Part 102 Mehrya My Version


Part 102 12/11/2018

Both spent their day at Sharma’s. Mehak pass them all their gifs she bought from Chikmagalur and told them about White Chilies is being chosen for the tourism and hospitality competition and now they are in top 10. The entire family happy for them and they congratulate Mehak and Shaurya. Kanta chachi reminded Mehak that the coming weekend is Karva Chauth and remind her about the fasting, Shaurya give her a naughty wink which made Mehak to turn crimson. She avoided his look but this was noticed by all her family and all started to tease Mehak and she hide her face at PD’s shoulder. She shushed them all not to tease her anymore.

Shaurya was busy with his business meetings and discussion whereas Mehak was catching up Vicky and Priya on White Chilies progress. Mehak prepared many videos for her new recipes so she can upload into her channels. As the competition gets tougher Vicky and Nehal suggested to Mehak and Shaurya to post a joined video in White Chilies Facebook page to thank their customers and everyone who is voted for them and keep voting for them so they can win in the competition. Earlier when this idea was proposed Shaurya didn’t want to do it but after he saw Mehak’s expression he agreed to do it. Nehal recorded them as both thanked their customers and apologies if during their trip here if anything was not met according to their standard. Once recorded they uploaded into White Chilies Facebook page. He wrapped his arm around her waist as he rested his chin on her shoulder and whispered are you happy biwi and Mehak adjusted her head and wrap her arms on his strong ones. She took a deep breath and inhaled his favorite cologne. She slowly said sorry Shaurya we are forcing you do all these, competition is very tough so we need to do something special like this so we can gain our customers trust. I know we are not new in market but there are many established restaurants around Delhi and this will be a good platform for us and also to our other businesses. He turned her and rested his arms on her shoulders and looked into her carefully, Mehak looked at him and raised her eyebrows asking him what, she smiled a little and wonders what is he looking at her, she asked what are you looking at Shaurya, as if first time seeing me. He grinned sheepishly and said I am feeling that I am seeing you for the first time, No 1, usually when I hug you and gets close to you in public you will refuse me but today you dint stop me and No 2 usually thinking about business strategies etc. is my field of expertise but seems like you are good businessman I am sorry businesswoman, you are thinking of new possibilities, new ideas I am impressed Mrs Mehak Shaurya Khanna. Her eyes widen hearing him and she punched his tummy gently and he purposely made a loud noise which made all the customers to turn and see where the noise come from, seeing all their eyes on them, Mehak quickly push Shaurya and walk away from him to the pantry to make herself busy, Shaurya sees her blushed chuckled and gets himself busy there. Later he accompanied her to Chandni Chowk to get her necessity things for Karwachauth.

The next day was Karwachauth, Karuna maa prepared sargee for Mehak and asked her to rest and when the Mehndi artist comes to apply Mehndi and today everything will be taken care. Shaurya who was rushing for his important meeting sees Mehak was sitting at the living area as she was applying Mehndi. He went to her and planted a gentle kiss on her head and asked her to rest properly and if she is feeling hungry she can open the fast, she rolled her eyes at him and he pulled her nose playfully leave from there. Dolly maasi who was with Mehak accompanied her so she don’t get tired and bored. Mehak was trying to convince Karuna maa to allow her to do at least one dish but Karuna maa strictly told her she is not going anywhere but sit with them. As the evening comes, the entire Khanna mansion was brightly lit up and many ladies from Karuna maa’s acquaintance attended to perform the breakfast with all. Mehak was dressed in pastel pink saree and golden blouse sat with all and listen to the Katha session by the PanditiJi. She was anxiously looked at the entrance waiting for Shaurya. Dolly maasi asked her to call and see where is he? Mehak told she will not call him he will come soon. Just as she was waiting for him, he arrived and sees all the guests at the living area and rush to his room to freshen up. He came down quickly in his light peach pink kurta and pyjamas pants. He stands nearby the living area entrance and PanditiJi ends his sermon and made his way off from there. Karuna maa and Dolly maasi called Mehak to do aarti for the Goddess statue and she gets up slowly with her tray and sees Shaurya stands there with his signature smile. Her face lit up immediately seeing him and Dolly maasi said after see you she is smiling happily lalla. She walked towards him and he side hugged her and all proceeded to the Goddess statue and did the aarti together and Mehak show the aarti to all the guests. Later they gathered at the garden area for sighting the moon. Once the moon glows all broke their fast. Shaurya feed Mehak food and both feed each other and once the guests all left they sat together at their balcony and cuddled up talking. Mehak as she was leaning on Shaurya’s chest and her knees folded to her chest, she slowly said Shaurya I am missing the cute small apartment in Bangalore. Hearing her said that he fully focused on her. She was telling about how he come home quickly to be with her and how he cooked for her and how he does naughty stuffs, as she said that last sentence he nibbled her ear which made her giggled and she nudged him. He gripped her tightly and lifted her placed her on his lap and started to do all the sweet romantic stuff to her which turns to a hot romance session , he carried her to their bed and gently made love till she fell asleep.

