready after breakfast we shall go. Maa you keep continuing your exercises okay? Doctor said that you are progressing well and later you need to join me for my morning sprint too.

The breakfast over with happy note, Vicky went for his daily routines, while Karuna maa watches her exercise videos and do her workout while the lovebirds went to gurdwara.

While in the car:

Shaurya: Mehak, you are okay right? Are you happy with my breakfast arrangement?

Mehak : I love the fact that you are continuously trying to make me happy and you do realize your mistake. Please Shaurya next time don’t get angry like this, it scares me a lot and I am worried about your well being too.

Shaurya: Okay after this I will not let my anger to take over myself. I will try to deal with the situation in my cool and calm manner. Or another method is , you can give me a kiss simple as that, I will melt like ice cream when you kiss me.

Mehak: ( as her face redden she pinched his cheek gently,) You are the only human who can divert any topic and end them at the same point which is romance.

Shaurya: hello, kissing is not romance, please grow up biwi(wife)

Mehak: If kiss is not romance is then what is it?

Shaurya: It’s the way to express our self. Romance means crushing you with all my weight and nuzzle you till you giggle and start to moan my name.

Before he could finish his sentence Mehak covered his mouth with her palm and warned him with her eyes, not to say anything. Shaurya couldn’t stop laughing at her expression as she is to naïve even talking about small bedroom stuff, she became red like tomato.

Mehak: Shaurya we are going to gurdwara, please don’t talk like this…

Shaurya: we are not at gurdwara but we are on the way only, biwi, why are you blushing like tomato now.

Mehak: uff, its hard to talk to you anything, I am not talking anything, just drive properly.

Saying that she turned to face the window but Shaurya kept pulling her leg with his silly talks and his naughty finger keep tickling her. They reached gurdwara and went to perform their prayers. After that they sat together at the park and chit chatted like a lovebird.

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