Part 57 Ankahee Ansunee Bateein Meri Dil Ki AABMDK

Part 57 5th Jan 2020

Its been almost 2 days gone, Mehak didnt receive any message from KK and she also didnt want to message him too. Shaurya left for his work. Mehak was at the garden with Karuna maa and playing with Naughty. Dolly maasi who came back from the temple, she give them the prashad to Karuna maa and Mehak too. Soon they went inside and started to cook for the day as they chit chat with each other. Karuna maa shared with Mehak and maasi about some childish stuff that Shaurya did during his school period. Mehak felt so good to hear about his childhood matters and she also told them about how she and Sonal used to sneak out from the house getting pocket money from chachu without knowledge of Kanta chachi to buy stuffs they like.
Mehak: Maa do you know at my home, Jeevan chachu will pass me some cash, then Ravi chachu will pass some. When I about to leave the house PD will pass some money. Mohit and Nehal always get jealous because when they ask for money they dont get them easily but for me I get it without even asking.
Karuna maa: (laughing hearing her) Your chachus and PD really spoil you well. So after taking all these monies what will you do?
Mehak: Sonal and me will roam around the Jama Masjid area and PWG street eating chaat, or maybe go for movie. So maa, what did Shaurya does when he goes to school?
Karuna maa: He dont ask anything at home, he is quiet most of the time and its me the one always give him money and ask him to go out to see his friends or else he will be home and sit alone at the rooftop or once he is grown up he will be punching the punching bag. Such a boring boy right?
Mehak: Maybe a little…
All started to laugh together. Just then Mehak’s mobile ding with an incoming message. She took the mobile to see it. It was from KK.
KK:Hi MS how are you?
MS: Hi I am good how are you?
KK: Wow I thought you will be angry and wont reply me.
MS: There is no need to get angry about it. You were busy and cant make it so I am not upset.
KK: Thank you for being understanding. So if you dont mind today can we meet at Coffee House at Connought Place?
Mehak started to think whtr she should go or not or to call Sonal to ask for her opinion. she quickly dialled Sonal and the mobile was ringing but no answer. As she wait for the call to be answered she notice few messages keep coming from KK.
KK: Its okay if you dont want to come I totally understand. I wont judge you anyway.
Mehak feel bad reading his message and she quickly responded.
MS: Okay, I will come, what time are we meeting?
KK: Okay cool we will meet around 5pm at Connaught Place at Coffee House. See you then.
MS: Okay see you.
Shaurya saw her message and he was smiling to himself like a naughty kid who just pulled a stunt. He was really wrecked up after his meeting. It was a tough day for him He slumped on his seat and pinching his temple as he closed his eyes trying to calm his chaotic mind. He opened his eyes to see the screen saver on his Macbook. Mehak his lifeline was clinging to his neck from back as he was sitting in the garden at Amsterdam. His mind quickly drifted, he havent called her today, and he thought of messaging her but he thought of messaging her as KK instead. Since he is done with all his work and he wants to meet her so can spend some time with her. So he wants to see her reaction. He is not interested to reveal her KK as himself atleast not for now. He finished some of his pending work so he can leave on time to see her.
Mehak left to Connaught Place. The driver drove her to her destination. She messaged Shaurya to inform him she is out to Connaught Place. Shaurya saw her message and he smiled as he drove to the same place. Mehak reached Coffee House and she seated in the couch there. The waiter came to ask her what she want to order, she told him she is waiting for her friend and will order later. Almost half and hour went. There was no sign of KK. She looked at her mobile for new messages. None came. But a waiter came to her with a flower bouquet.Mehak puzzled seeing the bouquet, though she was excited to receive a bouquet, she took it from the waiter.
Waiter: Maam, are you MS?
Mehak: Uhhhh…yess.
Waiter: This bouquet came for you.
Mehak: Thanks but who send this? (she looked at the entrance and back at the waiter)
Waiter: Sorry maam I am not sure but a delivery guy came to send this, and he asked me to pass to a lady named MS. SO far in the cafe only you are here and most of the customer is with someone you thats why I came to you.
