Part 18 01/10/2018

Mehak collapses on her side on Nehal and Nehal screamed di, Shaurya who was in front of her being much alarmed he manage to hold her before she fall and tapped her cheek calling her name few times. He carried her in his arms to the couch, the entire family became panic and it was chaotic. He screamed and ask someone to get some water. Kanta chachi who was also with Shaurya ask him what happened Shaurya why she fainted, Shaurya said nothing will happen chachi , he asked Vicky to call the doctor and Vicky immediately went away to call for the doctor. Dolly maasi came with a glass of water, he took some water and sprinkled on her face asking all to move away giving her space. After few minutes Mehak gains conscious she still felt dizzy, her vision was still blurry. Shaurya was hell worried seeing her condition, Kanta Chachi sat next to her caressing her head asking what happen by then Dr Mehta arrived and checked her. After checking her pupil movement and pulse beats, he asked Mehak, beta did you eat anything since morning? Mehak shakes her head in No and said Dr JI, I was busy and didn’t had time to eat. Dr Mehta said if you want to do lots of work you need energy beta so you must eat, stop for a while eat and continue to do your work, don’t be on empty stomach this will cause other health issues as well, you seems to be quiet weak too I will prescribe for you some vitamins and you should rest well okay, he patted her head and gets up from there, Vicky took the prescription from him and lead him to the door way. Before that Dr Mehta signaled Shaurya to come, he was confused but he followed him. Upon reaching the door way, Dr Mehta told him, Mehak is fine just she fainted as she is not eating on time and she has shock which was hard to accept so it could also lead her to faint. Just take care of her he pressed on Shaurya’s shoulder as to comfort him and bid the doctor good bye.

Back in the living area, Karuna maa told Mehak to postpone all the puja arrangements as her health is the main concern here and nothing can jeopardize her health in first place. Mehak slowly said its okay maa, it was my fault I didn’t eat on time and I was having dizziness and didn’t pay attention to it. Karuna maa said Kanta Ji, you see this girl she is not listening, please make her to understand. Mehak wants to get up from the couch Kanta chachi and Mansi chachi assisted her and they added pillows at her back for support. Shaurya came in to living room and sees her adjusting herself on the couch to sit properly. Mehak assured her chachi she is fine, maybe after resting for a while she will feel better. He headed to kitchen to get some food along with juice at kitchen he saw Dolly maasi preparing a tray with food as she was asking Awara to squeeze the orange juice quickly before lalla fires them all. He went inside the kitchen and hugged maasi saying thank you maasi, thank you so much. She patted his back and said its okay , when you are angry you will say all the thing without thinking much, do you think I can be happy seeing you unhappy like this. We all know you love your wife so much but how could you ask me to leave the house? Don’t you love your maasi she said as she control her sobs. You can love your wife 1000 times more than anything but to us your happiness is more important. Shaurya look at her and said what to do maasi, Mehak is just not my wife, she is my life, the one who taught me money cannot buy everything, love is needed to live our life and who bring new definition and meaning in my empty life maasi. If anyone says anything about her I can’t take it that’s why I behaved in such way he says in remorse. Maasi asked him but how long lalla, how long you can wait like this, she is not giving you face at all though now she moved to your room I don’t see both of you are okay, you two like a neighbor who say hi and bye. Whatever it is lalla I must say your wife is one stone hearted girl, look at you, you are so sweet, girls are in line queuing for your signal, if you said yes all will be coming your way she told him in dissatisfaction. Shaurya slowly bring her out of kitchen walking with her and said maasi, for Mehak type of girl I will wait this whole life, or for all my next births, to get her kind of love I don’t mind wait patiently, now quickly bring the food for my wife she is starving and we don’t want her to faint again he said with a smirk. Maasi pinched his cheek and said since your wife came back you started to become majnun and talking all filmy dialogs. Whatever it is I want both of you settle down together fast and both moved to the living area where the rest of the family waiting.

