Part 13 21/08/2018

The next morning Mehak opens her room door and saw a sorry note with her chai on the table outside her room. She reluctantly took the cup and sat near the window at her room leaving the door open widely. She folded her knees to her chest and watched the morning view from her glass window as sipping the hot chai. Shaurya was standing outside her room and watching her as he sipped his chai. She looked lovely in the morning wakeup look, he always dreamt to see this sight of her in morning. She is such a view to him. He have many more unsaid wishes and dreams about her, he cleared his throat and interrupted her long thinking good morning beautiful, Mehak looked at him and turned her face away from him. She is still furious with whatever happened last night. Now he is standing there as if nothing happens with a calm face, he asked so do you want to have your breakfast at the gazebo or inside the house. I will prepare something and we can eat. She still didn’t reply, he walked slowly towards her and her heart beat heavily wondering why is he walking towards her is he going to do the same thing like last night, he took the empty chai mug from her and whispered slowly I think we will eat at the dining table will be good as the garden is wet and muddy due to last night rain.

He took the mug from her and walk away from the room. Mehak was in confused state. Is this guy is even real, yesterday night he did something which was not right and now he is behaving as if nothing happened. She was cursing under her breath what kind of human is this, she shakes her head off and went to shower and joined him for breakfast. It was again a noiseless meal. Mehak didn’t want to see his face. Shaurya casually asked did you slept well last night, I feel so good after the work out and swimming with the night candle light dinner I slept well and today when I woke up I fell so refreshing he said that as he stretched himself.

Mehak gets annoyed and gets up from her place and looked at him obnoxiously. She pulled his shirt and shakes him aggressively. What are you thinking Shaurya first you brought me here without my consent, then you playing with my emotion, last night you kissed me without my consent like Emraan Hashmi, what are you doing and how long you going to keep me here with you. I don’t seems to understand what is your intention here Shaurya. You are behaving as if we are newly married couple came here for some vacation, you are cooking daily and whatever I do you are just being silent. Do you think by behaving such ways you will be earning my trust and I will start living with you after all you did to me.

Shaurya gets up slowly from his seat as his eyes still fixed on her, he saw her lioness is very angry and she will pounce at him at any time. She was still holding his sweater as the tears started to stream down her cheeks. What do you want Shaurya, why you doing this to me I left everything and went to live on my own and you found me there and brought me here, past 2 weeks you kept me like a prisoner? Why she asked as she asked him as she looked into his eyes. Shaurya saw today he need to let her vent out her bottled emotion and everything he has to tell her this is the day.

He placed his palms on her wrists which still holds on to his sweater. Both looked into each other’s eyes for some time it has many unspoken words which conveys pain, truth and most important love can be seen. Minutes passed and Mehak suddenly pulled her hands from sweater and his hands. She turn her gaze away from him. He called her Mehak please give me a chance to explain he started but Mehak stopped him and she asked did you let me to explain Shaurya, when I ran to hospital to see maa one time you throw me out of the hospital compound and asked me to stay away from maa. The next day when I came into house you throw me out of the house with spitting your anger venom on me, whatever in your heart came out the words you throw at me still rings in my mind Shaurya, yes you are right we are not match to each other, yes you are right you did a mistake by marrying me and yes it was my mistake to trusting you after the first time you left me and I was a fool to thought that you will be giving me the love that I yearning for years and we will be starting a beautiful life together and living our dreams together but all shattered in one day her throat dried as she said that. When you chase me out I came home and my family wants me to sign the divorce paper and to end all relationship with you as you killed my parents.

Once that first tear broke free, the rest followed in an unbroken stream. Shaurya’s heart trembled to see her in that state he wants to enveloped her in his arm and he wants to give his assurance to her, he step closer to her and called her Mehak she wiped her tears away and looked at him. He cupped her reddened face I can never hate you Mehak, please at that point of time maa’s health was important and when your family lodge the police report and things went out of hands I don’t know what I was doing and behaved in such manner. Believe me that’s something I always regret doing and till date I wish I didn’t say such thing to you. My heart aches seeing you in this condition. You are my soul , my world and my wife and my life and my everything , the moment I saw you at Manali your face lost the smile you always have , wearing white clothes everyday my heart pain to see you such condition, you are the one who colored my life with your colors and you are colorless. You are my Mehak who bring the scent of beautiful flowers in me. You have given me the meaning to live my life Mehak I will promise you that I will be the Shaurya you wanted to be and I will fulfill all your wishes and dreams and let’s start living our life from now. Mehak pushed him away hearing this.

