PART 16 12/09/2018

It was morning Sonal showered and was in front of dresser getting ready and she notice Mehak is still in deep sleep. She went near her, and called her Mehak wakeup it’s already morning and you are still sleeping like this at your in laws place. Mehak pulled the duvet high to her head and mumbled let me sleep a while Sonal. Sonal keep mumbling okay you sleep like this but don’t forget your mother in law needs you, you are her caretaker now. Hearing this Mehak pushed the duvet and looked at Sonal and ask her what time it is, Sonal replied it’s almost 8am. Mehak runs to the bathroom to freshen up. In the meantime Sonal was already in the kitchen and Mehak gets downstairs and she asked Sonal and Awara. Is maa already wakeup and Awara said Dolly madam went to her room, Mehak quickly goes to Karuna maa room. The door was open and she greeted good morning maa and went near her. Karuna maa greeted her back and asked did you slept well beta. Mehak kneel down next to her wheel chair pulled her both earlobes sorry maa I can’t sleep last night and by the time i closed my eyes and it was soon became morning please tomorrow onwards I will be early and do everything for you. Now time for breakfast and we will stroll in the garden okay? Dolly maasi looking at her and said. You are good in sweet talking like this, yesterday you talked in the same manner when lalla wants to hire a temporary care taker but today you woke up late. Karuna maa stopped Dolly and said Dolly she did told right she slept late as its new place for her and she can’t adjust that’s why she was late don’t always say something. Now come let’s go and have breakfast. Mehak pushed the wheelchair out of the room and headed to the dining table. She adjusted Karuna maa at the dining table and Dolly maasi was about to head to kitchen and she asked maasi you please wait here I will go and check. Dolly maasi sat down with Karuna maa. Mehak at kitchen helped Sonal and Awara to taste some food and added more flavors came to serve on the table. As she was serving food for Karuna maa and Dolly maasi Shaurya came to join them for breakfast he greeted Karuna maa and Dolly maasi. Maasi asked lalla you will usually wake up early and do jogging and all what happen today you woke up late. He replied nothing maasi some usual stuff I was thinking about some things and slept late and woke up late too. Sonal sat down and Mehak sat next to Karuna maa and started to feed her. Shaurya once in a while steal a glance at Mehak how she was caring and both his important ladies are sharing quiet a moment as Mehak patiently feeds maa. Vicky came breaking the silence greeting all good morning everyone. Shaurya looked at him he sat next to Sonal. Sonal served him the breakfast and he asked Mehak bhabhi did you made the breakfast today. Mehak smiled a little and said sorry today I woke up late so didn’t made the breakfast tomorrow I will up early to make the breakfast. Today Sonal and Awara made them. Shaurya asked Vicky , the Jaipur project is it completed, Vicky replied as he eats his food, all done bhaiya, renovation and final touch ups are done, inspections will be done so once they approved we can do opening next month bhaiya. Shaurya gets up and wipes his mouth with the napkin and tell Vicky get everything done soon, investors already asking the status of this project once the opening done they will get the confident to invest more in Khanna empire. He looked at Sonal are you going to work today Sonal? Sonal looked at him yes Shaurya leaving I will take auto and go. He said get ready I will drop you as well. Sonal finished her meal and gets up to get ready , Shaurya comes passing Mehak and bend to Karuna maa and pecked her saying maa take care I will see you in the evening as he straighten himself his cheek brushed Mehak’s hair and she didn’t move as Shaurya’s cologne smell hits her nostrils. He gets up and smiled a little and said bye maasi bye maa and he left to the car. Mehak told maa, maa please wait for a while I will be back, she rush to the kitchen to pack some tiffin for Sonal. Sonal was leaving and Mehak called her to stop her, Sonal comes back to the door while Shaurya looked at both from the car. Mehak passed her the tiffin box to Sonal and Sonal before leaves peck on Mehak’s cheek and naughtily said take care jaan see you in the evening blowing another flying kiss to her , Mehak’s jaw dropped and her cheek color rose she pouted at her. Shaurya droves off from the Khanna Mansion. He asked Sonal how is she? Sonal replied she is okay yesterday I told her about how things was the past one year, Shaurya looked which is? How you helped us and Mohit for a work and continue studies and Nehal and everything. Shaurya was annoyed and said Sonal why did you told her about these, I don’t want her to feel love for me out of pity or debt for my deeds. I did l these as it’s my responsibility. I did all because of you all are my family. Sonal quickly apologized sorry Shaurya I told her about this so she can change the opinion she has on you. So at least it will create soft corner for you that’s why. All of us wants to see both you happy like used to be. Shaurya calm down and told her I know Sonal but it will take time, she is very hurt and she is no longer the same Mehak who used to be around us. I have caused her so much pain and regrets in her which will take time to heal. When I met her at Manali she was in pain which can be seen from her eyes. I want to take away all those pain from her and slowly gain her trust and her love. For that I rather wait then we rush for it to happen. Sonal was taken aback with his decision, she nodded gently as he drops her at the restaurant. Shaurya’s car pull off from there. Sonal sent a silent prayer Matarani make things fine with these two love birds and bring happiness in them.

