Part 17 Ankahee Ansunee Bateein Meri Dil Ki AABMDK


Part 17 21/09/2018

The first week Mehak tried Ayurveda treatment for Karuna maa with proper meal as per suggested by the practitioner at the Ayurveda center. She once needed neem leaves and the neem branch was tall she was asking Vicky and Awara also the other guards to climb the tree to get it for her. None were able to climb the tree and Vicky was so scared that he was begging Mehak to spare him. She was so fed up with all these guys who can’t climb the tree and was looking for ways how to get the neem leaves. Shaurya who was jogging there saw the commotion he went there and saw none were able to climb the tree to get the neem leaves. He asked one of them to get the ladder and place it leaning on the neem tree and he climbed on and break the branch for Mehak to do the medication. As he climbs down the ladder he lost balance and Shaurya fell from the height. He injured his shoulder and Vicky with Awara assisted , Mehak asked him are you okay where are you feeling pain , tell me, he shakes his head asking her to prepare medication for maa he will be better on his own. Mehak nodded and took the neem branch to prepare the ointment for Karuna maa. She bring the ointment to Karuna maa room to cool down and Shaurya came there holding his shoulder. Vicky was telling him Bhai your shoulder muscle must have twisted lets go and see doctor don’t delay, Shaurya asked him to be quiet and he is used to get injured like this and nothing new. But once in a while he was groaning in pain. Mehak was not able to take it she went to get hot compression and some oil heated up in bowl. She put them on the table and called Shaurya but he replied he is busy. Mehak got irritated and grip his hand and drag him to the nearest chair made him to sit down and asked him to take off the shirt, he was in confusion first she talks to him in normal manner how she would be in usual and second the way she dragged him to make him to sit down and now asking him to take off the shirt, she snapped at him and he was out of trance and asked why need to take off the shirt he questioned her. Mehak pointed the oil and said you have strained your muscle let me massage with this oil and give you hot compression massage. You will feel better, he tried to reason out but she placed her index finger on her lip and ask him to stay quiet and listened to her. He obeyed at her instruction and undo his shirt button and she gets some warm oil and started to work on his muscled broad shoulder gently as once in a while Shaurya groaned in pain. Mehak asked him to relax and he will feel better she give the hot compression on the affected area. Shaurya was thanking his lucky star for her bringing Mehak closer to him. Her scent swirled through his thoughts as her curls tickling his face. Once she is done she asked him to wear his shirt back and moved away but Shaurya called her Mehak and she stops to turn to look at him, he said thank you Mehak. She nodded and went to Karuna maa. He was in cloud 9 the way Mehak treating him when he was in pain telling to himself  I know you love me baby, just waiting for the day you will tell me this directly.

On that night, Mehak was getting ready to sleep and brushing her hair as Sonal was on the mobile talking to Mohit. She heard her room door being knocked and she gets up to check on the door, she opens and sees Dolly maasi standing there. She enters inside the room and said what are you doing here, Mehak looked at her in confusion with her question and asked maasi I am with Sonal, why are you asking? Sonal came in after ending her call. Maasi was fanning herself with her saree pallu saying my room air-conditioner is not working and this useless Awara didn’t call the service guy to come in I can’t sleep without AC in the night, so tonight I will sleep here with Sonal saying that she settled on the bed. Mehak looked worriedly at Sonal asking her to help her, maasi if you sleep here then where will Mehak will sleep, maasi coolly replied she can go and sleep at Shaurya’s room saying that maasi rested her head on the pillow and closed her eyes. Sonal pulled Mehak outside her room and closed the door and both face palmed and asking them self what are we going to do now Mehak you are fully trapped now, maasi has come to sleep in this room and now where are you going to sleep now?  Mehak said Sonal please help me yaar, what am I going to do now? As both biting their nails Shaurya was coming up the stairs taking a bottle of water in his hand, he looked at them and asked why they are looking worried. Sonal was about to say something but Mehak quickly responded nothing we are fine, he looked at Sonal and asked her what is the matter, Sonal quickly told him about maasi and now Mehak has to leave the room and now don’t where Mehak can sleep. Shaurya looked at her and said Sonal tell your friend she can sleep at my room and I will sleep at the couch in my room, I won’t do anything. Mehak looked at him disbelief. Sonal nudged Mehak and whispered okay Mehak Shaurya has no problem now be good and go and sleep in his room. Saying that she leave him there and said good night Shaurya good night Mehak. Mehak was still in disbelief and cursing Sonal for leaving her like that. She didn’t move but Shaurya has moved and he was at his room door turned and looked at her, he asked her are you going to stand there whole night or what , quickly go to sleep. She reluctantly walked to his room and she went in and he close the room door. She was standing and he was getting his pillow and comforter heading to the couch she stopped and said its okay you sleep on the bed I will manage on the couch, he didn’t pay attention to her as he arranged the pillow on it and adjusted the comforter. Mehak went near him and said Shaurya you sleep on the bed he replied without seeing her its okay you go and sleep on the bed I will manage. She hold his biceps slowly and said Shaurya please listen, she pleads, he turns and look at her. She was looking innocent as her eyelashes looking at ground and she said please listen. He lifted her chin and she looked at him. He faintly amused a gaze to her which carries love and so much care for all, he said okay I will sleep on that side and you will sleep this side, so both of us can use the bed, and is it okay? If it’s okay with then I will sleep on the bed or else I will stay on the couch he asked, she can’t say anything so she nodded her head in agreement slowly. She went to lie down on the other side covering the blanket half way, Shaurya saw her as she facing the other side. He made a wall of pillows in between them as he mumbles. Mehak turns and see from her shoulder that Shaurya arranging the pillows, she asked him what is he doing and he replied her, at night don’t want you to move close to me then you will blame me for that as well that why . Mehak was pretty annoyed with him and she rested holding another pillow facing the other side. Shaurya was facing the other side. He felt happier as she is now in the same room with him but just need little more time to sort things between us. In the midnight Mehak turned in her sleep facing Shaurya. Shaurya also turned at the same time and he saw her sleeping soundly after working all day, He gets up slowly not to interrupt her, he felt a sense of calm seeing her like this, He covered her more with the duvet she smiled in her sleep. He gently push the hair strand which was falling on her face tucking it behind her ears. He blew a flying kiss towards her and sleep facing her.

