Part 100 (B) Mehrya My Version

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Part 100 (B) 19/10/2018

Next morning both wakeup to the natural sounds of chirping birds and dreamy daylights. Mehak covered the duvet till her head when the sunbeam shines on her face, she was so tired from the travel then at night she have to bear with Shaurya’s naughty antics, she felt so tired. Shaurya gets up and looked at the beautiful hill view it was breathtaking. He gets up and went to freshen up and went to Mehak’s side calling her, but she turn the other side and tucked herself comfortably under the duvet. He sees her and sat next to her pulling the duvet slowly from her, she held it hard but he manage to take it off from her, she was annoyed took a pillow to cover her face and mumbled underneath leave me alone Shaurya I am so tired let me sleep, Why are you waking me up so early in the morning, please let me sleep another 1hour. He said no way you are sleeping comes changes your clothes lets go for jogging, its beautiful weather and I don’t want to miss it, tomorrow onwards I will be busy with shooting and other activities please come with me. You go for jogging why today asking me, usually you always go alone right, she justified. Mehak are you coming or you want me to carry you on my shoulders as usual, you know me I will do that. Mehak throw the pillow at him at gets up, one day you don’t go jogging what will possibly happen, khadoos kahinka. Night also disturbing me day also bugging me. She blows her hair which was falling on her face, he chuckled at her cuteness and asked her to get ready, and he will get ready as well. She shows her tongue out and went to the bathroom. He shakes his head as he changes into jogging suit, Mehak came with her t-shirt and running pants. Shaurya took her hoodie and made her to wear it saying weather might be cold outside so wear this. She pouted as she wears them obediently. She wore her shoes and followed him, He asked her to do some warm up and both started slowly jog around the resort area and went further to some slops and once in a while Mehak will stop says she needs a break Shaurya was very patient with her and both continued till reached their chalet. After wind down for a while both showered and gets ready for breakfast at the resort cafe. They ordered local cuisine like dosa, and idly. Shaurya told her the itinerary for the day before the contestants and others arrives he wants to bring her to show the coffee plantations, butterfly park and wildlife sanctuary. She was excited and after breakfast they leave to the nearest coffee plantation, they walked around the plantation, seeing the beans, it was planted according to beans type like Arabica, Robusta and others. They continues to the coffee beans processing plant, and went to visit how the beans extracted and roasted to flavor and finally processed into instant coffee powders to coffee beans. They went to try the coffee at the cafe located in the coffee plantation Mehak shakes her head in refusal but Shaurya asked her to try little bit and she tried a sip and complained it’s too bitter. He smirked and their site seeing continued to the nearest butterfly park. They saw a variety of species of butterflies, which includes 5000 types butterflies of varies colors and sizes are there together with exotic plants, includes butterfly host plants and other insects. A butterfly sat on Mehak’s cheek and closed her eyes tightly as its ticklish, she was giggling when butterfly flap its wing on her chubby cheek Shaurya took her photo of that shot, later a butterfly sat on his wrist and fly to sit on his head and Mehak manage to take that shot before the butterfly fly away. They saw the butterfly and insect museum and proceeded to the souvenir shop to get some gifts for all at home before leaving that place.

Their driver bring them to the next attraction which is Bhadra wildlife sanctuary , he showed only the outer ring not entering further in as the signage alerts for Tigers on the move, they decided to leave from there and he brought them to Bhadra Dam. It was beautiful view seeing the water dam. Driver explains about the structure and what is unique about the dam and said otter , crocodile , monitor lizard is often can be seen there also birds like Malabar Parakeet, hill myna and other exotic birds around there. He asked them whtr they want to go for river ride so they can see crocodiles and other reptiles, Mehak held Shaurya’s arm tightly hearing it, she was scared Shaurya would say wants to go, Shaurya said to him I would want to go and see them closely but what to do my wife is very scared of all these things, so I am not going he said looking at her. She let go her hold on his arm and walked to the car leaving him behind. Driver stopped them at the town for lunch break and before they returned to resort, they stopped by some waterfall and took some photographs.

Upon reaching the resort it became dark and he was told by his crew that all participants and other judges has arrived and had their meals and checked into their rooms. Event organizers will bring the participants for sightseeing and teambuilding activity like trekking at the nearest hill after breakfast. He nodded and left from there, to see Mehak who was in the garden relaxing. They returned to their chalet after dinner and slept early.

