Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina thanking Raghav and returning his jacket. She thanks him for being with her all day and cheering her up as Veer did not come. He says its not a big thing, chill. She says small things matter, thanks. He jokes that she would have become an ice statue. He says don’t mind, but you look good in Indian clothes. She says I will leave now. He stops her. Kal ho na ho…..plays…… He says sorry if I m crossing limit, you ignore this, Veer is a nice man, he will feel bad to miss the date, he has to manage all the work in company, please don’t judge him by today. She says drive home safely. He starts leaving. She stops him and says give my flowers to your super busy brother. He smiles. She goes.

Sanjana plucks off rose petals and checks if Veer hates Naina or not. She says no, Veer likes that bahenji. Ira asks why is she stressed. Sanjana asks did Veer come back from date. Ira says no, Veer posted pics and praised the lady. Sanjana asks what, show me the pics. Ira asks do you have fever, are you getting angry. Sanjana says you understand me, will you help me. Ira says of course tell me. Sanjana says tell me Veer’s choice, I want to gift branded watch or something to Veer. Ira says its not time for rakhi. Sanjana says you all just know to hurt me and goes angrily. Ira says Veer, I agree Sanjana is dumb, but Naina is such a bahenji.

Chanchal sees Naina upset. Naina asks will you not ask me about the day. Chanchal says you went with Veer on date, it will be good, what to ask. She asks whats the matter, why are you upset. Naina says I have to tell something. Chanchal says tell me, I m your best friend too, did Veer do anything. Naina says no, he did not come on date, I m getting negative feeling, even before Amit ignored me in the relationship, I don’t think Veer is interested in me. Chanchal says its not like that, don’t compare this with old relationship, Amit was your past, Veer is different, Amit’s family did not accept you, here Veer’s family accepted you first.

Naina says the matter will go ahead when we meet. Chanchal asks her not to be desperate, Veer runs a big company, he can’t take leave and put work on other’s heart, you have to get habitual with this, its okay, everything does not happen in one day, it takes time. Naina goes. Chanchal says Naina is worried by small issue, if she knows Rajeev has seen Veer enjoying with some other girl in office, what will happen of Naina.

Pam says Rajeev has seen Veer and did not tell Naina, disgusting, Rajeev is ruining Naina’s future to secure his future, wow. Balraj says seriously, you gave right ideas. She says its art to get clever ideas. He says fine, then think what to do next. She says mummy ji will decide it. Raghav comes home. He sees Dadi upset. Dadi asks Shaurya about the date, what happens on dates. Shaurya says I don’t know, I m young. Dadi says don’t lie to me, I m afraid that Veer treats Naina like other girls, this is lifelong relation, Veer has to deal with maturity.

Raghav talks to Shaurya and tells him latest gossip. He tells about Veer and Naina’s date. Dadi gets glad and hides to hear him. Raghav says it was over all the movies. Raghav smiles seeing Dadi hiding and hearing him. He says Veer has ordered best dishes by chefs, they went to market and bought things, then they went to ice cave. Dadi asks Shaurya what did they talk. Shaurya says I don’t know. Raghav says they got lost in each other, I thought to give them privacy. Shaurya asks did you see them, did they kiss. Dadi and Raghav ask him to shut up. Shaurya says don’t use me to talk, talk directly. He goes. Raghav sees Dadi. Dadi shows annoyance. Raghav feels sorry to lie to Dadi and thinks sorry Dadi, date did not happen, I will talk to Veer and get everything back on track as you want.

Raghav goes to Veer. Veer asks why did you come there, to see if I m with any girl. Raghav says sorry, you did not meet Naina, she got upset, send her apology message, use your charm. Veer says I was busy. Raghav says relax, have water, Dadi is in tension about you and Naina. Veer says she is always in tension for me and Dadi, tell her to make my schedule. Raghav says you are Dadi’s fav, take Naina on date, she will be glad, then Dadi will be happy too. Veer says I have no time. Raghav says just say yes, I will arrange the date. Veer says whatever. Raghav gets glad and says I will arrange everything, you just come, you just call her. Veer does not agree and asks Raghav to call. Raghav thinks how to convince Veer. Sudha smiles seeing them. Sudha asks Raghav whats the matter. Raghav says I think Veer is no interested in Naina, we should tell Dadi.

Sudha says no, Veer cried talking to me yesterday, he gets angry and calms down soon, we explained him that Naina is perfect for him, present Veer well and show he is the best, show he is perfect boy for her, we want this relation to happen, I m sure you will not wish Dadi’s heart to break. Raghav says I will manage everything, don’t worry. She says you are so good, and goes. Raghav takes Veer’s phone and says what to do, shall I message Naina by Veer’s phone or not. He feels sorry to lie to Naina, but Veer is not able to express his heart, so I will tell it. He messages Naina. Naina reads the cute message from Veer and smiles. Raghav writes sorry I could not meet you today, I will make up for it, good night. Kal ho na ho….plays……..

Raghav praises the flowers and smiles. He asks flowers to convince Naina and make her happy, everyone is in tension, you are the solution now. Naina comes. She asks did flowers agree to you, or shall I try. He asks what do you mean. She says I heard you talking to flowers, they are lovely. She says thanks. He says no thanks to me, thank the one who has sent this. He thinks Naina accept my lie for everyone’s betterment. She gives the note to her. She does not take it and says tell my thanks to him. He stops her and asks her to read it once, I will not hear it if you want privacy. She says you know its nothing like that. He says please, read it for my sake. She reads the note. He writes from Veer’s side….. I have chosen all these flowers myself, I know you like flowers, so I asked Raghav to take you to garden, we will meet soon.

Naina says I won’t sign on any papers, which makes a relation a business deal. She hugs Raghav and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh plz …naina plz fall for raghav not for the kadoos veer…totally family is planning against naina as per their requirements…. disgusting… sad for naina.???

  2. Chithu

    Tomorrow Naina is going to reject Veer fingers crossed. Please Raghav dont convince and put her into the trap. Naina is meant for u not Veer. Veer is so arrogant.

  3. Chithu

    Can anyone tell me who is Shaurya. I am not able to recall

  4. Angelk1

    Please raghav tell dadi the truth. Dont trap naina in veer life. Please see that veer is not interested and stop instigating an making him look good.

  5. Waiting for tommrow’s episode..why is Raghav telling lie again and again to naina & dadi..when they will learn abt it then they will be really angry with him…

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