Part 101 Mehrya My version

Part 101 30/10/2018

The golden rays of sunlight streamed into their chalet, the bamboo blinds around their bed was rolled down but the transparent roof top didn’t help. The beautiful birds chirping and singing in chorus loudly as the day light breaks in. Shaurya slowly fluttered his eyelid and stretched himself inhaling the fresh dewy green mountain scent, he rubbed his eyes and looked lazily around as his eyes fell on his most precious gift from God. She covered herself with the thick duvet and pull it up to her neck facing the other side. He slowly moved to her and rested his face on her side. He inhaled in her familiar scent as her curls tickling his face, he pushed them away. As he rolled to her side he nuzzled her slowly not to disturb her while she is in deep sleep. He wonders when she moved away as last night after the long love making session she was enveloped to his side. He remembered as he hungrily devouring her while he was inside her. She was moaning in pleasure while the chalet was only lighten in the candle light, she was like angelic.   Her body shuddered when he took over her body.  As he fell on her neck crook she held him tightly and murmured in his ears I love you Shaurya and he roll to his side and pulled her closer as he caressed her back gently to make her sleep. Shaurya rested his head on his forearm and looked at her who is still sleeping like cutie pie and smiling in her sleep. He caressed her back slowly and move his lips to kiss her shoulder, she wiggled in her sleep when his stubbles grazed her bare skin. But he didn’t quit his lips move slowly towards her backbone and his lips started to trail her backbone with butterfly kisses. She quiver as his lips touch on her sensitive part. His hands was wandering all over her and she mumbled slowly, Shaurya let me sleep please, I am so tired. His face twinkled as hearing her. He moved to her side and spooned her tightly she smiled as he held her into him and kissed her ears .She turn to his side and hiding herself in him. He wished her good morning my love, she smiled at faintly greeted him good morning patidev, hug me tightly I want to sleep she snuggled into him. Her sweet scent is his favorite addiction. He knows she is very tired but seeing her like this is creating havoc in him. Then he notice as she caresses his arms to his chest with her little fingers and her finger trace on her name tattoo. She feebly fluttered her eye lids and kissed his chin and he in that moment bring her on top of him, she giggled as she lay on him, she kissed on his neck as she looked at him and rubbed her nose on his and kissed his forehead and his both eyelids. Why didn’t you wake up me so I can get ready we need to pack as we are leaving today she asked as her hair falling on his face. I don’t have heart to wake you up, you look so ethereal he said as caressing her cheek with back of his fingers. She kissed on his chest before she can do anything he rolled her down on the side and pull the duvet covering both, Mehak was puzzled and asked him what is he doing, he sheepishly grinned and said today we didn’t go jogging to burn down calories so I have another plan to burn down calories as he started to climb on her and Mehak started to scream Shaurya not now you had lots of fun last time now leave me, her words fell into the deaf ear. He started to nibble and graze her skin she giggled as feeling ticklish and there goes their morning making out session.

They showered together and later he dried her hair with the hairdryer. They quickly go to the café to have their breakfast. After done Mehak wants to walk around to see the lush green hills, chilled weather and heavy flowing gentle breeze around the resort. Both sat at the garden viewing the picturesque view and feel the top of the world feeling as the cloud covers the peak of the mountain.

Mehak and Shaurya was packing their luggages at their chalet. He called the resort for their bell boy to come and get their luggages. They slowly walked to check out and get into the MPV and travelled down to Mangalore airport to catch their flight. Evening they reached Bangalore and went straight to their apartment.

Shaurya and Mehak leaving Bangalore in 2 weeks’ time. Shaurya was busy with his meeting with the team of Bangalore Cooking star and others as he hand over on the completion of event. Mehak met with Mrs Srinivas and passed her the souvenirs she got from Chikmagalur and chatted with her and told them that they will be moving back to Delhi soon. Mrs Srinivas wished them and ask them to keep in touch. In the meantime Mrs Bhatt called Mehak and invited her and Shaurya to Navrathri celebration. Mehak thanked her and said will attend with Shaurya. Shaurya comes home early and help Mehak to video some of her cooking blogs. When Shaurya don’t have to go to work he will cuddle Mehak and both will watch TV together. As both sit down cuddling together one day Mehak said , Shaurya this house is so special to me, I feel this entire trip to Bangalore is beautiful and it will always etched in my memory. He held her tightly and kissed her hair yes these 4 months have been the most beautiful days of my life. Mehak reminded them about the Navrathri prayers at Mrs Bhatt’s place and follows that they also doing Dandiya celebration. Shaurya asked her to go and saying he is not coming for Dandiya but with her cute face she manage to convince him to go along with her.

