Part 51 17/09/2019


Shaurya’s POV

I finished my meetings and discussion with my team. Since the opening of the hotel, we are getting a good number of guests weekly and so far not so much for big parties as we are still new in the town. But my team are really working hard to get new business deals and I can see the team how they promote this hotel to many corporates and also to event organizers. My gaze fell on the photo frame of Mehak and me. How I wrapped her in my arms as she was laughing happily stuck with me during Ruben and Diya’s wedding moment. We were truly happy and blessed as we accepted each other and I love her with all my heart till eternity and only she my heart desired and crave at all times. This may sounds like cliché, but I can’t think of my days without her as I am badly need her at all times. This trip, even just for two days but for me is very hard to stay away from her. Just as I get my mobile to call her, my manager came in to inform me that, it’s already almost 8pm and I haven’t had my dinner. I just realized its 8pm, I even skipped lunch and now didn’t realize the time. I get up from my seat as I asked him to send the food to my suite as I want to freshen up. He nodded and left from there. As I walked down the corridors, I noticed it was quite windy and I get into the lift headed to my suite. I checked the weather notification on my mobile, Jaipur is on Sandstorm and that’s why windy. Quickly another message came in saying that my flight to Delhi also postponed due to the sand storm, I sigh at that message as how am I going to convince Mehak that I need to stay here another day due to the sand storm. I walked into my suite as the bell boy opened the door for me. My food is already on the dining table, covered in the silver dome cover. Once I lock the door, I hung my coat on the coat hanger and went to washroom to wash my hands and I hissed in pain as my knuckle is bruised due to punches I given to that scoundrel. Just then my mobile rings and I quickly wiped my hands and came off to answer them. I smiled widely as I saw it’s from Mehak. I slide to answer as I seated on the bed corner.


Mehak: Hello Mr Khanna, what are you doing?


Shaurya: Hi Mrs Khanna I just got into my room, going to fresh up and have dinner, what are you doing? Missing me??


Mehak: Nope I am not missing you. But Naughty is missing you (holding Naughty in her hand she let him bark at the mobile)


Shaurya:(letting out a silent laughter) Ohh my cutie wife not missing me but her puppy is, that means she is missing me terribly, tell me what you miss about me, my presence or my naughtiness or me inside you?


Mehak: (letting out a loud gasp as her blood rushed over to her face, she didn’t utter anything for few seconds till Naughty let out bark. She looked at Naughty and the mobile in her hand which was still near her cheek) She adjusted her tone. Shaurya you are nonsense, why are you saying all these things? I am hanging up and not going to talk to you at all. Besharam kahinka.


Shaurya: (Letting out a mischievous laughter) okay my love don’t hang up, now listen to me, my flight has been postponed as the weather here is quite bad so I can’t make it tomorrow but the following day but in case the weather gets better by evening, I will take any available flight and come home straight to you okay baby?


Mehak: What another one more day? Shaurya you said only two days and now is going to be three days. You know right I miss you so much and I cannot do anything without you here, still you are doing this to me, I am not talking to you, I will not answer your calls, you better come home to console me, or else you will be sleeping outside with Naughty.


Before I could say anything, Mehak hangs up leaving me on the other end laughing alone at her churlishness know her, she is missing me terribly but this weather is not doing me a favor. I put the mobile on the bed and head to bathroom to freshen up. The suite is huge, ornately decorated with antique furnishing just to fit for the royalty. I came out after freshen up in my sweat shirt and track pants, I took my food and sat on the couch. I called Mehak and she really seems to be upset and not answering my call. As I feed a scoop of the chicken tikka with the bread into my mouth, I waited for her to call me, but she totally not calling me. I know she is my wild cat her anger is always only last for short while and after that she will be fine, I finished my food quickly and I saw the notifications keep coming in from my inbox, work is calling me, I need to settle them by today. So I put the plate away and took my MacBook and attended to my emails.


Mehak’s POV

I feel like an idiot why did I called him? The way he asked me which of him made me missing him more, and the last option he said made my jaw dropped open, he has totally became crazy and started to talk all these naughty stuffs openly. I checked my cheeks and they are warm as usual after hearing his suggestive tone, turning red like tomato. But now I am disappointed as he won’t be coming tomorrow afternoon but a day after. I fumed as I scolded him as I hang up the call and throw my mobile on the couch carelessly. Just then Sonal and Vicky came there. We had dinner earlier and Sonal was talking to Mohit on the phone and Vicky was busy with something. When they see me being upset, they sat down and asked what happened.