He jerked few steps back with her forceful push and he looked at her questioning look. Mehak asked do you know what you are asking Shaurya. When you need me you come after me when you don’t need me you throw me away like waste paper. I am human with feelings and not your pet who will obey at all your request blindly. Apology and acceptance can only be done once Shaurya not every time you do some mistake and I accept you then it will become your usual behavior. Did you bother to think about me, if one sec you put your anger aside and think what I am going through? The next day of my marriage I get to know my husband the person I loved so much is the one who caused my parents death. Do you know how I wish I didn’t hear that truth? I didn’t utter a single thing against you because I loved you. But when maa got assaulted in the jail I prayed so hard nothing should happen to her. Because I know the pain of losing our loved ones as I been through that I wouldn’t want you to go through that pain she is not only your maa she is also my maa. I was so happy that God has taken my parents when I was young but I got a loving mom after such a long time. Yes I loved you once with all my soul and heart you filled me with the kind of feelings I never felt before with anyone and you also given me the pain which no one else given me, he closed his eyes and a tear runs from his eyes as she say that.

He looked at her who is sobbed heavily as she pour herself out. Then let me heal all the pain I caused to you, let me correct everything now please give me a chance Mehak he pleaded. Mehak looked at him in disbelief, she saw a ceramic bowl and plate on the kitchen counter she took that and throw that on the floor it shattered into many pieces, she looked at Shaurya can you fix the broken bowl and plate? You can’t right, same thing you already break me into pieces and you can’t fix the damage you did to me. He dropped on his knees and folded his hands begging her for her forgiveness she turn her face away from him and scrunched her nose please Shaurya just let me go. She said that and passed him he quickly gets up from the floor and called her do you remember the promises you made to me that no matter what situation comes , no matter anything happens you will never leave me, so you break your promises easily Mehak he said as he wiped his tears. He continued whenever I was not in right state of mind and making hast decision you will come to persuade me to think in right manner and made me man with wisdom but why didn’t do this to me, if you say I am wrong you are also equally wrong in this. Mehak turned to look at him said Shaurya you are just like a child who wants your favorite toy once you get bored you will throw the toy and get a new one. You also promise me many things but when times come you forgot all, I didn’t break mine although there were chance is just that I was thrown away by you. Let us just stay away from each other as we will only bring harm and no good for each other. If I am there with you something bad will always happen around and it will make you upset. If I am sad my family members will be upset seeing my condition I am no good for anyone Shaurya. Let us end this all and we will go in our own way. You start your life with someone suitable and let me continue to live like what I have been going through that word was sharp as a knife pierced into his heart she walked away from the cottage door which was left open earlier.

She was walking fast at the garden after her huge blow with Shaurya and he followed her from the back and called Mehak stop, I have promised your family that I will search and bring you back home so at least let me bring you back to your family. She didn’t turned to look at him just replied that tell them you didn’t found me or just tell them that I died. He called her again and ask her to look at him, she reluctantly turned to see him and horrified to see him with a gun in his hand pointing towards his head. Her eyes widened in shock and she asked him as her voice breaks Shaurya what are you doing, put that gun down, you can hurt yourself, listen to me don’t do this. He said with his trembling voice you don’t know Mehak the past months how I spent my days imagining you by my side you have been my sole reason I am still in front of you today or else I am already dead long back. When your family wonders what happen to you I will console them saying Mehak will be fine and I will find her but now you expect me to tell them you are dead? Before you leave from here let me end my life and the pain I suffer, I can’t afford to see you going away from me. Mehak perplexed hearing it he was about to pull the trigger and she run and push the gun from his clutch and the gun fell down on the ground , she shake him ferociously why Shaurya why you doing this to me, we are not meant to be together we will cause the destruction of each other and our family. Please try to think for the sake of your family she tried to persuade. He holds her head tightly and said there is nothing is important than you Mehak in my life. If I need to end this breathing I rather do it for you and by seeing you I rather die smiling looking at you than your thoughts kills me every day. Mehak crumbled to the ground and pressing her palms on the grass, she began to cry loudly as Shaurya fell to his knees as well both cried at the same manner.

