Part 55 01/12/2019

Life was pretty normal for both Shaurya and Mehak. After finish office he heads home straight and tail after Mehak like a lost puppy. Even during Diwali party at home, after several years the house started to shine again during the festive period. The once sober and quite Khanna mansion started to shine with all the diyas and party lights as music themed with the festival played as they entertained the guests. Wherever Mehak goes, Shaurya’s gaze will be always on her. She will be walking around entertaining some guests he will be busy entertaining others but once in a while his eyes will be drifted towards her. She knows he is looking at her but she stealthily dont turn to look at him back. She moved from the lawn when Naughty came and started wiggle his tail around her feet. She put his food in his container and patted his head to enjoy his dinner. Once he started to enjoy his dinner, she gets up from there to attend to the guests. But she was stopped by a familiar hand came to wrap around her waist. She gasped at the sudden warmth.

Mehak:Shaurya , what are you doing? Guests all are still here and you are here, lets go see them.

Shaurya: (humming slowly as he inhale a deep breath) you are not paying attention to me my love. I was craving for your attention since evening.

Mehak:(nudged him on his torso as she  turned to look at him) You didnt let me to change properly just now and now saying I didnt pay attention to you. Now leave me I want to go . (wiggling in his hold)

Shaurya: (smiling mischieviously) What to do, when you have such a s*xy and hot wife, how to stay away from her, so not my fault when you became my weakness.

Mehak: Achaa, you know how to sweet talk me all the time, well lets go and attend to the guests and if they leave early, who knows you will get something special tonight?

Shaurya’s eyes glinted when he heard her talking in her seductive tone.

Shaurya:Really, then come lets go, before that give me a kiss so I can stay calm till tonight.

Mehak stepped closer to him and tip toed to his forehead and pecked gently there. He pecked her back at her cheek and both giggled like a college students who meet discreetly. They walked back to the lawn where all guests enjoying the good food.

Back in their room, Mehak was resting on Shaurya’s chest. They didnt sleep but just stay quiet cuddling each other.

Mehak: Shau..ryaa… can I ask you something? Will you get upset? (asking him in a babyish tone)

Shaurya: What is it? Suddenly sounding like this? I will never get upset with you, ask whatever you want…

Mehak stayed silent a bit before start her question. But Shaurya caressed her arm gently which assuring her to speak. She slowly started to speak.

Mehak: If anything happen to me at Jaipur, what have you done? (she almost choked as she let out that word)

There was a silent for a moment which made Shaurya speechless. He didnt expect her to ask this and he wonders how long this thought has been in her mind. He still remember that horrible night how he saw her with the tubes and machines running around her. His heart stop at the moment he saw her lifeless body lying there with her skin turn blue black and tear stricken face. He have been paused for too long and he wet his throat with his saliva.

Shaurya: If anything happeed to you, my breath would have stopped at the same time. I cannot imagine my life without you even for a second. I have earned enough money, wealth and fame but your love is the one that I needed to fulfill the emptiness in me. (caressing her soft hair gently) Why suddenly this question?

Mehak: Not suddenly, I always had this question in my mind, but just didnt want to ask. Today I just asked, are you upset?

Shaurya: (planting a kiss on her hair) you can drive me crazy as much as you want but I will never get upset with you, you are my lifeline you know that right?

She tilted her head from his chest to look into his eyes. He lazily open his eyes to meet hers. She searched his eyes for his emotions with her raw innocent eyes which made him his lips curve into a small grin. She adjusted herself resting on him, nearly crushing him with all her weight, he let out a chuckle.

Shaurya: What are you doing? Are you planning to kill me by crushing with your weight? Do you know how heavy you are?

Mehak: (yanked him playfully) dont talk rubbish. I want to ask you something?

Shaurya: (rubbing his big hand at her back slowly) What you want to know now?

Mehak: Did the police found the culprit, the guy who attacked me at Jaipur?

