Part 59 24th Feb 2020

Shaurya’s POV

I didnt know what time we slept, I know we went on for several rounds. I have missed Mehak very much, though its only been 5 days but damn thats blo*dy 5 days. I know I am being unreasonable, previously Mehak was not with me, but when she had accepted me now she is mine to savour, to love , to lust , to love and to make memories. I am really scared when she gets upset, how if she leave me, and did the same stupid thing again. I cant afford to loose her again. Thats why I will do anything and everything to keep her at my side. She is my most precious jewel and I will guard her like a treasure. Let the world call me anything they want but I belong to her and she belongs to me. Every time she moan and she calls my name is just make my heart to swell largely and I just didnt had the heart to let her go. She submitted herself wholly to me and I dominated her with my insatiable needs. When I saw her falling asleep last, I didnt want to go on further, I look for my shirt which I took off earlier, sliding the shirt on her body, tuck the duvet nicely and went to fresh up came back to bed slipping into the duvet. The moment I rested my body on the bed, Mehak curled to me, I welcomed that gesture and planted a kiss on her forehead and closed my eyes. No matter how late I sleep I will wake up early in the morning. My biological clock is tuned in that manner. I peel off gently from Mehak, did my morning business, made a cup of coffee drank them and rested next to Mehak wait for her wakeup. She was sleeping peacefully and I did not had a heart to ruin that moment. Watching her sleeping like a baby and how she moves her lips in sleep is just too much for me to bear. Just then her tendrils fly over to her face and I move them away with my finger. I looked at the time and its almost going to be afternoon. Here my sleeping beauty not bothered about her surrounding and in her deep sleep. I traced her facial feature with my finger beginning from the forehead to her eyebrows, then to her nose bridge heading to her pouty lips. She turned the other side from me and mumbled something in her sleep, I let out a low chuckle and move closer to her and nibbled her earlobe and nuzzle her ear. She complained, Shaurya let me sleep I am so tired.. as she pull the duvet higher. A naughty thought rose in my mind. I slide my hand to caress her bare leg which went further to touch her soft thigh skin. Before my hand went further she jerked up from her pillow and turned to look at me. Clearly I can see that she is annoyed with me.She pushed her messy hair to the back and her eyebrows furrowed.

Mehak: Is this the way to wakeup someone from sleep?  You know right, I am so tired. Uff…. you are so impossible Shaurya. Last night I didnt get a wink of sleep because you. (blowing her some air)

I couldnt stop the smile forming on my lips, she is my angel and even she is angry with me, she is the epitome of beauty. How a person can be this cute all the time.

Shaurya: Why you didnt sleep, what did I do?

Mehak: (her eyes widen hearing him ,she look around the bed and saw the pillow and started to throw at him) You are shameless rakshas (monster). Last night you were not slow and calm with me, you really went ahead to punish me and being kinky as always. I am not sure I can walk or not today. This is all because of you. (throwing the pillow right on Shaurya’s face)

Shaurya: But if I am not mistaken, someone seems to enjoy my punishment and were making all the cute noise, and getting louder though.Luckily the cottages are quite far or else we would have disturbed our neighbours baby.

Mehak’s face redden hearing him and she fell back to her pillow and cover her face with her palms.

Mehak: Shaurya, can you not to speak like this, what will be people think about us?

He moved closer to her and enveloped her with his huge body kissing her hair.

Shaurya: Well they will say I am good in the bed and I dont care about what others say. To me only you matters. Okay…Come lets take a bath together and have some food, its almost afternoon now. We can rest later, watch TV together or just dont do anything sit like this.

Mehak slowly turned to see him through her lashes.She bit her lower lips and smiled at him as she caressed his bearded cheek. Shaurya pulled her face closer and plant a kiss on her forehead. Her eyes soften as she looked at him lovingly.

Mehak: What’s the time now? I dont want to wake up Shaurya, just want to be like this.

Shaurya: Hmmm, well we can stay like this, the time is 12pm plus. I can call the reception ask them to deliver our food here and stay in the bed.

Mehak tried get up from the bed after hearing the time is 12 noon, but Shaurya pulled her to his chest.

Shaurya:My shirt looks good on you than me, you smell good too.

Mehak: (chewing her lower lip) Yeah I smell like you, your cologne…when did I wore your shirt, I thought I fell asleep immediately.

Shaurya: You were sleepy so I covered you with my shirt, night is kind of cold , I dont want you to get ill. You stay here, let me prepare the bath tub then we will bath together.

