PART 19 05/11/2018

It was night all guests has left, Karuna maa and maasi asked Mehak to go and rest as she was performing Pooja even though she was unwell earlier, she wished them good night and went to her room, she looked around and Shaurya was not there she felt a relieve. She change to her kurti pyjamas and wondering how is she going to face Shaurya, will he ask anything to her and put her into more complicated situation she was pacing in the room and heard foot steps outside she knew it its him, she quickly run to the bed and lie down covering the blanket and acts as if sleeping. Shaurya opens the door and sees her sleeping he locked the door and looked at her intently he knows she is just acting and not sleeping at all. He don’t want to make it hard on her and went to change his clothes in the bathroom. Mehak takes a deep breath as he went into the bathroom as he turns the knob she quickly turn to pretend sleeping. He went to his study table sat down turning ON his laptop his eyes were on her still but she facing the other side checked her palm and fingers the redden mehndi motif where his name is dark she was closing her palm and opening them few times to see the design and his name, she thought at once shall I talk to him but she asked herself why I should talk, I got nothing to talk to him she sighed and sleep took over her. Shaurya was busy completing his documents for next day meeting he shut his laptop and stretched himself as he yawn and see her sleeping. He quickly gets on the bed and bend to see her, she was sleeping soundly he smile a little but his eyes caught something even more interesting, it was her palm where his name written brightly. He felt happy as now she accepted his name on her palm he told himself that soon she will accept him in her heart as well. He covered her properly with the duvet and slept smiling seeing her.

Next morning Shaurya woke up and went for his morning sprint. Mehak woke up and see the time luckily it was not very late, she gets up and went to freshen up and came out after changing to her long dress anarkali suit. She was on the dressing table, wearing her bindhi and earring. She gets up and went to her bed to take her duppatta and below the duppatta was a new mobile with box. She take to see it and immediately put it back thought it was Shaurya’s and why she need to see them. Earlier while she was in shower, he already came from him morning sprint and took his healthy fruits smoothie from Awara and climb to his room. He opens the door and notice Mehak is already up and he heard the shower is on, he was drinking his smoothie in one hand as he was standing at his study table checking at the print out he placed it earlier. He remembered something and went to open his drawers and took out the new mobile he bought for her earlier and he was wondering how to pass it to her, he knew she is stubborn but she needs to take this but how. He heard the shower turned off he put the box on the bed below her duppatta and went to balcony to enjoy the smoothie.

He sees her from the balcony entrance as she fix the earrings and bindhi, later step to the bedside to get her duppatta. As expected she notice the mobile box and she look at them and put it back. He adjusted his throat to gain her attention and she looked at him. He was leaning on the entrance and said that’s for you, Mehak puzzled as his eyebrows raised in question. He told her again, that mobile is for you. She asked but why? He knew she will ask all the 5Wives and 1Husband question. (I mean What, Where, When, Why, Who ” How). He is ready to answer them, he walked towards her slowly said, and you will need them. She is still not convinced but before she can say he quickly said, your family are calling me asking where is Mehak, can you pass the call to her, even twice Anu from Manali called looking for you, I am not your personal secretary whenever you get calls I attend them and take your messages I am very busy that’s why I got this mobile for you with the Sim together. I have saved all their numbers inside, so you don’t need to do anything he said. But she was starting something, he tactfully said , you can use if you want or else leave it but make sure all your people don’t call me asking for you, saying that he quickly dash into the bathroom to avoid further questions from her. He was smiling to himself as he was successful.

Mehak was not keen to receive this as a gift from him, but he was right she needed a mobile to call her family to check on something in the Internet and her most favorite was playing games. She took the mobile from the box turning them ON and walk out of the room. At kitchen she was preparing some breakfast dishes and Sonal came to greet her and notice the new mobile. She quickly asked is this from Shaurya, Mehak didn’t reply. Sonal quickly takes them and asked her to pose as they take a selfie together to check on the camera pixel. Both did the tongue out pose and giggled when heard maasi coming in Mehak and Sonal put the mobile away and prepared the morning meal quietly.