The next morning also Mehak joined Shaurya for jogging around the resort this time they didn’t go further away as Shaurya needs to attend the briefing session with the participants and he knows Mehak is slow a bit so they keep it short today. They finished jogging and return to chalet to freshen up. Shaurya ask her to enjoy the spa and do something while he is busy at the shooting, she decided to take some videos of the green views so it can be added into her YouTube channel. She took her IPad and her mobile, put them into her sling bag and Shaurya was ready in his casuals and he looked like cute hunk. She teased him so beauty what is your plan today, he suppressed his laughter and said busy with shooting and briefing my participants. Why do you have anything in mind my beast, she punch on his tummy and said call me beast one more time I will punch you again , come lets go she told him as she tied her hair up in ponytail. He was still rubbing his tummy which is sore with her punch. He was telling these days you are becoming violent we need to do some check up on you he humored. Mehak ignored and walked to the breakfast area to have their breakfast. Shaurya was laughing I was just joking Mehak please listen, with her ponytail and the sling bag and modern outfit she looked more like a college girl. He looked at her while having breakfast she asked him to eat quickly and join the shooting quickly she have lots of work to do her. He wiped his mouth with the napkin and finished his breakfast before he leave he kissed her forehead and enjoy her day he will call her whenever he is free. They will meet at the resort later.

All participants and fellow judges Mr Venkatesh, Mrs Bhavna, Mr Bhatt was there with the rest of the crew. The camera started as Shaurya welcomed all to Chikmagalur, forest surrounded hill station of Karnataka where the beauty of nature is still preserved for the future. He continued the motif of continuing this event here is because everyone in their daily life living in city with endless traffic and mundane routine can really take a toll on our mental stamina, we are mentally drained and always crave to do something related to nature to quiet our mind and feel the beautiful environment around us. So he passed it the teambuilding organizer who announced its times for small hiking trip whereby all must work as a team during the hiking and they will able to see beautiful environments. They were split into two teams and proceeded with the activity of the day.

On the other side Mehak went to the glass house where spices planted she took pictures of each spices and herbs and took video of the glass house as well. Once done she sat down at a reading area to upload them into her YouTube channel with appropriate captions and descriptions. It was getting late, Mehak sent Shaurya sad emoji, and he looked at it and replied with another emoji which is scratching the head. He smiled whenever he converse with her and this was noticed by all his team and Mrs Bhavna pulled his leg, looks like Shaurya getting message from his loved one his face will brighten up immediately. Shaurya shakes his head and said nothing like that, just as usual he tried to change the topic. Their discussion ended and Shaurya left to the restaurant in the resort. Mehak has been waiting there for having dinner with him. He found her at the restaurant waiting anxiously he can see her face expression she is very hungry, lunch he didn’t join her as they came back late from the trekking activity and he asked her to have lunch on her own. She was adamant to have dinner with him and now waiting with a puppy face. He quickly bend to kiss her cheek which calm her immediately. He sat down and asked her how was her day, she pouted at him and said very boring past few hours, and she told him what she was doing earlier about her video uploading and others. Their food was served immediately and they enjoyed their dinner while Shaurya conveyed her about his day out with the team.

Next day event was a simple activity with cooking with minimal ingredients given and how they can prepare delicious meal in given time. Contestants were busy with the task given. While Mehak was busy at the café with her IPad, suddenly a hand touched her shoulder which startled her, she turned to see her back it was none other than Mrs Bhatt. She smiled and asked did I scare you, Mehak replied maybe a little. Mehak asked her to sit down and ask what she wants to have, a waiter took her order and Mehak asked when did you came , Mrs Bhatt said last night I reached here so I didn’t want to disturb you that’s why now I catch up with you am I bothering you Mehak she asked earnestly. Mehak shakes her head and said absolutely no, it’s good you are here and we both can catch up discuss something’s and maybe you can share some good food related stuff in Karnataka. I can upload them in my new YouTube video she said. Mehak showed her the YouTube channel with all her latest postings she made. Mrs Bhatt praised her for her effort. She asked Mehak whtr she want to go for the temple in Chikmagalur its unique compare to any others they see elsewhere. Mehak was excited, she quickly message Shaurya she will be going with Mrs Bhatt for sightseeing and she will see him later at the resort.

Both ladies left to Veera Narayana Temple which is quiet a distance from their resort, is little off route however it’s worth the effort. They reached the temple. It’s beautifully carved and is one of the most beautiful in a historical temple. Also it’s different from other temples that the Roof of the temple is also beautifully carved. A magnificent Trikuta (three shrined) temple devoted to Lord Shri Vishnu. Mrs Bhatt explained to Mehak that this temple was built by the Hoysala Empire at 11th century temple is another crown jewel among the Hoysala Dynasty architecture. Lord Krishna intricate sculptures carved on black stone as one of the three shrined statues is majestic and the temple itself consists of 108 pillars and all are uniquely carved. Authority didn’t allow clicking photographs inside the temple premise, however, they can freely walk around the temple and click photos outside the temple premise. Mehak and Mrs Bhatt enjoyed themselves in midst of beautiful architect and serene environment it took them almost 1.30hrs to walk around the entire temple and read one by one descriptions and is well worth the time spent.

