Part 104 Mehrya My Version

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Part 104 12/12/2018

The next morning all the family gathered at dining table wished Shaurya and Mehak for the last night success for White Chilies winning. Harish papa commended Shaurya’s move by making Mehak to receive the award and made all proud. Karuna maa asked Mehak did she talked to her family, Mehak said yes maa , chachi called in the morning after seeing the newspaper I will go and visit them another day. Now after this success I can’t sit quietly at all, we must work even harder to maintain the title and set a good example to all, she said proudly as Shaurya looks on.

After breakfast both Mehak and Shaurya left to White Chilies, Shaurya on the way held Mehak’s right palm and he kissed the knuckles as he looked at the road. She shakes her head and asked Shaurya what you are doing, concentrate on the road. She tried to pull her hand away but his grip was strong and he give a glare which made her to stop immediately. They reached White Chilies and walked inside together with the Certificate frame and trophy. White Chilies was filled with many congratulatory flower stands and baskets from all business partners, investors and friends of Shaurya and Mehak. Mehak was astounded to see so many of gifts from well-wishers, she was also swarmed by her staff and team members to pass flower bouquets. Mehak showed them the certificate frames and trophy as she thanked all of their hard work and team work is the main reason for this winning. The head chef replied mam is all because of your motivation and you always been very supportive to us. You treated us all as a family that’s why, Priya second him. Mehak denied is nothing she did unusual but it’s all of their hard work this was possible. Later Mehak asked them to go and continue their work as now onwards they need to work even extra hard compare to previous as customers will be coming here with the expectation as we are the number one best service, best food and best hospitality restaurant in Delhi. All went back to their spot and continued their work. Shaurya who was there, completely amazed how Mehak has changed from shy, naive and docile girl he knows to a well matured, corporate mind and multitasking woman. He admiration towards her increased day by day as he placed his palm behind her waist, he guided her to their office room.

In the room, Mehak placed the frame and trophy in a display rack along with Shaurya’s other awards. Shaurya pulled her and made her to sit on his seat and she looked at him in bewilderment, he grin as in lopsided and said from now on you sit here and monitor. You are their boss now he justified. Mehak quickly gets up and hold Shaurya at his shoulder and made him to sit down. She told that no matter what he is the boss here and he will manage all. She will help him on everything needed. She need to concentrate on her YouTube channel, creating more new recipes and she also planning to do a spice garden at home, so she want to do them all. He propped his chin on his palm and looked at her as she explain her views, he swiftly pulls her to his lap and her hands rested at his chest. She tried to gets up from his lap and saying Shaurya this is restaurant and anyone will come, behave yourself. He held her tightly not letting her to go away easily, he smiled mischievously asking her you haven’t give me today’s sweet yet. She rolled her eyes and said yesterday night you had enough now you get nothing from me she hit his chest. He traced her jawline with his nose tip and said in husky voice I can’t get enough of you Mehak. Yesterday it was you who wear that night wear and made me go nuts. You are s*xy even in plain kurti. Why don’t we go for holiday to celebrate this special occasion? I want to have you all for myself only. Mehak giggled as his nose tip going down at her neck as his stubbles tickles her. She cupped his face and gazed at him demurely. She pinched his cheeks gently and said Shaurya Khanna the great business tycoon becoming lazy these days. We just got back from Bangalore last month and now you want to go for another vacation then who will be doing all the work here, she asked in most caring manner. He rested his forehead on hers and said promise me no matter how busy it gets you will still spend time with me. She fleer hearing him complain like a child and peck his lip quickly and assured him my whole life and upcoming all my life is with you, now stop whining and let me continue my work. His grip on her waist was firm and he with a foxy tone asked today what is the occasion you are wearing this saree, you are distracting me do you know that? Mehak had felt euphoric as his rough hands caresses her waist and later moving to her back. Just then, Priya knocks at the door Shaurya asked who is it, Priya said it’s her and he asked what is it, she replied Delhi Times news reporters are here to take interview with both of you sir, shall I asked them to wait there? Mehak replied we are coming there Priya please make them sit down and give some drinks and snacks. Priya thanked her and went off from there. Mehak looked at Shaurya and said okay lets go don’t make people to wait for us, he helped her up to steady herself and adjusted her hair and her saree. She brush off his jacket and held his arm and proceeded for their interview.

