Part 105 Mehrya My Version

Part 105 17/12/2018

Sonal came to Khanna Mansion both the best friend were equally excited as they meet up after such a long time. Sonal talked about her stay at Jaipur, about baby Mahi and how Mohit is doing well in his job. Later she asked Mehak about her Bangalore trip and how life is the past 4 months. Mehak narrated to her excitingly till the award won by White Chilies. She showed her the pictures taken during the award show and also her YouTube channel.

Awara came to serve them the snack and he told Mehak that Shaurya message her asking what is she doing, did she had her juice or not. Mehak shakes her head and said she will have the juice and not to mention that she cooked today, he nodded quickly and left them. Sonal asked what happen and why is he behaving like this and is she okay or not. Mehak told about she is being very tired and no appetite feeling sleepy these days. Now Shaurya is at Indonesia and from there he is making Awara and Vicky to monitor me, not letting her to go out and asking her to be at home and rest. So Awara is being the puppet of Shaurya following his instruction and making her to eat and drink all kind of food. Sonal observed at Mehak for a while and Mehak raised her eyebrow asking her why you are looking at me one kind. Sonal smiled at her mischievously and gentle shakes her head as she pop a snack in her mouth. She dust her hands off and said if my observation is correct, this must be that. Mehak being the innocent deer didn’t understand what is Sonal trying to say. She asked her to tell in simple way, Sonal started you have gone a bit golu molu this time, skin complexion is good too, not eating properly and feeling tired sleepy from all these it shows that, Mehak asked it shows what Sonal quickly tell na. Sonal blurted out pregnant?

Mehak’s eyes bulged out hearing the word pregnant. She didn’t utter anything for a minute but Sonal snapped at her and asked her am I right? Are you pregnant? Mehak was confused she don’t know what is the feeling of being pregnant, in fact she start to think when was her last period. Sonal asked her, is your tummy feeling unusual? Mehak quickly replied yes I feel like one kind like we eat gola too much, the high sugar effect is that kind. Sonal knocked her head gently and said don’t think about food tell me what do you feel. Mehak pouted at her and said I don’t know yaar, I feeling bloated these few days and no appetite, I did made the kada for gassiness and had it in between. Sonal taunted her why is she look worrying if she is pregnant then she will be pregnant with her husband’s child but why she look uneasy. Mehak told her that they always practiced safe intercourse and they didn’t want a child so soon. Mehak asked Sonal, how to confirm whtr I am pregnant or not, Sonal suggested to get the pregnancy test kit and test it the next morning. After some time Sonal left from Khanna Mansion and Mehak warned her not to blurt out to anyone at Sharma’s for time being.

The next morning while having breakfast, Mehak asked Vicky to drop her at the pharmacy. He insist that he will buy for her as Shaurya strictly told them not to allow her to go out anywhere. But Mehak manage to convince him it’s a personal stuff and she needs to go and get it on her own. He took her to the pharmacy. Mehak went in and bought the pregnancy test kit, she shoved it inside her handbag and get into the car. Vicky dropped her back to Khanna mansion and he left to his work.

At her room Mehak was pacing high and low holding the new test kit. She was wondering how to test and how it will be. She read through the instruction when her mobile rings, she saw and it was from Shaurya. She quickly hides the box away and pretend to be normal to answer him. He greeted her and asked about her wellbeing. He said in his husky voice he is missing her terribly. He can’t sleep in the night as her Mehak was not there. She smiled blushing hearing him. He asked her does she sleep well and eat on time or not? Mehak giggled and said you already ruling Awara via telephone telling him to do this and that, and now he asking her the same too. She asked him when he is coming back as she already missing him. Shaurya replied her he will leave the next day evening but he is not coming to Delhi directly but he is going to Bangalore as there is some important work and he will come to Delhi after that. She was disappointed that he is not coming soon but even later than expected, he understand her silence and asked why what happen, what you are having for me he asked her coyly. She was annoyed that he doesn’t seems to understand her feelings. He called her Mehak are you there? She hmmm at him, and later said okay I shall wait. He asked her to take care of herself and sent her a flying kiss, her cheeks warmed although he only kissed his mobile, the sound he made is loud enough to make her warm. He huskily asked I am waiting for mine, she stealthily said, if you want yours then come home or else you getting nothing for me, understand Mr Khanna?  He chuckled hearing her undaunted reply. He smirked and said wait for me Mrs Khanna, you will going to love me even more after this. His sentence caused her smiled widely stirring up bubbles in her tummy. She said bye to him and hangs up.