During the breakfast session Mehak was feeding Karuna maa as Shaurya with Vicky came to joined them. With all the Ayurveda treatment and Mehak’s hard work Karuna maa doing well. As they eating breakfast, Naina the caretaker called Shaurya’s mobile. He answered her and asked how she and her sister at Pune is. Later he pass the mobile and put them in speaker for Karuna maa, Karuna maa told her Mehak is taking care of her very well and she should take care of her sister first then only she should come back here, also Karuna maa asked does she need any financial assistance she can send her some money too, Naina thanked Karuna maa for her generosity and hang up after talking with them. Sonal left for her work and Mehak was busy with Karuna maa, Shaurya sees her and wants to say something to her but she seems to be occupied with others there. His mobile rings and he saw it’s from Kanta chachi, he smile as he slide to answer the call. She was asking about how is Mehak any improvement from yesterday he looked through the glass door where she is behind said nothing much just taken the mobile I got for her yesterday without much complaining he replied her. Kanta Chachi assured slowly she will start to change her view on him and he shouldn’t give up and either not to create scene with her as she don’t like aggressive methods. Shaurya assured he will do everything was said to gain her love and trust. He bid her bye and hangs up.

Mehak treats Karuna maa like a child, during nap time she will massage her legs with neem oil, once she is up from her nap she will bring her out to garden for a stroll. Awara will serve them tea and snacks at garden while Mehak in between their time will make her to stand up slowly she will take few baby steps with Dolly maasi with them as well will be motivating Karuna maa to move a little. That day evening as usual, Shaurya was back early from office and Mehak with Karuna maa giggling at the garden, he asked Awara as he entered home where is maa and he said they are at the backyard garden, he headed there and opens the glass door connecting to the backyard, Mehak with maa both where laughing heartedly as Mehak cracked a joke and this time maa said it’s my turn and she says something hilarious Mehak’s eyes grow big and she laughed along with maa covering her mouth. He looked at her who was no less than a child laughing like innocent one and maa also join her laughing along with her. He leans on the door frame and admire these two ladies who he loves most. Excuse me sir, Awara interrupted him, Shaurya turned to see him, he was standing with the tray filled with teapot and snacks, he moved to give him the way and followed him. When Awara put the tray on the table and Mehak turned to look and see Shaurya walking towards them, she stop smiling immediately and he bend to kiss Karuna maa and she asked him how was his work he told her it was all okay and sat at the seat facing Mehak. Mehak poured tea for maa and for him too, he took it from her and he asked casually maa what were you two talking about till both laughing so much , Karuna maa smiled and said this is not for you to know it’s in between us only she said cheekily as looking at Mehak. So maa now you don’t want to tell me after your daughter is here he asked in upset tone. Karuna maa replied him not all we can tell you it’s our maa and daughter’s talk. Acha then don’t need to tell me, I am fine he replied to get up to leave them, Sonal got back from work too she straight went to hug Mehak and told her it’s her off day tomorrow and shall we plan something, Mehak looked at her in confuse look, Karuna maa ask both of them to go out and enjoy them self, Dolly will take care of her for a day. Mehak thanked her and both of them started to plan where to go the next day and have fun.