They left the temple and Mrs Bhatt asked the driver to stop for lunch break in the town. Mrs Bhatt ordered some local cuisines and Mehak enjoyed them with her. After the lunch treat Mrs Bhatt suggested to visit Neelakurinji Blooms that blossoms only once in 12 years Chikmagalur is one of the regions where this flower blooms and covers the complete hillside. The last time Neelakurinji flower was blooms was in 2006, and if they are lucky they can see the purplish blue flowers of Neelakurinji blooms. Upon reach the park since it was not peak period they manage to get in and roam around the park and see the flower which yet to bloom yet. They took some pictures around there and leave to do some shopping at the town. Mehak got some variety of coffee beans, some antique stuffs and shawl for the loved ones at home.

They get back to the resort at evening. Shaurya was still in discussion with his team. They decided to give them as free and easy day for all participants on the next day while the crew works on the upcoming agenda. Shaurya message Mehak to order food as he is very hungry. She ordered food for them and he came and joined her in short. He looked so exhausted and he ate very quickly as Mehak told him about her adventure with Mrs Bhatt at the temple, seeing the Neelakurinji flower and shopping trip. He was happy that she manage to go out and see more places in Chikmagalur while he is busy with his shoot. He suggested that next day is free and easy and he wants to bring her to the nearest forest for trekking then to waterfall. Mehak’s eyes widen hearing the trekking and waterfall, he drank some water and said is not as you think, it’s not scary I am there so please don’t be scared, how about crocodile, she asked slowly. He wiped his mouth and said Mehak there will be no crocodile in waterfall so stay calm.

The next day both wakeup late, all the participants have left in a bus to sightseeing and free and easy session. Shaurya and Mehak gets ready for the trekking to the nearby woods, he packed with some essential items and extra pair of clothes. Mehak was skeptical for the trekking trip as she is not familiar with all these kind of adventure activity but Shaurya is no less and he doesn’t listen to her excuses. They left to the nearby woods which is like mini trek with signage for beginners to explore the forest in Chikmagalur. It was a steep trails and Mehak who was not used to trekking was heavily panting desperately needed rest. The weather was very good, the brown muddy trail among the green trees. The trek was going really well, and both were excited to see new plants, trees, new insects and beautiful views while helping each other on the way, talking in between them, clicking photographs of the environment. After sometime they reached a small stream. They walked down following the slippery rocks holding the iron ropes hold on to which leads to mini water fall which was drizzling on the rocks.  Mehak was blown away by the vast view and for the first time she realized how beautiful and pure nature is. She was no longer tired after seeing the beautiful view, she took a few shots around there and Shaurya said she can take a dip if she wants to, she took off her shoes and dip her feet gently the water was freezing cold she giggled and take off her feet immediately saying it’s too cold. After he managed to coax her she soaked her feet in the cold stream, it soothes her feet. She didn’t see till Shaurya called her she looked everywhere hearing his voice and notice he was in his boxer near the waterfall waving at her. Her eyes popped seeing him and she stuttered and said Shaurya what are you doing, the water is cold and are you going to bath in freezing cold water, before she could finish her sentence he already go under the water let the mini torrent to pass through his body. She cannot believe it he is bathing openly in the waterfall she quickly looks around and sees no one except for birds and some insects flies randomly there. He called her to join him it will be good and refreshing for her as well, she keep shaking her head and he ignored and enjoyed his bath. Mehak was dancing and singing Barso Re Megha Megha kicking her legs in the water mimicking Aiswarya Rai’s dance movement in that song, Shaurya sneaks from behind scoop some water with both hands and let it drain out on her head which immediately startled her and she started to scream as the cold water runs through from her hair to her body, she shivered and turn slowly to look at him, she pouted at him and scream badtameez, why did you throw water on me, she took some water and throw at his face, he smiled as he wipes off his face. He taunted her we came here for trekking and should enjoy the nature around us instead of trying to bath the falls you are dancing and singing like Aiswarya Rai. She was still angry with him but he manage to held her hand tightly and drag her to the water fall and hugged her underneath as the fall covers them she was shivering but with his hug it warmth her. She was totally drenched and clinging him his bare body he pulled her hair tie letting her hair fall loose. Her eyes was still closed as he holds her by her waist. He called her Mehak she opens her eyes slowly to see him, look here see all the beautiful sight from here, you will miss it if you didn’t come here he justified, she slowly looked from there, he was right it looks magnificent from the fall view . The torrent gushed down to their leg and goes down to the rocks and heads to the stream and brooks which near to their chalet. He slowly cupped her neck and lowered his lips over her. She closes her eyes and melted as her whole body consumed with that kiss under the fall. His lips felt warmer which made her forgot what has happened. He said in soft tone I wanted to kiss you like this under the waterfall for a very long time, and today my wish came true. Her face reddens hearing him and she held his palm which was holding her face and plant a kiss inside and smiled at him.  After some time playing in the falls, Shaurya went behind the rocks to change, he asked to change too she shakes her head no and said are you crazy how to openly change here, how if anyone sees me changing. It’s all because of you I am drenched and now shivering. If I get pneumonia and all you are responsible for me she mumbled he came out from behind the rocks after changing as he was wiping his hair. Mehak you go and change behind the rock I will guard you so no one will watch you okay, or else you will catch a cold with this wet clothes. She slowly gets up and went behind the bush Shaurya stands there guarding while Mehak wants to change. While changing she said , Shaurya someone is watching me, he get cautious and asked where, there see on top of the tree she pointed out. It was monkey on a tree who was seeing Mehak, Shaurya laughed and asked her to be quick I don’t want the monkey to see what belongs to me only he cracked. She came out sneakily use her wet hair ends and tickled his neck which caused him to jiggle. Both sat on a large rock and Shaurya uses a towel to wipe Mehak’s hair complaining she didn’t wipe it properly and is still damp, she didn’t care as she opens their backpack and took out the sandwich and bread rolls prepared by the resort café when Shaurya asked them to prepare snack for the trekking trip. It was slightly warm too as it was wrapped in foil paper. She feed him and both enjoyed their picnic by the waterfall and go down slowly back to their chalet.