Evening was the Navrathri prayers and Mehak wore a beautiful yellow and pink combination saree for the prayers. Follows the next day it was the Dandiya she was excited to join the event. Shaurya follows her as he doesn’t wants her to go alone. As the music starts Mehak starts revolving in graceful and rhythmic manner with all other women. She was all smiling along with the dandiya stick in her hand giggling as the dhol started to beat in fast beats. Shaurya only stands at the corner watching her and taking her photos and videos. As the dancers make two circles which one move clockwise and another move anti clockwise, Mehak was signing Shaurya to come join her, he chuckled and refused to come she pouted at him in mock anger and continue to dance around. People swaying for the beats of folk music and she was awe-inspiring dancing carelessly in energetic mode as if no one is watching her. As one music ends, Mehak stopped and catch her breath and runs to Shaurya, he asked her are you having fun, dancing giggling and all he teased her. She said what to do you are so shy at least dance with me she complained like a small kid. They announced another song will be starting soon and without thinking Mehak pulled Shaurya with her and the latest song Chogada from Loverathri played and both danced carelessly oblivious as all watch them.

As they need to leave Bangalore, business associates invited Shaurya and Mehak for farewell party and appreciated their being in Bangalore and hope to see them soon for another occasion. As Mehak and Shaurya packs away preparing to leave they spend more time cuddling quietly at the balcony reminiscing their moments how they were with each other.

As the car to the airport arrives, Mehak wishes Mrs Srinivas and Neev and took leave from there and promised to stay in touch. Both reached Delhi and their driver came to pick them up to Khanna Mansion. Reaching Khanna mansion, Karuna maa, Harish papa, Dolly maasi with Vicky awaiting them eagerly with the aarti tray. Mehak gets down from the car and quickly ran as Shaurya follows her trail, Karuna maa took aarti on them and applied the vermillion on their forehead both Mehak and Shaurya bends down to touch the elders feet to take blessings. They entered the home and hugged all of them. Dolly maasi was asking both how are they it’s so good to see them after few months, she was hugging Mehak and told Shaurya next time you go alone don’t take our beti from us, without her it was so lonely in the house she complained him. Shaurya naughtily said how I can go without my wife, she has promised me to follow me for 7 lives and now only we started one maasi. Maasi pulled his cheek and said now you learnt to talk so much lalla. As they are in the living area, Vicky said Bhabhi and Bhaiya I have a good news for both of you, they looked at him enthusiastically for the good news as he started, the food and hospitality of Delhi has organized a contest few weeks back, where they evaluate on the online portal for best service, best food and other areas and White Chilies is on top 10, the contest will end in 1 week time. Mehak was excited and quickly jump to hug Vicky, wow Vicky in 3 months’ time you have done so much till now you make White Chilies in top 10. Shaurya looked at these two in confusion, he asked can anyone tell me what is going on? Mehak looked at him and said yes Vicky receive the letter from the organizer for this contest and we said let’s give a try so I follow up with them every day at Bangalore so we continuously gets voted by the customers. Every day after the customer’s dine in at our restaurant or for delivery services we add a note for them to login to the site to vote for us and so here we are at top 10. He rested his arms at his waist and asked why no one tell me, Mehak coolly said you were busy with Bangalore Cooking Star and since you said I am the boss so I decided so don’t be grumpy I did a favor for you saying that she pulled his nose.

Karuna maa smiled at them and Harish papa asked them to freshen up and joined them for dinner they need to talk about so many things. Mehak and Shaurya went to their room and Mehak quickly runs like a kid fell on the bed as taking a deep breath. Shaurya who looked at her grinned at her as he rested next to her. Mehak rolled to his side resting her chin on his chest, so are you happy Shaurya? He looked at her in confusion as his eyebrow raised. She quickly move closer to him and caressed his jawline asking about White Chilies being listed as top 10 in the competition, aren’t you happy Shaurya? He pulled her closer as he held her fingers in his, I am surprised Mrs Khanna, my wife didn’t tell me about it and how did you manage till this stage he asked. She coyly replied, all thanks to angry bird, when the email came from the organizer I discussed with Vicky and Priya they said this will be a good chance for White chilies to enroll. Once we were shortlisted and started to progress I wanted to tell you that’s the day you come home and yelled and fought with me remember? He looked at her in confuse state. Remember you came home shouted and lock yourself in the room, that day Vicky called to inform we are doing great we must inform bhaiya about this. So whose fault is this she pouted she asked playing the innocent kid role. He liked her cuteness as she started to blame him for all that she didn’t bother to inform. Surely he is happy as White chilies his baby project doing well is all because of her hard work and her ideas. He was meeting investors to invest in Khanna Group as they are expanding their restaurant all over India and planning to expand even outside India, if his restaurant won this award it will be a great recognition indeed. More than that Mehak looks excited as well. So he doesn’t want to say much to spoil her mood. His thoughts were interrupted when Mehak’s mobile ring, she quickly gets up to look for her handbag and took out her mobile from there, it was from her home. She excitedly answered them saying she is back to Delhi. Kanta chachi is back to Delhi from Jaipur as well. She asked about their wellbeing and ask them to drop by to Sharma’s when they have settled down. She hanged up and gets up from him to go to washroom he asked want to shower together, I can help you putting soap and you can do the same for me too, her cheeks became red as her mouth wide open. Shaurya don’t say loudly how if anyone heard, he asked again no one is here just you and me why are you scared, well no one disturb when we two in our room he said as  if he don’t care the rest in the house. Mehak didn’t wait she quickly runs to the bathroom and latched the door while Shaurya begging behind the door like a love sick puppy, She told him to behave himself as everyone is in the house and they are not alone anymore. Both freshen up and joined others for dinner. All busy exchanging news from what happened in Delhi and about Bangalore. Mehak was chirpy like bird explaining them her experience of being celebrity judge at the last minute she is like a drama queen Shaurya thinking as he saw her eyes and her lips move with expressions, her hands as well was moving in the air. Dolly maasi and Vicky was enjoying her animated talk together with Karuna maa and Harish Papa. She is amusing at times as the Khanna’s adore her very much and even Awara is excited seeing her back home, Can say that no one asked much to Shaurya but all were talking to Mehak alone. He wiped his mouth and quickly announced he is tired and going to sleep early as tomorrow he need to start early but Harish papa asked beta you just came back why are you rushing take a rest tomorrow and start later. He smiled and greeted all good night leaving to his room. He was at his room checking his mobile phone photo gallery scrolling each and every shots taken and some taken by others and forwarded to him later. His eyes caught one photo where Mehak was looking at him from her eyelashes as her cheek burn in red while they dancing at the Gala night in Chikmagalur. He saw Mehak is coming back with his favorite Golden Latte in her hand she locked the room door and place the warm milk on the study table climb on the bed sat next to him, she rested on his shoulder pulling his bicep to see what is he looking in his mobile, she was excited to see their photo together taken at the Gala dinner. She pass the Golden Latte to him and asked him to rest as he is back to Delhi and his workload will be load and he won’t pay attention to her like he used to be, he gulped the concoction and asked in bewilderment, what do you mean I neglected you, it was you who since came back talking nonstop he bickered. She was amused at his accusation and pouted at him saying I was with you all 4 months, we just return home and aren’t we suppose to talk to others at home, I am going to complaint to maa and maasi that you are being so childish, let them teach you a lesson he pulled her by back of neck to him and pecked on her lips, which quite her but she tried to pull herself from him but she usually melted in his gaze and his touch. He lie down on her lap and she soon started to massage his forehead and both cuddled to sleep.

