Part 10 02/08/2018

Mehak was sad and sat in her room thinking what is she going to do with Shaurya here, she knows he is the most stubborn person and he won’t give up easily and he also will convince all to agree in his plan, that was his personal trait and at once she fell for this traits actually. But she can’t forgive him for all the things he had done especially the moment he hides the truth from her about her parents accident and when she gets to know Karuna maa was ill and when she went to see her he dragged and throw her out of the house. His sharp word’s hitting her head and the tears made its way down , Shaurya passed by her and asked okay Mehak what would you like to have for dinner , tell me I will cook for you, she didn’t reply him but still in her own thinking. He came back to her and called her Mehak what are you dreaming tell me what you like to eat, she turned and give me a deadly glare, he knows she is angry with him but he continued to ignore her anger and tried to change the topic, he asked her okay tell me do you want to try something new like pasta or desi food, I will prepare them. She in her low tone controlling her sob managed to ask him Shaurya how can you ignore all happening here and still can ask about eating and menu, is it very important? He wrapped his arms over his chest and smirked at her, Mehak do you think by not eating our problems will solve, first eat later calm down you emotions then we sit and talk, I know I am the one to be blamed for all the misfortunes happened but for now let’s sit and relax enjoy the beautiful serene environment around us, the green nature we don’t get to see such surroundings everyday so let’s make more memories here. She can’t believe of what she is hearing from him. He is still talking as if all these can be sorted by sitting and talking and he had the same audacity. She leave him there and walked away but he manage to hold by her forearm to face him. He looked at her as her eyes was seeing the ground he asked her to go and rest he will prepare something and call her for dinner letting her go , she walked quickly to her room closing the door in loud bang he chuckled and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

He went to her room to ask her for dinner he opens the door and saw she was not on the bed and he headed to the bathroom she was not there too, he wonder where is she suddenly the thought did she run away from here and he called her name but there is no response suddenly from behind the door Mehak hit his head with a wooden stick and he shrieked in pain and started to run from the room leaving him collapse on the floor, she went to the main door and it was locked she tried to unlock the knob few times but it was useless she went to check other windows and it was all locked securely. She panic as he will gain conscious so she remembered he putting something in the kitchen drawer she rushed and open the drawer and saw the key was inside she quickly took the key and tried to unlock the door and manage to open the antic wooden door, she came out of the cottage looking right and left the thunder strike and cloud moving and it became tar black sky.

She was clueless and started to run on an unknown direction. As she was walking in the dark and thick forest the cloud started to spat out their beads of water. She was scared of the dark surroundings. Then the rainfall became more intense she felt eerie as it was as scary as she walked for so long and still not manage to find any road, house or road. She was drenched in the rain cursing Shaurya for choosing these place to kidnap her as it’s very much far away from the outer world. As she walked passed for some time she slipped and fell hit her knees on a rock, she cried in pain and some wild thorns in the bushes pricked her skin she ouches and continue to sob as she try to get up and pleading to Matarani to help her find her way, she manage to gets up and limped reached walkway it has an old signage which is broken she was not able to read them but she continue to walk towards the walk way. She heard a sound of someone walking nearby and quickly hide herself and saw a figure in a raincoat walking slowly she quickly gets up and called for help, excuse me please help me please save me a mental guy is chasing me please help she pleaded the lightning light up the moment and she was shocked it was Shaurya in the rain coat she stepped back to run again but he gripped her wrist and pulled her she refuse to walk and he lifted her and placed her on his shoulder and carried her in the cavemen style as Mehak keep beating his back and screaming begging him to put her down and let her go, he just replied this is getting fun darling biwi, you run I catch , I kind of like this game now, he carried her and walked in the heavy downpour and reached the cottage he pushed the door open and place her on the seater near the fire place. He slowly removed his rain coat and hang it on the coat hanger and closed the door behind, Mehak was trembling in cold as her clothes enveloped on her body he came near to her and saw her injured knees and bruises on her hands she was shivering due to cold and he get some heat from the fireplace with his palm and press it on her cheeks but she pushed his hands away. He asked her to change her clothes as she is wet and will get hypothermia and fever cold she looked at him and replied let me die then rather living like this, her words was sharp as the torn in the rose bushes but he kept himself calm.