The next day after so much of hassle Shaurya manage to pull Mehak out of bed and both as usual went for jogging, today Shaurya will be having his shooting and he will be packed with activities, so he wants to spend some time with her now. She was slow then usual due to yesterday trekking activity complaining her sore leg, some of the contest participant were up early as well, so they can get ready for the day activity, they saw Shaurya was giggling and laughing with a girl in her hoodie, he even bend down to tie her shoe lace, they see them and wondering who is this mysterious girl, is she his girlfriend? His face always beamed in happiness with her while during the show he hardly smiles at the participants, he only give a nod when their dish is good or else he will be so strict compare to Mr Venkatesh and Mrs Bhavna.  Though he have a Greek God’s look and body structure his attitude and comments during the contest does annoys some participants. Some participants noted that he doesn’t stay in the resort but in private chalet away from others.

Shaurya went to continue for his shoot after having breakfast with Mehak. She was busy checking her photographs taken at the trekking trip and the trip with Mrs Bhatt. She sipped her hot masala chai and upload them slowly into her YouTube channel with appropriate captions. It took her a while to complete them and she put her IPad into her bag and gets up to walk around the resort and she wanted to try the spa. She was at the spa filling up the form and Mrs Bhatt was there too. Both exchange pleasantries and they started their treatments at their respective room, when comes to hot steam spa they joined together and Mrs Bhatt asked what Mehak was doing yesterday and Mehak told about their trekking trip and waterfall trip as they relax in the hot steam. After the steaming done, they change to their clothes and the spa assistant serve them green tea, they had the tea and Mrs Bhatt suggested Mehak to join her to watch the live shooting. Mehak shakes her head in excitement and went with her. The shooting held in the open area in the resort as the weather seems to be good. Mehak and Mrs Bhatt waited in the cordoned area watching the shooting. She sees Shaurya who was busy with the other judges and going to each and everyone’s work station he commented on some contestant work station being messy and cluttered.  Mr Venkatesh announced 30minutes left. As Shaurya turn to walk back to his guest station , his eyes saw something familiar he turn to look at where visitors are waiting behind the camera and see Mehak was standing among others watching the shooting, He smiled broadly at her she wave a little at him. His reflex response made him to wave at her back. Mrs Bhavna started so Venkatesh and Shaurya who do you think who will go to final round and who will have to pack their bag and leave today? Shaurya answered it’s still early to decide as we have yet to taste the food yet. All are still working hard here. He said firmly and his eyes went back to Mehak who was still with the crowd. She gets a naughty idea, she pressed her lips on her fingers pulled her fingers into trigger kind and shoot it aim at Shaurya which made Shaurya to smile and his face becomes red immediately. Venkatesh were asking Shaurya for something and he didn’t reply him where they need to tap on him to gain his attention. He quickly asked them what were they saying, and get into discussion with them. Mehak was giggling in silent seeing his condition.

