Part 52 30th Sept 2019

 Shaurya’s POV

 I was up early today and went to have my breakfast and headed to my office room to focus on my work. I checked with my manager on today’s agenda and he advise me what is in line for me today. Seems like not a busy day but the flight postpone still on as many passengers stranded in the airport and I don’t want to be one of them. I looked at the time and it’s almost 9am, I wonder why Mehak haven’t call me till now. Is she still upset with me? I decided to call her, it was ringing and she didn’t pick up. I called twice and it was same. So I decided to call Sonal to check and Sonal answered immediately.


Sonal: Hello Shaurya morning.


Shaurya: Hi Sonal morning, where is Mehak?


Sonal: Shaur…ya… please don’t be mad, she is still sleeping. Since no one at home I thought of letting her to sleep longer.


Shaurya: What you mean by no one at home, where’s maa and maasi?


Sonal: They went to Noida for a temple to attend pooja and maa wants to spend time with her friends there. She even invited Mehak to follow her but since you asked her to stay at home so she didn’t go.


Shaurya: Okay I will be there tomorrow, see you then.


Sonal: Shaurya, if you don’t mind can I and Vicky bring Mehak for outing. I promise you, we will we go safely and come back safely. You don’t need to worry about anything.


After pause for sometimes, he agreed and he asked them to inform him where they going, and Sonal are excitedly said she will and they will take care of Mehak and not worry.


I hummed silently as I joined my fingertips as my mind thinking deeply on the issue which need my attention. I quickly grabbed my mobile and dialed my team who is at the dungeon. They told me that bxsxard is still unconscious as after the yesterday meal he was screaming for quite sometimes so they injected him tranquilizer. He will be awake in 1hr. I sorted some discussion in between them and my men from dungeon messaged me that he is awaken now. Once my discussion over I headed to the dungeon walking pass my hotel nodding and greeting as my staffs greeted me. As I entered the dark stuffy dungeon, the echo of footsteps was audible and I reached the cell as one of my man open it for me. I went to sit facing the bastard. He is awake now, he can see me sitting there.


Shaurya: So Kunal, how is my men taking care of you here? Do let me know if anything not right I can sort with them now.


Kunal just smirked at me. Though he is been tied at the chair but he seems to be confident. He never knew about my capabilities.


Kunal: So how’s Pikachu, does she know that you are here meeting me or is she here too?


Shaurya: (walks toward him as he press he held his jaws tightly looking at him ferociously) that’s none of your business and after this stop calling my wife with all these funny names okay? Or else you will never know what I will be doing out of anger.


Kunal: (Letting out cough) that means you didn’t inform your wife, that you are coming to see me. So tell me what are you planning to do with me?


Shaurya: Well I don’t intend to kill you neither send you to jail, I thought of keeping you safely here, you won’t be seeing sunlight in your life again, only one meal per day and whenever my men are agree they can show their anger on you. You will be alive for each and every day to witness how happily Mehak and I spend our upcoming days building our memories, our family and happiness.


Kunal: (with a frowned expression) you can’t do this Shaurya. At least hand me over to police and let the law to punish me. How long do you think you can lock me up like this?


Shaurya: Law is too lenient to you. For every nightmares she went through  for every meals she skipped, for every time she tried to hurt herself, for every tears dropped from her eyes, I still think this punishment is too little for you. How long you are asking? The entire life time of yours. You will be grounded here, and you won’t be seeing sunrise for the rest of your life. (With an evil smirk)


Kunal: Shaurya , please don’t do this to me, I have career and I am still young, anyway I didn’t do anything to her, at least just let me surrender to the police, but not this please. I swear that I will not bother your wife anymore, please reconsider your decision, my life will be ruined.


Shaurya: Well you should thought about before trying to ruin my girl’s life. Though she is safe and sound now but for everything she suffered few months back is still fresh in my mind. The way how she was on the hospital bed with all these wires and machines running around her. You strangulated her which almost broke her vocal cord. So now every morning, my men will be feeding you well, then whenever they are angry they will release their anger on you, and this will continue every day. You will be begging for death which is not be easily gonna happen soon. Enjoy your hospitality at my cost. I need to talk to my wife, I didn’t hear her sweet voice since morning.