Mehak: (nodding confusely) Ok thank you.
She looked at the bouquet one more time and the cafe entrance. There was a message card intact with that. As she muttered to herself, who send this to herself, she slowly take out the message card. She read the message slowly.

Dear MS,
My apologies again for dissappointing you. Some last minute work came up and I cant meet you today. We shall meet up very soon, please accept this bouquet as my apologies.
I am sorry MS
Yours sincerely

She put the card on the table, and started to scold KK.
Mehak: Ek dhum jhakki aadmi he, what is he thinking of himself? Do I look like an idiot? He is asking me to come here and there then not coming here, fine after this I will not meet him or even bother to reply his message. Kameena.
She huffed to cool down herself and gets up from the seat moving out from the cafe. she stepped out of the cafe by few steps when one of the waiter came running behind her with the bouquet.
Waiter: Maam, your bouquet, you forgot them.
Mehak took the bouquet from his hand and started to walk as quick as possible from there. She was still mumbling to herself how stupid she was, she should have listen to Sonal. Believing someone blindly like this just made her sounds even stupid than ever. All these were noticed by Shaurya who was wearing his sun glasses and hiding himself behind a menu card. He was controlling his laughter and the way she was mumbling to herself in anger. She was walking in lightning speed. He can see she is frustrated. She walked till a few shops then she realized that is not the way to mall exit, she stomped her feet and walked back the other way. She realized that she is acting dumb due to her anger. She stopped for a while looking up and huff at herself. She bring the bouquet to her face and hit her forehead with that bouquet. Shaurya smiled seeing her condition and decided to walk behind her to surprise her. He stopped behind her and waited for few seconds as she kept mumbling to herself.
Shaurya: Madamji people will call you crazy if you keep walking back and forth and self talking like this? (speaking in sardarji tone )
Hearing some male tone, she turned slowly as she squeezed her eyes tightly hiding her embrassement.
Mehak: What is your problem?
But seeing Shaurya there, her eyes widen as saucer.
Mehak: What you doing here?
Shaurya give her his usual lopsided grin and studied her profile. She looked pretty upset and its quiet obvious from her tone and her face didnt lift with her usual smile. He felt guilty but he hides his emotion from her.
Shaurya: Mrs Khanna what are you doing here? Saw you walking here and there and talking to yourself alone, what will people say if Mrs Khanna is behaving weirdly like this in the middle of the mall? ( with teasing tone)
Mehak: Shaurya, I came to meet my online friend but again he didnt show up this time but sent this flower bouquet with the card. (she showed the card at him)
Shaurya: Its okay, he must be busy that’s why he couldnt make it.Dont worry very soon you will meet him, I guarantee you that, or I will find him and bring him to meet you okay?
Mehak: No dont need to anything, after this I am not going to meet him hereafter. Bekar aadmi, what is he thinking of himself, am I look like puppy making me run here and there, jhakki or pagal insaan hei, if I bump into him I will definitely gonna strangle him( she raised both her hands towards Shaurya’s neck but stopped when looked at his reaction, his jaw gaped seeing her)
Mehak:Sorry , I am not in good mood. By the way what are you doing here in the mall? Did you came to see me?
Shaurya didnt think of what to answer her, how to tell her that he came to stalk her? He fumble with his words to reply her as she looked at him patiently but something unexpected happens. A lady in her 30’s came and hug Shaurya from behind and she screeched his name. Hearing her both Shaurya and Mehak flinched as Mehak’s jaw dropped open as the lady hugging her husband like a leech. Her face contorted in disgust as her eyes still widen. Shaurya pull away from the lady and look at her. She is none other than Archie, Shaurya’s restaurant’s interior designer. She is the type that too clingy, she always like to throw herself at Shaurya or any rich guys. Shaurya always warned her not to behave with him like that but she never heed to any of his warnings.
Archie :Shaurya, are you here to meet me? I am so glad that I manage to catch up with you today. (in her flirty tone as she caressed Shaurya’s cheek)
Shaurya quickly brush off her.
Shaurya: Archie how many times I told you, not to touch me when you talking to me, I dont like all these, stay in your limit.