Next morning Mehak gets up and took the tester kit into the bathroom and did the test. She leave the test kit on the wash basin and waited patiently for it to show either its one line or two lines. The two minute was very long for her, she stared at herself in front of the mirror as her right palm unknowingly went to her abdomen caressing it gently. She quickly took the test kit from the wash basin counter and saw the result. It showed two lines, Mehak gripped the test kit tightly and immediately sat down to calm herself. Her knees were shaky as she was overwhelmed. Tears River out from her eyes due to happiness, she is going to be a mom and Shaurya is going to be papa. But in the same time she felt a kind of anxiety, will Shaurya be happy as her as he always wanted a baby later not now. She slowly gets up and wiped the tears off looked at the kit and put them back on the wash basin counter. She went to shower and came out from the bathroom, drying herself up. She dressed up as her eyes was on the test kit on the dressing table now. She smiled looking at it and went downstairs. Awara greeted her, he asked her to sit down as he will bring the breakfast for her. She nodded and went to the Matarani altar. She covered her head and lit up the diyas as she brought her palms forward and prayed silently to bring all the happiness they deserves in their family. Vicky came down and greeted her, both sat and had their breakfast. Mehak smiled all the way till the breakfast ends. Shaurya messaged Mehak that he already leaving Indonesia and heading to Bangalore. Once he finished his work he will fly to Delhi, they didn’t face time to each other as it was late night flight from Indonesia. That night sleep was miles away as she was thinking about the tiny human inside her which made with love, she is feeling ecstatic. Apart from all these emotions running in her, another one was her anxiety what is Shaurya’s reaction going to be. A silent tear rolled out as she closed her eyes to calm herself. She wanted to call her maternal family but she wants to share with Shaurya first.

Mehak next day have no appetite, she asked for kichadi from Awara and after have it. She was holding the mobile in hand waiting for Shaurya to call back. In the morning she called him but he hastily hangs up saying he is busy. From then she was keep looking at the mobile awaiting for his call. She was anxious to call him but she thought to remain calm and wait for him to call back. Karuna maa called asking how is she and asked if she went to Sharma’s or not, after talking about the usual stuff, she hangs up. She take a stroll in the garden and talk to the gardener about her plan on creating a mini spice and herbs garden. The gardener delighted to help her. He said he will get the raw materials needed and will start planting them, but Mehak interrupted him said this is for her channel and she wants him to teach how to do gardening and planting so she can manage to take care of them on her own. He nodded happily and went away. After lunch Mehak dozed away while watching TV show. When she woke up she looked at the time it was almost to evening. She gets up from the bed and went to bathroom to freshen up and adjusted her saree in front of the mirror as she combs her hair neatly and placing the bindhi in between her brows. She heard the knock on her room door, she went to open the door and saw Awara with her masala chai. He put them on the table there and asked what to prepare for dinner, she asked for roti and some vege kurma and he said okay and left from there.

Mehak took her chai mug headed to the balcony, she sat in the swing sipping the hot chai. Just as she enjoying the chai, she heard her mobile rings in the room, she quickly went to get it. She was disappointed to see the caller was not she was expecting but from Priya from White Chilies. She called to ask about Mehak’s wellbeing. Mehak replied she is okay and will come to White Chilies next week.  She hangs up and leaves her room to downstairs. As she descend the last few steps she can’t believe of the view in front of her, she fluttered her eyelids twice to register what she is seeing.

