Part 23 Ankahee Ansunee Bateein Meri Dil KI AABMDK

Part 23 18/02/2019

Few days passed, with Naughty around the Khanna’s it added more happiness in their home. There are times he will be really naughty like his name but Mehak always tame him by talking in soft and lovely manner which made him to like her even more. Naughty likes to follow after Shaurya when he is going for his morning sprint and he likes to follow after Mehak whenever she is at kitchen and she has to ask him to go out as she is busy cooking and he is not allowed to come inside kitchen. But when she is outside with Karuna maa doing physiotherapy he will be excited running and jumping around them.

It was evening, Mehak with Nehal and Sonal chit chatting as they are playing with Naughty. Suddenly Naughty started to run from there, and Mehak started to follow him calling his name asking him what happened and to stop. But he ran very fast and Mehak ran after him. She realized he is heading to the swimming pool area and she gets panic how if he fell into the water and drown. She runs quickly to get him and they reached the pool area, the golden retriever avoided the pool and run the other side, Seeing him made away from the pool , was a relieve to Mehak and she bend to catch up some breath. She was huffing and puffing saying Naughty, you are one real badmaash like maasi said. As she calm herself she slowly walked to see where did Naughty went she lost balance and fell into the pool. Her hands clamored wildly to hold on to something and she started to scream for help. Her screaming alerted Shaurya who was in the garden taking a walk and Naughty from nowhere joined him, he carried him and asked what is he doing here? He gets worried hearing her and rushed to look for her.

He saw her in the pool getting drowned and waddling her hands asking for help, he immediately jumped into the pool and swim towards her. He managed to hold her and she was clinging on his neck and hugging him tightly mumbling to him hold her tightly she is so scared. He assured that she is fine now and she pushed her hair from her face to back and her breathing gets better. She slowly untangle her hold on Shaurya’s neck and now her hand rested on his shoulder blade. He asked her what she is doing inside the swimming pool when she doesn’t know swimming. Mehak muttered I am trying to save Naughty. He heard her and smirked as he said first you don’t know swimming but you want to save Naughty. Wow impressive Ms Sharma. Hearing him Mehak pouted and said poor Naughty what will happen if he drowned. He pursed his lips seeing her cute pout and her reply. His tone became strict again and said so you fell into the pool but where is Naughty, she replied he run away somewhere badmaash. Sonal and Nehal walked and came to the pool area and notice Shaurya and Mehak in the middle of the pool. They hide behind the bush and watch what these two are doing. Shaurya’s hold on Mehak’s waist was quiet firm and her eyes opens widely, she asked him what is he doing? He playfully said what am I doing? You fell into the pool and I have saved you. Okay now bring me out of the pool she ordered. She look everywhere except him and he enjoys her restlessness. He whispered since I saved you aren’t you suppose to say something. Mehak look back at him and said thank you in monotone, which he didn’t like it, he teased her I want to hear it in more lovable tone. She got irritated and made funny face and she made a fake smile and said thank you, can I go out of the pool. He didn’t give up but stayed in the same spot. Mehak gets irritated with his smirk in his face she splashed some water on his face in annoyance. He shakes off and held her hand behind her and looked at her sternly. She got panicked thinking what he is going to do. Her chest heaved up and down at a faster pace as it collided with his hard one. He could easily hear her heart beat easily. She tear her gaze from him and looked down. By then Sonal and Nehal came out and asked what are they doing? Mehak without realizing she blurted I am saying thank you. Nehal asked thank you for what didi. She didn’t reply, Shaurya said quickly say and I will bring you out of the pool, without much choice Mehak smiles in her caring way and said thank you for saving my life, I don’t know what will happen to me today if it’s not because of you. Shaurya smiled and said much better, and you need lots of training. He hold her in one arm and she cling to him shoulder as they reach out of the pool. She was sitting on the pool edge shivering as Sonal took her duppatta and wipe her hair, Shaurya as he gets out of the pool he splash back some water on Mehak’s face and grinned wickedly at her as she pouted angrily at him and told Sonal to change her clothes or else she will get hypothermia, Mehak gets up with them and huffing and puffing in anger as she walked inside the house to change. Sonal and Nehal behind her talking in silent what happen and she is angry now? Sonal signed her to follow quietly will talk later. In the room Mehak quickly changed her clothes and with her hair bundled up in towel she opened the door and saw Nehal with Sonal waiting for her. She came out and Nehal asked di what happened, how did you fell into the pool and why are you upset? Mehak looked at them and said I need open air space so I can breathe, Sonal said shall we go to the rooftop and talk about it. Mehak realized she can’t hide it from them and they won’t spare her either, she nodded yes and the trio went to the rooftop.

