Part 50 10/09/2019

Mehak’s POV

I woke up late than my usual time. The usual warmth I always feel on my bed is gone. I cringe when I sensed the absence of the warmth which I always crave for. Slowly getting up rubbing my eyes off, adjusting the strap of my nightie, I pull myself out of the duvet as I put my feet down I saw a note on the bedside table, groggily yawning I took that note out and read them.

Good morning my love, you were sleeping soundly so I didn’t wake you up. I have left to airport early morning and once landed will call you. Till then be a good wife, fresh up and eat breakfast and enjoy your day at home. Lots of love, only yours, Khadoos Kumar.

Grinning like a teenager got her love letter, I kiss on the note and put them away heading to the bathroom to freshen up. I wore a simple saree and looked at my phone. The screensaver is our picture taken at Amsterdam during on one of our outing. How he embraced me from behind as he said something dirty in my ears which made me blush in red. I tried run away from him but he kept me in him letting out a boisterous laughter. His laughter unknowingly made me to let out laughter and someone who happens to be there took our picture and show us. We immediately fell in love with his shot and he forwarded this to us. I press a kiss on Shaurya’s image and quickly went downstairs. Awara already set the table and I went to get maa and maasi to dining area for our breakfast.

Maa: Mehak beta, what time Shaurya left? Did he called?

Mehak: He went quite early maa, he haven’t call yet. He told me he will call and asked me not to call. That’s why I haven’t call him yet.

Maasi: Bahu, he said like that and you didn’t bother to call him.

Vicky: Maasi, bhaiya even told me the same thing. He said he is meeting with a huge prospect and he has been waiting for this meeting for sometimes. So let’s hope that his meeting went well. He will call us later once he settle down. Anyway is just two days, there are days bhaiya was away for months, and we didn’t bothered him why now, chill and relax.

Maa: Dolly don’t worry too much, Shaurya will call. By the way you said you want to go to temple at Noida right, shall we go today? Mehak, do you want to come along with us? We will go right after lunch. I have a friend there, we can meet catch up with her. The next morning we can go to the temple for the morning pooja and return.

Before I open my mouth to reply, I heard Sonal’s voice who came in greeting all of us.

Sonal: Namaste aunty and maasi, how are you all?

Maa: Namaste beta, come join us for breakfast, Awara please bring plate.

Sonal settle down next to Mehak.

Maa: So beta Mehak you haven’t told me, do you want to follow us?

Sonal: Follow where aunty?

Maa: Dolly and me planning to go to Noida to visit the temple, at this time there will be special pooja, therefore I asked Mehak to follow us.

Mehak: Maa I want to go too, but Shaurya told me not to leave the house and I want to go to my house also he didn’t allow, he asked me wait till he comes back so he will follow us. That’s why Sonal is here to accompany me. Maybe this time you and maasi go first, the next time I will follow you.

Maa: Okay beta, you rest first at home, Dolly and me will go first. Sonal beta take care of Mehak we will be back soon.

After lunch maa and maasi left. Vicky left to work too. Sonal was busy attending to some calls from restaurant. She decided to work from home as I am alone at home. I was in kitchen cooking something when my mobile starts to ring. I quickly went to pick it up with a wide smile as it’s from Shaurya.

Shaurya: Hello my love, do you miss me?

Mehak: Mr Husband, I am not talking to you, you called me so late. Also you asked me not to call you as you will be busy. You know I miss you so much but yet you do like this to me.

Shaurya: I miss you too my love, I was quite busy earlier once reached here and didn’t get time to call you. So now I am free and immediately call you.

Mehak: Achaaa, to call your only wife you don’t have time, then let it be. I also don’t have time to talk you.

Shaurya: Mehak I don’t mean in that way, when I reached here, I quickly headed to the meeting and it took a while for our discussion. Now don’t get upset with me and give me your usual smile. Your smile have the dose of drug for me to stay awake and smile all day long.

Mehak: Okay (smiling as she blush heavily) I love you, come back fast and hug me tightly.

Shaurya: Relax baby, I just went today morning and you are saying all these, let me finish all my work and come back and I will not let you sleep. (In husky tone)

Mehak: Shaurya, you are becoming naughty these days, now quickly go attend your meeting, besharam kahinka.

Shaurya: Okay I got to go baby. You take care and I miss you sweetheart.

Mehak: Hmm, Shaurya……is there anyone around you?

Shaurya: No one baby why?

I looked right and left at the kitchen to make sure no one is there.

Mehak: Put the phone near your cheek.