Mrs Bhatt asked Mehak to join her for dinner with the team, as the judges and she is joining them together in private area in the restaurant. She nodded and went with her. Mehak ask Mrs Bhatt to go in as she wants to use the washroom and will join her later. She went to look for the washroom after that came to the mirror adjusting her hair and was about to walk to the restaurant someone holds by her mouth and dragged her to a corner. Her heart beat rose in panic and she started to whimpered. She use her elbow to attack back at her assailant and he yelped in pain and let go of his grip. It was none other Shaurya. She pushed her hair back from her face and looked at him as he rubs on his abdomen. She was so angry and hold his jacket and asked are you mental, you scared me to hell Bewakoof as she placed on her chest which was heavily heaved high and low. He saw her face and she was pale as ghost he hugged her rubbed her to comfort her and murmured sorry I thought want to play with you but ended up making you upset. Besides that someone is being cheeky today throwing flying kisses to me while I was shooting today, what were you doing there he asked , she answered Mrs Bhatt wants me to follow her to see shooting so I decided to join her to see you. He looked at her she was okay and her color return to her cheeks, he holds her hand and walked to the restaurant for dinner with others. Mr Venkatesh sees them and said there comes the love birds. Both Shaurya and Mehak chuckled sat down next to each other and enjoyed the dinner. Mr Bhatt asked Mrs Bhatt and Mehak whtr they want to join the bonfire session with the participants later, Mrs Bhatt said she is very tired and wants to retire early to bed. Mehak also said she have some work to complete and wants to sleep too. Shaurya said he will join them in a while and will accompany Mehak till their chalet. Both walked holding each other’s hand , so you don’t want to join bonfire with me he asked, she said I got so many enquiry in YouTube I want to reply my subscribers Shaurya. You go and enjoy and come soon she said in her babyish tone. He cupped her cheeks and caressed them with his thumb, Mehak if can I want to be lying next to you all day and night long don’t want any disturbance between us just you and me in this beautiful forest, he joined his forehead on hers and both stayed closing their eyes like that for some time. Later he kissed her forehead and asked her to finish her work and sleep early as tomorrow is finale and she has to join him for the gala dinner as well. She nodded and kissed his cheek and went in to their chalet.

Mehak change to her pyjamas and sat down quietly on the couch as she looks at her mobile for the photos taken and start to upload them and also replied to the questions by the subscribers after sometimes she doze off. Back at the bonfire, all participants enjoyed playing truth or dare and charades together with the judges and the crew. As it gets late, Mr Venkatesh announced all participants to go to bed early and rest properly tomorrow is a big day, it’s the finale for Bangalore Cooking Star and the result will be announced during the Gala dinner. One of the participant asked sir can we know who is the famous blogger or celebrity coming in tomorrow, Mr Venkatesh said it’s a surprise and they will know it tomorrow. Shaurya greeted all of them good night and he too retired to his chalet. Upon reaching he saw the lights been dimmed in the room, Mehak was sleeping soundly he changed his clothes and kissed on her temple which startled her to move closer to him, he smiled as she rolled to his side and adjusted herself he pulled the duvet covering them and  drowse in dreamland.

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  1. Ashwitha Tiwari

    You have mentioned three parts dear, but I can only see 2 parts here….Am I missing somewhere?
    However I loved this part too…I want to see anyone of the female contestants being jealous of Mehak ….plz if possible give us that twist

    1. Haseenah2020

      Ashwita apologize dear busy in meeting and could not finish checking will update again on Monday morning. tq

  2. Ashwitha Tiwari

    And that trigger one was Priya warrier’s right……I loved that

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      whats this dear i dont understand.

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      yes dear Priya Varrier pose…… wow u really can imagine my writing good good

  3. Nice one di upload the next part soon..

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  4. It is very nice update. Jogging concept was nice . Loved how shaurya used to convince mehak for jogging .. Eagerly waiting for 100 (c) part…
    Post ASAP….☺☺

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Madhavi will post on Monday dear as weekend I am not allowed to touch laptop must spend time with my kids n family. enjoy your weekend happy Dussehra

  5. wow amazing written and congratulations for 100 written of mehrya fan fiction and tq you for given so romantic episodes love the lots

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      Tq Asifa fro your wishes. It means alot to me feeling so happy seeing many dm me and wishing me for 100th chapter update will update Part C tmrw have fun and blessed day ahead

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