The next day Mehak wakes up and sees Shaurya was not in the bed she felt relieved as he was not there. She quickly gets up by then Shaurya came out from the washroom, he looked at her, he wished her good morning and headed to the balcony as he wipes his hair, he was donning his sleeveless tee with towel wrapped around his waist. Mehak wished him slowly and was about to leave the room to freshen up at guest room , Shaurya told her without looking at her , your things are already in this room, you can freshen up and dressed up here. She bewildered at his statement she was about to question him but he turned and to face her and said don’t be late you are supposed to take care of maa and maasi don’t like anyone being late. Upon saying of the name maasi she got panicked and immediately rush to the washroom. She quickly showered and open the wardrobe to choose her clothes and all her clothes she left earlier from their marriage time was still left in organized manner. She pushed to check one by one as all were bought along with Shaurya before their wedding as he is very particular about dressings and he made her to move around to few boutiques to select only the best for her. She took a pale pink suit and wore it and quickly leave that room rushing to the kitchen. She assisted Awara to prepare the breakfast and after assisting maa with her Ayurveda massage and some treatments she was about to give her the traditional medication, Nehal came over to visit Mehak and Sonal. She hugged Mehak and greeted Karuna maa. Mehak asked her how is she and everyone at home, then why she is suddenly here as well. Sonal was on her off day she was also at home too. Sonal replied let me tell you meri jaan , it was my off day and we three didn’t go out after you come back, so thought of we three go out and have full fun what say? Mehak looked at the two girls and asked you two go and have lots of fun, let me stay here I have lots of work to do and I have to take care of maa as well. The two girls pouted at her in disappointment, but Karuna maa interrupted and said Mehak you will listen to me right , yes maa what is it tell me I will do them immediately Mehak asked earnestly. Then don’t say much and go have fun with your sisters. They are here to be with you, so go now, but maa she started you promise me you will listen to me, it’s okay Dolly is here she will help me at home and I will follow your Ayurveda movements as watching TV and take nap after lunch and all. Now go with them. Shaurya was coming down in his faded denim and checkered shirt. Nehal went to greet him jiju how are you? He smiled at her and asked how she and everyone at home is. She said all are good. She joyfully said jiju today we three want to go shopping at the new mall and then we want to go to the K boutique as now they are having sale so bring us please. He replied of course since my cute sister in law asked why not, let’s go tell me where you all want to go and I will bring you. We will have lots of fun, and Nehal hi five at him and Sonal looking at Mehak. So di maa also given you permission to go jiju also coming with us so now don’t say much and get ready let’s leave. But Nehal she tried to protest, Sonal holds by Mehak’s shoulder yaar please come let’s go. She followed them and in the car she stays quiet as Nehal and Sonal was actively talking. They first reached the boutique first and Nehal was super excited as she browse through the entire boutique. She and Sonal was literally felt like in heaven as they never been to a designer boutique before. Mehak was walking along with them and both took some kurti and went in to try them. She was passing the shelves without picking anything Shaurya came and asked her don’t you want to try anything, she shakes her head in NO. He knows she is not easy to convince to get new clothing’s. He had enough with her recent unfashionable kurti and colorless long anarkali. He goes around and picked a few tunic tops, maxi tunic, and few more designer daily wears for her. He knows if he pass it to her to try she will be rebellious and deny them so he signaled the boutique assistant passing them to her and ask her to try them he said to the assistant don’t say I chose but say something else. The boutique assistant smiled and went to Mehak. She tactfully make Mehak to try the clothing’s and she came out to show to Nehal and Sonal. Both awed at Mehak as she looks stunning in them, Shaurya looked at her and see his most prettiest woman he have ever seen, it’s  a simple top and long tunic top but she is always have the attraction which mesmerizes him. The boutique assistant commented she look so pretty in all and she should go for it. Mehak opens her mouth to say something before that Shaurya came and forwarded his credit card to them asking them to pack all. She took the card and thanked him and Mehak went back to the fitting room to change them. Nehal and Sonal thanked Shaurya for the dresses and he asked them where else after this, and Sonal suggested there is new movie in cinema now and he said okay and they headed to the cinema in the mall. They were in the cinema and Shaurya’s eye was only on Mehak.  The way her lip moved as she pop the popcorn and how her cheek color rose and her eyes open up in embarrassment when the were some lovey dovey scene that wide eyed innocent look and those full lips reminded him of angel.