The next morning Mehak woke up early and blushed remembering their last night encounter. She slowly wakes up and realized Shaurya is it deep slumber and headed to shower quickly. She came out and saw Shaurya still sleeping she pecked his temple slowly and went to kitchen. She greeted Awara bhaiya and started to work on breakfast dishes. Dolly maasi and Karuna maa came to greet her and offered to help her but Mehak ask them to go and sit down as yesterday they didn’t allow her to enter kitchen but today she wants to do something and they let her prepare the breakfast dishes. Mehak almost completes cooking and Shaurya notice maa and maasi was reading newspaper, he greeted them and asked where papa maa is said he went for walking. His eyes was searching for Mehak, then he knows she must be at the kitchen preparing breakfast, he saw Awara heading to kitchen he called him and asked him to do some random stuff to keep people away from kitchen while he heads to kitchen to see his lady love. He sees her busy taking pictures of the dishes made humming in low voice  tucking her long tendrils, she tasted the dishes made and self-talking cutely as she decipher whtr the dish’s flavor is it balance or not. Her eyes widen and she started to scoop them into serving tray. She was such a tease and view to him in the morning. He chuckled seeing her eyes and lips moves. She patted her sweat with the back of her palm and continued working on her dishes. He walked slowly behind her not to distract her. He leaned at the kitchen counter and rest his both hands at the counter watching her quietly. While Mehak busy with her task she sense his scent and she knows he is there, she decided to concentrate on her task and not giving him any attention, she bite her lips to suppress her smile and garnish the last dishes. Later she snap a few shots and was about to move from there his swiftly pulled her by her waist crushing her back on his chest. He nuzzled slowly at her hair whispered good morning baby. His warmth worked like magic in her the sensation of being close to him made her smiled she rested her head on his neck crook and lifted her head to see him. She wished him good morning patidev. He pecked her forehead in return and asked what is she making, she listed out the breakfast dishes she made and get a spoon to feed him so he can try first. She scooped some and blow it to cool off and feed him. He chew them carefully and taste the food. He swallowed it and she asked how it was. He complimented it’s so delicious just like he bend to her ears and whispered something naughty which made her jaw dropped and her eyes wide as saucer. He winked at her condition as he took her duppatta to wipe his lips, he kissed her nose which made her out of trance , she started to hit him at his bicep scolding him why is he talking like that his mind is full of dirty things and always on one track mind, he enjoyed her ministrations and giggled loudly Mehak don’t beat me so hard, yesterday you fasted for my long life now you are hitting your own hubby, she didn’t quit till they both heard throat clearing sound to which both turned their head to see Karuna maa, Harish papa and Dolly maasi standing at the kitchen entrance smiling quietly at these two. Shaurya and Mehak pulled away from each other stand straight.

Harish papa said, Karuna do you think we will get breakfast today or we should be fasting, Karuna maa said when your son enters the kitchen I know already that we all should go to restaurant for breakfast, he won’t let her to do any work. Dolly maasi is okay you both continue we will go outside and comeback at night they all said suppressing their laughter. Mehak’s eyes widen in shock, maa , papa , maasi is not my fault I already finish cooking , is Shaurya’s fault he came in and disturbing me, you see his face , do you think I will tell lie. Sit down at the dining table, let me bring the food now, they all laughed and went to dining table. She pouted with her innocence look. Dolly maasi step to Shaurya and twisted his ears, lalla now instead of playing with your wife, quickly give us a chottu lalla so we can get ourselves occupied with him and you too can always do this romance in room or kitchen we won’t come to disturb you. Shaurya shrieked asking her to let go his ears and said first handle this big lalla then you can think about chottu lalla maasi. Hearing him Mehak’s blushed into crimson, hearing all at kitchen, Vicky came to see them there and asked what is everyone doing at kitchen, Dolly maasi said she will tell him later and go to dining table for breakfast first, all went to the dining table and Mehak turned to look at Shaurya, she pinched his forearm and said it’s all your fault, look what you did now I am completely embarrassed.   She hide her face in Shaurya’s chest and holding his waist, you see what you did, you embarrassed me in front of all, why you always doing this she questioned him in her baby tone? He chuckled and said is there any restriction that I can’t get cozy with my own wife in my own house, I will hold you, hug you kiss you and do anything with you because you are mine, anyway is only our family, they are very cool about it, so you don’t need to be shy he said as he wrapped her with a hug. Vicky who was at the kitchen entrance ahem at them and said bhabhi if you all done, can we eat now, papa and maa waiting for you both, Mehak closed her eyes tightly giggling silently as Shaurya gritted his teeth and roared Vicky I am going to kill you for this. Both Mehak and Shaurya came out from kitchen with the breakfast dishes.