Looking at Shaurya and Archie Mehak just stand and looked at them wondering is he going to entertain her or ignore her presence there as she crossed her arms over her chest.
Archie : Aww Shaurya, this is about you which makes me crazy for you, why are you here, are you meeting anyone here? (she turned to look at Mehak and check her from her toe to head and pulling a funny face at her) Whose this behenji? Is she lost and asking for her way?
Mehak gets annoyed as her mouth hung open hearing her. Shaurya just realized Mehak was there, he was too annoyed with Archie’s presence, he was there for Mehak and she came there interrupting them.
Mehak: Yeah I am lost in this mall and I came to this sirji asking for direction, I am leaving anyway, you can continue to flirt with him. I dont want to be the third wheel here. (as she adjust her duppatta)
Shaurya:Archie mind your language, she is my wife, Mehak.
Archie : Are you sure Shaurya, she doesnt look like wife of Delhi’s most eligible bachelor… the great Shaurya Khanna. (in a sinister tone).
Mehak gets irritated with her taunting left there angrily.
Shaurya: Archie for one last time let me warned you, she is my wife and I love the way how she is and I dont need opinion from someone like you. Mehak dont listen to her (he turned to her direction but flabbergasted when she was not there anymore, he looked everywhere worriedly)
Archie: And she is gone (letting out a evil laughter)
Shaurya started to run to the mall entrance, and saw her getting into the car, he called her few times but Mehak didnt turn to look at him. He tried to call her mobile, she rejected the call and Mehak asked the driver to go home. She reached home and closed the car door and didnt want to go inside the home but she went towards the lawn and walk aimlessly as she talking to herself.
Mehak: All men are the same, all are useless and taking girls for granted. First the KK made me wait at the cafe like an idiot and send me this bouquet then my own husband is flirting with some girl at the mall. ufff… meri zindagi kya musibhat me mittagayi.(my life is always in trouble).
By then Shaurya reached home, he parked the car at the porch and about to enter the home when he saw Awara at the door steps.
Shaurya: Where’s Mehak?
Awara: Sir, Bhabhi at the lawn.
Shaurya rushed to lawn saw her walking furiously fast. He can sense how upset she is. Naughty was trailing her letting out little soft barks. He takes a deep breath and walked steadily behind her. He heard her mumbling.
Mehak: Matarani, mera life ko kya karthiya? Shaayad mera pichle janam ne mein bhot paap kiya, is liye meri is life ko problem bhot aagaya.(My God, what did you do to my life, maybe I did lot of sin in my past life thats why this life I am having endless problems. Uff this Naughty naa… quiet for a while, leave me alone for a while. (slapping her forehead) What is the point talking to you, as if you will understand me, even normal humans dont understand me what is the point of talking to you.
Shaurya bend his head to her ear and whispered.
Shaurya: Then talk to me, I will understand you.
Mehak jumped at his sudden presence. She turned to look at him and frowned at him.
Mehak: Now why are you here, go and have fun with your girlfriend. Go and hug that chudail (witch) with short skirt. (pushing him by his chest)
Shaurya’s eyes widen seeing her.
Shaurya: So you are upset because Archie hugged me? Dont worry, to me you the most beautiful and s*xy girl in the whole entire universe(saying as he hugging her tightly)
Mehak: (struggling in his hold) Let me go Shaurya, I dont want to talk to you and dont want to see you.
Because of Mehak’s intolerence behaviour he loosen his grip on her and looked at her confusingly.
Shaurya: Okay fine , let me call Archie, she wanted to go on a date with me, I am sure she is excited to go with me.
He didnt finish his sentence as Mehak started to wack him up with her handbag and the flower bouquet. He tried to cover himself with his forearm.
Shaurya: Mehakkkkkk….. stop it yaar, I was just joking, I am not going dating with Archie or anyone, please stop it yaar…
She throw the bag and the bouquet away and started to walk away from him, sniffling. Hearing her sniffles, Shaurya rushed behind her as he held her by her waist.
Shaurya: Mehak, please listen to me, Archie was there coincidentally. I was there alone. Trust me there is nothing between Archie and me. dont you trust me?