Dear readers apologies for this short update as I was also equally devastated and upset about ZKM Off air but then I slowly wrote this chapter. I will update my both ff next week as I am leaving to my hometown for Bakrid celebration. Thank you and have a great day ahead all. Do read this and give me your comments and likes

  1. Marvellously written update
    Every single word just touches your heart
    Felt bad for mehrya??
    Hopefully now they unite
    Seriously I too felt very sad hearing that zkm will be going off air?????
    Excited for next part
    Have a great eid
    Update soon
    Keep smiling???

    1. Haseenah2020

      hI Cindy my lovely reader how are you doing? I am glad you like my update dear. Yes this scene was indeed needed for Mehak to pour out her heart content as Shaurya didn’t fulfill his responsibility as her husband and also break his promise to her. The upcoming chapter will be more interesting please stay tune and continue to read my ff thank you for your wishes dear. will be back on weekend so I will update again next week for both my ff thank you so much for loving me

  2. thanks for this yrr…

    yes i m very hurt and sad coz my zkm going to off Air…. i miss tham badly…

    that’s why i hate zee TV zee TV have no power to off Air kkb kb…..

    I hate both this show…

    and thanks for giving us mehrya back…

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Sapna thank you so much for the feedback glad you like my update dear. Dont be sad I am consoling myself because we are done with the negative chapters so its better to go off air. I will continue to write my ff. Do read my ff and comment my story dear. Keep in touch

  3. Hi haseenah, wat a lovely part. I have no words. Ur such a wonderful writer. Just loving the emotional part of mehrya. It is very disheartening that ZKM is going off air. Please u always update Ur FF’s n keep alive mehrya romance for sake of us. Dont stop AABMDK and mehrya my version. It’s a sincere request. Happy Eid.????

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Kavya Thank you so much for the feedback glad you like the update. Dont worry about ZKM going off air. I will definitely continue my ff. I will update my ff soon. Thank you for the wishes.

  4. Srry fr nt commenting your last update busy with my works…Very much touched with your writing Dr…! I felt pity on shaurya… Want them to be united plzzz Yarr unite them? gonna miss your mehrya update terribly…plzzz update it soon Im dying here..happy bakrid..Dr..

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Anu I will continue soon . Thank you so much for commenting glad you like my update. I will continue next week after I am back from my Eid holiday.

  5. Hi all, i did not know the show is ending.. ooops
    when is zendeghi ki mehek going off ???
    Are they planning to kill both characters (mehek & shaurya) again?
    In any case, i enjoy reading your posts Hassenah..please continue..

    1. Haseenah2020

      HI Pat how are you. Yes ZKM ending on 31st Aug. We are uncertain of the ending but do not worry I will continue my ff updates. Stay tune dear have fun will continue soon

  6. hi di described the pain mehek gone through ,though shaurya did mistake he to suffered a lot hope they understand &support each other as both suffered alot bye di eid mubhadak

    1. Haseenah2020

      HI Sanju thank you for commenting dear glad you like the update. Thank you for the wishes dear yes I will continue my ff next week stay tuned. my ff is long way to go dear be patient with me

  7. Awwww our Shaurya crying??? He really love Mehek love her so much that he was willing to sacrifice himself,they both are suffering sometime one wonders why so much pain when you are in love. She is correct when she told him he is like a child with a new toy once he gets fed up with it he wants a new one. And no one comments on ZKM only me. You continue with the good work hun.

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Jayashree thank you so much for the commmetn dear , Yes Shaurya burst out once Mehak’s emotion turmoil surface. Yes they love each other so much till they cried alot . She try to convince him that staying away from each other is the best but he dont seems to agree with it. Dont worry dear maybe all are busy and not commenting in the post I will continue my ff and I do hope to see your comments as usual here. thank you so much.

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