Mehak started to serve all. Karuna maa ask her to sit and eat with all as everyone can help themselves. She sat down next to Shaurya and remain her eyes at her plate. Mehak was red in embarrassment, in between Harish Papa also teased them, Vicky wanted to say something but Shaurya’s killer glare made him to eat his meal quietly with a silent laughing along with Dolly maasi and Karuna maa. Few times she wanted to run away from the table but Shaurya hold her other hand tightly so she left with no choice but to sit there throughout. Breakfast went well in amusement.

Karuna maa asked , the coming week is Diwali and they all have to go shopping, Harish papa suggested why not after breakfast they all go for family shopping session , eat out and enjoy the day, it’s been ages since they went out as family. Shaurya said he is busy as meeting with the clients and asked them to go ahead, Mehak turned to look at him, and he raised his eyebrows asking what? He asked Vicky to go along with all and have fun. He gets up from the dining table and wished them all and planted a kiss on Mehak’s forehead and also for Karuna maa leaving for his meeting. Mehak looked at the side of the plate his mobile was there, and she gets up saying maa he left his mobile let me go and pass it to him. She went to the front porch looking for him he was hiding behind a thick bush pulled her swiftly. He smiled at her mischievously and took his mobile off from her hand, she was surprised at his action. With his gleaming smile she understood he purposely left the mobile so she will come to pass it to him and he can have his private time together. She put her hands on his chest to keep the distance but his strong hold on her waist was not loosening. She pouted and asked him why you are not coming shopping with us? He slide his hand along her soft cheek then wrapped around her nape stroking it gently, smiled as he place a kiss on the other cheek. Baby we just got back from Bangalore and many new clients wants to meet up and wants to venture with Khanna Industries. I have to look into all these. You go ahead and enjoy shopping make sure you buy whatever you want and also buy for everyone at your home as well. If my work finish quickly I will come to join you all, or else is okay, we go another day. Just before Diwali there are many things need to settle first so let me complete then we can spend time together. Now show me your happy face and give me what I want so I can have a good day too. Her lips sprouted with a smile and she pulled his face to her level and planted a longing kiss on his beard. He smiled at her kiss on her forehead asking her to enjoy shopping. He left to his work.

Vicky drove them all the mall, and the ladies started to hunt for the clothing’s. Mehak also picked dresses for her family. She was busy choosing some suits for her, and sees herself in the mirror when she saw the reflection of Shaurya in it, he smiled as he walked towards her. She smiled as he came stand behind her, as she was holding the dress below her neck, he said hi biwi, and Mehak replied hi patidev. What happen you were saying some important meeting etc., but now you are in shopping mall, you came to wrong place is it? He chuckled and replied, if a hot wife is here how to see clients all, so I decided not to see them. Mehak asked why what happened, he replied I have meet them, meeting finished early, so I came here to company you all for shopping. She showed him the dresses and asked which one is nicer and he picked the light pastel green ones. While these two busy picking the dresses, Karuna maa and Dolly maasi came behind and pulled Shaurya’s ears. He shrieked in pain as Mehak covered her mouth to suppress her laughter. Karuna maa asked Besharam, earlier said not coming got meeting etc. but now you have reached right next to your wife, she said in mocked anger. Shaurya quickly side hugged her and said in pleading tone maa, don’t say that I manage to finish my meeting earlier and thought of joining you all I called Vicky and he said you all are here so I came straight and before he finish, Dolly maasi said straight you came to your wife lalla. He unknowingly said yes maasi then realize no maasi not like that I came in to the shop and see Mehak here so I walked to her I did ask her where is maa and maasi she was telling me, you two are busy , trust me he pulled his ears to apologies. Karuna maa tapped his cheek gently it’s okay we already believe you. At least you came now, come quickly pick your clothes too for Diwali. He side hugged Mehak and walked to the men’s section where papa and Vicky trying a few kurta’s. Mehak chose for them and they tried and happy with Mehak’s selection. Once all done, Harish papa announced time to fill up tummy and they headed to one of the South Indian restaurant to enjoy their meal and the day was splendidly ended.