The movie was over and they headed over to enjoy their lunch and Sonal suggested after this they should go to the street shops Shaurya agreed. They roamed around the olden streets of Delhi exploring some titbits snacks shops and Mehak suddenly stopped at the Amla and mango stall. She asked for some and the shop keeper served her some in the paper, she took one and gently bite them and her face expression was cute as she indulge the sour fruit, and she make a cute noise. Shaurya liked her cuteness and smiled. They explore more and went to drop Nehal back home at PWG and visited the Sharma’s. All welcomed Mehak and Shaurya. Pd discreetly asked Shaurya hero when Mehak was not around you use to come here weekly but now you are not coming to see us , is it because Mehak is there, Shaurya pulled both his ears and said I am sorry PD what to do I have some works to complete and couldn’t make it, please forgive me he sat and enjoyed the conversation with the rest of the Sharma’s while Kanta chachi brings Mehak aside and talks to her asking how is she and everything there, also how is Karuna Ji recovering with Ayurveda treatment. Mehak said she is doing better and she is also fine there. Chachi asked how she and Shaurya is. Mehak stumbled and asked what about he and I chachi is the same how it was. Don’t you talk to him or discuss with him chachi asked. There is nothing to talk chachi, at the moment maa’s recovery is important. Oh yes Sonal told me about how he cares for our family when I went missing and till now I do see some changes in him how he cares for all at home and even me but chachi I can’t decide anything just like that, I need time I need to make my own decision not falling for all these. Maybe Shaurya has changed completely but there is something I want to feel on my own. I don’t want to make another mistake of giving him a chance and I regret again, at that time I don’t know what I will be. Shaurya was at the doorstep hearing their conversation and stepped back quietly leaving them two. He close his eyes and takes a deep breath hearing Mehak’s words.

During the dinner at the Sharma’s, Nehal was thanking Shaurya was the shopping treat and outing, Shaurya smiled and said my pleasure saali sahiba. If you want to go the next time do let me know we can arrange again. Mansi chachi said beta this girl is crazy and asking for all and you are agreeing to her, please excuse her. Shaurya quickly said its okay chachi, if I had a sister I will be doing the same too so it’s fine. Shaurya, Mehak and Sonal left and reached Khanna Mansion. Mehak went to see Karuna maa and Dolly maasi they asked how was their day and she said it was all good, Karuna maa asked her fresh up and get good rest. Mehak nodded and went back to the room, Shaurya was standing at the balcony as Mehak placed her shopping bags on the couch and headed to the bathroom. She freshened up and came in her cotton pyjamas kurti. Shaurya went to fresh up and he saw her already sleeping he smirked and went to his study table to continue some work and head to bed after that.

