Parichay 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 26th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1 (Sinal room)

Siddhi is writing in her personal diary that she will make everybody in such a way that Kunal wouldn’t have thought.

Kunal who is pretending to sleep is peeping to know what is Siddhi writing but again pretends to sleep when Siddhi notice him peeping.

Siddhi keep her dairy aside & sleep turning the lights off & Kunal gets up & tries to read it while Siddhi catch him red handed.

Siddhi asks Kunal what is trying to do & Kunal replies was reading a little, Siddhi says she knew he would try to do cheating to win.

Kunal says he was not cheating but was just curious & asks her to turn off the lights as he is feeling sleepy.

Siddhi looks thinking Kunal is too much.
Scene 2 (dining area)

In the morning on the dining table Veena asks Ishani where has Gaurav gone so early in the morning, so Ishani replies that Gaurav left coz he had multiple job interviews.

Daddy Chopra says its good now that Gaurav has gone to interviews soon there will two ways of money come to their home.

Siddhi suggests Veena that they should get the dining chairs repaired as its become weak & shaky.

Kunal again says why to get it repaired when they can buy new chairs, Siddhi argues that when they can get it repaired why to waste money over a new ones & asks daddy Chopra if she is right or not.

Daddy Chopra says yes of course why not coz old stuff can become strong when repaired & if they agree he can fix the chairs.

Siddhi then asks Anokhi & Ishani that do they like pasta? Anokhi says she knows a restaurant where her favorite pasta is made & Ishani also agree that restaurant has best pasta.

Kunal says so they should go in the evening to dine in.

Siddhi then intervene that why go to a restaurant when restaurant like pasta can be prepared.

Anokhi & Ishani are not excited with the idea, Veena says yes they will make pasta for entire family.

Siddhi asks Kunal if he needs more serving of poha (breakfast dish) Kunal refuses as he says that after making his ideas go to dumps his hunger has also gone & leaves his phone which Siddhi goes to give him.

Kunal asks Siddhi is her idea of making everybody happy by repairing dining chairs, redesigning cushions & making pasta at home.

Siddhi replies that she’s just trying to make all happy by small ways but she wasn’t able to win she would not have challenged him, but now she will not give him a chance for him to win.

Kunal says lets see & goes away.

Scene 3(hall)

Daddy Chopra is trying to repair the chair but end up breaking the legs & wonder if he can really repair & Siddhi comes & asks daddy Chopra what happened? Daddy Chopra asks her to look at the broken leg of the chair & Siddhi laughs & says he needs an important thing to do his job & gives an old tool box.

Daddy Chopra where did she got his old tool box.

Siddhi says from where he had kept it. Daddy shares his old times when in Punjab village days his uncle had given his tool box who was a carpenter & said that if he want to be successful he would need the tool box & life wood is the same the way u carve it takes the shape.

Siddhi clicks a pic of daddy while he holds the hammer.
Scene 4 (plan managers office)

Kunal goes to meet a woman named Tisca who is a plan manager who helps making poeple famous while he waits for his appointment & thinks he will make Siddhi realise money is more important to live hassle free life.
Scene 5 (kitchen)

Veena prepare veggies & Indian spices pasta to boil but Siddhi says pasta is prepared in a pan & not a cooker veena says she has no idea but if she’ll teach her shell know how it pasta is made.

Siddhi helps & Veena is happy when Siddhi complement Veena that why it will not be tasty as she has put her heart in it. Veena says she reminded her of her mom as she also used to say the same.

Siddhi clicks her pick.
Scene 6 (plan managers office)

Kunal finally meet Tisca & she ask him if he is an actor Kunal says no he is a lawyer so Tisca asks what is he doing here & what does he need.

Kunal says whatever good education is or professional level is unless & until you make noise no one notice you make & so he needs her to make him famous for her should not matter if he is a lawyer, doctor or an actor by profession.

Tisca says so procedure of grooming him would take 2 months & he need to pay, but Kunal intervene & refuse to pay, when Tisca asks why would he not pay? Kunal asks if she know all about her company Tisca says yes she is aware so Kunal reminded her that she must b aware of 4 cases going on against her company.

Tisca says so what does it concern him so Kunal says he can solve it in no time but in turn she need to work on him so Tisca agree & says her team will start working in him from tomorrow but Kunal insists to start from right now says he has already started to work on her cases from previous night & Tisca says okay so from now he can think of him as a celebrity & Kunal says then she should start thinking that there is no case going on against her company & Tisca is impressed.
Scene 7 (Seema room)

Seema is worries for Gaurav’s interview & that still not come back.

Siddhi asks Seema that if they can make cushion covers & Seema says oh yes you told in the morning & they both redesign & Seema is has forgot her worries & Siddhi clicks a photo.
Scene 8 (hall)

Kunal comes home & Siddhi ask a silly question to Kunal that he’s come & Kunal jokes that no he is not come as its his ghost.

Siddhi asks him to come but Kunal insists they go & buy new cushion covers but Siddhi refuses & asks him to come inside.

Kunal notices new cushion covers & wonders touching if its new, Siddhi asks will he have his lunch sitting in the dining chair & Kunal asks why is keeping on asking & check the dining chairs & Siddhi says oh it fixed & strong.

Anokhi & Ishani runs away with pasta & Veena says to wait as there is still some garnish to put but they say can’t wait anymore, Siddhi says she gave daddy Chopra tool kit which made him nostalgic about his old days & she thought Veena to make pasta for Anokhi & Ishani, Seema made cushion covers & forgot about her worries. Kunal call out everybody & ask them to watch tv & Anokhi & Ishani are surprised Kunal is on tv & everybody is happy to see Kunal being interviewed as the best lawyer in the city.

Precap: Siddhi says she fears if in Kunal’s ambitions he might go far emotionally from her but Kunal assures his ambitions will not come between them.

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