The Sharma’s as usual was highly worried seeing pale Mehak, she was convincing them she is fine and PD was telling them all to leave and give her some time to rest. The men team went away giving them space. Nehal was standing behind Mehak and massaging her temple although she said she is fine, but Nehal insist she should stay calm and quiet while enjoy this special massage. Seeing Dolly maasi, Mehak quickly straighten herself, afraid of her but maasi pass the tray to Kanta chachi saying, Kanta Ji please feed her this, Kanta chachi thanked her and took the tray from her, Mehak confuse with her sudden caring behavior. Shaurya watched as Kanta chachi feeds Mehak and she kept refuse to eat on her own. Karuna maa smiled and said, beta now it’s your turn to relax we all will take care of you and will feed you properly. Mehak has no choice to follow them. Once she had taken her meal, Dolly maasi took the tray from Karuna maa room and bring it to living area pass it to Karuna maa. She called her bahu Mehak slowly gets up from the couch. She passed the tray which comes with a red and green worked saree, and jewelries arranged on the tray. She stumbled seeing the incredible gifts bestowed on her. Her shoulder shrugged and she went to Dolly maasi and said, maasi and maa your ashirwad is more important for me than this gifts. You have given me so much gifts earlier too, why this formality again? Karuna maa called Mehak and she quickly kneel down next to her, beta this is shagun, it’s a gift from a mother to her daughter don’t say no, please accept them or else I will assume you are upset with us. Without much hesitation she took the tray and Karuna maa asked Sonal and Nehal to dress her up later and now apply mehndi and they will have lots of fun. Mehak bend to touch Karuna maa and Dolly maasi’s feet. They blessed her for long live and happiness. All sat down and mehndi girls started to work on Mehak’s hands and leg. Shaurya quietly watched her at the corner and moved away.

As they draw the floral motifs on her palm, deep in her heart many questions running in her. When maasi comes with food for her, earlier she was angry with Karuna maa for giving her so much of all these family jewelries and speak against her but she was fine with her now and Shaurya’s care and the way he defend for her with maasi, has he really changed in the past 1 year. Did life really thought him the much needed lesson in him she questioned herself. They say eyes don’t tell lies, yes I see his care for me and people around in his eyes and some unspoken stuff which I am not sure, is it called love or something. Her thoughts cluttered and cloud her mind when the mehndi girl interrupted to ask her didi you want us to write your hubby’s name in it, she looked confused and was unable to talk before she could reply Nehal who were sitting next to her said Shaurya, her hubby’s name is Shaurya please write in the palm and joined others singing. Mehak sees the mehndi girl beautifully wrote his name on her palm she sees everyone happily singing and dancing she smiled as she kept her thoughts away. But her face shows she is much worried and this was noticed by Kanta chachi. Once they applied the mehndi for hands, chachi excused both saying Mehak must walk a bit as she has been sitting for long time, she took her to a side and asking others to apply mehndi in the meantime. Chachi cupped Mehak’s face and asked, what happen Mehak, why you looked worry, since I came I saw your face is so much in confusion and now you fainted. What happen tell me? Mehak shakes her head and said chachi its nothing just some things I was disturbed by that, now I am okay she brushed off. Chachi holds her chin gently and faced her tell me that are you alright? Mehak couldn’t hide her feelings from her she instantly hugged chachi. Chachi caressed her back and asked her what happen Mehak, why are you crying? She wiped her tears and made her to calm down and asked what happen. Mehak slowly said I am confused chachi I don’t know what is happening around me. Morning when I woke up and came I saw maa is preparing for puja at home, I was worried because all these puja should be done by the bahu when I haven’t accepted Shaurya how can I accept this responsibility, earlier in the room Dolly maasi was unhappy when maa wants to give me the family jewelries she was saying I don’t deserve to be treated in such ways but Shaurya her throat hitched as if she had lump to continue, Shaurya what Mehak? He argued with maasi for me and even asked her to leave the house if she can’t be good with me. Why chachi , one side I am keeping things away from me because I have gone through so much and one side it coming fast so close to me in a blink of eye. What Matarani has planned in my destiny? I am worried one day my love and my stubbornness will kill everyone’s happiness that’s why I can’t handle this confusion anymore she said as her tears flow down her cheeks. Maa asked me to wear these chooda, mangalsutra and sindoor, to me I think I am unlucky to have them in my life.

Chachi wiped away those tears and asked her, are you my brave child, are you still the one that follows my teaching of values. Then you think carefully. When you first picked Shaurya we agreed for your happiness later when things didn’t work we didn’t want you to get hurt but when you started to see his new self and convinced us we also didn’t think Shaurya can change till like this. Then you proved with love a person who is stubborn and cold hearted can change as well. When you left him and go away he asked for forgiveness and we realized it’s your love the one changed him to make him on his knees to ask for forgiveness.  We all forgiven him when we learn the truth, about your parent’s accident it was his Nani who made him to drive the car at that time then they told him that it was small accident and nothing happen to them till he learn about the truth it was your parents who died in the accident he came to tell you but Karuna Ji stopped him to tell you later. Earlier your wedding stopped once and she don’t want you two separate so she asked him to marry you first and slowly tell you but truth didn’t wait for the time to come but it came out on its own.