He reluctantly leave her on the bed and walked to the bathroom, he turn on the water tap filling the tub and added some aromatherapy bath bombs and some flowers which he found on the sink counter. Once done, he came out and saw Mehak waiting for him. He held out his hand for her hand but Mehak raised both her hands up signing him to carry her. He diligently obeyed her as he scooped her to the bathroom. He slowly put her inside the tub and before she sits in, he stopped her and unbuttoned the shirt. He take them off from her body and Mehak sunk inside the tub. Soon he joined in the tub and gestured Mehak to move to him, she sat in between his leg. He gently massaged her body and she lean against his chest.

After their done with shower, Mehak was still in her bathrobe, she walked to the coffee/tea making counter and found a bar of chocolate. She unwrapped them and started to munch them hungrily. Shaurya saw her walking in the bathrobe, took out the suitcase and unzip them. He took out a pair of jeans and a collared Tshirt.

Shaurya: Mehak….

Mehak: (she was munching the chocolate and playing game in her mobile) what Shaurya?

Shaurya: Mehak, I cant find your clothes yaar…

Hearing that she dropped her chocolate and came to check the suitcase. She checked in and out and he was right, there were no sign of her clothes inside there. Panic swelled within her. She turned to look at Shaurya as her eyes widen as saucer.

Mehak: But last night you said you packed my clothes as well, where did you put them Shaurya, Matarani how am I going to go home now. Shaurya help me…

Shaurya busy dressing up and ignored her . Mehak pulled him by his forearm and looked at him.

Mehak: Hello I am talking to you, where did you put my clothes?

Shaurya give his mischievious smile and continue to wear the belt for his jeans. She understood from his gesture, he has lied to her. She became furious as he tricked her she started to throw punches on his chest, He watched as she kept scold him. He wrapped his arms around her and walked to the nearest wardrobe. Mehak didnt realize that they moved and reached the wardrobe. He pushed the door and took out the hanging dress from there which immediately turn Mehak into mute.

Mehak: Wow, this is so beautiful…

Shaurya: I know, when I see this in the boutique I imagined you will look like a doll, so I get them immediately, Yaar you get angry so quickly. Where is my innocent Mehak who dont get upset easily… I want my cutie pie back.

Mehak pulled her earlobe and gestured to ask for apology.

Mehak: I am sorry Shaurya, I should not overeacted. Please …

Shaurya, Its okay, no worries, you dress up, let me see whtr our food is here or not, then we will eat together and enjoy this place.

He kissed her hair and walked outside of the cottage to see the preparation. While Mehak get dressed up, happily in the designer wear and fixing her earring. She step out happily and saw no one there and she called out Shaurya. He asked her come behind the cottage and she walked there to see a table setup for them with their food and flower in the vase. She walked to Shaurya and he pulled a seat for her to sit and sat opposite her. They enjoyed the lunch and walked around the resort. It was evening they checked out from there and head back to Delhi. They reached home and Mehak took blessings from Karuna maa and maasi.

Maasi: Bahu, Kantaji mentioned that you two left yesterday, is it traffic very bad you reached only today. (suppressing her laughter)

Mehak blushed heavily and she hide herself behind Shaurya.

Karuna maa: Dolly , quite, dont say anything to my child, look at her she is blushing heavily. Both of you go and fresh up and join us for dinner. And you Mr next time if you want to go missing please let us know, we were worried about you two. Luckily Vicky said you messaged him. (pulling his ear)

Shaurya:Okay maa, no worries, I wont do this but if needed I will ask your permission and kidnap my wife.

They sat down and enjoyed their dinner and the evening went well. Almost 4 weeks gone. Shaurya will be busy as bee at his work but when he comes home, nothing else is important then being with  Mehak. One day during dinner time, he was at the dining table with the others while Mehak at the kitchen.

Karuna maa: KK, how’s your day?

Shaurya nearly choked when his mom calling him with his pseudonym he used in social media. He quickly took a gulp of water.

Maasi: Arey jiji, what is this KK? I never heard before. And why lalla get choked hearing that?

Karuna maa: Arey Dolly, KK means Kareila King, that is his online name. He dont use his actual name in social media as girls will be flirting with him so he is there as Kareila King.

Shaurya shushed his mother and warned her with his eyes.

Shaurya: Maa, please dont talk about this openly, okay? especially when Mehak is around?

Karuna maa:But Shaurya, what is wrong in this,  why Mehak cant know about this?