They greeted the news reporters and sit down with them and started the interview. The interviewer asked them to pose for few shots together and also as Mehak cooks in the kitchen and finally with her team of White Chilies. They thanked them for being sporting and look forward for meeting for another interview. Shaurya was very busy meeting with investors and new prospects for his business, he usually busy attending his meetings meanwhile Mehak was at home creating new recipes for her channels or at White Chilies assisting her team. One evening Shaurya came home slightly early than usual. He asked Awara where is Mehak and he said she is at kitchen. He went to kitchen and see her pounding something. He hugged her by her waist and kissed her shoulder blade she was startled. He asked what is she doing, she said my tummy upset, I feel gassy and indigestion kind of feeling so making this concoction. His hand on her waist went to caress her tummy and he said Mehak I think you are putting on weight I can feel some part of your body is getting meaty, you need to join me for running in the morning by the way why you are not practicing yoga anymore, she pouted at him and said you have to taunt me somehow so today you got a chance. Never mind let it be. She throw all the pounded spices into the boiling water and turned to look at him, asking him to freshen up so he can have dinner and rest early. She kissed his cheek and he kissed hers and runs to his room to freshen up.

He came to dining table and the rest of the Khanna’s were there too. He greeted all and Mehak started to serve all dinner. It was normal as all chit chatting on their day matters and Shaurya checking about his other business stuff with Vicky. Just then his mobile rings and he gets up to answer them at the living room. Mehak sit down next to his seat and she helped herself with little rice and gravy. Dolly maasi looked at her plate and asked bahu why you are taking so little, these days you are not taking care of yourself. Karuna maa joined her and said yes beta you must eat on time and rest in between too or else how you can be energetic. Shaurya finished his call and came to the dining table. He sat down and tell everyone that he needs to fly to Indonesia the next day as there is new proposal came from another investor. All are meeting there at Indonesia and wants him to join them as well. Harish papa asked how many days he will be away and he replied 4 days. As he dig into his food, Dolly maasi said lalla your wife is not eating properly. She is too busy with her cooking at kitchen and recording for her channel and you see now how little food she have. If she eats like this I am sure she will fall ill. He turned to look at her and maasi was right, she was having so little food and looked slightly tired. He scooped food from his plate and bring it forward to her mouth, her eyes opens widen. He said eat now, Karuna maa said eat beta we all won’t say anything. She gently opens her mouth and he feed her. He continue to feed her and say to her if you don’t eat on time and rest too how you can manage such a big business empire. This few days stay home and do all from home, rest properly too he ordered her sternly. She pouted in between as she chew her food and manage to say it’s enough Shaurya I am full now. He didn’t heed to her but feed her few more scoops and asked her to go to room and rest and he will come with golden latte now, she sipped some water and quietly gets up from the dining table, Karuna maa and maasi asked her to go and rest she bid them good night and left to her room.

Mehak freshen up and change to her sleepwear she sat down on the bed leaning on the headrest as she plays game in her mobile. Shaurya came to the room see her busy with mobile, locks the room door and placed the milk glass on the table sat next to her. Mehak was engrossed with the game and didn’t looked at him, he gets miffed with her and he seized the mobile from her to get her attention. She attempt to get the mobile from him as she runs after him and screaming his name to return it as she need to complete the game but he just move around as the mobile raised higher. Just then there comes the tone from the game app as the game over, and it’s said please try again. Shaurya raised his eyebrows and grinned wickedly as he throw the mobile on the bed which made Mehak to blow some air to cool off herself and she pouted angrily at him and started to his chest for ruining her game and saying she was just one step away to get into the higher level and now he ruined, Shaurya enjoyed her churlishness and hold both her hands tightly and turned ON the room Hi-Fi set and played Tum Tak (Movie: Ranjhana).