She craned her head to look at him in sideways. Her eyes turned glassy as her tears threaten to spill. He hated to see her like that. He tighten his hold around her and press her against his body to cool down her trembling ones. She chew her lips as her eyes looked at him questionably. She wet her lips as she blinked her eyes at him twice.
Mehak: How dare she hugged my husband? On top of that she taunted, and you didnt say anything?
Shaurya: Just ignore her okay, I was just explaining to her and when I look for you, you already left from there, I came immediately looking for you. Dont be upset with me please, to me you are most important nothing else. (just then his mobile started to ring interrupting them, Shaurya picked the call without seeing who is calling)
Shaurya: Hello
Archie: Hello Shaurya, are you with your wife to convince her? If she dont get convince its okay, I am here waiting for you ( seductive tone)
Shaurya: Archie, stop it.
Mehak hearing the name Archie, she press the speaker button on his phone and she heard the conversation.
Archie: Shaurya baby, why are you angry? Because your wife caught us is it? Dont worry next time we will meet in diffrent place where she cant find us okay?
Mehak turned to look at Shaurya as her mouth hung open. She place the phone into his palm and left him at the lawn walking inside the house. Shaurya angrily cut the call and looked up and the retreating figure of Mehak. He wonders what else he need to do to convince Mehak now. He just talk to her and made her to understand everything but now everything is ruined. He cursed Archie for interfering into his life. He walked inside home searching for Mehak, his eyes looked everywhere and he saw in the living area Maa, Maasi and Mehak was with them. He walked in there and side hugged Maa and greeted them. Once in a while his eyes fell on Mehak who was refuse to look at him. Karuna maa know that Shaurya and Mehak had misunderstandings as she saw from her room window what happened at the lawn.
Karuna maa:Mehak beta, you looked tired, why dont you go up and rest first, let me and maasi prepare the dinner.
Mehak:No maa, I am fine , just having slight headache. I will go prepare you please rest.
She gets up from there and walks to kitchen slowly. But Karuna maa knows she is not herself as she didnt see her usual energy. Mehak entered the kitchen and combed her hair with her fingers and tie up into a bun. She checked the vegetable baskets and started to prepare the dishes for dinner. Shaurya sneaked into the kitchen to see check on her so he can talk to her. She was busy stirring and asking Awara to pass the other ingredients. She asked him to set the dining table and started to do other things. She was cutting cucumber when Shaurya secured her in between his hands at the kitchen counter. Sensing his presence behind her, Mehak just ignored and continued chopping cucumber.
Shaurya: So you will not talk to me now?
Mehak didnt reply. Shaurya leaned down and rested his chin on her shoulder. He inhale a deep breath and let out slowly which hits on Mehak’s ears. She became rigid when his breath caresses her skin. Just then Awara came to kitchen and when he saw Shaurya there, he quickly excused himself saying he will come back later but Mehak called him back and asking him to bring the foods to the dining table.Without much choice Shaurya left the kitchen to freshen up. When he came down Mehak was seating at her usual seat which is next to her , she pass the food tray to him and stayed quiet most of the time as maasi was talking about some TV show. They bid good night and went back to their room,Mehak freshen up and Shaurya was at the daybed checking his emails waiting for her to talk and clarify matters. She took her pillow and the spare blanket was about to leave the room when Shaurya stopped her.
Shaurya: (pulling by her wrist) Where are you going? Its already late night.
Mehak :(rolled her eyes) I am sleeping with maasi today,
Shaurya: Why? What happened suddenly? Listen Mehak my mood has been off since evening you please dont start anything now, what is the reason to go and sleep with maasi, what will she think about us? Let me tell you about Archie, she is none other than….
Mehak:(raised her palm to stop him) I dont want to listen to you anymore. I am tired and want to sleep. I have been listening to you all the time like idiot and now also you are making me a fool.
Shaurya gets upset seeing Mehak not giving a chance to clarify, he step forward and pull the pillow and blanket from her hands. She give him confused look.