He asked in his naughty tone unless you really want to think of something else as your dress is completely soaked his word alerted her and her notice her chudithar is clinging to her body and quiet transparent. She quickly pulled her duppatta down to cover her front, he smirked as she does that. She tried to get up but her feet aches badly due to all the bruises she fell back on her seat he immediately scooped her up and her arm as a reflex came behind his neck she screamed pagal kahinka put me down he walked towards her room and placed her on her room seater and she looked at him angrily he opens her cupboard passing her some clothes with the towel, she wasn’t seeing him he offer it to her but she didn’t take it. He put them on the bed and he said looks like I need to change your clothes as well Mehak perplexed hearing at and pushed his hands away. She looked away he told in his authoritative tone change your clothes in 5minutes or else , she asked back or else what will you do, why are you keeping me here, you always see profit and loss in everything you do, why did you bring me here , answer  me now, Shaurya just pushed her wet strand of her hair behind her ears and said in his sensual tone in this moment I am you Ram also Ravan so better listen to me and corporate with me or else, or else what Mehak asked in her annoyance he said  then don’t blame me if I kissed you. She was shocked and quickly grab the towel and ask him to leave the room. After sometime Mehak slowly come out from the bathroom changed in her pyjamas kurta. She sat on the bed and folded her knees to her chest and rest her face on her knees. Shaurya was waiting for her with first aid kit and she didn’t turn up. He tied a bandage on his forehead and change to sweatshirt with lounge pants. He walked into the room and saw her sitting on the bed. She ignored him. He sat down in front of her and ask her where she had bruises he will apply medicine on the bruises, she replied him rudely to leave her alone but he held by her ankle and pulled her towards him which made her immediately glided down to him and she was pretty shocked. He roll up her sleeves and saw the bruises and scratches from her fall at the bush. He took the antiseptic cream and applied it she twitched when the cream touched her bruises, later he blow some air on it, she felt good and she observed him from her eye lashes keeping her upset angry face. She saw the bandage felt bad for hitting him hard like that she was about to touch his head but retracted her hands back. Staying with him here is not the solution and she don’t want to be here too as he carried her without her concern. Later he roll up her pyjamas pants up to check the wound Mehak quickly pushed his hand away and looked at him angrily. She scolded him what are you doing, he show the cream tube I am applying medicine to the wound what else you think, Mehak ask him to give the medicine and she will apply it herself, he purposely wanted to tease her he said he will apply medicine so she will be better soon so she can try running again and he will catch her again. He continue to roll her pants up to her knees she pushed his hand away and asked him what are you doing , don’t you have sense at all to do such thing to a girl Besharam kahinka. Get lost from here she yelled at him. She took the cream from his hand and asked him to go away but he turned his face away and ask her to apply to medicine on the legs or else he won’t leave, she cursing under her breath and puffed away as she roll her pants up and she blow at her wounds at the kneecap and hiss a bit as she apply the cream on it. He felt bad she hissed in the pain, she is done with applying the medicine and told him in her firm voice she is done, he turn to her and taking the cream and putting it back inside the medical kit. He scooped her up before she could say and she started to scold him again why are you carrying me all the time put me down I can walk, do you hear me, akudu kahinka. Deep in her heart a question throbbed her did he really changed or is it his one of the tactic to make me change my mind. One time I fell for it and suffered and still suffering now I will not give him any chance. He looked at her as he placed her to the couch near the fire place and she saw the food already on the table and since the weather was cold he make her sit near to the fire place and enjoy the dinner. He ON the antic radio which was on the hall and it played a very old Hindi song, he smirked and said perfect old Hindi song, rainy weather, hot desi food and s*xy wife what else a man need in this world. Mehak pouted hearing him and mumbling to herself he seems to be enjoying as if came for picnic, here I am suffering and going nuts but he is making fun out of me, she was calling Matarani why did you made me to meet his pagal ladka, he made my whole life into misery. Looks like I did some big sin in my last life so my punishment were not over and now you sent this ladka to continue to torture me. Shaurya asked Mehak did you said something, she quickly shakes her head in NO sign and he ask her to eat her food while still hot.

At kitchen Shaurya made some Kada for him and Mehak as both got drenched in rain and he knows she had bruises all over her and she will definitely get body ache once she done with her dinner which he made her eat as she behaves like a stubborn child he offered her the kada and she refuse, he naughtily said if night you get fever and all I need to use another method to calm the fever down so are you okay? Her eyes widen hearing it and said loudly Chi, I never seen such a kameena in my life. Give me that kada, she took it and blow a bit and gulp it down.  Soon she fell asleep on the seater seeing her sleeping peacefully he covered her with the blanket and place a pillow under her head and tuck her hair behind her ears and wished her good night my love.

  1. very nice Haseenah2020…
    I m very sad for shaurya….
    I feel bad for him… I know she is upsat and angry too…

    But still i love my shaurya…. He is always give all his love..


    1. Haseenah2020

      tq Sapna their tashan will continue for sometime knowing Mehak her stubborn behaviour and Shaurya who doesnt give up easily please wait for me till I come back to update them thank yuo have a good day ahead

  2. hi di nice update , the best part was shaurya trying to convince her in very way possible but she was giving tough time hope she to will accept it bye tc

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Sanju thank you dear for the feedback their tashan will continue for sometime please be patience with me thank you dear bye

  3. Awesome update
    Loved it ???
    Mehrya’s tashan is fab???
    Poor shaurya having a tough time but it is the result of his doings
    Excited for next
    Post ASAP dear
    Love u loads❤❤❤
    Stay blessed???

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Cindy will be back soon tq

  4. She is angry because he hid the truth about her parents from her I understand but she has to let go of the past or it will ruin her future with him. A mental guy chasing her lol,well it turned our to be none other than the great Shaurya. RAM and Ravan eh!! I was waiting for the kiss aww man I love the way he was looking at the front of her dress she had to hid her dupatta with it the cheeky Shaurya lol,waiting on your next uodate.

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Jayashree tq dear for your feedback. she was upset no 1 he hides the truth about her parents death. no 2 he threw her out of Khanna mansion when she came to take care of Karuna maa. He said meeting her in his life was a mistake and he should never married a girl who is not to his standard. which broked that poor soul. she lost her parents her love of life and her family support as all are not together with her. But don’t worry. Majnun Khanna will not give up easily as he will work hard to earn her love in right way tq dear

  5. Anjalimalik

    Hi Haseenah…it was an emotional part…poor Shaurya has to face all this but he deserves that as he mu his love and the girl who loved him more than her own life…but seriously their separation is killing me…he arranged everything at a place from where she wont be able to escape easily and ended up hurting herself…she too loves him bt her mind is not letting tht come on her face…god when it will end and she forgive him…well now I m enjoying their tashan and cute nok jhoks…m eagerly waiting for the nxt part…pls update ASAP…tk cr…

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Anjali tq so much dear for your feedback. i am glad you like my tashan and nokjhoks. Mehrya intense face off will come soon and all will be falling into right place. please bear with me as i am having mental block and can’t think evenly busy in between. tq so much dear ??

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