Parichay 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 14th March 2013 Written Update

Chopras appreciating Siddhi… Bell rings. Gaurav opens the door but there is no one out der. He finds a parcel on the floor in Siddhi’s name… Siddhi opens the parcel and Anokhi’s pictures fall out frm that parcel..
There is a note with the pictures of Anokhi for Siddhi to withdraw the case else they will upload the pictures on internet… Seema Slaps Anoki 5-6 Times and Shouts..! Siddhi saves Anokhi…
Siddhi asks Anokhi abt it n Anokhi Reveals that she did this for money and Siddhi asking had she drink sm juice.. Anokhi tells she drank juice and does not remember anything after that..
Seema again shouts hows this possible .. Siddhi tries to make them understand that such pill makes people unconcious .. Siddhi thinks she knws who is behind all this!
AK scolds KC n tells him he is not doing enough… KC says that he will make his anger his trump card.. He says he will prove that AK had this problem only because his girlfriend left him!
Gaurav, Anokhi and Siddhi reach the studio… The security guard informs them that no one has come to this studio from past 2 days.. Anokhi is shocked since she came to the studio the very last day.. Siddhi gets a call n is shocked..
Gaurav, Anokhi Return Home..Chopras ask abt Studio guy bt since its closed they came back..Seema stare at Anokhi.. Gaurav asks them nt to worry as she is innocent..Veena asks abt Siddhi but Gaurav tells her she has gone somewhere..
Siddhi at someones flat a woman and Siddhi have a Convo… Siddhi reaches court when judge was abt to adjourn the court.. Siddhi tells that AK black mailed her not to fight the case against him n shows Anokhi Pics . Kunal has wooden expression as if he is not bothered..
Siddhi says these things happen as Actors Bribe people and blackmail them to win.. Kunal objects but Siddhi calls AK Manager Wife in Witness Box. His wife reveals Siddhi came to there house n both saw Anokhi pics in hia husband’s computer n tells them she has brought hard disk also..
Manager in witness box.. Siddhi questions him and finally he blurts out that AK told him to Blackmail Kunal but then Siddhi.. Manages tells since this case is false AK didnt want Kunal to leave

Precap: Siddhi waiting for Kunal.. Veena says she will never allow Kunal in her house.

Update Credit to: Nidz

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