Part 12 16/08/2018

2 weeks passed in the same manner. Shaurya took care of her and Mehak didn’t utter a single word except for yes or no at times if needed. He wants her to react to confront him and fight with him but she remain calm and stubborn in her own world. She have conflict in herself battling between her mind and her heart. Most of the time she will be spending her time at the swing or at the flower garden, Shaurya will observe her from the windows at the cottage she looks so serene among the flowers and the greenery. Once in a while he will see her lip will sprout with a small smile when a butterfly comes to sit on her. For him that’s the most beautiful sight on the earth and he discreetly took a picture of her in that pose.

It was bright sunny evening and Shaurya asked Mehak whtr she want to follow him to the waterfall, he wants to go have a dip in the cold fall water. Mehak rolled her eyes and said no I am not coming anywhere with you she replied. He shakes his head and okay I am going you will stay alone in the cottage don’t attempt to run from here, usually at evening times bears or wild boars comes for evening stroll, Mehak’s eye popped hearing the wild animals name. Shaurya headed to the direction of the waterfall, Mehak quickly comes down from the swing and tip toed him. He noticed she is following him and smirked as he walked. Upon reaching the waterfall Mehak found a huge rock she went to sit on top of the rock and slowly dip her leg in the cold water she giggled and Shaurya saw her smile and he proceeded to a find a suitable spot for him. He took out his shirt and was wearing swimming shorts. He did some planks exercise and Mehak who was busy playing with the water saw him bare torso and his tones muscles with 6 pack, He looks like Greek God kind of guy, Any girl would want her chance with him, her breath hitched seeing him as he worked his muscle. She immediately change her sight when he about to notice her, he loudly said you can check me out you have all the rights. Mehak stick her tongue out to him and he grinned at her. He gently went in the fall and washed himself and soak himself in the cold water.

Mehak looked at him and ignored she started to throw some small rocks in the water as she played with her fingers in the water. Mehak notice he was going under the water and on and off coming up to the surface but later she notice Shaurya was missing for some time under the water. She wonders whtr did he drowned as he didn’t come up from the water. Suddenly she felt a tickle in her feet from under the water she shrieked and saw it was Shaurya who moved from under the water to tickle her feet. He came to the surface and laughed at her. She got irritated and kicked the water to his face and made an angry pout at him scolding him for his insane behavior. He was happy to see her cuteness. He in return splash some water on her, Mehak screamed badtameez stop that and she gets up to leave the waterfall area. Shaurya called her Mehak where are you going, she answered I am going back to the cottage you enjoy your bath in the fall, she was about to turn when her feet slipped and she lost balance.

She fell in the fall and went slightly deep under water, Shaurya quickly swim under to catch her and he got her. She held on to him tightly her arms encircled on his neck and he his strong arms enveloped her. Mehak was so scared and closed her eyes tightly as she gasped for breath and her chest heaved violently. She couldn’t speak as she was frightened up. Shaurya was taken aback in her view as she was clung to his neck for her dear life.

She pushed her wet hairs away from her face and trying to see where is she now. She notice she is very much safe and sound in his strong arms. Her warm breath hit against his lips and he was drinking her beauty without blinking his eyes. He could feel her softness rise and fall against his well-built pectorals. Mehak recollected herself and looked at Shaurya. He was having a glow in his face as he admire her on his arms. His eyes looked down on her juicy plummy lips. Mehak stealthily splash some water on his face and she broke his trance. He shakes his face away and his long hair fell over his forehead and he pushed them away. Mehak rudely asked what are you staring, he grinned sheepishly as he held her tightly against his body. She tried to push him away and asked him to leave her not realizing that they are still in water, he playfully loosen his grip from her waist and she immediately go under the water and she struggled screaming save me. He quickly catch her again and this time again she clung to his neck and hugging him tightly panting heavily pushed her hair away from her face and looked at him and in angry tone she asked is this the way to save someone Bewakoof badtameez kahinka. He enjoyed her churlishness it’s like a 5 years old throwing tantrum she is so naive and innocent like a child. He playfully asked her you fell in the water on purpose right so you can be touchy touchy and get close to me right? Mehak’s eyes widened. She pouted at him angrily and asked does anyone do that on purpose I slipped and fell into the water, Shaurya continued to me it looks like you want to take a chance on me because you have been observing me since we came here so I thought you purposely did that by the way I don’t mind. Mehak scrunched her nose and told him to stop talking rubbish and go to the fall edge so she can go out of water but Shaurya purposely said no I want to remain in the water some more time , if you want to go you can go on your own but I am not going anywhere. She was fuming in anger as he is not helping her.

