Part 37 3rd June 2019


Few days passed, Dr Anju visited Mehak’s room few times try to divert her mind talking to her to see for further improvement. Compare to the last weeks Mehak do respond when someone talks to her. Dr Kaur also commented she has seen some improvement but she doesn’t talk much to Shaurya or Sonal. Dr Anju suggested that maybe some changes of atmosphere will help her to calm her mind and recover soon though it’s not guaranteed method but at least she will feel better than being stuck in the hospital room. Though Sonal suggested to return to Delhi and maybe if she come to Sharma Nivas she will feel better being with the rest of us, the atmosphere there will give her space so she can recover from the ordeal. But Shaurya doesn’t want to go back to Delhi as her behavior of abstain from everyone will trigger suspicious among them and they will keep questioning her which will make recovery for her even hard. Worst is when her family decided to keep Mehak away from him blaming him for the incident. He don’t mind to take the responsibilities but staying away from her is a big NO. The past months he soused to being around her, she have filled all his space with herself. Also he doubt that going back Delhi will bring the long lost smile on Mehak’s face back.

After having some thoughts Shaurya decided to bring Mehak out of India a place where she will be able to come out from the horrible event. He talk to her about going out of India for some short break she kept silent without responding to him. Sonal looked at him dumbfounded as she was not aware of his plan. He explained why this is necessary as it will bring some changes to her mind and she will feel better.She didn’t react much till Shaurya decided to give some time to her and wants to leave the room, when she uttered where are we going? Her question made Shaurya to turn to see her, her eyes was still on her lap, his lips sprouted a little smile and he looked at Sonal who looked at him in disbelief as his plan did not go in vain.


I asked Sonal to do some shopping for clothes for Mehak. As we are heading to somewhere quiet cold climate, proper winter clothes is needed. I called maa and informed that I am travelling with Mehak she was over the moon as Mehak is coming along with me and asked them to get my clothes, our passports from my room and arrange to send via the driver to Jaipur. Maa and maasi wanted to speak to Mehak but I don’t know whtr in this situation she will want to speak to any of them. I just lied to them saying she is in out with Sonal for shopping and I am busy at work. I do not whtr my plan will work or not but I sincerely hope Mehak will feel better. I remember what Dr Anju and Dr Kaur mention that she might not want to commit into physical intimate relationship or be normal like how she used to be. Though as a man I have my own needs at the moment I need to brush off those thoughts away my Mehak’s happiness is the top priority now.

I was in the hotel room which we both shared earlier. I arrange back all her belongings into the suitcase. My mind wanders around the room, I can visualize Mehak roaming happily in the room weeks back. How she usually listen to her favorite songs getting ready in the morning. The doorbell ringed and I went to open to see the driver from Khanna mansion with the suitcases, I let him to come inside he kept the suitcases in the living area and hand over me the envelope. I opened the envelope, it contained our passports. I opened to check them and once confirmed its correct I put in on the table and thanked the driver for sending to me in such short notice. He nodded his head and I asked him to eat something and rest a bit before leaving. He thanked and left from there. I close the door and made some phone calls to finalize some important matters.