It’s her husband with his signature grin approaching her. No words can describe her joy of seeing him. He was just a few steps away from her, and Mehak didn’t see the rest of the stairs as she skipped two steps and tripped from there but luckily Shaurya leaped and manage to hold her securely. She landed on his chest as she securely hugged him. Holding her securely in his embrace, her scent overwhelmed him and his scent and warmth only made her panic increase. She hid her face on his chest as he muttered slowly what happened to her that she didn’t even see the stairs, luckily I was near to catch you on time, or else you would have injured yourself. Can’t you be a little more careful? Mehak lift her head and looked at him as she made a childish pout with his serious tone. He held her by his side as both ascended the stairs and headed to their room. Shaurya was holding her by her waist as he kept nuzzling her kissing her hair, he locked the room door and moved to the bed. But Mehak manage to whisper saying not to the bed, he asked hoarsely then where, she giggled as she said to the dressing table, he didn’t let go as he wants to sniff in her scent and show her how much he missed her. But she nudged him and said in stern tone, to the dresser. He comply with her and brought her to the dresser. He rested his chin on her shoulder as he placed a kiss on her shoulder. He asked okay we are at the dresser now, what you want to see. Mehak takes a deep breath and asked him does he see anything new or difference in her. He looked at her carefully and her eyes seemed to sparkle, they were full of joy and light. He said in his deep voice, your rasgullas eyes has a glint, which says something. Tell me what is it he coaxed her to spill the bean. But she shakes her head and asked him to find out himself. Later he takes a deep breath and said you are very flirty today. Can I use my hands to feel it, she nodded. He slowly traced from her forehead , to the eyebrows, Mehak closed her eyes as she feel exhilarated as his finger draw a pattern at her lips, slowly going down the south, caressing her neck passing her valley, she shiver as he pass there and his finger touched her waist and reached her navel. She grasped his hand and stop at her tummy and put her palm on top of his hand. He was unclear of her action but her reflection in the mirror which shows Mehak’s beaming and her unusual sparkle in her eyes made him to understand what she trying to tell him. His eyes widen as both his hands came to touch and caress her tummy and he turned her slowly to face him, he rained kisses on her lips and all over her face, and kneel down to her tummy hugging her as he kissed her tummy. He draw a circle around her navel which made her to giggle and her tears of happiness stream out as she held his head at her waist. Shaurya nuzzled her navel and kissed there and he gets up to see her face, she lowered her gaze as she was hesitant to meet his eyes. He pushed her chin up and rested his forehead on hers and called her Mehak, please see me. She felt like he choked on his words, she opened her eyes to see tears runs from his closed eyes. She tilted to reach his eyes and slowly kiss those tears away and gently rub them off from his cheeks. She cupped his cheeks and smilingly leaned as she placed her soft petals on his and both shared slow yet sweet and passionate kiss. After a moment she asked are you happy Shaurya? He opened his eyes and both their eyes meets. He questioned her happy, she didn’t understand his tone. He quickly lifted her up and twirls around the room, happy, that’s understatement, I am going to papa, you will be momma and we will have our baby Mehak, how I cannot be happy. She rested her hands on his shoulders as the room reverberated with their laughter’s.

She asked him to stop as she feeling dizzy, he obeyed immediately and placed her on the bed gently and settled next to her looking at her in amazement. She adjusted to her side to see him as she caressed his face as looking into his eyes, a small smile crept on his lips, as he looked at her. She realized something and ask him to wait, she gets down from the bed and opens the drawer taking something with her and come to sit at the bed. She showed the pregnancy test kit to him. He quickly sit back and took the test kit from her and looked at it attentively. He asked how to know if it’s pregnant or not. Mehak explain how it’s showing two lines that means is positive for pregnancy. He held the test kit firmly in his hand and smiled at her. Did you tell maa, and everyone he asked? She shakes her head in No. His eyes open widely and he asked why. She moved to sit closely with him and said remember we promised each other any good news or bad news I should tell you first, so I waited for you to come back to break this news to you first, that’s why yesterday I kept asking you what time you are coming.  Why don’t you tell me about this yesterday I would have cancelled all and came immediately to you he retorted. She cupped his cheeks as she pinched them gently I want to see your expression, that’s why I waited for you. Sorry she pouted. He cupped her by her neck and pull her closer to him as he placed her on his chest. He kissed on her head and said you don’t know what this means to me. Mehak kissed his throat.

