Part 107 Mehrya My Version (Epilogue)


6 years later

Mehak was busy with her spice & herbs garden while Nithin helps her pulling out the weeds. He resembled a lot like Mehak, even in his behavior, he loves food, and wants to learn cooking and become a great cook like Mehak.  Whereas Neelam is an exact copy of Shaurya, from their character and how their face changes if they don’t like something. We could say she is mini Shaurya in female version. As Mehak did the spice garden, she saw Neelam cycling coming towards her as she yelling to her brother. Nithin see here I can ride the bike without holding the handles, before Mehak could say anything Neelam lost balance and ruin the sapling which Mehak just bought to replace the old ones. Nithin started to scold her for being reckless and ruining the sapling. He was complaining to Mehak maa see what this Neelam did to our gardening project, all are ruined. Neelam gets up and she dust off the soil from her clothes. She replied to her brother, Nithin instead of complaining you should have helped me to get up, you can do the gardening later. Mehak gets up and look around for something as she huffed and puffed in anger she found the stick from the plant nearby she took that she started to run after Neelam. Seeing her mother coming after her with the stick Neelam started run away from her, Nithin runs together with Mehak to help his mom to catch Neelam. Mehak was screaming I told you earlier don’t come near my garden area with the bicycle or else you will ruin the plants, you were so stubborn and didn’t listen to me till now you ruined my garden, Neelu stop now. Neelima runs fast like lightening yelling mamma don’t try to run after me you can’t get me. Nithin joins and said maa I will get this girl so you can punish her for spoiling our garden. Neelu you better stop now, or else you will get it nicely from me, Mehak warns her. From nowhere, Shaurya joins their chase and he lifted Neelima into his arms, he asked her why is she running and momma and Bhai chasing her. She kept a sad pout and said I didn’t do anything papa, they are simply chasing me. Mehak and Nithin reached Shaurya and he tried to keep Neelu away from both and asked them what did his princess did and why they are chasing her. Nithin relate to him what she did despite being told many times not to cycle near the spice & herbs garden area, and now all the saplings is ruined. Shaurya turned to look at Neelima, and he asked is it so, she made a sad pout again and said it was an accident papa, I didn’t mean it. Shaurya asked her did you say sorry to mamma and Bhai. She didn’t move, beta if you do wrong, you must apologize immediately, now tell mamma and Bhai sorry, she muttered slowly sorry mamma, sorry Nithin. Nithin said papa see, she is not calling me Bhai, and she is calling me by my name, Neelu defended, he only born 2 minutes earlier than me not two years I will not call him Bhai. Mehak said, you see her, how she is talking, you have really spoilt her Shaurya. Yesterday she told papa to eat less as he is very fat like Goldie Bear. Is this how to talk to elders. Mehak pouted. Shaurya laughed and looked at Neelu, my sweetie pie you are not supposed to talk to elders like that, okay promise me you will be good and will talk to nicely to all. Neelu said okay papa I promise. He puts her down but she turned and stick her tongue out to Mehak in naughty gesture, which infuriated Mehak and wanted to catch Neelu but she manage to make an escape again before Mehak start chasing her again, Shaurya hold her by her waist and kissed on her shoulder, Mehak asking him to let her go she need to catch that little one and to teach her a lesson but he held her tightly crushing her to his body as he tell her, leave her aside and see your big baby is here, and he needs you terribly he said in sensual tone. It’s been almost 8 years they are married but still Mehak gets butterflies in her stomach whenever he does something like this or even when he just looked at her the look that no one can make her blush and make her heart flutter. She nudged him asking him to stop as she needs to go back to do the gardening work. He knows her why is she reacting in that way, he walked behind her and said , we already married for many years Mehak I can’t believe you are still shy and reacts like this. She ignored him and walked away from him. Shaurya rolled his tongue inside his mouth as his hands rested on his waist. He strode a few steps towards her and held her by her waist lifting her off the ground and as he twirled her in the air making her giggle and asking him to put her in the ground.