The next day Dolly maasi took care of Karuna maa, Shaurya and Vicky left for their meetings. Mehak and Sonal get into the Sonal’s scooty and started their outing. First they headed to Rattan cha-cha’s stall. He was elated to see Mehak after such a long time, he hugged her lightly and asked about her wellbeing, he also warned her not to do this again by running away from all and all worried about you. Mehak pacified him saying that she won’t run away now and she is here to see her favorite kitchen an ask him to allow her to make her favorite Dhal Makhni with lots of butter and fresh roti. He patted her head and bring her over to the kitchen she felt excited and along with Sonal made her favorite Dhal Makhni and some dishes Sonal bring them to the table outside and both waited as a boy served them hot rotis. They enjoyed their meals and as Rattan cha-cha to join them too. He tasted her cooking and praised he missed her food very much and is still taste as how she used to prepare. After gulping with their favorite lassi, they headed to the other place whereby it’s very famous for the Delhi’s street food. Usually that street is flocked with locals and tourist with cameras as they busy filming or taking shots of the famous Delhi foods like chaats, samosas, variety of sandwiches, drinks like Rabri to everything Delhi is famous for. As they walk pass the busy street they stopped in between eating some snacks and giggling laughing like how they used to do. Then they reached their favorite gol gappas stall and munched a few gol gappas and a voice heard before said Pikachu. Mehak told herself she must be dreaming but she heard it again Pikachu and it was louder this time she turn her head slowly and see Kunal waving and coming towards her. She gulped down her gol gappas and see him in disbelief. He came to stand in front of her and smiling like a school boy waving in front of her. Sonal asked her who this guy Mehak do you know him is, Mehak took some time to realize this Kunal is real and he is standing of her. He forwarded his hand to Mehak and Mehak shake her hand. How are you Mehak Ji he asked as he smiled showing all his 32 teethes. Hello she said in disbelief. Kunal Ji you in Delhi she questioned him. He said new assignment for my office, so I have to come to Delhi and after few days here I am travelling to Agra, Jaipur &Rajasthan he explained. Sonal who is there cleared her throat to gain their attention. Mehak looked at her and apologies and quickly introduce him to Sonal with Kunal saying she knows him from Manali. Kunal asked how she is doing and all and about his work too. Later he asked about the gol gappas stall Mehak and Sonal said this is the best one and offered him from that stall, he took some shots at the gol gappas stall and walked along with Mehak and Sonal  they pointed to him some other stalls and he took that shot and they reached out of the busy street. Kunal looked at his watch and yelled oh shit, Mehak and Sonal looked at him, he explained he needs to go to another site and he made appointment with that person, but looking at the traffic and he will not be able to reach his destination on time he was keeping looking at his watch and try to stop the passing by autos. Mehak and Sonal looked at him and notice his urgency. Mehak walked to him and asked Kunal Ji where are you going? He said he needs to go to another site for his appointment but he didn’t look at the time and now he will be late, Mehak looked at the road and him , she asked I have a scooty do you want me to drop you there, he looked at her and didn’t say anything immediately but slowly he asked Mehak Ji you sure you don’t mind , Mehak offered him the helmet and she asked Sonal to take auto to return home and she will go to drop him at the place and come home, Sonal asked her pakka you going to drop him as Mehak fasten her helmet, Mehak asked her to go home as she will go and drop him and come back. He was wearing his helmet and looking at Mehak, she asked him to get on the scooty quickly and hold the back rest properly he obeyed her and she rode away to his destination.

On the way, Kunal was asking Mehak how is Shaurya sir, she replied he is okay. He also complimented she is riding the scooty very well and this is his first time he took lift from female rider, Mehak replied him thank you and continue to their destination. As Mehak proceed Shaurya was in his car saw her riding her scooty and what shocked him was that she is having male passenger behind her and he became tensed immediately. He didn’t stopped at the traffic light and immediately wheeled his car in U turn and followed her, he still can see her going in front of him and he was restless to know who is the passenger he hit the steering in frustration as the traffic congested and he pressed the horn asking the other drivers to give away and he manage to still trail her till they reached an office building. He parks his car at the entrance and observed as Mehak stopped her scooty in front of the office. She gets down from scooty and her passenger gets down too, he removed the helmet and he say it was Kunal. He clenched his fist in anger seeing Kunal and mumbling what the hell he is doing here?

Kunal takes off his helmet and hand it back to Mehak she took it and secure it below her seat, she sits back on the scooty and wished him good luck and he asked Mehak Ji can I have your mobile number please in case anything I can call you, without thinking twice she gave her number to him and told him before he goes to other city he should join her for a meal at Shaurya’s restaurant, he agreed and went back inside. As Mehak ride her scooty away Kunal called her Pikachu and she stopped her scooty to turn to see him, he smiled and waved at her and she pouted at him in disapprove.