Diwali came, Mehak did the rangolis floral arrangements on the floors and outside of the house front porch. Shaurya leaned against the wall and checking her out knowing he is staring at her, she asked instead of looking at me like this isn’t it will be good idea to help me as well. Shaurya’s face lit up and he walked to her and asked her in his low voice, what you want to do baby tell me I will do anything for you, Mehak knowing his intention beat on his biceps and warned him today is Diwali and don’t think all the naughty things and help her with the decorations and need to do pooja later. He helped her to fill the rangolis with the colored rice and flowers not to forget to throw some flowers at her too. Mehak gets up and arrange the diyas nicely and started to light them up slowly. Dolly maasi came to call them as its time for the pooja both headed to the living area. Karuna maa with Harish papa did the aarti and later pass it to Shaurya and Mehak, both did the aarti and showed the aarti to all others in the house. They wished all and later went to play fireworks, at the garden area. The next day Shaurya and Mehak left to PWG. All elated seeing them and Kanta chachi questioned why bring so much gifts, Mehak kissed chachi and said its happiness we shared with our loved ones chachi, Shaurya insist that we shud buy gifts for all, they distributed gifts to all. Mehak excited to see Sonal and Mohit with baby Mahi is also there, she went to hug them and took baby Mahi in her she started to talk in baby tone which made baby Mahi giggle as if she understand what she is talking. PD said both like babies don’t know which is baby now, Mehak made some cute faces which made Mahi to giggle harder and all laughed these two baby and Bua conversation. Shaurya asked Mohit how is work at Jaipur. He replied all okay and they are paying him good as well. Shaurya patted on his shoulder and all sat down together chit chatting exchanging talks among them. While they are busy talking Sonal’s mobile ringed and she answered it’s from Jaggu, he invited all to his engagement with Pooja and she wished him Congratulations and asked why suddenly engagement and he explained he is getting leave for 1 week and both the families has agreed so we are going ahead. After 6 months is our wedding, so now we are doing engagement, Sonal said Mehak is here talk to her too and she pass the mobile, Mehak smiled and wished him happy Diwali and asked about his wellbeing, he said he is okay and soon he will be family man as well and now he is inviting all to his engagement. She wished him congratulations and said she will definitely will join their special day. Soon they filled others with Jaggus’s engagement and it will be at Meerut, Pooja’s hometown. All were happy for Jaggu and planned how to go for his engagement. Shaurya suggested that he will hire a private bus for all to go as its 3hrs travel and book a homestay for all, they liked the idea and Jeevan chachu asked him slowly beta why you need to do all is extra expenses to you, but Shaurya gently said, Jaggu is also my friend and Mehak’s we all are going for his engagement and you all are my family so it’s the son duty to fulfill, now after this don’t ask anything and started to get ready for the short trip.

They all went to Meerut for the function, Jaggu and Pooja was very happy that all came. Neelima came with her husband all the girls’ exchanged pleasantries and catch up with so many stories between them. Both Shaurya and Mehak danced when they announce for couple dance. The girls danced together for a group performance. All the guest enjoyed seeing them and the bride’s father throw money at them. Shaurya watched as Mehak twirl around happily as she dance carelessly with her expression like an innocent child and naughty face mimics following the song lyric. He recorded the video and took some shots along. The evening function filled with lots of fun and dance along with leg pulling with each other. The Sharma’s along with Mehak and Shaurya returned to Delhi after 2 days.

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  1. Hi haseenah, awesome update as usual. Loved the karva chauth elements. Thank you for keeping mehrya alive in us. Please don’t end this FF it’s my sincere request. Lots of love 😍😍😍😍😍

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Kavya thank you so much for the reply dear, glad you like the update, i will continue soon, have a blessed day ahead

  2. Ashwitha Tiwari

    Thanks a lot fr Monday update…..this is 2nd karvachauth in ur ff’s right!…..nice update……god nyt sweet dreams…..

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Ashwita for the feedback dear glad you like my update , yes its the 2nd karvachauth and day by day their understanding and love increased and stability. will continue soon have a lovely day ahead

  3. beautiful update di , I am already imagining so finally jaggu was engaged so bye take care

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Sanju for the feedback. glad you like the update, will continue soon have a nice day ahead

  4. awesome written like always super

    1. Haseenah2020

      TQ Asifa
      Will continue soon have fun and blessed day ahead

  5. Loved it did not get to come on earlier better late than never right?? Where is Meerut? Sorry I have never heard of that. Take care hun.

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