Shaurya’s heart clenched in a way as his jaw tightened.hearing this. He just hope that his face expression doesnt give away any clues easily to Mehak. He didnt realize till Mehak snap her finger at him to gain his sense again.

Mehak: What happen Shaurya, I asked you a simple question but you look as if you saw a ghost. Are you okay?

Shaurya: (took a deep breath) Well the police couldnt identify anyone, but if you want I will ask the Commissioner from Delhi to pressurise the police at Jaipur.

Mehak : Do you know Shaurya, many criminals escapes from justice after causing so much damage to young girls. Luckily Matarani was there she sent the security guard that day and nothing serious happens to me or else I dont think I will be normal ever. These kind of criminals must be punished severely and for life time they should be alone and locked in the cell without food and water.

Hearing her venting out her grudges out of blues just made Shaurya puzzled. But he is happy in a way that he had caught the culprit and punishing him in the similar way that she wants.

Shaurya: Calm down my wild cat. What happened suddenly you are asking about all these things? Did anything happened? (asking her in a concern tone)

Mehak: (sigh) nothing happens Shaurya, just now in the party, one of the guest were talking about these s*xual harrassment, rape and many more unrecorded issues happening in the society and the culprits are walking free without getting the punishments they deserves. The victims are living in dark with fear and some of them were even thrown out from the house by their own family. What was their mistake? I am lucky because you were there for me the entire time and till now you have been a pillar of support and made me stay strong and overcome my recurring nightmares. Thats is why I asked you.

Shaurya looked at Mehak for a while to see her expression and clearly he understand she is just disturbed by the talks she shared in the evening with the ladies. He caressed her head slowly and notice that she is becoming calm with his touch.

Shaurya: You are right, not everyone are brave and strong. Some are in fear thinking how the society going to label them, how their family;s reaction, how they going to work etc but the one who did the sin is walking freely looking for another victim and he is not guilty. The law and order has to be strict and they should punished severely. Many NGOs and organizations are there for this reason.

Hearing his words made Mehak calm and she pecked his chin and looked at him in awe. She adjusted herself on his side and rested her head on his chest.and listen slowly to her favourite rhytm. Shaurya continued to caress her arm.

Shaurya: What were you and maa talking after the pooja? Maasi was there too and you guys were stealing glances at me.

Mehak shut her eyes in embarassment, she thought that he will not notice it but he did. She chew her lips slowly as how to explain to him.

Shaurya: Come on speak up what you guys were talking about?I am sure its something to do with me.

Mehak: Its nothing like you think.

Shaurya: Oh really, let me go and ask maasi then.

Mehak; You know, there is no one as stubborn as you… oofff..Ok you want to know right, well maa and maasi asking when, (she paused for sometimes as she wants to utter the next word from her, she bit her lips in embarassment and not able to complete her sentence as she mutter lowly) junior.

Shaurya: What junior? Mehak its already late night and you are not saying it straight away.

Mehak: (she mentally face palmed at herself for him not understanding her, she sucked her breath as she tried to  tell him what was her conversation about) Maa asking when will there be a picture in the empty photo frame. (she said it in one go)

Hearing her he immediately rolled her off from him and he looked at her features. It gleamed as her blood travelled to her face. He couldnt believe what he heard from her. But he is sure what he heard was right as its obvious from her face. He had a smug smile and waited for her reaction.

Shaurya: So maa wants a Junior Shaurya or Junior Mehak? Why do you need to be shy about it, you could tell me about it, I wont say anything.

Mehak’s orbs enlarged hearing him she looked away from his gaze.

Shaurya: We will definitely have our babies when the right time comes and now you are still young and I am young as well. I have important business plans in line for the upcoming months and I will need to travel quite often. So when you are expecting I want to be around you and be a good husband and also a good daddy.

She was awe with his idea and pull his face to kiss his nosetip as he rubbed the nosetip with hers.

Shaurya: So tell me how many babies shall we have?

Mehak pushed him from her as Shaurya keep repeating the same question.

Shaurya: So you are not going to tell me.huh never mind. (he rested his head with the crook of his elbow.