Shaurya walked out from the dungeon, as Kunal screaming calling him asking to come back. Shaurya signed at his men to gauge his mouth so no one can hear him. He told his most trustable men that this must be confidential and no one should know about the dungeon and the person inside including his brother Vicky. He will see him via the CCTV and any instruction only Shaurya himself will provide. If needed he will advise him to change the location. He nodded and assured to Shaurya that he will handle everything as per his instruction. As he walked pass the corridor of his hotel, he look at his mobile as to see if there is any call from Mehak. He is so used to with her whereby she will call and ask about his whereabouts and sometimes she will pack hot homemade lunch and send it to his office. Now is almost going to be lunch and she didn’t call him even once? He dialed her number and it was ringing and no answer. He smiled as he knows how stubborn his wife could be. Surely she is mad at him. He knows exactly how to calm her. His one look with love is enough to melt her and she will surrender to him. He shoved his mobile inside the pocket as he gets himself busy with his work. He got a long day with meetings and agendas line up for him.


Meanwhile at Delhi


Sonal: Arey Mehak yaar, please get up, just because your mother in law is not around you are sleeping like sleeping beauty. Come it’s already late. (Shaking her violently)


Mehak: (scrunching her nose as she wakes up grumpily stretching herself yawning as she throw Sonal a questionable look) Yaar Sonal, why are you waking me so early, you know my in-laws are not in town let me enjoy the beautiful sleep. It’s still early right?

Sonal 🙁 Slapping her forehead) baby it’s not early morning, it’s almost 11am. You have been sleeping like log… Shaurya already called few times.


Mehak hearing the time she nearly slipped off from the bed but she manage to balance herself, she look at her mobile and saw the amount of miscalls from Shaurya, she slide to unlock her mobile and want to call him but a naughty thought came in her, why I should call him? Let him call me or better still come back today or else. I am not going to talk to him. If I call he will definitely talk something naughty. Let him be, today let’s see what I am going to do with him. She throw her mobile on the bed and rush to the bathroom. After breakfast, Sonal and Vicky suggested to go for movie and the new fun fair in town. The trio went out to enjoy themselves. The entire day went well for all of them.


Next day Shaurya only managed to get a noon flight which will reach Delhi around 3pm, he immediately left from there after giving sufficient instruction to his men. He watched the CCTV via his mobile, how Kunal screaming calling his name as he begging him to let him go and not do this. Shaurya smirked wickedly as he sign off the CCTV as he head to the airport.


Though Mehak didn’t talk to Shaurya the entire day yesterday, she misses him terribly. Few times she wants to call him but something bothers her. She was holding on the mobile tightly as she look at the sky at night from the balcony. Sonal came to company her. She knows Mehak is upset but she also knows Mehak is stubborn as a child as she refuse to call Shaurya, on the other hand Shaurya also being mean as he wants her to taste her own medicine. He just message to Vicky and Sonal to check on her. They send her video discreetly to him, He enjoyed watching how she screams happily whenever she played in the rides and games in the fun fair. Sonal and Vicky left for work. She sat at the patio as she played with Naughty.


Mehak: My cutie pie Naughty, you see this Shaurya, does not love me at all. When come back to Delhi, his business, hotels and restaurants are important. I am not even in the list.


Naughty barked as if he understands her.


Mehak: People were right, men will only be interested for two things, money and food. Love, wife etc. is when they need something they will roam behind us or else all gone in the wind. You see yesterday whole day he didn’t call me, Khadoos kahinka. Today he supposed to come back yet he didn’t call me, whtr his flight in the afternoon or evening. Or is he even coming back today or he decided to stay there for good? Now maa and maasi also not coming today as they want to visit another temple too. At least I should have gone with them, visit temples and gain some deeds for my after life, now I am here sitting and talking to you. Naa eat this biscuits. Let’s go and water the plants.


Saying that she headed to the garden, it was not so hot but just nice weather. Mehak took the water hose and started to shower the plants. Naughty was jumping near her leg as he enjoy his treats. Shaurya reached home and he took off his coat and walked around the home looking for Mehak. He saw Awara and asked where Mehak is and he said she is at garden with Naughty. He pass his coat to him and unbuckled his cufflink as he roll up his sleeves. He ask Awara to prepare some food and leave it on the table and ask him to take off for the evening as he will manage, Awara thanked him as he took leave from there. Shaurya opened the glass door leads to the garden and Naughty came to him barking wiggling his tail, Shaurya carried him and patted him as he asked how he is doing and where is Mehak? Naughty barked at him excitingly. Shaurya shushed him as he saw Mehak watering the plants, He put Naughty on the ground and went to the tap to turn off the tap. He came back and hide himself to see her reaction. Mehak wonders how come suddenly no water, she looked inside the hose curiously and looks around to see if there is anyone. She didn’t see anyone around and walked to turn on the tap. She also notice that Naughty was not there, so she started to call him. There were no reply coming and she started to call Awara and she didn’t know he is not in too. Before she calls for the security a huge arm came around here from behind enveloping her as he scoop her up off the ground. He twirl her around as he place wet kiss on her chubby cheek. She let out a scream asking him to put her on the ground. After few rounds he put her on the ground turning her to face him. He rested both his arms over her shoulders looking at her with love and care.