It was evening after dinner, Shaurya suggested that they should go to the gynecology doctor to consult. On the bed, Shaurya made Mehak sit in between him as he wrapped her securely, his hand was caressing her tummy, Mehak turned and asked him what is he doing? He smiled and said I am playing with my baby. Mehak smiled hearing him and Shaurya asked is this why your tummy shows a small bump last week. He asked her, how is it you feel, having a baby growing in you? Mehak replied him innocently, frankly speaking Shaurya I don’t feel anything at my tummy except blotted. I feel sleepy all the time. He asked her to rest and not to think anything so tomorrow they go for their appointment. Mehak dozed off immediately whereas Shaurya caressing Mehak’s silky hair and smile at the sleeping beauty and caressing her cheeks gently. He kissed her fingers and slept peacefully.

The next morning, Shaurya and Mehak were at Gynecology doctor’s clinic. They were waiting for their turn. Shaurya can see Mehak is being jittery. He placed his palm on hers and gave a little squeeze to calm her down. Their turn came and Mehak told about her symptoms like not having appetite, feeling tired although being on rest and last period date with the pregnancy test result which shows positive for pregnancy. The doctor started to check her eyes and asked her to lie down on the bed, she can do scanning to confirm. Mehak followed the nurse reluctantly as she looked on Shaurya. Doctor assured her that he will come there in short while. Mehak lie on the bed, doctor was there as Shaurya stands near by holding Mehak’s hand giving her an assurance smile. Doctor shows them the image from the sonography machine, she explains the dark spot is the embryo. The doctor explained that’s the baby. Mehak and Shaurya looked at each other at back to the sonography machine. The doctor exclaimed wow, we see double sacs here. Being first time these two didn’t understand much but Shaurya took a video of the sonography monitor. The doctor guided him back to her desk while Mehak was helped by the nurse to adjust her dress later she joined him at the desk too. The doctor congratulated them that they are pregnant with 5 weeks and their baby is 2mm size. Both their faces beamed, doctor add on the double sacs I mentioned earlier means, Mehak was panic and asked what is it doctor? Anything not good? Doctor smiled at Mehak’s innocent and said it means you both will have handful of blessings. Shaurya asked what is it doctor sorry please tell us what is it. She smiled at these two and said, your wife is pregnant with twins Mr Khanna.

Both stared at each other in disbelief but doctor showed the sonography print out and circled the sacs and the embryo explained about the growing twins. Hearing the word twins made Shaurya became insane he quickly embraced Mehak tightly as excited telling her Mehak we shall not have 1 but 2 babies. He also hugged the doctor, but the doctor asked him to calm down. She explain about, morning sickness, dizziness, frequent urination, food cravings and aversions, fatigue, acute sense of smell, mood swing and how this will change her physical body changes. Doctor asked Mehak to eat healthy food, and rest well. She asked both to come back in two weeks’ time to follow up again together giving her some vitamins supplements prescription. Shaurya thanked the doctor numerous times before leaving her room. Doctor reminded that if any pain or feeling unwell must come immediately, He thanked the doctor and side hugged Mehak who is still red as beetroot. They walked in the hospital corridor and he asked her why is she quiet and blushing. She didn’t reply he bring her to the nearest bench and sat down with her. He looked at her as he holds both her palms. What happened now, why are you quiet, yesterday you was so excited to announce to me about being pregnant but today you are so worried. Are you scared? She looked at him and trembled a bit and blurt out, all said having one child also is very difficult and very pain during delivery, I am scared about having two babies and how will I manage it. He sees her uneasiness in her eyes. He squeezed her palms gently and said why worry when I am going to be with you. From today onwards I will be taking care of you like my baby because of these two babies you are having in you he said as his hand caressed her abdomen. Anything and everything we go through together, remember it’s not you alone pregnant we are pregnant, okay he placed his palm on her cheek and caressed her cheek with his thumb. Mehak was awestruck with his word and a tear rolled out. He shushed her and said no crying then the babies will be said too, he wipe off the tears and asked her shall we go, I can’t wait to tell everyone about this. Mehak gets up and said she want to go to toilet and excused herself. While she was in toilet Shaurya manage to call Vicky and ask him to do preparation and told him that they will be there in 1hrs.