Shaurya: Dont worry, you dont need to sleep with maasi. I will go and sleep with Vicky.It was my mistaken and let me prove it to you,that I didnt do anything..
Saying that he step out of their room and Mehak looked at him as she pouted sadly. She rested on the bed and roll to her left and right few times, her mind was wandering back to the mall incident and later to Shaurya’s phone conversation. She always bid good night and cuddle with Shaurya but today she felt awkward. She gets up and walked in the room back and forth. Quickly and idea came, she went to get one of Shaurya’s shirt and pull it over to a pillow and put it next to her and fell asleep immediately. Whereas in Vicky’s room, Shaurya rested on his crook of his arm and was not sleepy. He was wondering how is Mehak sleeping and he gets up and tiptoed gently to his room and opened the door slowly. He saw Mehak sleeping on her side. He saw the pillow with his shirt and smiled as he shakes his head off thinking how cute she looks while sleeping like this. He pushed the tendrils away from her forehead and caressed her head slowly. The moment his hand touched Mehak she quickly snuggled to him. Without much choice Shaurya tucked himself inside the duvet and sleep next to Mehak pulling her closer to him.
The next morning Shaurya got up earlier than Mehak and went for his morning sprint. Mehak wokeup later and she stretched herself as she looked around her room. She looked at the pillow where she covered with Shaurya’s shirt last night to sooth herself to sleep.She sniffed at herself and realized she is surrounded on all sides by his cologne which is very familiar. His scent usually calms her and it works like a magic potion. After a while she realized, that he slept at Vicky’s room but why is she smelling him all over her like usual morning where she will wakeup cuddling him. She pushed her thoughts away and went into the bathroom to freshen up. She came out after dress up and with wet hair and towel in her hand. She stand infront of the dresser and detangle her hair not realizing Shaurya was at the door drinking his protein shake as his eyes glued on her. She put the towel away and comb her hair quickly. She is late and need to get downstairs to prepare breakfast. She wants to see what is Shaurya doing, She quickly place her bindi between her eyebrows and fasten her earrings. She grabbed her dupatta quickly to leave the room when she bump into Shaurya who was leaning at the door frame.
Mehak: Ouch, (rubbing her forearm looking at him confusingly as he wrapped one of his arm around her)
Shaurya: Good morning my love, are you rushing to see me? I know you will definitely missed me, sleeping all night without me? (in husky tone)
Mehak: Uff, who said I missed you. I slept well without you. (not meeting his eyes)
Shaurya: (peeping at the bed) Oh yea I can clearly see that, you slept well with the company of my shirt on the pillow. (mockingly)
Mehak forgot to hide the pillow and now she is caught by him. She pushed him away and rushed to the kitchen. She was preparing breakfast quickly as her mobile rings, she looked who is the caller, and its from Sonal.
Sonal:Hello yaar, good morning how are you? Sorry yesterday we were busy at the restaurant so couldnt answer your call. So what’s up?
Mehak: Hmm yaar,morning just like that I called you, nothing much. Now preparing breakfast.
Sonal: What happened you sound so low?
Mehak:Nothing Sonal, just a bit moody.
Sonal: Okay lets do like this, I will finish my work early and go to our favourite place at Jama Masjid to have some yummy snacks and gola. I hope this will lift your mood immediately. I will finish my work quickly you finish yours and meet at the same stall okay?
Mehak: Okay yaar, I will see you there, bye
She hang up the call and went to join for breakfast with the rest of the family. Shaurya came there and sat down. Mehak served him the food quietly.Dolly Massi and Karuna maa saw them being cold to each other. Sensing something is not right, maasi saw Shaurya’s shirt button is missing.
Maasi: Arey lalla, what happen to your shirt button? Button is missing and you are wearing this and going for office is it?
Shaurya just realized about the button and usually Mehak will come there to help him to dress up and today she didnt come up. He just pick some shirt randomly wore them and came down to have his breakfast.
Shaurya: Didnt realize the button missing maasi. Its okay I will manage it.
Mehak knowing his usual trick, just mumbled to herself. He did it on his own purposely and now trying cover up.