Mehak raised one finger infront of him.

Shaurya: So you want only one?

Later she raised another one finger making it two.

Shaurya: Ahah, its two then.

Mehak lifted another finger and now three fingers raised.

Shaurya: Three, okay we will have three musketeers.

Mehak put 4 fingers infront of him , which made him baffled. Before he could say the next word, she lifted her final finger from her right hand making it 5.

Shaurya: You must be kidding me, 5 kids, are you serious, you want to have 5 kids. Mehak please tell me this is a joke. (he looked baffled at her)

Mehak gets up to look at him, she yank at him at his bicep.

Mehak: I thought you will be excited like me but you are number one buddu (idiot)

Shaurya: But isnt it 5 is handful?

Mehak: Nevermind lets go to sleep now, I dont want to talk about it.

Shaurya: Mehak wait, how to sleep when you give me this kind of peculiar ideas. Why 5, is there a special reason or something. I always know girls not ready to give birth soon or even if they do they wont have more than 2. but you are absolutely mystery package.

Mehak: You see, PD only had 1 child, which is dadaji, dadaji had 3 sons, my dad had only me, Jeevan Chachu have only 1 child so does Ravi chachu. here you are the only child. So when you are only one , we dont have partner in crime and when we did something we dont have another sibling to pull our legs and etc. Hence the idea of having 5 kids.Imagine 5 kids, we as family sat together to have meals,to run around our house, to scream around and it will be livelier this way.

Shaurya couldnt form any words hearing her justification. He was just went speechless.His lips formed a smile.

Shaurya : Hmmm, then as you said its 5 then. Maybe we could start practising how to make babies because practise makes perfect.

Mehak :(pushing him away adjusting her duvet covering herself inside, mumbling ) chi Shaurya dont be such a shameless guy, what will people think about you? (as she turned the other way)

Shaurya: (moving closer to her as he rested on the crook of her neck smiling at her ears) Well I am just being a good husband who makes his wife’s wishes comes true.

Mehak: Good night I want to sleep.

Shaurya: Good night my love,(kissing her hair again)

Shaurya travelled for work regarding to his new projects, Mehak was okay these days with his travel plans as before leaving he will give her plenty of kisses and promise to call her whenever he is free. As he was travelling to the airport, he called someone and said that he will by there by noon. He reached there by noon and his men were there to walk him down the dungeon. There he saw Kunal sitting on a chair where his arms tied up, he beard grow longer than last time. New wounds are visible all thanks to his men. Shaurya pulled a chair opposite him. The shabby look doesnt suit him well.

Shaurya: So Kunal, how are you? How is my guys taking care of you, are you enjoying their hospitality?

Kunal looked to meet Shaurya. He let out a cough as he tried to open his mouth

Kunal: What kind of man are you? tying me here and keeping me away from the world outside. Why are you doing this?

Shaurya letting out a smirk.

Shaurya: Well I came here to check on you, since you are our guest, its my job to keep an eye on you. (pulling out his mobile from his pocket, he scroll his gallery for something then he showed to Kunal) See this is us at Boracay Phillipines before Diwali. It was so much fun, we made lots of memories there.

Kunal looked at photo as he analyse them with a cold eyes.

Kunal: You came all the way here to show me this, you know what you are really mentally unfit.

Shaurya let out boisterous laughter and it reverberated the entire dungeon.

Shaurya: You can call me that, I am certified mental and I will not deny that. (looking at his watch) Okay I got to go. I am late for my next meeting, catch up with you soon. Have fun.

Kunal: (bending forward) Shaurya please let me go, I will not open my mouth at all and I wont bother anyone including Mehak.  Please I beg you.