He moved around with Mehak on his hold as the lyrics goes and, she rested her hands around his neck and let him take the lead as he sway and passed along and Mehak’s anger fly away immediately and replaced by chortle, seeing her brighten face Shaurya didn’t stop but when the song played at Tum Tak, Tum Tak, Tum Tak, Tum Tak (For You…) Meri Ishq Khumari Bas Tum Tak (My intoxication in love is only for You) he nuzzled her temple to her jawline still singing in low voice at her face tum tak, tum tak , tum tak, tum tak, tum tak and the song ends. Mehak tilted herself and pulled his face gently to kiss on his forehead and rested her forehead on his as both tried catch their breath. He kissed on her nose and peck a few times on her lips she hide her face on his chest and wrapped her arms around him. He enveloped her in a bear hug and takes a deep breath. Mehak mumbled in his chest, Shaurya do you need to go to Indonesia for few days, I can’t sleep without you. He kissed her hair and said I can’t function without you too Mehak but I need to go for this meet up he pacify her. Later he murmured to her that he will call her every day before and after meeting and if their discussion ends early he will come back to Delhi the earliest and he will be in her arms. She asked in low voice, promise. He release gently his hold on her and cupped her cheeks placing his lips on her forehead I promise, now drink the golden latte and gets some sleep. He made her to finish the latte and made her to rest. He patted her head gently as she slept and move to his study table to finish some pending work.

Next morning Shaurya sat on the daybed as he go through some important documents and files he is taking along with him. Just then Mehak came out drying her hair sees him busy from her dressing table mirror. In between checking the documents he was typing in his MacBook. She drop the towel there and sashayed to him. As she reached him, she pulled his file off from his hands in a puckish manner before he could react to anything she landed on his lap and secured her hands around his neck. He cradled her in his lap as she make herself comfortable. He blow some air on her so her wet hair strand will not block his view, gently he push them with his long fingers. He smiled as he looked into her innocent, deep beautiful eyes and realized how she have changed his world with the same expression. She asked in a low voice why is he staring like that. He said these two rasgullas eyes holds a lot of things for me. She rolled her eyes, Acha tell me what you see in them. He pulled her even closer and in hoarse tone said I can see my hopes, my dreams, my desires, my ambitions, my goals, my thoughts, my secrets, ….and even my whole life, of which I want you to be a part forever. Hearing him in that tone Mehak’s heart fluttered in excitement as her tummy had butterflies. She pushed him and said, since last night you are all cheesy stuff. Last night you told me you will call without fail, will come back soon etc. but today since morning got up, you didn’t even see me properly she complained to him in her childish tone. Even before leaving like this imagine you reached Indonesia you will not even call me. Shaurya chuckled seeing her as he cupped her right cheek lower his head to silent her in his seductive way. Realizing what is coming next made Mehak to push him quickly and gets up from his lap. She turned to see him and stick her tongue out and mocked him you won’t get anything from me Mr Khanna, she was heading to the dresser but was caught by Shaurya by her waist in nick of time. He held her firmly and inhale her wet hair as slowly he pushed them to her left shoulder and grazed her nape with his stubbles. She gasped at his effect and tried to push his hand away he placed his lips and trailing at her nape, neck and shoulder as he slowly turn her around and pushing her to the bed and he lay next to her. Both their nose collided and Mehak kissed his nose tip and he did the same and pressed his lips on hers and Mehak giggled as he was adding pressure in his act. He let go her lip but started to leave some pecks on her cheeks, forehead, earlobe, eyes. Mehak laugh in low tone and yet asked wow today morning my patidev is showering me with this much of love, if you keep doing like this, I won’t allow you to go to Indonesia, then you will be with me only, she threaten him in her romantic voice. Shaurya remained at the same position looked at her he called her, she turned and looked at him, just say don’t go, you will miss me I will stay here with you. She pursed her lips as she rolled her eyes at him. His dark eyes says many things which is only meant for her, his love, his passion, his happiness, his dark secrets his emotions and every little thing which is for her can be seen. She cupped his face and placed a kiss on his forehead saying its okay now you go to Indonesia quickly finish your work and come soon, don’t waste the flight ticket she said as she squeezed his cheeks. He kissed her hair and nuzzled her neck Mehak reminded him all are waiting for breakfast, he just hmm at her and murmured at her, I can’t get enough of this Mehak (fragrance). He let her gets up, she brushed her hair and fix her earrings and her duppatta as both goes to have their breakfast with the rest of the family.