Mehak’s POV


After the police officers interrogation fiasco, I felt a sense of relieve that I was not raped that night. But the horrible moment I went through that night is still fresh in my mind. I am scared to close my eyes to sleep scared that the man with the mask is somewhere nearby waiting for me. When Dr Anju and Dr Kaur tried talking tome past few days I know they trying to divert my mind but what has happened has already happened and now by talking to these two doctors it doesn’t going to change my mind thinking about whatever happened to me. How roughly I was treated that night and it’s still made my throat to dry and sweat. Last week Shaurya came in to talk to me about going somewhere else and I agreed to go with him. Sonal dressed me up in some modern wear I looked like college student. Since young I am used to wear only traditional wear and because we are travelling abroad Sonal insist me to wear this. I looked at myself in front of mirror, this jeggings with long sleeve top and a scarf. I turned when I heard the door open. Shaurya came in. I looked away as I tucked my hair behind my ears. He was silent for sometimes, he must be thinking, I look weird in this attire. Later I heard him saying come let’s go. I slowly step forward after picking up the jacket and walked out from the room. I get into the car and we headed to the airport. There was anxiety, excitement, pain, fear and unknown anger bubbling in me. I didn’t know when we reached airport as Shaurya opens the door for me and I get down from the car. Sonal and Vicky was there as well. Shaurya went to queue at the counter to check in our luggages, while I was with Sonal and Vicky. Vicky keep telling me bhabhi you go with bhaiya and take a good break and don’t think about anything he will handle everyone and everything here. That’s when I remembered I didn’t speak to maa, maasi and anyone for so long and now I am leaving them all for sometimes. I looked at Vicky and asked him, to call maa and he pass the mobile to me. My voice hitched hearing maa’s voice and maasi at the back. They keep saying many things but my voice dried, words died in me as tears runs down. I quickly wiped them away and slowly hmm to reply them. Maa asked what happen beta, it’s been few days you didn’t call us, did you had fun at Jaipur? Is Shaurya good to you or is he being him usual self? He is good maa I turned to see him busy at the counter. I quickly talk to them and hang up the call. Then Sonal passed me her mobile mouthing to me PD. I quickly took it and called PD swallowing my cries. PD wished me for a safe trip and enjoy myself and to keep in touch. I asked where others is. Others were away for some relatives wedding and only PD and Dadu is around. I hang-up the call and Shaurya came to us. I pass Sonal’s mobile to her. He said we need to check in now and I turned to look at Sonal and Vicky.Before leaving Sonal hugged Mehak and whispered to her to take care of herself and come back soon as their Mehak. I side hugged Vicky and whispered to him to take care of all. I walked slowly with Shaurya after waving to them.

After seeing many strangers an unknown wave hit deep in me. I felt as strange as Shaurya guided me to custom clearance. I blankly nodded to the officers whenever they greeted me and while boarding the flight. This is my second time into a flight but my first time to fly out of India. Shaurya and I planned for Philippines or Indonesia Bali for our honeymoon but that didn’t happen. He kept asking what was my preferred location to go for honeymoon and I suggested to go somewhere within India like Goa or some hill station but he insist to go out of India and when he insist me to choose Europe or beaches in Asia I picked beach side as I always wanted to go walk on the seaside and walk barefoot on the sand. Now I am inside this huge flight as many passengers walking in and I was sitting next to a window seat buckled up. The cabin crew demonstrating the usage of the safety jackets and emergency exits as well safety instructions. Later the flight started to maneuver from the gate to the runway.  As the flight soared higher I kept my eyes closed tightly and only opened them when Shaurya said open your eyes Mehak. I looked at him and he asked me to relax, just then the stewardess came with the food cart and asked me what juice I want. She poured in the mango juice for me, I sipped slowly looking outside the window.

After sometimes Shaurya showed me on the screen in front of me that we are about to leave India and entering the Indian Ocean.  I looked out the window and the view of all on the ground which is tiny as ant size. Soon sleep takeover me.