Shaurya: It is near my cheek Mehak. What is it now?

I inhales a deep breath and looks around and planted a loud kiss on the phone letting out a chortle.

Shaurya: Wow babe you became naughty, that was a hot kiss indeed.

I didn’t realize when Sonal came to kitchen.

Sonal: Hello, Mehak meri jaan, what a kiss, so loud till the guard at the gate also heard them it seems.

I am flustered at my own action and I can hear Shaurya’s laughter through the phone. Sonal grab the phone from me and started to run from me. I screamed at Sonal to give back the phone. But pleas fell into deaf ears. I just yelled Shaurya to hang up the call and we will talk later heard his laughter as he said loudly, okay baby talk to you later. I started to run behind Sonal as she continue to tease me.

Shaurya’s POV

I have reached my destination and gets into the car and on my way. I closed my eyes to relax a bit as I didn’t sleep at all last night. My mind was taken aback to when I received the call from Mr Shukla that his team has caught the hoodie guy. It seems they found that guy roaming around my house watching from outside. I asked him to bring him here and I want to see him myself. I want to know who this guy, who made me sleepless is. I reached my office and as usual I rushed to attend my morning meeting via teleconference. Once meeting over, I sent my people away from the room and called Mehak. She must be waiting for my call now. I quickly called her to check on her. She give me a loud kiss which made my heart flutter in happiness. When Sonal started to tease her I can feel how she would have turned red and giggle out.

Now my mind drifted to the hoodie guy, I quickly get up from my seat and followed my bodyguards checking the venue and how it is as my staffs greets me. We walked pass the kitchen and reached the store area. One of my man open the door and we walked down the secret stairs which leads to a dungeon. There is no much lights there except for some dim lights there,our footsteps echo down the dim lighted pathway. After walking for sometimes, my men let me walked inside and the others waited outside. I walked in and saw a man was tied up on the wall, as his face was covered with a black cloth. I signed them to remove the hand tie and bring him to the chair in front of me as I took place in the opposite chair. They did as I said. They removed the cloth from the face and I was shocked. Shock is an understatement. I was puzzled, bizarre and lost for word to see the hoodie guy.

Shaurya: How long he has been unconscious? When he will be up?

Man 1: He should be up by now sir, we jab him with the tranquilizer as he keep screaming and trying to escape.

I looked at my watch. It’s been almost 15 minutes and there is no sign of him getting up but my anger is ticking up.

Shaurya: Throw water on him and wake him up now. I can’t wait any longer.

They get two buckets of water and throw on him as the guy shivered as he reluctantly opens his eyes as he inhales deep breath. His cheek turned blue black probably my men have done that deed to him. I waited until he is fully upto see me. The moment his eyes fixed against me, he gasped, it was soft but it was audible to me. He was surprised and equally shocked to see me.

Shaurya: Well you are finally awake? How did my men take care of you here? Did you enjoyed their hospitality?

Hoodie man is none other than Kunal. The same guy Mehak met at Manali.

Kunal: Mr Khanna, why did you bring me here, you must be mistaken me for someone. (Stuttering)

Shaurya: Oh really, then care to explain why were you outside my home watching my home past two days?

Kunal: I came to Delhi for some work and……. (Not able to complete his sentence)

Shaurya: Then follow my wife wherever she goes and watch her from outside? Is that why you were here? (In mocking tone)

Putting some files and pictures in front of him as I looked deep into him, for his reaction.

Shaurya: Looking into all these photos and all these reports my men gathered, it seems you were not going to office on time, submitting assignments etc. Your last assignment was Jaipur and Rajasthan. You first went to Rajasthan on 12th June that was after you met Mehak at Delhi than you came to Jaipur on 20th June. You informed to your superior that you were sick so left Rajasthan earlier than your schedule. You were at Jaipur on 20th June evening had dinner at the same restaurant near the Ghat whereby I was with Mehak and after that you followed us upto our hotel. From there every day you were literally behind us. Every place we went you use that chance to take pictures for your assignments as the dates in the photograph match with the dates I was there. Now dont tell me it was coincidence as I dont think this is it. Care to explain?

Kunal looked at me first in confusion, later his expression changed as he furrowed his eyebrows at me. His eyes speaks a different language now. He let out a cunning laughter as he looked at me. This time my eyebrows furrowed at his action.