The next morning Mehak and Shaurya slept late like usual how they do in Bangalore, it was almost 9am when Mehak realize it’s already morning. She fluttered her eyelid and try to adjust herself to get up but she notice Shaurya is sleeping in his favorite position, which is on her, his head was on her chest hugging her body tightly like a child scared that his favorite toy will be gone while he goes to sleep. She admired him more his love to her increased more and more and never once he stopped showing to her. She is proud of being his lady love. No matter how busy he is he always never stopped with his action, she always wish this will stay forever hers and she silently sent a prayer to Matarani asking for this happiness to last life time. She was caressing his hair though he needed to rest but the time is ticking she can’t sleep like she used to do at Bangalore while her in laws are there. She knows even if she goes down late no one will question her or give her you are late that kind of glare is just that she wants to show her respect for them. Slowly Shaurya moved his head from left to right, Mehak greeted good morning patidev, he pulled one of her hand and placed a kiss in her palm and put them back on his head where she was stroking his hair gently murmuring continue to do that I feel good. She laughed in silent as she manage to wake him up but how is she going to go from there to the bathroom. Either he will ask for his morning dose of calorie burning session which is very late to agree now because she knows he won’t let her go easily though, she slowly whispered Shaurya could you please move a bit you have been crushing me like this since last night. He lazily get up to look at her who was still smiling at him, she greeted him good morning and try to get up from him. He went to rest his head on his pillow and Mehak smiles as she remove the duvet to get off from the bed but naughty Khanna pulled her and hug her from back tugging her tightly to his body, She was like what is this now, slowly she asked Shaurya is already 9.25am I should go down to see all, let me go to shower she ask in her pleading tone. He nuzzled her and blows some air near her neck which tickles her. I don’t get why the time goes fast when I am with you, I thought just few hours back it was night and now it is morning, he takes a deep breath as he pecked her shoulder and neck few times. He is manipulating her senses with his own way. She stealthily move a bit and runs to the bathroom as he yelled at her Mrs Khanna don’t try to be smart with me, but she already lock the door and replied I know all your tactics Mr Khanna you need to learn to be more smart than me. He chuckled as he gets up from the bed and open the door to his ornately decorated balcony. He loved this very much, he stretched himself as he looked from the balcony. He saw his parents are taking a stroll in the garden and he waved at them and they greeted him good morning. Karuna maa asked him to freshen up and come for breakfast. He came back to the room and see Mehak coming out of the bathroom in her favorite yellow long suit. She ignored and went straight to the dressing table to comb her hair and wear the earrings. He stand behind her and looked at the mirror for her reaction knowing him she kept looking at somewhere, he came and rested his chin on her shoulder and said you look beautiful and s*xy as planting a kiss on her shoulder. She didn’t show any reaction, just said go and shower all must be waiting for breakfast before he leave he ask her to get ready to go to her house at Paranthe Wali Gali. Her eyes become bright like the night start she quickly pulled his bearded cheek and plant and wet kiss on it and run saying thank you patidev you are the best.


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