Shaurya: (looking at the kitchen entrance and looking back at maa) maa I will tell you about this later.

As they ended the conversation Mehak walked with the large pulao bowl. She happily served all and sat next to Shaurya as usual. Vicky came in on time and Mehak wants to serve him but Vicky stopped her and asked her to carry on and he can help himself, she smiled at him and enjoyed the food with her dear ones. She got back into her room and whereas Shaurya said will join her later. She was at the terrace gazing the star studded sky when he held her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder as he inhaled a deep breath.

Shaurya: What are you thinking?

Mehak: (leaning on his chest) Nothing Shaurya, just like that.

Shaurya turned her to face him and cupped her cheeks. His thumb caressed her cheek gently as his eyes scrutinise her.

Shaurya: Are you sure? because usually when you prepare dessert you will bring it up to our balcony and feed me with your hand, today you didnt bring the rasgulla, so I bring them up. Come lets sit down and we will feed each other.

Saying that, both sat on the couch and started to feed each other cracking some nok jhoks between them. Later Shaurya rested on Mehak’s lap as she caressed his hair. He was telling her about his business plans, etc and how the new projects coming up etc. One week gone and one day Shaurya tried calling Mehak’s mobile.He wants to bring her out for shopping but she didnt answer the call.So he called the home landline, Awara answered the call saying tha Mehak bhabhi already went out long ago. He cut the call and called Sonal thinking maybe she went out with Sonal. Sonal answered the call and said she is not with Mehak but she did speak to Mehak earlier. It seems her online friend contacted her and arranged a meet up so Mehak went to meet him. Fear crawl up his spine. His thought rummaged who contacted Mehak and he did not messaged her after the mall incident. He asked Sonal where are they meeting and Sonal paused for a while  and said a park which is located outskirt of Delhi which is 2hrs from here. Shaurya hang up the call and started to think where is that location and he got to know a park whereby there will be hardly any human movement. He accelerated to that location. In between he keep dialling Mehak’s number. He called Vicky and asked him to check where is Mehak’s mobile number located and in shortwhile he sent the exact location. Beating the Delhi’s mad traffic and his mind hazed with the incident happened months back at Jaipur. He dont want anything happened to Mehak. He will do anything to trade in with her, but he just want her to be safe. He was questioning himself why Mehak didnt inform him about this meet up? Usually she will message him and let him know if she is going out etc, but this time he didnt receive any call or message from her. He reached the park and pull off his car, unbuckling the safety belt, he rushed into the park. It was quite with fewer visitors. He dont care and call for her name. Panic stirred in him and he in the verge of crying for not taking care of her.As he run around to look for her, he caught a glimpse of a familiar figure and stride towards the greenhouse which is the house for the colourful potted flowers. There he found her, her back was facing him and she walked slowly looking at the petals. His heart beat increase as he called her name.

Shaurya: Mehaaakkk…

She slowly turned to see him but she her eyes speaks diffrent. She walked towards him.

Mehak: Shaurya, what you doing here?

Shaurya: (he inhaled a deep breath and wished not to create any issues there, he calmed his tone) Its nothing, come lets go home.

Mehak: Wait a minute, how do you know I am here? Who told you?

Shaurya: Mehak, that is not important, come lets go home and we will talk at home, okay come sweet heart.

He was holding her forearm and wants to pull her from there but Mehak pushed his grip from her arm and looked at him. Shaurya looked at her questionably.

Mehak: Shaurya I asked you a question, how do you know I am here? I came here to meet my friend, he said today he will definitely will come to meet me so I am here. I didnt even let you know the location but you came here. Tell me?

Shaurya: No he will not come, and come lets go home,

Mehak: NO I am not budging from here till you answer my question, are you spying me? You dont trust me right?

Shaurya: Mehaaakkkkk, dont talk rubbish. why are you saying such thing, you know I love you entirely, so how’s that to do whtr I trust you or not. I dont question you on anything, just listen to me, lets go home and we will sit down and talk.

Mehak: No Shaurya, everytime my meet up with my chat friend got cancelled and this time he promised me he will come therefore I shall wait till he comes and I will come home. Its better you dont wait for me here. You go home first.

Shaurya :(ran his hand over his face in anger gritting his teeth) Mehak, he wont come, okay lets not stay here for a long time.

Mehak:But why he wont come Shaurya? And how do you know about that?