Both were in the car, Shaurya asked her does she wants to eat something, she wanted some snacks and he bought it for her and passed it her to eat in the car. He sees the message from Vicky saying that all done. He smiled as he drove to Khanna mansion. They reached Khanna mansion and parked the car at the porch. He quickly came to open the door for Mehak and hold her hand into the house. As they entered the hall, Mehak was asking Shaurya, today maa, papa and maasi supposed to return back, but they are not here, let me call them. But before she could finish her sentence, the Sharma’s and Khanna’s exclaimed SURPRISE from the living area.  She was surprised to see her maternal family is there too. She went to touch maa and papa feet but they hugged her and maasi hugged her saying she missed her. Mehak went to her family side hugging them all and later hugging PD. Harish papa asked Shaurya, what is it beta, is it new business deal you closed during your Indonesia trip? Even dhol wales are at the garden but Vicky said bhaiya will come and announce. So how much crore was the project? Or is it another cooking show you are going to host or another award? Shaurya smiled and shakes his head in NO. He said this time happy news is that you all are going to be promoted even myself being promoted, this one job I never did in my life. All looked at each other and murmuring what is he talking about, definitely it’s a happy news. Balwant Dadu intervene saying Arey puttar at this age what promotion are you talking about, I am already old, what you going to promote now. PD interrupted him and said your mother who is old also still hearty and hail what is your problem Balwant. Kanta chachi asked both of them to stay quiet and she asked Shaurya beta please tell us or else we all can’t stand the suspense. Jeevan chachu, Ravi chachu, Mansi Chachi, Mohit, Sonal, Nehal and Dolly maasi all are asking him to say it quick. Mehak signed by her eyes to tell them all, he chuckled and ask them to be quiet.

The news is that, there will be a new member to add in to this family, they will come in 8 months. All aww in surprise and hugged kissed Mehak. And one more is that, doctor said is not only 1 but 2 babies. Hearing another happy news the entire family started to wish each other congratulations. Mohit and Vicky carried Mehak in the air, she screamed and asked them to put her down as she feeling dizzy. Shaurya went quickly to her rescue, he asked both of them put her down gently and he made her to sit down. Balwant Dadu said what are we waiting for ask the dhol wale to beat the dhol now, Vicky signaled them and the dhol music started. The entire family danced at the garden following the dhol rhythm. Sonal and Nehal hugged Mehak. Sonal teased her finally you did the test and it came out as I said. Mehak smiled as she blushed. She slowly moved to dance with Shaurya and he held her to him and both were blessed by their family.

Later during meal time, Karuna maa suggested to conduct prayer session on the next day as seeking blessings for the good news. Kanta chachi said yes they all will attend the prayers. At evening Sharma’s took leave from everyone, chachi asked Mehak to take care of herself and call her if anything needed.

In their room there, Mehak just changed to her night wear and brushing her hair as she sees Shaurya busy with this mobile. Before she opens her mouth, he called her, if she’s done come here. She slowly sashayed to him and asked him what it is. He gently made her to sit on his lap. She asked what is it Shaurya. He showed his mobile and explained I have downloaded the app for monitoring babies’ growth on weekly basis. This app is useful for parents like us, it will show us what is it happening to our babies on weekly basis. So now we are 5 weeks pregnant, so the babies are only as big as apple seeds. Mehak’s eyes wildered hearing it, only that big. Shaurya chuckled and said it’s because babies will grow gradually now it’s the size of the apple seeds. So please be patient meri jaan. He caressed her little tummy, He looked at her and said she must take care of herself and their babies now. If she is tired she can sleep and no one will say anything, he will handle everything. She cupped his cheek and said I know you will handle everything, now let’s go and sleep, I am feeling sleepy now, and she fell asleep as soon her head hit the pillow. He turns to see her but she already closed her eyes, he smiled quietly as he off the light and pecked on her temple.

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      Tq Kavya for the the feedback glad you like the update. will update soon have a blessed day ahead.

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