Shaurya’s POV

After completing the discharge process of Mehak at the hospital I walked into her room, she was standing near the bed in jeggings and top. This is my first time seeing her wearing something modern as I usually seen her only in traditional wears. She tucked her hair behind her ears and I didn’t say anything as it will cause her uncomfortable. We board into the car and headed to airport. Soon I went to the counter to check in our luggages and I saw Mehak was on the phone and Sonal mouthed to me it was PD. In the meantime I told Vicky to handle all the pending issues in here and anything he can email me and I will look into it. I have not mentioned to anyone where am I heading just told them that we will be in different time zone. Before leaving to airport the police officers called me saying they have searched the CCTV footages and other details as given by Mehak. The bastard who laid his hand on my Mehak is not found. As per Mehak’s information he was wearing a mask so there were many guests were in the hotel and finding that one culprit is like finding a needle in an ocean. But I have informed my private investigator on the incident and I know he will do his best for me. Mehak looked quite frightened in the airport as she met many strangers there. Whenever she pass a male passenger, she hides herself behind me. I assured her nothing to worry and till we board the plane, she seated herself in the window seat. She didn’t say much when they served beverage she asked for mango juice and looked outside the window. Then when food was served she had little food and I asked her to rest abit as it’s a long flight. She slept and her head fell on my shoulder. I covered her with the blanket and placed her head on my shoulder. She adjusted her head well and slept and soon I fell asleep too.

We woke up when the announcement came as we landing in London Heathrow airport. From here it will be another transit flight to our destination. I checked the time and its almost night at India and here is just early morning. I slowly shook Mehak and she groggily waked up rubbing her eyes. I told her we have reached London and we need to transit after couple of hours. She rub her face with her palms and looked around. We slowly left the flight and headed to the lounge to fresh up and relax before our connecting flight. I can clearly see from Mehak’s face when she sees all these new place and new people her reaction says it all. The weather in London was pretty cool and windy too. We had some western breakfast and Mehak was playing with her food, I asked her to eat the cereal with toast and suggested that we can walk around. She had her food quietly and we walked a bit inside till we walked back to the lounge and we sat in the reclining seat to relax till the next flight.

Mehak’s POV

We reached London airport and seeing all these new environment and new people some are extremely tall and fair too.I had difficulties to understand their English accent too. Luckily Shaurya was with me the whole time. He helped me with everything from ordering my breakfast and walking me around in the airport. It was quite huge airport indeed. Huge than Delhi airport. It seems this is one of the terminal only and this is like city. I passed a shop called Harrods and it was pretty crowded even in the morning hours. Shaurya asked to go in to see as it’s considered as one of the famous shopping place and its haven for all tourist. I obliged and went in to see with him. It’s a store which displayed clothes, to skincare items and all luxury goods. We walked inside a bit and nothing interesting to me and soon left the place and went to the lounge and rest before board the connecting flight.

After almost flying for 24hrs were ached our destination. As we collected our heavy luggages and walked out of the airport we were greeted by the slap of wild blowing cold wind. We boarded into the cab and I watched from the window the new place where we will spend some time.

Subsequently almost an hour plus passed the cab pulled over a house. It’s finished with yellow paintings with white fences and small garden. It’s like the houses we see in the TV. Most of the houses all look similar too. I didn’t move out till Shaurya called me twice and I came out from the cab. All our luggages was on the walkway facing the house. I looked around the street looks calm and quiet. It was not like in Delhi, our PWG street always busy bustling with people with lots of shops itwill be only quiet in the midnight but here it’s almost 10am and I only see one lady walking somewhere very far. Shaurya paid the cab driver and I looked facing the house when the door opened suddenly and a middle aged woman came outwith a big smile on her face.  She walked out calling Mr Khanna you have arrived on time. Shaurya turned to look at her and he smiled and both lightly hugged. She asked about the journey and here plied all were good and he turned to introduce me to her, Mrs Laura Janssen. Mrs Janssen this is my wife Mehak. She hugged me and said she looks beautiful. Shaurya said she is our landlord, she came to show around the house. We walked inside as Mrs Janssen chatting happily talking about her house. She showed us the living area, kitchen, dining area and later we walked up to the rooms. Once we seen all, she pass the house key to Shaurya and took leave from us.

P/s : Dear readers this is approximately 2675 words (5 pages) I did this during my weekend didn’t sleep after Iftaar and wants to give you all an update before I start my long break. 6th June will be one year anniversary on AABMDK. I first posted the chapter on 6th June 2018 and thanks to all my readers for always reading and giving me comments. See you guys soon have a blessed day ahead .

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