Shaurya: (snickered) Do you think you can walk around freely after you did something wicked especially to my woman. You have suffered nothing compare what she went through. (pushing himself from the seat standing as he adjusted his coat)

He walked off as Kunal yells to leave him. Shaurya walked off from there and gets into the car, he signed his driver to go to airport for his meeting at Mumbai. He called Mehak whenever he is free and she was happy to hear him. It was almost night as Shaurya finished his meeting , he headed back to his room and once he shut the door of the room and remove his coat as he hang them on the coat stand. He unbuttoned his shirt and his mobile dinged with a incoming message tone. He took the mobile from the nearby table and check the message. It was his FB messenger, his former classmate from college messaged him. After replying there, he put back his mobile on the bed and took off his shirt to get ready for shower. A naughty thought came in him, he took the mobile again and checked his FB messenger and typed a message and tap on the send button as he throw the mobile back on the bed and headed to freshen up.

Mehak’s POV

We had dinner together and I went back to my room. I changed into my pyjamas and waited anxiously for Shaurya’s call. But I heard a ding an incoming message and I quickly grab my mobile from the bed to check from who is it. I was surprised to see its from my long lost friend (KK) Kareila King. I was quite ecstatic to see his name popped on my screen. He has been such a good friend offering  me handful of ideas and advices for me since my ISC days and other matters. I was always in some sort of confusion and he will be there to help me clear the fog in my mind and I was able to make my decisions. I couldnt thank him enough for being such a wonderful friend. I quickly read the message and started to reply him.

KK: Hey MS how you doing? Still remember me?

Mehak: Hi KK I am good, how are you? Its been long time, how have you been?

KK: Hmm I am good as well, been busy travelling and work you know the usual stuff.

Mehak: Okay good to hear that. okay keep in touch.

Shaurya’s POV

After sending the message I headed to freshen up. When I came back to room I saw the message has been read and saw a new message came in.

Mehak: Hi KK I am good, how are you? Its been long time, how have you been?

I was excited to see Mehak’s replying and continue to talk to her in the messenger as KK. We both chatted a while till she replied as keep in touch and didnt continue after that. Suddenly my mobile started to ring and its from Mehak. I quickly slide to answer.

Mehak: What are you doing? Do you know how long I am waiting for your call. (she huffed in annoyed tone)

Shaurya completely forgot to call Mehak as he was busy sending message to her like KK. He couldnt contain himself from laughing alone in the room. He kept his laughter low as he started to talk to Mehak.

Shaurya: Mehak , Mehak, Mehak please listen to me, I just came off from the shower and I got a message from a friend and was busy replying him. Then you called me, thats all happens. I am going to call you anyway.

Mehak: Its okay, I am not upset. Just had dinner and came to room waiting for your call. But today surprisngly a long lost friend of mine messaged me.

Shaurya: Okay what did your friend said, wait is it he or she?

Mehak: Buddu (idiot), its he. He just asked about common stuff like how am I doing etc? After that, I called you.

Shaurya: So this friend of yours, what is his name?

Mehak: (biting her forefinger) oops I never asked his name, but his FB name is little weird, kareila king. I always think you should be named as Kareila King(letting out a giggle)

On the other end, Shaurya’s mouth widen hearing her, calling him Kareila King.

Shaurya: Ok my love, go to bed, sleep well dream of me. Tomorrow I need to get up early.

Mehak: Ok patidev good night. I will go to bed now. (she blew a flying kiss in the mobile suppressing her laughter)

Shaurya: (pressing multiple kisses on the mobile) all these are for you.

They hang up the call and went to bed.

Shaurya was busy attending his meeting while Mehak was busy with Karuna maa and Maasi at home. During break time Shaurya took out his mobile to call Mehak but before that he wants to tease her as Kareila King. He started to type a message.

KK : Hi MS, how are you? yesterday you left abruptly. so are you free to talk now?

MS: HI KK, I am good how are you? Sorry yesterday I got something important that’s why I left. Yeah I can talk now,

KK : Oic, I waited for you, because usually you will stay awake till late night.

MS: OOpps I am sorry, I slept immediately. I am sorry for not messaging you.

KK:Naah its okay, I understand. So tell me, how have you been? Its almost 2 years we didnt keep in touch,  are you married, or joined work. Hows your family etc?