Shaurya: Hey baby, did I scare you? Are you happy I am home now?


Mehak: You scared me Shaurya, when are you going to learn to behave straightforward, every time you always do something like this. Move away I am still upset with you. You are sleeping with Naughty outside. (Pushing him away and walking from him)


He runs behind her and pull her by her forearm, she collided on his hard rock chest. His both hands went to her waist as he tightened his grip there, her eyes enlarged like a saucer as her mouth made an O shape. Both looked into each other’s eyes. His index finger draws pattern on her waist as he pasted her body against his tightly. His hot breath fanning on her lips


Shaurya: You look very s*xy when you are angry also in this saree you are making me insane. Tell me, why did you wear this saree? You want me to see you right? (In husky tone)


Mehak turned her gaze away from him as she chew her lips. How she could tell him that she was missing his calls, his naughty talks, his touch, his scent and everything about himself. She looked at him through her eyelashes and he was looking at her as if going to eat her up. She quickly pushed him away as she brushes off him. She started to walk inside home leaving him behind.


Mehak: Why I should wear these saree for you? You were too busy with your work right? Go and continue your work. You promised me two days but came after 3 days. Now don’t do anymore drama, go and freshen up, I will prepare your dinner now. (In a plain tone)


Shaurya knows what is she up to, but he is not letting her go anywhere, he pulled her back as he wrapped her against him. Mehak tried to wriggle from his hold but he was too strong for her.

Shaurya: You don’t need to worry about the food have asked Awara to prepare and leave it on the table.


Mehak: Shaurya, let me go, maa or maasi will see.


Shaurya: (resting his chin on her shoulder letting out a chuckle) Liar I know they are not home, and only will be here the day after.


Mehak: Awara bhaiya will see us.


Shaurya: Don’t worry, I have given him and the other helpers off for the evening and they will be only back tomorrow, now stop giving me excuses my darling. I came back after three days and you are not being nice to me.


Before Mehak could protest, he throw her on his shoulder like Santa’s gift sack and started to climb the stairs to his room. Mehak was screaming asking him to put on the floor she will walk, or someone will see them, but Shaurya didn’t listen to her. He came inside their room, kick to close the door with the back of his foot and locking it up as he put Mehak on their bed. She gulped her saliva looking at him. She prayed hard so she her cheeks don’t turn red. She put her feet down off the bed to get up. She hit on his chest as he was taken off his shirt.


Mehak: You go shower first. (Pushing him into bathroom)


But Shaurya gets a better idea, he went inside the bathroom and before closing the door, he pulled Mehak as well inside. She started to scream asking him to let go off her. It was too late as he dragged her to the shower cubicle pushing her to the wall keeping her securely as he pressed both his palms against the wall. He inhales a deep breath as he looked at her.


Shaurya: Just because I didn’t came on time, you didn’t call me even once, no message didn’t even pick up my calls, I planned to punish you in my own way.


Mehak’s breathe hitched hearing his tone which dripped with love. She can’t runaway anywhere as she is in between his arms. He almost crushed her. Her hand accidentally touched the tap and the shower turned on drenching them. Mehak lift her eyes to look at Shaurya who is looking at her as she is a delicious meal. Shaurya’s hand trailed along her arms. He gently took her arms and rested on his chest as his hands went to tuck the strand of hair which falling to her face. With his index finger he lifted her face by her chin to meet his eyes. He bend his head to her right cheeks and planted his lips there. It was gentle kiss but his lips stayed there for sometimes. Mehak gripped on his shoulder blade. Shaurya hold her waist tightly. He left there and looked into her.


Shaurya: This is for making me crazy about you. I can’t concentrate for the past two days as all your naughty thoughts were surrounding me all the time. Not even a single seconds I was thinking about other matter.


Mehak’s lips just trembled hearing him. He leaned to plant another kiss on her left cheek in the same manner.


Shaurya: This is for not calling me or messaging me for the past 24hrs. Do you know how upset I was as I didn’t hear your voice the whole day? I have to ask Vicky and Sonal to do stay quiet as I see you via video call to see you, hear you laughing happily. That’s when I actually slept peacefully.