Kunal: Well Mr Khanna you have done all the ground work, so yeah you are correct, so what you want now? Yes I went to visit Rajasthan and started my work. I was fully focused on my work. But during one the trip I had high fever and I wrap up my work there and return to Jaipur. What surprised me was that in one the sweet shop I saw Mehak there, I walked towards her but when I saw you there, I stopped and only watched how she feed sweet to you and the smile which I never seen before on her face. She was glowing in that. From there every day wherever you guys going I was there, secretly taking picture of her and doing my job too. It was easy for me as I was doing my job in between. Even I get caught I have a good excuse that I was here for my work. But you two didn’t notice me at all. She always has a spark in her eyes and you were with her like a shadow protecting her, and you didn’t let her away from your sight. Even the moment she went to the boutique the moment how she cling to your arm, from there I always asked myself what I don’t have that she saw in you. She deserves to be with me. If you don’t come to Manali I would have convinced her to marry me and start up a happy life. I am orphan but I see my hope and dream to have family with Mehak. The moment I found from Anu that you took her by drugging her it shows that she was not coming on her own willing so you used your trick here. Mr Khanna Mehak doesn’t deserves a person likes you who abandoned her on the wedding aisle on her wedding day. You can’t give the love she deserves, only I can give everything and anything she wants. I didn’t like the smile she had when she is around with you, that’s why I want to teach her a lesson.

The moment he said he wants to teach her a lesson, Shaurya’s blood rushed to his brain hearing his word, he gritted his teeth but remain seated as he let Kunal to talk. He fisted his knuckles as he looked at him as his eyebrows furrowed.

Kunal: I wonder when she will be alone to talk to her, but never once she was alone. Even in your hotel opening you were with her all the time, but just then I got a chance. She was coming alone for the party at your partner’s event. My breath stop the way she came in that saree. That’s the time she awaken the beast in me. After seeing her like that I decided today I want to make her mine so I followed her till the lift and she didn’t notice me. The spark I saw in her eyes was very obvious. The way how you two danced it really made me mad. I realized the one things I didn’t have that you have is the wealth, fame and good looks that’s why Mehak didn’t accept me. It just made my anger heighten up to a different level. I saw she wants to talk to you but you were too busy so I took the chance to send a note and initial that with your name. The moment she saw the note, again she was all lit up, without thinking twice she left the party room came to the penthouse. Earlier I checked with the bartender, usually no one use the pent floor unless special booking so I thought of implementing my plan there. I want to teach her the lesson that you won’t accept her and she herself won’t accept her after that. In that dark penthouse I want to play with her first but she tried to run away from me, even when I came near her, she keep screaming and putting up a fight with me. I didn’t like it. I became uncontrollable when she started to scream calling your name Shaurya, Shaurya Shaurya. I didn’t like it, that’s when I start hurting her. I want her to call my name but no she kept calling for you. I didn’t like that. She became unconscious after struggling too long, unfortunately the guard came in between or else, (as he rubs his hand down on his face with a disgusting look) I would have tasted her and she will only smell of me on her for the rest of her life (letting out a beasty laughter)

I slowly get up from there as I approached him, he looked at me before he could think of anything I started to throw punches on his face, I don’t know how many punches I have given him but my men kept pulling me away. I only stopped when my own knuckles started to ache badly.

Man 1: Sir please stay calm down. Anything let us to handle. Please sit down.

I sat back on my seat as I watched that useless bxstxxrd drenched in blood. I am not sorry for his condition but how dare he misbehaved with my Mehak and he got the guts to tell me the reason and how he attacked her. Every day and night during that moment, how Mehak not herself, how much she cried every single minute, whenever seeing her condition like that my heart bleed, I wonder did I made a mistake by bringing her back from Manali? Her sleepless nights due to nightmares and how I sit with her at that time to calm her. How dare he even thought to touch my Mehak? He thought after doing all these I will hate Mehak or spare him to roam around freely. He doesn’t know who is the real Shaurya Khanna is. I instructed my men to throw water again on him and awake him. He stir up as he looked at me dizzily. I straighten up myself as I looked at him.

Shaurya: You filthy animal, I thought you were harmless but I did miscalculate studying you. Since my Mehak is innocent anyone who talks nicely she thinks they are nice. If she know you are a filthy dog who wears the sheep mask she herself will give you two tight slaps and walk away from you. If my Mehak decided to leave me and wants to start up a new life with you, I would have let her go on my will as I will blame myself for the fail of this relationship and she deserves only the best in her life. But you know what she has accepted the whole me as her life partner. I did good equally behaved bad but her heart only accepted me as her husband as her lover, as her soul mate and no one else. Nor she will accept you neither she will move on easily as our love is stronger than you thought. Not even God can stop us to be together. There was another two filthy animals tried to harm my Mehak, now both are serving jail. I used my power so they won’t get bail easily. My people in the jail knows how to handle these two. You didn’t know I am the most stubborn and mental one in here. Whatever I want in my life, I will definitely after them and will not rest till I get them.  One more thing my Mehak didn’t chose me because I am the most eligible bachelor of Delhi, or my wealth or my fame. For her all these doesn’t matter .What’s matters most to her is that my unconditional love.