MS: Oh yes, everything is good. Things has been good too. I am married now and settled now. How about you? What have you been doing?

KK: Well at least you got married, I havent found the right girl yet, still busy with my work and travelling. If you were not married maybe I would have meet you and proposed you.

Shaurya smirked as he sent that last message. Whereas when Mehak saw such flirty she scrunched her in disgust and decided not to pursue further with replying him but she thought just to give a proper reply before she conclude her message. After a while contemplating what to type, she started to a new message.

MS : Well you havent seen me how can you expect to marry me? You know these days guys have higher demands and expectations? You never seen me before? I am fat and ugly thats what most guys came to see me didnt like because they want girls who wear short dresses and modern types but I am plain and old fashioned girl. So its better you start look for another girl.

KK: Okay, well are you still in Delhi? We can meet? Just as friends for coffee?

Mehak face palmed at herself, for continuing replying him and now when she saw his message suggesting to meet him, she dont know how to react. She bite her nail in anxious and quickly started to type a message.

MS:Okay I got to go bye.

She sign off from the messenger as she blow some air on herself. On the other end Shaurya started to laugh at her naiviety. How cute she respond when he ask to meet him. He shakes his head as his smile decorated on his face, he walked back inside the meeting room to continue the meeting. Meanwhile, Mehak feel disturbed with the earlier conversation and she decided to go and talk to Sonal. She messaged her and she asked her to come to the restaurant Spice Valley. She asked the driver to head there and once she reached there, she saw Sonal busy at the cashier counter.

Sonal: Baby, you are here what’s up? Is everything okay?

Mehak quickly whisked her away from there whispering to her, we need to talk in private. Sonal walked her to Shaurya’s office which is usually vacant. Closing the door quickly, Mehak blow some air which she has been holding in for sometimes.Sonal puzzled with her behaviour, her eyes trailed Mehak from head to toe to understand what happened to her bestie.

Sonal:Yaar Mehak what happen? why are you acting weirdly.

Mehak started to walked back and forth as she chew her finger nail. Sonal became restless looking at Mehak, she pull Mehak aside and made her to stand still in one place.

Sonal:Mehak if you keep walking here and there nothing is going to happen except I will sprain my neck watching you.

Mehak stopped at look at Sonal and gulped her saliva to wet her dried throat.

Mehak:Sonal I think I am in trouble, yaar…I got no one to tell, so thats why I came to see you.

Sonal:Mehak what you did this time? What trouble did you landed yourself? please Mehak now I am getting restless, you are acting up.

They sat down at the couch and started to talk.

Mehak:Yaar couple of years back, I was chatting with a guy, his name is KK?

Sonal:Mehak ki bache, you have been talking to some random guy and didnt even tell me about it, what else you hide from me, spill the bean.

Mehak:Sonal I just bump into this guy in FB messenger while I update my cooking page so I started to chat with this guy KK, Kareila King. We argued in the early stage later we became good friends. Whenever I am down with a situation, I cant make a decision, confused and need a good listener and adviser so there came KK, he adviced me how to handle situation like these. From ISC days till the time I met Shaurya. Just like a good friend he adviced me and supported me. Though our family stood beside me but his motivating words the one keep ringing in my head at all times.

Sonal: Okay sounds like a real good friend to me. so what’s the problem now?

Mehak: Sonal, yes he is a good friend always, but after so many years suddenly he sent me message and we were talking like friends and now wants to meet me. Can you imagine, he said he wants to meet me, I am getting panic here Sonal you need to help me.This guy knows I am married yet he wants to meet me.

Sonal: So what? Just meet him once. What is the reason to get panic here.

Mehak: Did you think about Shaurya? How he will react? suddenly when I said I am going to meet a guy.

Sonal: Mehak, trust me he is not that type of husband. He will be happy and even who knows he will be coming with you to see this friend of yours. First wait for Shaurya to come back and tell him you have a special friend that you want to meet and introduce to him as well. So nothing is going to happen, I dont see any problem here.