The next day Mehak gets up and came down and sees decoration people arranging flower strands and fixing decorations all around the house. She was confused and wondered what is happening, she went to look for Karuna maa and Dolly maasi. Sonal was with them as well. She went into the living area and greeted them all. Slowly she asked maa what is happening is there any function in house. Dolly maasi replied yes we will be doing puja at home, so didi wants to decorate the house entirely and arrange all our relatives to attend as well. Karuna maa called Mehak near her, Mehak went to her and kneel down Karuna maa caressed her head. Mehak later please prepare for puja wear mehndi and dress up like bride, today the house should look like prosperous and happy how it always like. Mehak was clueless as what to say to Karuna maa, she can’t say no to her but she also can’t agree with her too. She nodded her head reluctantly and gets up. Shaurya came down. He greeted Karuna maa and sees Mehak in his sideways, she quickly went away from there and Sonal followed her too. She went into kitchen and calm down herself. She looked at Sonal, Sonal what is happening here maa and maasi talking about puja and all I can’t say no to maa but I can’t do the puja as well. Sonal pulled her and ask why you can’t do the puja, all married girl will perform this puja at their marital family. So Karuna maa arranged here be quiet and eat something get ready, the mehndi girl will be here okay she pinched Mehak’s cheek and went from there. She was tensed and wanted to talk to Kanta chachi. She leave from there to call chachi but Awara came in looking for her and said mehndi girls are here come and apply mehndi and Karuna maa calling her. Mehak leaves from there to meet Karuna maa at her room, before she enters the room she heard some commotion she stops at the room entrance and stand aside, Dolly maasi in anger asking Karuna maa didi what is the necessary to give this girl this much of jewelries as it is we have given enough for her and her family. She didn’t respect us and our lalla. She left the house and leaving all her responsibilities. From nowhere she is returned and now we have to accept her, now what is the need to give her this much gifts? So she can take all these and run again is it she spit venom against Mehak. Upon hearing all these Mehak’s heart ached and tears stream out of her eyes. She continued lalla was crazy about her and transfer all the wealth and his earnings to her, he refused to submit the divorce form she signed and left form him, no matter how we tried he don’t want to marry anyone else, Shaurya screamed at maasi, stop it maasi, just stop it. One more thing you say about Mehak I will not tolerate it. Why, why are you angry with her, the one did the mistake was me just because I am a man am I allowed to do sin and ask woman to bear it. She was upset because I didn’t fulfill my responsibility as a husband. I didn’t tell her the truth about her parents death then the chaos started in both family’s and she was stuck in between and she can’t decide to stand for who and she came here and his voice breaks as he uttered I was stupid to chase her out without listening to her. Every day and night it was one of my action that I regretted till now. Do you know maasi she refuse to come with me when I met her at Manali it was me who carried her by force to Delhi. For Mehak all these money wealth etc. doesn’t mean anything she only cares about love and everyone around her. Instead of showing this much anger on her please show some love on her you will be amazed how she will be with you. She was my love of my life and for all my upcoming life I want only Mehak as my wife as my life partner. If you can’t accept this maasi please forgive me for saying this you can go back to Haridwar to be with Nani, saying that he was about to leave the room Mehak quickly hides herself away. Now she knows why maasi being cold towards her since she came to their house. Mehak wiped her face and left from there, Sonal called her to apply mehndi Mehak ask Sonal to apply mehndi first and she will do after her. Karuna maa observed Mehak is not her usual self and notice she is not wearing any jewelry which indicates she is married. She gets Awara to get Shaurya and Shaurya came to meet Karuna maa, she whispered something to him and he was not happy but maa pleaded him to listen to her and he shakes his head and climb the staircase and in a moment he comes back with a wooden antique case. The Sharma’s as well arrived there and Mehak greeted all and Mehak wanted to talk to Kanta chachi but Karuna maa called Mehak and she went to her. They all gathered at the Matarani statue Sonal holding the silver plate. Mehak went to Karuna and asked what is it maa, Karuna maa slowly explained beta, as a married woman it is not right for not wearing any of your symbol of wedding. Yes you were upset because of my son but now all is okay right, today is puja in our home please accept them now she said with caring tone. Mehak freezed and dumbstruck hearing it. Her heart raced and her eye went to Shaurya who was there as well. Sonal bring the silver plate forward she saw her chooda, mangalsutra, ring, vermillion case and a pair of anklet was on it. Karuna maa asked Shaurya to step forward as well he slowly came in front. Kanta chachi came to Mehak’s side and Nehal was on the other side. Shaurya took the chooda and Nehal bring Mehak’s right arm facing Shaurya, he holds her fingers and slide the bangles one by one. Both of them had recalled the past how Shaurya wear it for her during their wedding time a year ago. Chachi lifted her left hand and he slide in the bangles. He slipped the ring on her finger. Later he took the anklets and bend to her feet and wear it for her as he wears the anklets he touched her feet discreetly Mehak looked down and he looked at her asking for forgiveness his eyes says it all. He stands up as he took the mangalsutra and hold them with his both hands Mehak’s eyes welled as he bring the mangalsutra around her neck and hook it up. He vowed to himself that he will protect her as long as he lives and provide her with all the love and care she deserves very much. Finally Sonal lifted the sindoor container and held it out to Shaurya he pinched that vermillion and bring it to Mehak’s forehead. The entire family showers them with flower petals as he marked her forehead, the tear which was welled in her eyes started to runs down her cheek she closed her eyes tightly and before she opens she collapses on the ground.

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