Shaurya: (gritting his teeth) Because I know, okay lets not talk about it here, please come with me.(pulling her hand)

Mehak: Shaurya, you see he messaged me saying that today he will definitely will come and lets wait for a while then.

Shaurya: (his anger peak up) Mehak, he wont come , you got that, he will never come okay, just for Godsake stop fighting me like a child and come lets go home.

Mehak: You are very sure that he is not coming, is it because you know Kareila King or you are the Kareila King (with a mocking tone)

Her question made his countenance fell. He loosen his hold on her arm as he looked at her eyes not blnking his eyes.

Mehak:What happened Shaurya? You became so pale suddenly, is it because I found out you are Kareila King or I caught you red handed. Tell me, you have been talking so much till now, why are you being silent now? Say something, I am asking you now.

He gulped his saliva and he dont know how to answer the question, never he felt so lost like this before. Maybe he paused too long and Mehak started.

Mehak: What happened, you always have answer for everything and today you are so quite? Is it because I got to know the truth or you cant play with my emotion. For you I am like a doll whereby you like to play whenever you get bored right? Its my mistake for trusting you blindly.

He stepped forward as he placed his both hands on her shoulders.

Shaurya: Mehak…. dont say like that. I dont mean to hide anything from you. I wanted to tell you this long ago just that I didnt get the right chance. Or else….

Mehak pushed him by his chest which made him to jerk a little and he was shocked with her action.

Mehak: Ohhhh, now you are saying you were waiting for the right chance? What chance are you talking about Shaurya? You know I am MS long ago you didnt show a single sign about it, then recently you started to message me asking me to come here and there, I am like a fool told you every single thing that I did and you were making fun out of me, I was literally running behind for an unknown man and you were watching me how disappointed I was, I am sure deep in your heart you were dwelling in happiness seeing me sad. If I didnt heard the conversation between maa and you the other day at the dining table I am sure you will be planning to ask me run around Delhi and you will be laughing at my misery, Now you are coolly saying you dont get a chance.

Shaurya: Mehak please dont say like that, you know I will do anything to see the smile on your face. And you are saying that I want to make you sad, No my love, I know you are MS when Kanta chachi sent you away to Agra, I was so clueless looking for your whereabout. I just sat at the dargah asking for a sign then I get to know MS is none other than my Mehak. You wont believe that moment, how happy I was. Words were short to describe my emotion. That is how I found that you were in Agra. I wanted to tell you about this when we go for our honeymoon. But situation were such that, we never had that and I cant tell you about this. Then one day I sent you a message and wanted to reveal it to you myself but I just want to do it in special surprise way. Please believe me, this is what I planned, I want to tell you this myself. (cupping her face as he wipe away a lone tear from her cheek)

Mehak: But Shaurya, not everything need surprises, not required special methods. I know you like to do this for me, but you could have told me right, twice you made me to come look for you, I talked to you about yourself to you and you pretend to listen to me. I checked your mobile two days back and saw your messenger profile, then I confirmed it was you.  Though I wanted to confront you but I want you to feel the agony of running and searching for something. How I felt that very moment, sorry if that hurts you but it was needed.

Shaurya:Mehak, dont say like that, I know I am wrong , punish me anything but please dont go away from me, I will die the next second, please I will obey anything you say.

Mehak moved away from him and folded her arms across her chest and turned to looked at him. She analyze his expression.

Mehak:Okay as a punishment, you and I will not be staying in same room for one week. I wont talk to you and we will be like strangers.

Shaurya: But Mehak… just slap me, beat me with the roller pin (belan) but not this. This is too much yaar.

Mehak:Okay Mr Stranger, I am going home, bye.

Leaving him dumbfounded Mehak walked to the park exit, whereby Shaurya jogged behind her, she tried to stop the auto. But Shaurya pull her by her forearm.

Shaurya: What you doing? Come lets go home, dont get auto. If you want I wont talk in the car.

Mehak; No I am not coming with you.

Shaurya:Mehak, stop behaving like idiot, come lets go home.

Mehak:Shaurya, dont create any drama here, I am not coming with you and that’s final.

She pulled herself from his hold and get into the auto. She could see Shaurya’s car following her auto in close distance. They reached Khanna mansion and it was already past 8pm. She greeted Karuna maa and maasi, they asked her to have some food she told them she is not hungry and went to her room. As she climbed on to her bed , she didnt see Shaurya coming in to the room to get his clothes to change then she saw the balcony window pane was wide open ,she get down to close them. There she saw Shaurya sat silently at the garden bench, she close the window and pull the curtain as she mumble, drama king.