There Mehak lazily sat down in the garden swing as she remove the towel from her hair to dry her hair up. Nehal asked so di what happen. Mehak tell them what happened from beginning she runs after Naughty and he went the other way and she slipped and fell into the pool was screaming for help and Shaurya came there to rescue her. Nehal wowed and said jiju saved you like hero, so romantic right she give high 5 to Sonal. Mehak drop the towel on her lap and looked at both of them. Nothing is romantic okay. Sonal asked okay he rescued you but instead of coming out what you two doing in the middle of the pool? Mehak mentally face palmed her and cursing them why they remember everything how she is going to tell them what happened exactly. She said that how do I know? You should ask him why he was in the middle of the pool, because of this Naughty I end up in the pool, I was afraid how if the little puppy end up in the pool but it was me who went in there, that also with that Khadoos Kumar. Both chuckled quietly and ask her to relax promising they won’t say anything now.

Mehak asked Nehal about her project work and Nehal said she is done with the project and submitted. She designed an outfit which is mix of Indian and Western type hoping to score higher marks for her final exam so she can start to be an intern for famous boutiques or designers. Later she asked Sonal about Mohit and how is he, did he called or not? After sometime talking about random stuffs the girls left the rooftop for preparing dinner. Shaurya who was standing behind the tank smiled quietly listening to the girl’s banters. He told himself Mrs Khanna I will definitely never stop trying and doing all naughty stuff together with Naughty. That was my idea of bringing that puppy into the house. Now wait and see what we two going to do.