Kunal: (wiping his lips blood with his thumb) so what you plan to do with me? Are you going to kill me or put me into jail?

Shaurya: Naa… nope I am not planning to kill you even thought that was my initial plan and putting you into jail was never been in my agenda but I will decide how to punish you. Anyway I should thank you for your help.

Kunal looked at me in confusion.

Shaurya: (Smirked evilly) Because of you, both of us went for our late honeymoon trip. She accepted me as her husband and we started our life and our life has been colorful since then. I have completely removed all traces of the miserable night from her and now every day and night is just us, hope you understand what I am trying to say.  Guys give him food and drinks today. He will know his punishment tomorrow. Let him enjoy this night.

I left from there after instructing my men, killing him means he suffer for short while only. If I put him into jail whatever happens to Mehak will come into media and the family will know about it. So I will decide now what to do with this filthy animal. Definitely I am not going to spare him. He will definitely going to suffer for the rest of his life for his sin, for hurting and causing grievance to her. Every drops of tears she shed will be repay with interest. I went back to my office room as I watched the CCTV in the dungeon. How he is sitting arrogantly after committing such a huge crime? My first slammed on the wooden table in anger, just then Mehak called me. I took a deep breath as I answered the call. Just what I needed to calm down my mood now, her sweet caring voice with the usual chirpiness soothes my inner turmoil. After talking to her I hang up and headed to my meeting.



  1. First of all….thanks for the long awaited ff!! Hope you had a great family wedding and get together!!! Coming to the ff I so knew it is none other than Kunal!!! I remembered when he visited to Delhi, he mentioned he is going to visit Jaipur. Since then I had this thing in my mind that it has to be him. Well it was a great suspense opening but to be honest I was expecting some dramatic event, may be like Shaurya purposely went out of town just to trap the person so he tries to harm Mehek in his absence and he can catch him red handed with some melodramatic situation rescuing Mehek from him. I feel something like this would have been more exciting. But great story connection dear..keep it up!!
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    1. Haseenah2020

      Hey PS thank you for the feedback dear. yes the wedding went well just little bit tired of lack of sleep as I cant sleep well in new places but all was okay as able to meet with cousins and their family. Well I totally dont know how to closure the molest case as everyone wants the perpetrator to be caught so I was thinking for few days I thought maybe Ajay is out of jail so he did that, or the business man during Shaurya’s opening did that or another new character. Then the idea of character slaughtering came in mind why keep this Kunal goody boy, lets make him the villain here. so here he is the convict.(bahahahhaha the bad me) Yeah I want to add the dramatic effect too but I was too busy with my events etc and as I promised that to give an update today so it was quite a rush for me. I dont want to put my Mehak into danger again…. I want my Shaurya to become smart and act swiftly. have a great day ahead.

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    1. Haseenah2020

      Thanks Raga for your kind words. Yes we will know what kind of punishment that Shaurya gonna gv Kunal in upcoming chapter. till then stay blessed always.

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      Hey Kavya thank you for the feedback dear, I am glad you like the chapter and thank you for your wonderful wishes. It was all due to my ardent readers like you who supported me and give me feedback which made this journey possible. Yes will definitely continue and stay blessed always.

  6. Hey hun glad you are back my mom sister(my maasi) passed away and my anniversary was yesterday the 10th there was nothing to celebrate anyways I read your ff and it was interesting.the blo*dy beast wanted to rape her Shaurya should have killed him on the spot. I am glad he punched him so bad that his hand hurt??you know sometimes I wonder why do men rape what do they get?? A couple minutes of feeling good they forget its a woman who brought them into this world some men are sick gawd you take care and have a blissful night ahead its now 7:15 pm I will go to bed around 8 – 8:30 pm.

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hey Jayashree how are you dear? How have you been? My condolences to you and your family. Congratulations on your 10th year Anniversary, stay blessed always you two.
      Yes rape or molesting a girl is a taboo but yet many chose that to show their anger and hatred. I hope people will realize the mistake and repent. Till then you stay blessed. lots of love to you and have a blessed day ahead.

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