Maasi:Bahu once you finish your breakfast help him to sew the button, if you are busy , its okay, lalla you take out the shirt and give it to me I will do the button. How to go to office and meet people when the shirt button is out like this? What will people will think about it.
Mehak quickly replied.
Mehak: Its okay maasi, I will do it, you carry on with your breakfast. Mehak gets up and leave the dining table. She went to her room and took out the sewing kit turned to see Shaurya is already in their room. She hesitantly walked to him as she stepped closer to him started to sew the missing button on his shirt. He held her by her waist bringing her closer to his body she looked up at him warning him with her eyes. But her warnings didnt stop him from drawing patterns on her waist. His palms caressed her gently up and down her waist, she held her breath tightly as he is creating havoc in her. Sensing how she is being restless he asked her.
Shaurya: So are you going to ignore me and not going to talk to me at all?
Mehak lifted her lashes to look into his eyes and went back to work on the button ignoring his question.
Mehak: Is it important I need to talk to you, you have someone very special there waiting for you to flirt openly, wearing skimpy clothes and what is her name, bawarchi (cook) or something?
Shaurya couldnt stop himself from smiling further at her taunting. He knows very well about Mehak, she is just upset because Archie hugged him and was touching him everywhere at the mall and in the phone she was trying to be flirty.
Shaurya: Her name is Archie, as I said I have nothing with her. Dont you trust your husband? Do you think I will be flirting with her behind your back when I have a beautiful, understanding , cute and sweetest wife in the world? I wouldnt want to loose her for the world do you know that.
Mehak’s heart melted hearing him, she looked at him and trimmed off the thread off his shirt. She stayed calmly there waiting for him to let her go from his warmth. They stayed for a while like that as Shaurya rested his forehead on hers as he cupped her face in his broad palms. She gulped her saliva and said in croacked voice.
Mehak: You are going to be late to office.
Shaurya looked at her who is being calm in his hold. He planted a kiss on her forehead and move away from her reluctantly. Once he left to office Mehak informed maa and maasi that she is going out to meet Sonal. They asked her to take care and she left as well. Maa sat with maasi as they started a conversation.
Maa :Dolly, what to do with these two, definitely Shaurya did something which made Mehak upset, or else she wont be so dull like this, this boy dont learn his lesson easily. I dont want any misfortune fall upon this family again, enough of all the hardship we went through.Mehak is our lucky charm of this family and I dont want her to be upset at any cost.
Maasi: You are right didi, sometimes lalla will behave like ullu(stupid) But what to do men are like that. usually girls if they are upset will pack their bags and go to their maternal home but our bahu, she is calm and didnt throw any fit like other girls. She deals with things quietly.
Listening to Dolly, a sudden thought striked in maa’s mind she asked Dolly to call Kanta chachi and worked a plan.
Maa: Namaste Kantaji.
Kanta: Namaste Karunaji, how are you and how’s Dollyji? Mehak and Shaurya all fine right?
Maa: Kantaji everyone is fine at home, I need to talk to you something very important.
Kanta: Yes please tell me, what is it?
Maa quickly revealed a plan. Since Mehak is not going to her maternal place, they planned to fake PD is ill and she wants Mehak to be there, so that Shaurya will learn a lesson. Kanta chachi asked her is it necessary to do this. Because creating distance between Shaurya and Mehak doesnt looks good but maa suggested this is the only way so both wont behave like children in future.
At Jama Masjid
Mehak and Sonal walked around the crowded street to enjoy the street snacks. As they gulping down the snack Sonal asked what is it about and Mehak told her about her meeting with her online friend who didnt turn up again and how she bump into Shaurya in the mall and Archie turn up there flirtings with him. Sonal face palmed at her seeing Mehak’s stuipidity.