He asked her to hold on to him and she obeyed she cling to his neck and he let go of his grip from her waist. He enjoyed that moment and his face beamed as he dipped in the water as she is clinging tightly at his back. Suddenly the sky roared thunder and both looked up, the sky turning grey and was about to rain. He told her we need to get back to the cottage before it rains and moved to the edge. He helped her to sit on the rock and come out from the water offering a towel she shakes her head and said no. He wiped his hair and collected his clothes and walked with her to the cottage.

Upon reaching the cottage it started to rain heavily and the sky becomes dark. Mehak rushed to her room and tried to switch on the light at her room, before she could say anything Shaurya loudly said Mehak I think there is power cut and no electricity in the cottage, I will bring the candle for you, she replied okay. She went behind the wooden room divider removing her wet duppatta. By then Shaurya came to her room with the candle, the candle light bright up the room , Mehak from behind the wooden divider ask him to leave it and go, when he was about to leave , his eyes fell on her shadow where she was gently peeling off her suits. His throat was drying up his heart pounding heavily as his eyes glued seeing her silhouette.  She sneezed few times which made him to realize what is he doing he closed his eyes and inhaled and exhaled deep breath and he cursed himself for ogling at his own wife. If she knows he was standing there checking her out she will turned this cottage upside down and it’s even difficult to get her forgiveness. He gently caress his heart and told himself my death will be caused by this girl .He moved away from her door way to his room.

Mehak changed her clothes and came to the living area with the candle in her hand. Shaurya who was in the kitchen saw her coming in slowly with the candle in her hand he stopped doing whatever he was doing and looked at her she was no more less than angel in that glorious candle light. His breath hitched and chills ran over his body. He looked at her as she step closely to him his heart beat furiously under his ribcage. She placed the candle on the kitchen counter. She looked at him and asked him why you are always staring at me, you never seen any girl before in life or what? Her question break his wild imagination running in his mind and he said nothing I was just seeing at you. He fix a quick dinner and asked her to eat while he goes to the fire place to put in some woods so the cottage will stay warm. It rained heavily outside and the wind howled was slightly scary and Mehak looked a bit uneasy. Suddenly she heard growling sound her eyes was about to popped out due to the noise. Shaurya looked at her and said maybe some wild animals passing the cottage. Shall we invite them to join for dinner because it’s very quiet and boring to eat without any talking? We are having candle light dinner and it would be good to have some company he added. Mehak quickly moved a bit to his side holding to his well-built biceps and she hide her face when a lightening roared she started to mumble some prayers. He observed her quietly and wonders whatever she does is cute and he can’t get his eyes off from her, either she is angry, or happy or sad or upset when he taunt her. Mehak Sharma now Mehak Khanna is truly ruling his mind and he is obsessed everything about her. Once the lightening sound gets sober she lifted her head gently to see and saw his gaze on her he was looking at her lovingly and she was lost in his gaze. He reached out and pulled her to him as both his hands was behind her neck, Mehak was motionless as he lowered his lips on hers and started to kiss her gently sucking her lower lips and gradually taking over her upper lip, he felt her lips was warm and soft juicy lips it tasted more like honey and forbidden fruit from haven. He felt her fingers on his t-shirt grabbing it tightly.

Mehak melted in his single kiss which consumed her entirely she felt amazing as he sucked her rosy petals then suddenly she realized what happen and pushed him abruptly he let go off her lips and looked at her intently she slapped him and touched her lip realize what happen to her. She rushed to her room. Shaurya runs after her Mehak listen sorry, Mehak please stop. She didn’t listen as her tears started to gush out from her eyes she closed the door quickly and lie on the bed sobbing on the pillow.

Outside the door, Shaurya knocks the door asking her to open it and he was apologizing to her profusely but he could only hear her crying in the lone cottage. He slapped himself and sat in front of the door I am sorry Mehak please forgive me I made a mistake, he kept calling her but there is no reply from the other side, after sometime she replied him leave me alone Besharam aadmi. He gets up from the door and leave from there.

On the bed Mehak cried wondering how come she let him to kiss her and she was not able to push him when he advances her. She wonders what happen to her, why she didn’t stopped him. She keep saying to herself it was wrong. She gets up and went to see herself in the mirror she runs her fingers along her lips and she runs into the bathroom and turn on the shower as she stands under the shower crying as her mind flooded with their kissing episode.

He saw his reflection on one of the mirror her went closer to the mirror and touched his lips, he closed his eyes and his imagination runs wild in him, he can’t believe that he kissed her after such a long time, it’s one of his dream he had longing to kiss her. Since the water fall incident she had turned him on and he was not able to control himself. In fact when he was kissing he thought he was kissing her in his imagination but never had he thought he kissed her in real, he runs his thumb over his lip he felt overwhelming as his lips perfectly fitted over hers and he felt accomplished.

He checked his cheek at the mirror where she slapped him, he talked to himself she is still same Mehak if do something without her consent she will slap and teach them a lesson, I kissed her and she slapped me fair enough he told himself with a smirk.

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