She ride her scooty back to Khanna Mansion and Shaurya was following her from the back, she was speeding as well and see this Shaurya was panic scared that she will meet accident and injure herself. At junction an auto was almost hit her which she manage to break and stop before. The auto driver scream at her for not watching her way, Mehak didn’t stay quite she also equally hurled at him saying she will call the police for his driving auto recklessly, seeing this Shaurya chuckled and murmured Jhansi Ki Rani, and followed her till she reached home and he too entered Khanna mansion. Mehak went to park the scooty and saw Sonal coming out, she put the helmet securely and handed back the key to her as she combed her hair with her fingers. Mehak asked what with her eyebrows raised, Sonal didn’t see Shaurya was near there , she asked how did you manage to drop Kunal Ji on time to his place, Mehak replied yes manage to drop him on time Shaurya who was at their back he cleared his throat and both turn their head in unison. Mehak purposely looked somewhere and said she is going inside and she left Sonal with Shaurya and leave from there, Sonal who looked at him and told him that both went out to and bump into Mehak’s friend Kunal Ji she said she know him from Manali. He wants to go somewhere urgently and bad traffic and he can’t get an auto so Mehak said she will drop him and she went to drop him just now. Shaurya was upset that Mehak didn’t tell him anything about Kunal. His temperature raised and wonders why this guy is here, seeing the tension in his face Sonal quickly told him he is here for some photography project in Delhi later he is going to Agra, Jaipur and Rajasthan. Shaurya rubbed his neck and turn to right and left to release the stress he is going through, Sonal asked is there any problem Shaurya, he sighed and told her about Kunal and their encounter at Manali where he proposed her and he beat him to blue black. Hearing this Sonal’s eyes popped out and covered her mouth with her palms. She was wondering is this Mehak gone crazy she was so daring to go out to drop this guy, how if he misbehaved with her etc. She told Shaurya she will keep an eye on Mehak and look after her and not to worry about it, if anything not right she will inform him. Shaurya thanked her and both went inside home. They see Mehak was like a child talking to Karuna maa and both were laughing quietly after seeing Shaurya coming in. He shakes his head and wonders what is so funny they are talking daily and he is missing out their conversation. He kissed Karuna maa and told her he will be in his room and he headed to his room.

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  1. hi di I am busy with exams that I am unable to respond these days sry and updates were so beautiful , coming to it is beautiful update loved the shaurya make mehek accept the mobile but still she is cold for that I am feeling bad hope he able to gain her trust in btw this kunal hope he able to maintain his with this kunal

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Sanju thank you for the feedback dear , glad you like the update, Will continue soon , May belated Diwali wishes to you.

  2. yar please dont include this kunal to their life already they are facing problem now this kunal making mess between their life so please

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      Hi Asifa , thank you for the feedback dear glad you like it , will update soon have a blessed weekend ahead

  3. Hi haseenah, asusual awesome update, was waiting for this update. Thank u for Diwali gift. Please add some mehrya moments in next part. Please update next part soon. Lots of love. Take care. 😍😍😍😍

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      HI kavya thank you for the feedback dear glad you like my update, will continue soon dear my belated Diwali wishes to you

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      Hi Jayashree how are you doing dear? Thank you for the kind words, will continue soon and enjoy the weekend ahead

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    After a long time we got this update right! Really it’s very difficult to jump from romantic mode to sentimental mode….hats ‘soff to u dear……..coming to the update I liked it very much……..sry for late commenting I was out of station fr Diwali vacation…..have a god weekend dear……

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Ashwita, how are you doing dear? Hows Diwali celebration at your place? Here in my place its not so grand like India. but we had equal share of fun , enjoyed eating murukku , achu muruku, and many more snacks. Thank you for the feedback dear glad you like the update. willcontinue soon. have a great weekend ahead and enjoy the upcoming week ahead

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      Glad to know you are still enjoying… will be updating ff tmrw. stay tuned. good night

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