Sonal: What happened Mehak, I thought you will be happy after talking to Shaurya, but now you look totally mood off.


I just turn my face away from her as I am still upset.


Vicky: Bhabhi please tell us, what happened. Sonal maybe these two fought is it?


Mehak: Gunda kahinke, badtameez bhel, liar, cheater (she was screaming all in anger as some tears came off from her eyes)


Sonal: Who are you scolding, please tell us we are getting scare now. If Shaurya knows you are upset he won’t spare both of us.


Mehak: Don’t utter his name to me, I hate him. (Saying this as she hugged the cushion pillow)


Sonal: Now what happened Mehak, who made you angry like this? How we will know what happened if you are not telling us.


I took a deep breath as I told them that Shaurya’s flight has been postponed due to bad weather so he will be only arriving a day after. After I told them I saw Sonal and Vicky who were looking at me as if they caught me stealing a candy. I raised my eyebrows in confused manner as looking at them. These two break into laughter’s and started to laugh like maniac. I throw the cushion pillow at Vicky and another one at Sonal. They were still laughing and unknowingly it made me to laugh and hide my face in my palm as embarrassed at my own action.


Sonal: Wow Mehak meri jaan you became possessive lover that’s why you are reacting like this, when love has doubled this is normal. (She side hugged me to calm me)


Later these two convinced me is best Shaurya postponed the flight as travelling in bad weather is not good idea and they will accompany me and keep me busy I was fine after that. Sonal asked me to sit on the floor as she bring in warmed oil in a bowl. She started to massage my head. It’s been ages since I had good oil massage. Usually Mansi chachi does for me every week. Sonal started to work on my head as I closed my eyes and relaxed. She was talking about our usual bantering during school times and the time we likes to roam around aimlessly in the street, when guys want to tackle Sonal. I was not attractive back then as I was considered fat and looked old fashioned as I only wear traditional wears since young. But during young whenever Sonal goes for dating I was like third wheel there, who always sat at the nearby table and watch them talking. No one has ever asked her for a date till she met Shaurya. Vicky gets a call and he moved away from them to answer it.


Vicky: hello bhaiya, how are you?


Shaurya: I am good Vicky, where is Mehak? Is she okay?


Vicky: Bhaiya earlier bhabhi was upset as you informed her your flight delayed but after Sonal and I explained she is fine now. Now they are at living area, just chit chatting.


Shaurya: Okay good, let me do a video call, you just show me what is she doing quietly okay?


Vicky: Sure bhaiya.


Later Shaurya did a video call and Vicky showed what is happening at the Khanna Mansion. He saw how cutely she was pouting as Sonal massaged her head. They were chit chatting cutely as they throwing the cushion pillow on other. Mehak closed her eyes as Sonal massaged her head as she enjoys it. He hang up the call and ask Vicky to take care of everything there and he will come once finished his work.


Shaurya turn off the lights and went to sleep as he was drained out. He didn’t sleep yesterday as he was thinking about his trip and after working the entire day without a break he fell asleep immediately. Back in their room, Mehak and Sonal continuing their bantering session and Mehak fell asleep as she hugged Shaurya’s pillow.


During midnight Shaurya suddenly gets up after a nightmare, he was sweating profusely. He dreamt as if Mehak trapped in the penthouse as she started to run there calling for him to rescue. It was hard to describe nightmare as she went through that, he understand what all she suffered on that night. He calmed himself as he chugged a glass of water. He ran his hand on his thick mane as he shut his eyes to calm his mind and body. He took his mobile to check the time and it was 2am. He thought whtr to call Mehak or not and called Sonal instead. She groggily wakes up as she rubbed her eyes. She saw Shaurya’s name and moved from the bed as she goes out to answer the call as Mehak is sleeping soundly.


Sonal: hello Shaurya, is everything alright? You are calling me at 2am


Shaurya: hey Sonal, sorry to disturb you, is Mehak okay? Is she sleeping well? Did she wake up due to nightmares? You are with her right?


Sonal: Shaurya don’t worry, she is sleeping soundly, earlier she was telling she can’t sleep but she is sleeping after hugging your pillow. She didn’t wake up and don’t worry I am with her.


Shaurya: ok thank you Sonal, just take care of her okay, anything please call me. Sorry to disturb you.


Sonal: It’s okay no worries. We will take care of her, don’t worry.


They hang up the call and Shaurya sigh in relieve. He started to think how to punish the filthy animal who is in the dungeon now and after almost one hour he decided how to punish him.


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