At home Mehak did the physiotherapy for Karuna maa and she asked her to watch TV and she will prepare lunch for her today. She serves lunch for all and spend her time chit chatting with Karuna maa putting her to nap and she check her notebook which she jot down on the notes as Naina Ji ask her to follow. She realize the next day is Karuna maa hospital appointment. She checked the address and doctor’s details. Later in the evening she bring Karuna maa to catch some fresh air at the garden. Shaurya returns home at evening was in his room talking in his mobile he went to balcony and saw Mehak with maa. She looks fine but her act being cold towards him was something his heart can’t handle it. He takes a deep breath and said let it be Shaurya you need to work hard to get your love from her it wasn’t meant to be easy in your life. He freshen up and joined them in the garden. He asked maa how was her day and she excitedly told him how Mehak took care of her the whole day and how good she felt today. Shaurya elated hearing his mom feeling better after a day with Mehak.

Sonal return from work and ask Mehak how was her day, Mehak said nothing much just taking care of maa and did some of her therapy. Tomorrow is her hospital appointment so I will bring her there. She asked Sonal can I borrow your mobile I don’t have one, Sonal quickly pass her mobile. Mehak was checking something and after a while she pass back to her and thanked her.

The next morning Mehak was up early and prepared the breakfast along with Awara. She quickly went to greet Karuna maa get her ready for the hospital appointment. During breakfast time, Karuna maa told Shaurya that today is her appointment and they are going for it and Shaurya said he will join them as well. Mehak didn’t want to go together but for maa she just agree to go with them.

At hospital the doctor Mehta checked Karuna maa thoroughly. He asked Shaurya who is this as he haven’t seen Mehak before, he pause a while to answer and Mehak feel uncomfortable to answer as well. Karuna maa quickly replied that’s my daughter, Shaurya’s wife. Oh, sorry Mrs Khanna I haven’t seen you before so that’s why I asked this Dr Mehta continued. Mehak asked Dr Mehta, Maa is like this will she get better ever. How long it will take to make her as usual she used to be. Dr Mehta chuckled and replied the elderly doctor asked what your name beta is, she replied Mehak. Mehak beta, Karuna ji’s injured in the spinal. So apart from physiotherapy and medication her inner determination also is needed in order for her recovery. Keep her happy and continue with medication she will recover soon he assured her. Mehak nodded and the trio left the hospital.

At home, Mehak wanted a laptop or computer to check something she called Sonal to check what time she will be back and Sonal said she will be late. Mehak said its nothing and hang up. She was helpless and walking front and back and this was notice by Shaurya. He went by her and asked her what happen why you look restless, any problem. She quickly shakes her head and said no, no problem, just waiting for Sonal. Sonal will be late as today restaurant have event. What you need tell me he asked. She left with no choice and said I need to use laptop that’s why I am waiting for Sonal. He looked at her, she continued I don’t have mobile so I need to use the internet. He asked her to wait and went upstairs to his room. He came down with his MacBook and signal her to come to the living room, she followed him and he asked her to sit down she sat on the couch and he pass her the MacBook. She reluctantly took it from him and opens them. He went to the kitchen to get some water, She opens the MacBook and it asked for password, she wonders what is the password biting her nails. He came back and looked at her and raised his eyebrow, she said it’s asking for password he was standing behind the couch and leaned forward brushing pass Mehak’s hair and typed the password. She watch him as he entered the password. Started with alphabet I continued as LOVE MEHAK. She said in her heart I LOVE Mehak. He went away and the startup monitor screen saver was their picture taken on their Haldi, where by Mehak pulled him aside to take a selfie and she asked him to make a funny face and both made tongue out and few more funny face posing. Mehak closed her eyes and takes a deep breath and said focus Mehak focus. She googled something and started to write down in her notebook. Later Sonal comeback and saw her at the living room. Hoi madamji very busy is it? Mehak said she is searching something and give her some time. After writing down all, she called PD and asked how she is doing. She asked about the olden day’s medication method done by Ayurveda treatment. PD said yes Ayurveda is good to try for Karunaji as they have only tried western medication on her and maybe Ayurveda will help as well. She asked for some kada and ointment recipes and hang up.  She continued search in the internet for the local support for the Ayurveda treatment and found one which located at Delhi. She note down the details for reference. She shut down the MacBook and look for Shaurya. She sees around downstairs he was not there so she went upstairs walking towards his room, she knocked twice no sound came. She reluctantly turn the door knob and peeped in and he was not there as well, she decided to go in to put the MacBook on his study table. She was taken aback by the room’s view. Every wall, every corner was filled with her photographs. Some of she was not realized when it was taken. There her eyes caught with one as she walk slowly to his study table to put back the MacBook. She took the frame and see them closer, she realized it was when she and Shaurya in the cottage. While she was playing in the swing and butterflies fly towards her. Suddenly she heard a familiar male voice ahem at her back she put back the frame on the table and shuts her eyes tightly blaming herself how to save herself from being embarrassed by his presence. She turned slowly and saw him standing with his hands resting on his waist. She reluctantly looked up at him and her lip trembled as she said sorry I was looking for you to pass back your computer and I thought you are in the room. Sorry she said again as she wants to leave the room. He smirked at her and pulled her wrist bringing her closer to him, she was confused with his action and blinked her eyelids few times. He said softly to her you can keep the computer and use them as long as you want, I am not in rush to use them anyway. He moved to the table to pass the MacBook to her. She replied it’s okay I already note down I won’t be needing them now. By the way what are you searching he asked. She looked at him and said you tried western medication and maa’s condition didn’t improve much but I read before Ayurveda method can do wonders. So I thought of making some Ayurveda medication for maa and try. I was looking for the nearest Ayurveda center at Delhi and there is one so need to bring maa there and ask them to guide us the medication and methods she looked down as she finish her sentence.