During the dinner time all sat together having dinner. While having dinner, Karuna maa asked Nehal, so beta Nehal do you have any boyfriend or special friend? Mehak was shocked when Karuna maa start asking this kind of sensitive question. Nehal replied what to do auntieji I used to have boyfriends last time when they are interested in only other matter and there is no pure love, so I decided not to bother finding any boyfriends for me. When the time comes let it happen. Then she asked Sonal, she said during college time yes but these boys possessiveness like they don’t like if I talk to other boys and ask me to dress up like that like this was making me mad so I break up and free myself from all these dumb boyfriends. Listening to all their conversation Shaurya was eating quietly as maasi made funny faces hearing this type of topic, she was mumbling to herself why jiji is asking this kind of question to these youngsters. Lastly Karuna maa asked beta Mehak how about you? Hearing this made Mehak’s eyes bulged out and she was almost choked her food.  Looking at her condition made Shaurya and others chuckled quietly. She smiled a little and quickly said maa there was no such thing. Nehal munching her food and said aunty if boys are standing at this end of street, di will take another long route to come back home. Shaurya was smiling proudly in his heart of his girl as she didn’t had any special one before him and he is her first. Vicky came in greeted all and sat beside Sonal. Karuna maa smiled at her and Sonal cleared her throat as she said, auntieji don’t think our Mehak is innocent, she too did something naughty during school time. Shaurya who was eating stop hearing it. Mehak signed her not to say anything but Karuna maa assured her, they all are friendly and be will not be judgmental. Vicky who was still don’t know what the topic is said what bhabhi did, please tell all we all should know too. Mehak was still looking at the food. Karuna maa asked Sonal, beta you tell. Sonal swallowed her food and said, in Jama Masjid area we used to go after school to eat gola and gol gappas. There is sweet shop along the street and the owner’s son will be at shop, whenever Mehak and I reached there he will come out to see us. He will follow us wherever we walk in the street with a bunch of boys. Whenever he pass us he will pass laddoo or jilebis sneakingly to Mehak. She will be wondering why is he passing me all these but our Mehak is foodie she won’t throw them and says it will be a sin to throw food so both of us will munch them as we reach home. Earlier Mehak used to think he is there waiting for me once I went to him and asked what are you doing, everyday looking at us, he replied he is not seeing me but seeing Mehak. Mehak got shocked and from that day she avoided going back to that street for our snack. No matter how many times I told her that guy won’t bother her but she didn’t listen. Then comes Roses Day, I didn’t go to school on that day Mehak was coming out from school and he was standing outside school she was panic seeing him outside. She avoided him but he manage to give the flower with chocolate to her. She came to my house instead hers as she was scared to go in with the rose and chocolate. Mehak is so naive that she doesn’t know that she should throw the flower and eat the chocolate quickly before reaching home. At my home we sat down eat the chocolate and think what to do with that guy because he started to come in front of school. Then he started to come to our area and pass chocolates to the kids on the street to pass it to Mehak. He follows her like shadow to temple to tuition, to anywhere Mehak is going. She always smiles at everyone and he thinks she likes him. Because she acts weirdly at home Kanta chachi got suspicious and both Kanta chachi and Jeevan chachu followed us one day they found Mehak and me dancing at the market for heavy Punjabi song and that boy was there too. Chachi brought us back home and give us long lecture for dancing like that and asked us to finish school and come home straight no more having snack and all. Because Mehak didn’t go to Jama Masjid area for 3 days that boy and his friends came to our area looking for Mehak. I saw him roaming around and we stayed inside house. Later Jeevan chachu and Ravi chachu saw them walking around the house area few times and asked them what are they doing and when Ravi chachu said he will call the police, all of them spill the bean saying they are here because that boy wants to see Mehak and after warning all went off and Mehak got it nicely from Kanta chachi and Dadu. After that he tried to meet her at the tuition center and school but chachu met his father and his father sent him away from Delhi. So that’s all happen with Mehak auntieji. By then Mehak’s face was red like tomato, she was cursing Sonal for revealing something that not much of them know about, now her in laws knew it and especially Shaurya knows it too. She was angry with Sonal and kicked her leg but instead Sonal it was Vicky then one ouches and Mehak lift her head to look up and Vicky said bhabhi you kicked me not Sonal. Everyone started to giggle at Vicky and their eyes went to Mehak. Shaurya who was seeing her face who is ripe like strawberry and he is swallowing his laughter. Never in his dream he would thought Mehak have a quirky side. He knows the Sharma’s are very orthodox type and if it’s not for Chachus he can imagine Mehak would have eloped with that guy just because she loves jilebis a lot. He was cursing that guy for going after his Mehak and thanked his lucky stars that he is with her now. Sonal said in her naughty tone, also auntie Ji Mehak did missed that guy  as no one give her jilebis , laddoo and chocolates after that. Mehak quickly gets up saying she is full and run away from the dining table, Shaurya pursed his lips seeing her condition. While Karuna maa and others laughed loudly, saying Mehak’s face is red as tomato as she is blushing heavily.

The girls gathered at the patio area and Mehak sat with her knees to her chest and covering her face in embarrassment. She was mumbling Sonal you are my best friend and all secrets are supposed to be safe within us now you blurted out in front of all. What will maa and maasi will think about me? Now how am I going to face Shaurya? I don’t know whtr he will taunt me or angry with me? Sonal and Nehal sat next to her and said it’s not your fault Mehak auntieji asked and I answered. Besides that this happens long ago when we are still schooling so Shaurya won’t blame you. She still not convinced and mumbled how I am going inside the room. Nehal said di, jiju still with Naughty at the garden, you go quickly and sleep.

First she was embarrassed because of Naughty, she was upset with Naughty and didn’t put his pet food in his container. Shaurya notice that he is barking for sometimes and Awara said he might be hungry. He took his food bowl to the garden and sat on the heavy iron seater as he watch Naughty feast himself. Mehak thought about the idea and rush to her room, she quickly switch off the lights and pretends to be sleeping.  After a while Shaurya came in he smiled at the figure lying on the bed. He knows that she is just pretend to be sleeping. Not to add to the awkwardness he switch off the lights and went to sleep quietly chuckled at Mehak who is peaking him with the corner of her eyes. He whispered good night Mehak and both slept.

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      Hi Asifa thanks for the feedback dear. More interesting event is about to happen in Mehrya life thus romance is not so soon. Please be patience as I will reveal soon in my upcoming chapters. thanks alot and stay blessed always.

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      Hi Kavya, thank you for the feedback dear glad you like it and your feedback are important to me. Yes dear I am trying to be regular so nowadays I am updating on every Monday. Once I have sufficient time will post in between too. Thank you once again and stay blessed always

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