Mehak: Is it?So you think Shaurya dont mind, in that case I will talk to him about this and arrange to meet him. Where can we meet him?

Sonal: You can suggest this place too, this is Shaurya’s restaurant and we all are your friends, if Shaurya cannot make it to come to meet your friend this place will be save for you, in case this guy trying to act funny we all are here, so we can handle him here.

Mehak:Pheeeww Sonal you sorted a big problem. Now I feel relieved. I will wait for Shaurya and once he is back will talk to him about it.

Both friends chit chatted happily as Sonal ordered some foods for them they enjoyed them as they continued talking about their encounters during their childhood. Once Mehak goes back home, she change into her pyjamas and waiting for Shaurya to call back. While waiting for his call, she thought of messaging to her virtual friend to confirm their meeting.

MS: HI KK, sorry about earlier I got something on.  Well about us meeting, yes we can meet. Are you available at Delhi next week? I know a fantastic place in Delhi,.

Shaurya who just return back to his hotel after dinner and his mobile dinged with incoming message. He took out the mobile and started to read the message from MS. He was baffled to read the message and he looked at his mobile screen in disbelief. As he started to self talk to himself.

Shaurya:Wow Mehak Khanna, ever since when you became so daring to meet a guy? Let me come down to Delhi and deal with you. Now let me reply you.

Before he could type a message, his mobile started to ring and its from Mehak. He slides to answer.

Mehak: Shaurya,  where are you? I need to talk to you something.

Shaurya: Baby, I just finished my work and came back to hotel room, I wanted to call you but you already called me. so whats up, do you miss me?

Mehak: Shaurya, you know I always miss you, I got something to tell you.

Shaurya: Hmm, tell me (as he remove his tie and cufflinks) .

Mehak : I have a special friend who I want you to meet him with me once you are back to Delhi.

Shaurya controlling his laughter.

Shaurya: Who is this friend of yours? Is it like Sonal? From your childhood or from your school?

Mehak: No he is not from my school, just some friend.

In the meantime Shaurya was getting another call, he told her he will call back and he hang up to attend the call. Mehak thought to tell him about it the next day as Shaurya will return to Delhi the next day.

The next day evening Shaurya came back to Delhi. Mehak was excited to tell about her meeting with KK.  Once they came into their room, Shaurya was resting on Mehak’s lap as she comb his hair with her fingers. Mehak wants to tell about her meeting tomorrow.

Mehak : Shaurya, are you busy tomorrow, can you come with me to a place?

Shaurya: I am not sure Mehak, about tomorrow I was away so now since I am back I need to follow up on some matters here.

Mehak: Ok, I thought you will be free so you can come along with me to meet my friend.

Shaurya: Its okay you go ahead to meet your friend maybe you can bring Sonal with you.

Mehak: Ohhh, its okay I will manage then.

Shaurya: Okay lets go to bed, I am tired didnt sleep enough last night.

Shaurya adjusted himself to the pillow and Mehak moved to her pillow. Shaurya facing the other end silently typed a message as KK to MS.

KK : My friend you havent tell me the venue to meet me tomorrow?

Mehak notice there was incoming message and she took her mobile to see its from KK. She quickly typed a message.

MS: Oops I forgot, have you heard about Spice Valley in Delhi. Its one of the cool place here.

Shaurya almost choked when seeing Mehak’s reply whereby she is suggesting his own restaurant. He covered his mouth as he typed another message.

KK: I heard its not good actually quite expensive and fancy restaurant but the service is bad, are you sure you want meet there?

Mehak rolled her eyes looking at his message and she wanted to bash him up for saying something not right about Shaurya’s restaurant. She controlled herself and quickly typed another message.

MS : I dont think so its true, its been selected as best dining place in Delhi by few times and I am sure you will like it. See you tomorrow.

After replying that she put her mobile away and moved closer to Shaurya who is acting as if sleeping. She rested on his side and slept.

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