Mehak’s POV

A loud thunder roared which made me jolted from my sleep, I adjusted my duvet and another thunder roared I felt uneasy. I get up to drink some water as I see through the balcony window.I appalled to see the view front of me. I saw the time it was Shaurya is still at the bench as he was drenched under the rain. I quickly run downstairs, taking the umbrella and headed to the garden. He gets up after seeing me. I covered him with the umbrella as I dragged him inside the living room. He was still shivering as I pulled him to our room upstairs. I made him to sit down on the daybed, as I ordered him to remove the coat and shoes.  I quickly grab the towel to wipe his hair. I pushed him inside the bathroom to change his pyjamas, in short while he came out but he was sneezing continually. I mentally face palmed for this 6ft man. Why did he sat under the rain? Cant he just come inside the house, now he is going to get sick. I asked him to sit down quietly and went downstairs. I started to mash the spices to make the golden latte(haldi doodh). I was stirring the ingredients and sense that Shaurya its there too, he was sniffling and she ignored his presence and continue to prepare the golden latte. He called my name softly twice but I decided to do my work.

Shaurya: Mehak, please listen to me…

I turned to look at him and I was surprised to see him on his knees as he pulled his earlobe asking for my forgiveness.

Mehak: What you doing? If this is another drama you are doing, then I am not falling for it, remember. Go and wait for me at the room, I will bring this golden latte for you.

Shaurya: What can I do to prove myself Mehak. I am sincerely asking for your forgiveness. I am planning to tell you the truth.  Please… love…

Mehak: (turning to face him) what you think of yourself Shaurya, you will do whatever you like, then come for my forgiveness, you think its going to be the same this time. NO way. Now drink this milk and go to bed. Its already very late…

Shaurya: No Mehak till you forgive me I will stay like this, and I will not drink that golden latte too.

Mehak looked at him in disbelief and rushed to his side. Her both arms rested on her waist.

Mehak: Shaurya, today there already been too much drama, get up drink this milk and go to bed quietly or else you will get nicely from me, for being stubborn (in her warning tone)

Shaurya quickly get up from there and took the spatula from the kitchen counter and pass it to her.

Shaurya: Please beat me , beat me till I turned blue black or till you feel satisfied. I promise you I will not repeat this again.

Mehak took the spatula from his hand  and get ready to strike at him, he closed his eyes tightly as he anticipate her wrath. Mehak look at his face and put the spatula away as her face lifted with a little smile because of him. She ignored him and went to pour the golden latte into the glass. He opened the eyes to see her waiting with the latte. He gets up from the floor and told her.

Shaurya: Mehak , I am very serious. I will not drink that.

Mehak: Shaurya, why are you being so stubborn. Drink this now or else I will going to beat you up til blue black.

Shaurya: Then you feed me with your own hands.

As she left with no choice she took the glass in her hand and bring it forward to his lips. As he is quite tall, she had difficulty to match his height. He took the glass from her hand and put it away and carried her to sit on the kitchen counter. She let out a meek shriek at his sudden action. Then she took the glass and feed him the milk he drank the content as his eyes fixed on her. She put the glass away and wants to hop down from the counter but Shaurya secured her in between his hands whereby he rested both his hands on her sides and he bent down to her level. She can feel his hot breath hitting her face, she slowly lifted her eyelid as see through her eye lashes. His dark orb was scrutinising her.

Mehak: What you doing, move I want to go to sleep. (trying to get down from the counter but I cant as if I moved I will be in awkward position either kissing him or falling on him.

Shaurya: Am I forgiven Mehak? See I listen to you, change my clothes, drank the golden latte and still waiting for you to forgive me, if you want I will do squats 100 times …

But before he finish his sentence, Mehak fell into his chest, hugging him tightly sobbing into his chest. Shaurya wrapped her around his warmth and shushed her as he planted kisses on her head. She was throwing punches on his chest as she let out her sobs.

Mehak: You liar, cheater, lambu tadiyal, I hate you…. You only know how to bother me so much, next time you do anything like this and hide things from me, I will definitely pull your ears and punish you severely. Or I will go back to my house and dont want to see you for one month. YOu understand? (she look from his chest)

Shaurya: Mrs Khanna, I promise you I will not hide anything… and hey you are not allowed to go away from me, even its for a second. I will lock you inside our room, understand? Dont be upset baby, I promise I wont do anything like this. Come lets go up, its already very late.