Sonal: Yaar Mehak, how stupid you could be? Didnt I warned you earlier, dont go and meet this chat friends etc, how if they seems to be some dangerous guy like physcho who act normal online but in real they are really can be dangerous? Please dont go and meet this person again, promise me that you wouldnt entertain his messages and go to meet him too? How creepy he is sending flower bouquet etc? You are lucky that Shaurya happen to be at the same mall too, how if he was not there and this person does something terrible to you? Well for your kind information, Archie is Interior designer for Shaurya’s restaurants. She did ID for his hotels and restaurants and yes she is that type of flirty kind of girl. She does behave like that to whoever men she sees. Even she was like that to Vicky when he was busy managing the hotel renovation at Jaipur. He used to tell me stories about her. So you dont think too much, Shaurya is yours and he dont even give face to all these kind of girls. Thank God because you have such a romantic and loyal husband. Or else in this world where to get men like this, stop complaining and start thinking mera laddoo.(as she pinch Mehak’s cheek)
Mehak:Sonal ( as she lick her gola) you are telling the truth right, and not saying something to calm my mind right? I do believe him just that, she was too clingy and touching him everywhere. You tell me if anyone did like that to Mohit will you stay calm and watch?
Sonal’s eyes widen hearing her.
Sonal: I will pull that witch’s hair and give her slaps at both her cheeks till all teeths come out.
Mehak: You see , you also get angry like me just that you violent and I give silent treatment to Shaurya.
Both the friends chortle together and spent sometimes together. Mehak returned to Khanna mansion. She went to living area to see maa and maasi was there, she greeted them and asked about their day. Thats when Maa break the news.
Maa:Mehak beta, Kantaji called earlier, she said PD was not well few days back and she is fine now, but is just that she misses you alot.She asked whtr you can come to stay over there for few days and I said you will come there today itself. Please go and pack your clothes for few days dont worry about anything, I will talk to Shaurya. You go and take care of PD first.
The moment she heard PD was not well Mehak became worried. She immediately rushed to Maa thanked her and she asked if she is okay she goes there for few days and when Maa and maasi confirmed its their decision she should go and spend few days at her maternal home, she rushed to pack few clothes and took leave from there to Sharma Nivas.
Shaurya who came home, he hopped in happily , greeting maa and maasi at the living area, he went to kitchen to look for Mehak. She was not there and he came back to living area and saw Naughty sitting at the floor wiggling his tail next to maa. He rested his arms on his waist looking upstairs, thinking maybe she is upstairs and wants to go upstairs to look for her. before he leave to upstairs,maasi stopped him.
Maasi:the person you are looking for is not in.
He stopped and return to maasi. Before he could ask maa and maasi something , maasi continued.
Maasi: She packed her clothes and went to her parents home.
Shaurya:But maa , maasi why Mehak went there? She didnt even inform me. Wait let me call her . ( he slides his hand into the pocket to take out his mobile)
Maa: Shaurya dont bother that girl. You have started to misbehave with her again. We notice her face dull since yesterday. How many times we told you, please be nice with her and be a responsible man, have you ever listen to us. Remember how was our family without Mehak?
Shaurya closed his eyes in frustration, he cracked his neck looking up and turned to look at maa.
Shaurya: Maa it was nothing and just some misunderstandings. I have already explain and cleared all doubts with her in the morning. And now you guys are saying she went to my inlaws place. There must be something else why she went there . This is not done.
Maa:Well thats not all about it. Kantaji called to inform PD was not well, and she misses Mehak very much. they asked whtr we can send her there for few days so I sent her there. She will be there for few days.
Shaurya: Maa you should have inform this first, how is PD? Is she okay? You know what, I know what to do,
Saying that he hopped upstairs, within 10mins he came down with a duffel bag in his hand. Maa and maasi was puzzled seeing him.
Maasi:Lalla where are you going?
Shaurya: Maa , maasi since PD is not well and Mehak is not here I will go there and stay till PD gets better and come back later. I cant stay away from Mehak. Maa I am leaving.
Maasi: Arey lalla, our family men dont run after their wife like mad majnu, I am afraid your inlaws going to make fun of you, please for the sake of our family’s reputation dont go.
Shaurya: Maasi I dont give a damn to family’s reputation, and my in laws are very kind they know me well, so I am leaving now. (he touched her feet and maasi’s feet to get blessings and get into his car not listening to maasi who tries to stop him)
Maa and maasi looked at each other puzzled and wonders what is going to happen to their plan.

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