This time Mehak’s eyes bulged out. No wonder Sonal and Vicky was smiling like lunatic the entire time. She asked them what happened but they kept laughing and said nothing. Deep in her heart she curse them as she was doing all funny faces and naughty stuff, don’t know what else Shaurya seen. She didn’t realize when her saree was removed from her body. She is just standing in front of him in her blouse and skirt. She couldn’t even get the time to resist and everything happened so fast. Her blouse has a deep cut on the neck which reveals the meaty part of her bosom. In a blink of eyes Shaurya slammed his lips on hers and started to kiss her fervently as slowly gaining passion.  This time she responded passionately, returning his kiss eagerly. His body almost crushed hers as his hand wander all over her body. Caressing and feeling all her curves. His hand grabbed her butt cheeks as he squeezed them which made her to gasp. She can feel his harden member pressing against her navel. She felt this night going to be a long and difficult one for her. Shaurya turn off the tap and wipe her hair off. She pushed him off as she went out of the bathroom leaving him alone with her blushing face. In their room, she face palmed and wonders how she could even do that, she removed her wet clothes remaining on her body and tie her towel around her and waited for him to come out. When the bathroom door opened Mehak’s gaze went to the floor as she detangle her hair. She can feel his sharp gaze on her. He came behind her with a wicked smile which made her to tremble. He wrapped his arm around her bare shoulder inhaled deeply as his stubbles cause’s tingles in her core. He started planting open mouth kisses against her neck with his warm lips. Mehak…. he whispered her name as he chew her earlobe she felt like the ground is slippery hearing his soft s*xy tone. Mehak relaxed on his chest as her eyes closed in the pure bliss. His hands travel down from her shoulder to her taunted peaks. He squeezed them as she let out a soft moans. Later the towel was thrown away from her. The shy and demure Mehak quickly turned to hide herself in his chest. He slowly moved her to the bed as both fell together as Mehak let out a giggle. Shaurya kissed her forehead, her eyes and both their nose collided. Mehak stayed silent as she let him to take the lead. She is always shy on this area and as a diligent student she follows Shaurya. Her breath labored when he bite her lower lip and pulled them away. He kissed her chin and massaged her nape gently as he looked at her. His lips went to her neck and slowly to assault her taunted nip*le. He sucked them hungrily as his teeth bite them, which made her to let out moan. His hands knead them as his lips does its job sucking her as he pleasuring her. A loud thunder roared and it’s started to rain heavily. Mehak’s fingers was buried in his thick mane. She continued to arch her back and dug her heel as she shivered in pure bliss. Before going down, he stopped at her navel and leave his mark there which made her to scream his name. He parted her legs and leave another mark on her thigh. He entered her swiftly and started to move vigorously. Hold me tight my love he said as he pant heavily. Mehak pulled him for a kiss yielding to the intensity of his firm movement.


Shaurya: I am not going to be gentle this time Mehak. I missed you so much. (In husky tone)


Mehak shuddered as he not being gentle like he used to be. His hands roaming over her curves as he sucked her nip*les. She screamed in utter pleasure and he groaned hearing her screaming his name. After the long exhausting love making he unloaded himself off from her. He fell on the crook of her neck and he wrapped her in him and rolled to bring her on top of him. She lay on him. Shaurya pressed few warm kiss on her head simultaneously. Mehak made herself comfortable resting on his chest, closed her eyes to normalize her breathing. She planted a kiss on his chest. She lifted her head to look at him and his eyes was closed but his hands was slowly caressing her back. He opens his eyes to see her. Mehak quickly hides her face on his chest.


Shaurya: We have been doing this for the past few months and you are still shy about it.


Mehak giggled again and her fingers started to trace the name tattoo on his chest. They stayed silent like that as he caressed her hair and she played on his chest. The only noise was there was the pitter patter of the raindrops and their own breathing sound. After the long silence Shaurya started.


Shaurya: Mehak, if I did some things and I didn’t want to tell you about it because it will hurt you or I don’t want to see you upset. How will you react?


Mehak quickly lift her head to meet his eyes. She pulled his jaws to face her and study his face for a while.


Mehak: I know my Shaurya will never do anything to hurt me. If at all he did something or conceal something from me, it’s because you want for my own good and nothing else there. So I trust you, do anything you want but make sure is not something wrong okay? My thaadi wala rakshash (my bearded devil). (Kissing his chin)

Shaurya delighted hearing her reply he took her knuckles to his lips and planted kisses there.


Shaurya: In that case let us continue with another round as I still miss you.


He hovered over Mehak and captured her lips again and started all over again.


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