Usually if Shaurya back home early he will shower the kids, play with them allowing Mehak to do other things. She showered and went to kitchen to prepare dinner for all. She was taking pictures in between on her dishes as she stirring them. Shaurya stealthily entered the kitchen hugging her from back he holds her hand which was stirring the pot and asked what’s cooking biwi. She replied its macaroni more like an Indian dish but I added boiled macaroni in it. Do you want to try she asked, he whispered I am not interested in these dishes, my hot item is the one is cooking this macaroni, which is Mehak Makhan Masala he added. She nudged him and stop talking like that, if the kids sees him like this that’s it. He continued they won’t come don’t worry, I already help you to shower them and now they are busy playing with their PlayStation, they won’t bother us for sometimes. As he was kissing her neck, they were interrupted with the sound of throat clearing, Mehak and Shaurya turn to see both their kids standing at the kitchen with their arms resting on their waist. Mehak pushed Shaurya away and looked at them. Both their kids stared at them as Shaurya continued to hold Mehak by her waist. Nithin asked papa what you doing? Shaurya said I am helping mamma with the dinner junior. She needed some help in the kitchen so I am helping her. Neelam said, you don’t look like helping at all papa, anytime anywhere you are romancing with mamma, let her cook our dinner fast ,we are very hungry now she complained which made Mehak red as tomato and she runs after Neelam, Shaurya was on the other side of the kitchen island to catch Neelam and Mehak was on the other side, they both manage to catch her and Shaurya lifted both his kids in his arms as Mehak tickled Neelam and saying nowadays you are talking so much Neelu, Neelu manage to say how not to talk when my dad is the famous Shaurya Khanna. The smart business man and also the hot and suave celebrity chef. Nithin hugged his mom and the entire family was enveloped in a huge hug.

At night after their kids were to put to sleep, Shaurya and Mehak was cuddling each other and checking their photo album. Mehak asked him do your remember this shot Shaurya? He looked at it and chuckled, it was when Shaurya was changing diaper for Nithin and he was playing with him instead wearing the diaper quickly but poor Shaurya was showered on his face as Nithin pee on him. This made Shaurya embarrassed as Mehak manage to record it and she took that shot too. Then they see another photo of Neelam spitted her baby food and she made a mess out of herself. Shaurya mocked her, you see Neelam only liked western food she didn’t like your desi food. Mehak chided, so now you are complaining about my cooking too. Oh not like that, I am trying to say she have different taste towards food Shaurya pacified her. As they go through the album how the year passed with their kids, the shared some ups and downs dealing with their kids, business and family. Mehak asked it’s good to look back at all these photos and relive our memories Shaurya.  The clock strike 12 and he whispered Happy Anniversary my love. Mehak looked at him and remembered yes it’s our anniversary. She hugged him back and wished him happy anniversary patidev. She looked at him and feel his warm love and the same intense feeling his eyes having for her. Years passed but the love they shared for each other grows. The most wonderful thing I decided to do was to share my life and heart with you Shaurya, thank you for being the best husband and best papa to our kids and filled my life with all your love she pressed her lips on his cheeks and looked at him. Shaurya was mesmerized by her words and said I am glad that you willing to share your life with me and , your love and our beautiful kids with me Mehak, because of you I continually gets recognitions and awards in business for our restaurants. You have been guiding me to do things in the right way you have put up with me during good and bad times and loving me for who I am. For this my gift for you is that we are going to Europe trip with the kids, and also not to forget Disneyland at France so get ready for our trip in two days.

Mehak was awestruck at his saying and her eyes twinkled in excitement, she hugged him back saying thank you so much for this patidev, I am looking forward for our trip with the kids , love you so much for this arrangement. Shaurya tucked her hair at the back and said so now you get the anniversary gift so where is mine he asked her covertly. She asked him tell me what you want, I will get for you. Shaurya grinned sheepishly at her, she looked puzzled at the way he looks and she knows what he wants, she tried to move away from him but he manage to rolled her down and captured her lips with his as both shared with a passionate kiss and made love till dawn.

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    How beautiful. So perfect! I’ll miss the FF … It ended on a better note than the show itself. Congratulations again. Awaiting updating of AABMDK FF.

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