He called her softly Mehak, she looked up and lower her gaze again. Do you think these Ayurveda and etc. will work on maa? I have consulted many doctors for her and all said the same thing. She has paralyzed and with some help of physiotherapy she is fine now. She looked at him again and said can we give a try because by trying we will not lose anything. He takes a deep breath and looked at her, okay for your comfort we will go for the Ayurveda treatment he agreed. Mehak smiled as he agreed and she thanked him for considering this and left from his room greeting him good night.

Shaurya was still in daze as his mind keep flashing of her little smile and her good night wishes. Back at her room Sonal was getting ready to sleep and she asked Mehak how was her day. Mehak explained about the hospital trip and she thought about Ayurveda treatment and Shaurya agreed to try that for maa. She asked about Sonal’s day and Sonal said all are busy as Shaurya’s new hotel will be opened at Jaipur and she is backing up Vicky who is travelling back and forth from Jaipur to Delhi. Both fell asleep soon after chit chatting.

Next morning during breakfast time Mehak told Karuna maa that she has read about Ayurveda treatment and she wants to bring her there to try and follow up treatment will be done at home. Shaurya was at the table as well listening while eating his meal. Dolly maasi asked do you think all these will work the past 1 year lalla has bring so many doctors and tried all treatments nothing worked you came 2 days ago and you want to try Ayurveda etc., if you don’t know anything don’t talk and don’t do anything to our lalla’s maa. Shaurya didn’t like the way maasi being cold towards her and replied maasi we have tried many methods and it didn’t worked and we never give a try to Ayurveda so let’s try and see, is no harm trying a treatment. I will be bringing them to the Ayurveda center myself let’s see what they have to say. Karuna maa looked at Mehak beta when you come home I feel like I am more energetic and happy like used to be. Just not able to move around you be with us all the time I will recover soon. Mehak shakes her head off and said maa now don’t say no and come with us to try this and who knows next month we both can go shopping together. Okay beta I miss going shopping and we will go together so now we will go for thee Ayurveda treatment as per your suggestion. Mehak was happy and after breakfast they leave for the treatment center with Shaurya together. Arriving at the center Mehak asked about the senior practitioner and bring in Karuna maa with Shaurya there. She explained about her condition and the senior practitioner started to check her. After checking Karuna maa thoroughly the practitioner sat and advised. He said if would have brought her last year it self she might be started to walk by now. But it’s not late we can start some treatment. He suggested some herbs, dietary suggestion and also what is the movement should practice in order for recovery. Later finishing at the center they returned home, on the way in the car Shaurya’s thoughts was knotted as he realized if he never been rude and throw Mehak away by now she would have sought the necessary treatment and help to cure maa and she would have been fine. Also even though Mehak is in the same car or even in the same house the way she acts cold or like a stranger kind of behavior does pricks him very much. He wants to see the friendly the bubbly cute type Mehak who will giggle a lot and who doesn’t stops talking he wants to touch her caresses her, he looked through the rear mirror, her hair was falling on her face, he wants to play with her hair and he want to push that hair at the back of her ears. His heart has many unsaid things he wants to pour out all into her. He smiled as he drive seeing the rear mirror. He told himself I will be the man that you always wanted Mehak I will be the one whom you love a lot and I will shower my love to you till eternity.

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    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Kavya thank you dear glad you like the update, their misunderstandings not sorted completely as Mehak has already thrown out her bottled anger to Shaurya in the previous update but they have not reconcile yet so it will definitely will take time. will continue soon thank you dear

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      Thank you Anisha glad you like my update have great week a head

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    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Cindy thank you so much for the feedback dear glad you like my update. Yes Shaurya has tonned down a bit so he dont want to trigger the anger in Mehak. He has seen enough of her at the cottage and now he wants to go slow with her. Will post soon dear , have fun and blessed day ahead

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