Mehak looked up at chachi as she told about what had happened earlier. The rest you know, you went to his help and he refused to accept you as he thinks you caused Karuna Ji’s health issue. But he really broke down when he get the news you left us, compare to us he was the one who were tormented, at least in our family we had one and another but he had no one when he heard PD was hospitalized he rushed immediately to assist in getting the good medical assistance. When things not going in right way he helped all of us, he is not just damaad but a son indeed. Karuna JI and your love has made him a person who he is now. We have accepted him as a son as one of us in our family, I hope time will answer your question and will ease your pain whtr you want to accept him as your husband or not ask yourself, don’t give too much importance to the issues happened In the past , put them away and start see new things in life, you are very young right or wrong when you made a decision we are always with you, remember PD always say compare to boys of the house the girls has the most rights in the family, remember that always. Anytime you feel wants to talk call me don’t keep them inside. She kissed Mehak’s temple and caressed her head. After the long talk Mehak was calm she scrunched her nose and chachi wiped her face and adjusted her hair, today you need to perform the puja , don’t think that you must be bahu to perform the puja , a clean heart person also can perform this, Karuna Ji wants this for the family’s prosperity so get ready to perform it. As for Dolly Ji, she is very naïve and straight forward person, in our in laws place we have people who are very nice like Karuna Ji and other character, you need to behave accordingly without hurting their feelings. Mehak pouted at her and chachi said, don’t do that, you look more mottu with that both burst into laughter and chachi said lets go and see the others and both move to the living area. Sonal, Nehal and PD with Mansi chachi were dancing around. Sonal bring Mehak in the middle and all were dance around her. She smiled and enjoy as dance lightly with them.

Later Sonal and Nehal brings her to the room to dress her up. In the meantime chachi sat with Shaurya shared with him about her conversation with Mehak. Chachi said she is slowly started to accept you but her heart is stubborn to let her accept you but it will work slowly trust me. Shaurya cupped Chachi’s hands and said chachi if Mehak has forgiven me and accepted me its more than enough in my life. You will see how I will take care of her I will give her all my love and everything and anything needed.

Up in the room Sonal and Nehal groomed Mehak like a bride, but she is refusing to wear too much jewelries saying this is too heavy, this is too big, this is too much, Sonal placed her index finger on Mehak’s lip and silenced her. Can you be quiet for a minute Mehak, you are complaining nonstop. Your mother in law asked us to dress you up like a bride today so brides don’t talk much on their special day so be quite , Nehal whispered the groom will fall flat seeing the bride and Sonal and Nehal high five at each other and Mehak asked them what are they whispering to each other tell her as well. Nehal said nothing di, I was just saying today you should look the prettiest bride and all girls to boys should wow at you. Mehak rolled her eyes and said don’t need to make up till like that, I feel I am good like this she justified. She finally done wearing her chandbali earrings with the matching choker set. Sonal set her maang tikka and Nehal added some gold bangles together with her chooda. Nehal looked at Mehak’s palm and said jiju’s name came out well in dark maroon shade, Mehak didn’t see it earlier till Nehal pointed out and she stares at her palm the redden motifs with his name. As she busy staring her palm, these two started to arrange jasmine flowers on her hair, they made loose curls dangling around her shoulder with the strands of jasmine flowers hang behind her. After touch up her makeup Sonal and Nehal bring Mehak slowly toward the dressing table and asked her to open her eyes slowly to see the new Mehak. Mehak gently fluttered her eyelid and sees herself in the mirror. She was looking in herself these two has actually made her look like real bride. She looked at the two behind her and said am I getting married today why so much makeup and all these hairdo what will people will say seeing me like this. Sonal tapped her cheek lightly and said you did get married today remember just now at the living area and your mother in law asked us to make you like bride so we listen to her. Now let us to touch our make up and go down for the puja all are waiting for us.

