Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sudha telling Dadi that she will not accept Naina for Veer, how can she refuse to marry Veer. She tells Veer that she will find a loving girl for him, who values him. Pam says we have good girls around and signs about Sanjana. Dadi says Naina knows Veer is a Mehra and still refused, when girls see Veer’s surname and go with him, the girl who sees you without surname will be your best match, I m sure now that my decision was right, that girl is perfect for you, you will meet her and convince her for marriage. Veer says listen to me once. Dadi says whats the use of property then. I can give this property in charity. She goes. Veer refuses to marry and leaves.

Sudha calls Veer and says calm down, you have to meet Naina. He says this can’t happen, I hate her, I can’t marry her. She asks him to agree to Dadi, else we will be thrown out of this house, can you sleep on ground, no way, I m asking you to smarten up, go and try to convince Naina, she will not agree, we can buy some time. He asks her not to emotionally blackmail. She says I love you, I will handle this later, please.

Raghav sits upset. Veer goes to him. He asks Raghav to take him to Naina. Raghav gets glad and runs to the car. Veer meets Naina at her home. He asks her can we talk in private. She thinks. She wears the coat and goes out to meet him. Raghav looks on. He tells Veer he will wait and goes away. Veer says its strange this happened and we did not get chance to talk. She asks whats there to talk. He says I understood the truth seeing you, we should have not met that way, our relation started bad, I will marry you Naina.

She turns away. He says I know I m not right guy and I thought the same about you, Dadi told me everything about you, it happens sometimes that we don’t understand each other, yes I was irritated and angry, it was not my mistake, I was not wrong, it was just an accident, give me one more chance, trust me I just want to see you happy, you came to marry one you knew, he cheated you, life is full of surprises, this time accept this happy surprise, maybe your life changes. He thinks waitress Naina, say yes now, I m doing this for Dadi. He goes to Raghav.

Raghav asks Veer to sit in car, and goes to Naina. Raghav says I know you have less reasons to trust, but Veer is a good man, he believes in live and let live, this time he has come to you, he has seen a good heart in you, your love was incomplete and mine too, I can understand you. She asks are you okay. He says yes. She says you don’t look fine. Kal ho na ho…..plays……… He requests her to forget everything and give a chance to Veer, he is a nice guy. He leaves with Veer.

Naina comes home. Chanchal asks did Veer come, he is a nice guy, say yes to him. Naina smiles. She calls Raghav and says its her yes for marrying Veer. Raghav gets glad and tells Veer that Naina said yes for marriage, I will give news to Dadi. Veer gets shocked. Raghav goes to call everyone. They all ask why are you shouting. Raghav says everyone will get happy. They ask Raghav to say. Raghav says Naina said yes for marriage. Dadi smiles. Everyone get shocked. Dadi hugs Veer. She says I knew he will convince Naina. She says Sudha it happened what we wanted. Sudha cries and says I don’t know how to react by good news, whats there to say if Veer is marrying Naina. Dadi asks them to get sweets. She sees Raghav. She asks Balraj to give lunch treat to everyone in factory. She says I m so happy, I can’t refuse to anyone who asks me any thing. Raghav asks Dadi will you not refuse what I ask for, sure? He apologizes.

Chanchal asks Naina to stop working, as she is going to become rich house’s bahu now. Naina says this is my house also. Chanchal asks Rajeev to work as he has no job. Rajeev jokes. Chanchal makes him work. Naina says let me do work, I like it. She goes. Rajeev gets a call and gets happy. He tells Chanchal that he got a job offer, with double salary. She says I m so lucky for you.

Sudha and Pam join hands to send Naina back, and do a deal to get Veer and Sanjana married, as Sanjana is better than Naina. They hug. Veer looks on and thinks whats this new drama…..

Dadi is in pub. Raghav takes Naina and says sorry, there is emergency, don’t come out, Mehra family ladies are outside, if they see you, are you not scared. She says why, they know I m middle class girl and earning to support my family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sabrina

    Interesting wat r these ladies planning

  2. what the……!! abhi seriel start hoke kuch hi din hue hain ar yahan par shadi biyah..MG!! i thnk dis story ll going as Pardes film.. bt the bg music is so instrumental..”Tere Nam”, i just say WAWww…..

  3. Chithu

    Veer I cant believe u will stoop so low. U were saying all those things to Naina and convincing her to marry u all for property. U have insulted Naina earlier now u r try to cheat her by marrying. Raghav don’t be so innocent please see ur brother’s real face. Stop him from ruining Naina’s life.

  4. Chithu

    I really admire u Naina. Wt u said is true there is nothing to be afraid of for what will be the family’s reaction when they see u in club. U r working thr earning money to support even ur useless bro n sis in law. I am sure Veer might have tricked everyone to go into club so that they see her as a waitress. So cheap trick Veer.

  5. Chithu

    I think Sabrina, pam n Sudha wants Sanjana to Veer. Finally Sudha thinks Sanjana is better option in status than Naina. They will b tricking Dadi to reconsider her order.

    1. Sabrina

      chithu I know that the ladies now both agree for San Jana to marry veer but how r they planning on stopping Dadi instruction by doing what. I mean everyone know she is a waitress so that out of question.

      1. Chithu

        They may b planning anything to embarrass her infront of dadi in the club. Not sure exactly they r going to do that. But I am sure dadi will be alright with her working as waitress for now, as she is doing that to collect money for tickets d supporting family. Dadi might ask her to leave this job as she is going to b her bahu soon.
        The ladies might try hard to oppose for the marriage but veer is neither interested in Naina nor Sanjana

  6. wow chithu bro *thumbs up*

    1. Chithu

      Hi Sudha, I am sis nor bro. How did u find the show

  7. Hi guys i’m new here.
    Nice show. just loved it.
    loved both Raghav and Naina role

    @zulf, yeah u r right ,,show just started and suddenly marriage drama..

  8. Angelk1

    So far the show is good. Ragjav please open your eyes…veer will ruin her life. I wish naina would also see that her sister in law and brother are using her.

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