Parichay 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 15th March 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 15th March 2013 Written Update

Siddhi’s witness gives a video recording to her and court that proves Aman is guilty. He apologizes to the court for supporting Aman. Court find Aman guilty and gives the verdict against Aman. Seema, gaurav and Raj praises Siddhi while Kunal looks on. Kunal and Dada smile.

At home, Veena is happy that Siddhi won. Seema thanks Siddhi for saving Anokhi’s reputation. Siddhi is waiting for Kunal but Veena scolds her saying Kunal won’t come in this house. Anand calls to inform that they have won. Kunal returns and Veena is not ready to let him come in. But Siddhi supports him and says that he was helping her to win by staying with Aman. Siddhi tells everyone how she was just following Kunal’s instructions. Kunal tells them he was the one to stop Siddhi from telling everyone about his plan. Veena is guilty and Kunal consoles her. Everyone is happy. Dada comes there and gives Kunal a bunch of papers. Gaurav is curious and Kunal replies he has filed a case against Aman Kumar for harassing Anokhi.

In a private chamber, Kunal meets the judge along with Aman’s lawyer. Aman too comes there and accuses Kunal of cheating him but Kunal says he didn’t cheat he’s taking a revenge. Judge informs Aman about the case Kunal has filed against him for harassing Anokhi. Aman agrees to pay 6 crores as compensation and is taken away.

Raj and Veena are bickering and Siddhi and Seema are enjoying. Anand and Andy are returning so all the family gets excited and Siddhi says they’ll party afterwards.

Siddhi is waiting for Kunal somewhere on the road. They decide to surprise the family. Kids are back and are wondering where Kunal and Siddhi are. They all return home and are shocked to see the whole house is empty. They wonder if it was a theft. Veena gets hyper. Raveena comes to the house and enquires about the missing stuff. She says they should drop the kids to her home and then think what is to be done. She drags the whole family to her place supposedly but when they reach the place, everyone is taken aback as they come to the building where they used to reside years back. Raj asks what is happening and Kunal comes and says what was supposed to happen.

Kunal surprises them and says that he have bought back the flat they used to live in. Veena enters the house and everyone is too emotional. They look around and find all the missing stuff og their house in this new home. They all priase Kunal. Raj asks where he got the money from and he tells them that he got the money from Aman. They all check their rooms.

Kunal thanks Siddhi for coming into his life while Siddhi thanks him for his love and family.

End of Parichay.

Update Credit to: euphoric

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