The trio leaves the room and slides down the stairs and Dolly maasi who were instructing the butlers to prepare this and that and monitoring the puja preparation saw Mehak coming down the stairs and said , didi bahu is ready , Vicky lalla ask pandit Ji to prepare the havan. Hearing Mehak is coming down the entire family and guest who already arrived sees Mehak as absolutely stunning and mesmerizing. Shaurya who was outside finished his call coming inside the hallway stopped for a moment seeing her, she looked astoundingly ethereal beauty coming down from the fairy tale stories he read in his childhood. She was blushing red and it matched with the bright red saree with heavily worked along with green border. Mohit and Ravi Chachu patted on both side of his iron shoulders what happen betaji instead of going inside for puja you are standing here itself, you seen ghost or you see our Mehak till you got lost is it Ravi chachu teased him. It was evident from his face that he is totally taken aback from her spellbound look he can’t hide his expression from his face either he avoided them saying chachu what are you saying it’s time for puja let’s all go in maa will be looking for us he excused himself from them. Ravi chachu along with Mohit and Daduji laughed seeing Shaurya’s condition. Mehak bend to gets blessings from all the elders and Sonal and Nehal assisted her to sit down and Shaurya soon sat next to her. PanditiJi started reciting the mantras and both added the oil on the havan and followed his instructions. After sometime the puja over and the PanditiJi said all has done in order and may the family will prosper and the goodness fill all of us and all will be blessed. He asked both Shaurya and Mehak to get up, Shaurya gets up and sees Mehak is adjusting her heavy saree in gets up, he quickly offered his both hands for her to hold to stand, she looked at him and it reminded the olden days, he smiled and she slowly placed her palms on both his hands he lifted her and straighten her up. Pandit Ji showed them the holy fire they take the blessing and he pass the tray to Mehak to show to all gathered there to get the blessings. Shaurya followed her as she goes to give to Karuna maa, Dolly maasi, the Sharma’s and rest of the families and relatives.

Once done Dolly maasi asked all to proceed for lunch, she asked Mehak to serve them. She nodded and started to serve the guest along, Shaurya standing in the corner looking at her with a smile she serves all, Sonal and Nehal came to his side and asked yes jiju are you checking out your wife? Shaurya hides his grin and looked at the two, why not if I have a beautiful wife that it will be lie if I said that I didn’t so yes I was gawking at my own wife so what, he said and pull both their ears. Both screeched in pain and ask him to let go, he let go off their ears. Nehal said well jiju you should thank both of us for dressing your wife as a bride today, she is a tough bride to handle I must say, Shaurya looked at her sideways not getting her, we were trying to put makeup to jewelries she keep saying this is too much, this is too heavy she drive us nuts earlier so jiju all the credits belongs to us as we take the trouble to make her look stunning. Shaurya smirked oh really, for your both kind information my wife look gorgeous even without makeups she is natural and flawless beauty. Sonal and Nehal’s jaws widen hearing his point and said okay jiju next time anything don’t ask for our help, you can plan it and implement it on your own and they decided to walk away, Shaurya stopped them saying maybe with your makeup she is looking more beautiful today but I won’t deny she is naturally beautiful saying that Shaurya joined to serve others.

Later dance and song filled the house lawn as the guests were dancing and enjoying themselves. Sonal, Nehal with Mohit, Vicky along with Dadaji and both Chachus were dancing happily. Mehak was Karuna maa sat next to her watched them dancing and giggling seeing Dadaji’s funny dance moves. Karuna maa and Dolly maasi asked Mehak to go join them as well but she denied but PD called Sonal and Nehal to bring her along to dance with all. The two sisters bring Mehak along to dance with them. She was in the middle as all dance around her and Vicky asked her to dance with him. She slowly danced with Vicky later Mohit danced along them too. Shaurya watched them silently, Kanta chachi nudged him and he looked at her and smiled, chachi asked what are you doing here standing and smiling alone all are there come join us she insist but he grinned chachi it’s okay you all enjoy, Mansi chachi said he will be like this only let’s bring him to dance with all they pulled him where all are dancing he smiled happily when Sonal and Nehal and both chachi’s dances with him. While dancing with all Mehak didn’t realize her back was facing Shaurya’s back and he didn’t know as well. Till the peppy wedding party songs kick in Mehak forgets about everything and started to dance along with her Chachus. Later Vicky and Sonal watched side by side and give sign as Shaurya and Mehak was in the middle both manage to push Shaurya and Mehak closer and both collided end up with each other’s arm. Mehak’s eyelid fluttered twice seeing him so close to her as his arms wrap around her waist. Her senses became saturated quickly by his scent and his gaze on her. The clapping sound and whistling noise made both come out of their trance, Shaurya helped her to straighten herself she was all reddish as Nehal and Sonal made awe sound. Mehak lowered her head and moved away from him, both sisters teased Shaurya how is it jiju, dancing with your beautiful biwi. He suppress his smile but couldn’t hold it longer as the Sharma’s made him to dance along with them. Karuna maa sees this prayed silently that the happiness in the family shouldn’t stop and it must increase day by day.


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