Both walked to their room and rested on the bed. Mehak rested on his shoulder as usual covered both in the was still rainy but not as heavy as earlier. In short while Mehak drifted to deep sleep but Shaurya was still in deep thinking.

Shaurya’s POV

I never know Mehak will find out the truth and checking my mobile. How she manage to hide her feeling from me? She can mask her emotion from me but I know Mehak is child by her heart, I am sorry my love, I know every thing about you till deep down in your heart. The moment she refuse to follow me in the car from the park, I followed her auto.  We reached home but I sat in the garden busy thinking how to convince her. She did not spare me even a look at the garden, though I know she checked me from the window but I still remain seated till she come for me, what I never expect was the heavy rain, I drenched under the rain and waited patiently for her to come for me. She came as expected dragged me to our room and get me change to my pyjamas and went to prepare golden latte. So typical of my wife. I know she cant stay angry with me for longer. The moment I looked at her deeply into her eyes, I know my eyes did not just see her, but I see how vulnerable she is, before I could continue with my another apology she immediately fell into my chest, crushing me with her weight and started to sob like a baby. Aww my baby… she is the most purest form of love I have ever seen in my life and she is the love of my life. Though I know she will forgive me but this was unexpected. I never want to see her cry, thats the last thing I ever want. Now that she is with me, I will do my best to bring the smile in her face. I looked down at her face, she is sleeping serenely. Planting a kiss on her forehead and bringing her closer to me I closed my eyes.

Mehak’s POV

The next morning I wokeup feeling wrapped in extra warmth, usually when I wokeup its just the normal warmness I feel from Shaurya but today its diffrent. I slowly peel myself away from him and planted a kiss on his bearded cheek. He was burning hot. OMG he has caught fever and no wonder he is not moving at all. I quickly get up to wake him up and he is not moving except he just mumble something and turning away from me. I got down from the bed and went to fresh up. I got a wet towel and placed it on his forehead. I head to the kitchen and made soup for him. Maasi came and ask where is Shaurya , I told her he is having fever and she asked me to go and attend to him and she will take care everything. I bump into Karuna maa and I have to explain everything again. I went back to the room and he was not in the bed but coming out from the bathroom with went hair. I put the soup away and hurried to him. Pulling him to sit on the bed there I started to wipe his hair.

Mehak: You are grown up 6ft man, but the behaviour is worst than 5years old. What is the need to get up from the bed and shower? Also the hair is still wet, I dont know I am married a grown up adult or child, till now you dont dry your hair properly. How if you get pneumonia? (huffing and puffing touching his forehead)

She took the bowl of soup and started to feed him and he obeyed her like a child. She finished him the soup but his eyes was glued on her.

Shaurya: Mehak is just a mild temperature, you see I am okay now, let me take a tablet then I will be fine. I got something to do at office, yesterday I left some work abruptly. Today I need to finish them.

His sentence stop midway when Mehak place her index finger on his lips and give him a glare.

Mehak: What you think of yourself? You are having fever and you are not super hero. Today if you dont go to office nothing will happen, stay quietly in home, take this tablet and rest. I will make kadaa for you. If you want to be stubborn and still wants to go to office, trust me I will go to my house and will not come to see you.

Shaurya: Arey this is blackmail, and this is not fair. I just want to finish my work and you are you are threathening me like this, okay I will not move anywhere, I will do my work from home, are you happy?

Mehak: NO , you are resting at home and dont argue further, (she took his mobile from the bed and turned to silent mode)

Just then Vicky walked in to their room .

Vicky:Bhaiya today we are having discussion with Mr Shetty for the organic food marketing, you are not ready yet?

Before Shaurya opens his mouth,

Mehak: He is not coming anywhere, today you go and handle everything. He is having fever and he will be resting at home. Dont disturb him.

Karuna maa and Maasi came to the room and saw how Mehak arguing with the two boys.

Karuna maa: Shaurie, at least now listen to Mehak. you see she wants to take care of you and you want to rush to office, let Vicky handle this meeting.

As all the ladies surrounded him and sided Mehak’s decision he has no choice but to stay home quietly and Vicky goes to office to takecare of the outstanding issues there. Mehak made him to drink the kadaa, and feed him with healthy food as well make sure he rested well. Shaurya who was not accustomed to such care and love obeyed Mehak diligently. The kadaa which is bitter tasted sweet when she feed him with her hand and she didnt spare a moment away from him. With Mehak ‘s care he gets better and able to started his routine too.

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