Harish papa and Karuna maa informed Shaurya that, they are planning to go to Haridwar to visit a relative. Maasi will be coming along with them too. Karuna maa asked Mehak if she wants to go to Sharma Nivas while Shaurya is away. Mehak smiled and said she will see how and will inform them. After stealing few more kisses and cuddles from Mehak, Shaurya asked Mehak to take care of herself and he will stay in touch with her as he left to airport. At home Mehak sat down and chit chatting with Karuna maa, Dolly maasi and Harish papa. She felt bored as she is not allowed to go to White Chilies and even to the kitchen here. Dolly maasi prepared some snacks and ask her to sit and eat them while watch TV with them.  After few hours passed Shaurya called Mehak to inform he has arrived safely and on the way to his hotel, she asked him to take care of himself and eat on time. He hangs up after talking to her.

Two days was gone. Mehak was not allowed to do anything but yet she felt tired at times and also sleepy. Shaurya calls her every now and then also does Face time with her. Mehak felt bored as she can’t go to restaurant, and Awara at home also not letting her to cook, then she manage to persuade him not to tell Shaurya as she needs to prepare some food for her channel. He agreed to help her to prepare the raw ingredients as Mehak note down in her notebook. Then she started to cook some snack dishes. While preparing it she didn’t like the smell of tadka, she walked away a bit from the stove asking Awara bhaiya to continue to stir them. She gulped some water and came back to the pot and added few more ingredients to the dishes. In between she took pictures to upload later in YouTube.  Just then Sonal called her after chit chatting for a while and Mehak asked her to drop by to Khanna Mansion and there is lots of things to catch up.

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  1. Hi haseenah, awesome some update. Loved the mehrya romance. I wish if u were the writer of Zkm, it wouldn’t have gone offair at all. U just made my day. Please give us quick updates, I know u should be busy but we are very greedy for your update. What about AABMDK just waiting for it. Lots of love. ??

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Kavya for the feedback glad you like the update. I am blushing reading your comment here, will try to give quick updates but work commitment and family commitments made me to stuck hence is the delay. Yes AABMDK will come soon but its incomplete and half way my mind is one way to Mehrya My Version so the update is quick.. Have a great day dear , your comments are indeed brighten my day

  2. Superb
    Loved it??
    Mehrya moments were amazing. Shaurya never leaves a chance to romance with mehak ??
    I think mehak is expecting??
    Well eagerly waiting for next
    Update soon
    Have a blessed day❤❤

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Cindy for the feedback glad you like the update. Yes Mr Khanna is every ready to shower his love fr his Mehak. Will continue soon , you too stay blessed and have a great day ahead

  3. Very nice yrr.. Like always. .thanks for this beautiful update… Plz upload aabmdk also…. It’s requeste??

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Sapna for your feedback.
      My apologies that I wont be able to update AABMDK till next year as I am completely busy with my year end task and later going off for vacation with kids. So I wont be able to touch my laptop or even think abt any other things that my vacation. I will continue to update AABMDK from Jan onwards , stay tuned stay blessed

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