Parineeti 11th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajeev thinks to tell the truth to Pari

Parineeti 11th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari cries and tells Rajeev to stop saying he would have died. She says I was worried for you that’s why I went out to search for you. Rajeev feels bad to see her cry and asks her to calm down. He gets worried seeing her state and says I will never shout at you again, please stop crying. Rajeev thinks this girl is after his life and he can’t even express his anger. He thinks to tell her the truth but gets scared knowing the outcome of that.

The next morning, Rajeev sleeping and sees a dream of Pari trying to kill herself because of his anger. Rajeev panics in his sleep and mistakenly hugs her. Chandrika enters their room and see the state they are in, she thinks they are such a romantic couple and smiles.

Pari is getting ready when Vikram comes to her with the jewelry that Gurpreet has brought. Pari gets elated seeing that and thinks about her father. Gurpreet surprises her by coming there and they both are emotional seeing each other. Gurpreet asks if she is happy? Pari nods. Parmindar comes there and greets them. Gurpeet feels happy by chatting with her and thinks they will take good care of her Parineet.

Neeti calls Rajeev and scolds him for leaving the party early. Rajeev says I am sorry, I had to leave. Neeti says I want to meet your family. She asks him to stop hiding her and he is changing after getting engaged. Rajeev laughs and says soon. He ends the call and tells Monty that Neeti is so different from Pari, she is passionate and ambitious. Monty says Pari loves you way more than Neeti. She can leave you anytime things get difficult. Rajeev starts getting second thoughts about Neeti after hearing that.

Pari talks to Chandrika and helps her with household work. Chandrika thanks her for giving her company and says now I have someone to talk to in his house.

Pari gives a call to Neeti and says you need to visit my house so she can meet Rajeev and his family. Neeti says I would like that. Pari says I will send you the address soon.

Precap: Pari says to Rajeev, her friend wants to visit Mummyji, will you please send her address, I don’t know. Rajeev sends address to Neeti.
Rajeev shouts at Pari, says why do you keep crying, I am so frustrated her life is important. Pari asks whose life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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