Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina shouting Raghav seeing him run to save Sanjana. The man shoots and Naina gets shot. Raghav holds Sanjana. He sees Naina falling down. He leaves Sanjana down. Her mangalsutra drops. Raghav shouts Naina and goes to her.

Dadi, Sudha and Pam seeing the terrorist attack news. She says Sanjana and Veer have gone to that place, get them back. They see Naina and Raghav too. Dadi asks them to get everyone home. Pam tells Sudha that Naina is alive. Sudha says I don’t care, get Veer home. Dadi faints. Raghav holds Naina in lap. Naina says I m fine. Raghav lies down. She asks what are you doing. Raghav says I m acting, that man is coming close, do you have pepper spray. She says its in my bag. He asks her to wait for his sign. She says that man is coming. Raghav starts beating the man. He asks Naina to run. She gets up and runs. Naina gets the spray from her purse. She uses tje pepper spray on the man. Police comes and arrests the man. Naina holds her mangalsutra and thinks we were thinking to end this relation, and this relation saved my life today.

Raghav asks how are you now. She says fine. He asks why did you come out in front of that mad man. She says I did not think anything, but you thought and got in front of the gun man for Sanjana. He says she was in front of gunman. She says you did not think of yourself. He says just Dadi loves me, I always help others, so I went there, what do I have to lose. She says nothing. She gets sad and goes. Raghav stops her and says its good this forced relation is going to end, I have made divorce proceedings faster to get it done in 3 days. She recalls their marriage. He says I m not understanding why you are angry, I have seen you are safe, but why did you come out in front of the terrorist. She says you won’t understand. He says we should go home, Dadi heard this and got unwell, we should go to her, shall I drop you. She says you already left me. She calls a taxi. He asks what’s wrong. She says everything is wrong. She leaves in the taxi.

Dadi sees Raghav, Sanjana and Veer fine and thanks Lord. She looks for Naina. Raghav says we are fine, don’t worry, Veer wants to talk to you. Veer says actually, there was some misunderstanding, Naina did not misbehave with me. Dadi gets shocked. She gets angry and asks what about the message, Naina did not send it, you blamed Naina. Veer says that messages came from her phone, but someone else sent it. Sanjana says yes, Veer’s friend liked Naina and got to know she is Raghav’s wife, Naina scolded him, so he took her phone and sent messages to Veer. Dadi asks are you saying true. Veer says yes. Dadi says tell your bad character guy, whats his name… Sanjana says Rohit. Dadi says tell him not to show his face. Raghav thinks they always lie, I will expose them later, I m glad Naina’s name got cleared in front of Dadi, I don’t care about others.

Dadi says I knew my Naina can’t do this, you all blamed her, I did mistake to stand silent, all by this misunderstanding, I made her leave the house, don’t know will she forgive me or not. Naina comes and says elders don’t apologize, they bless. Dadi hugs her. Dadi cries and says when they insulted you, I silently heard everything, forgive me, I made you leave home. Naina says no need to apologize, misunderstanding has a benefit, it hurts us and also gives us a lesson, no need to feel guilty, we have to apply ointment on our wounds ourselves, we can’t wait for someone for help. She sees Raghav.

Sudha and Pam taunt Naina. Naina ignores them. Sudha removes the grinder plug. They call her shameless to come back to blame them again. Naina asks them not to waste time. She asks Pam to make fake jewelry and hide real one. Sudha asks what is she saying. Naina says she is trying to break us by lying and create differences between us. Sudha asks what drama you did that Veer had to cover up the bad thing. Naina says Veer will answer you that. Naina warns them not to play cheap games, else she will tell Dadi everything. Sudha asks what will you say. Naina says I know everything about Sanjana’s fake pregnancy, so remember this. She goes.

Naina tries joining the broken mangalsutra. It falls. Raghav picks it and asks her to throw it, its useless. She says I m alive because of this, it saved my life. He says don’t get senti, what’s your point to wear this, throw it away. They both argue. He says if I m not worth it, why are you wearing this. She says your guilt is saying this, don’t think I m get scared. He says if you taunt, then have courage to listen, you think everyone is worthless, what did I do that I fell in your sight. She says this is your problem to not know anything, we will not have expectations, you make deals and leave everything on me, keeping my mangalsutra is my decision, you can’t decide for me, I will wear this mangalsutra if I want.

Raghav says fine, you want to wear this mangalsutra. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. Dadi smiles seeing them. Naina hugs him. He gets puzzled.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hii , I am the slient reader of it . waise kisi ne saas bahu aur suspence dekha kya . Raghav shirtless avatar in front of naina

  2. aaya haaye…. soon their love story should start yr…. my exams are coming close and thats y i have to quit this serial for approx. a week….. but in this coming two weeks raghav and naina should tell each other that that they love each other a lot…

  3. Now Raghav or naina cute nok joke start
    I love this serial

  4. lovely precap. im glad naina’s name got cleared. dadi should know the truth about sanjana.s fake pregnancy. i think she will be upset with naina if she finds out naina knew and didnt tell her anything

  5. Chithu

    I am happy that Naina’s name got cleared but veer again played cheap and lied to dadi. Raina always fight as if they are kids. Instead of fighting they must convey their real feelings. In precap I am sure the are pretending as they see dadi approaching them. Sanjana’s fake pregnancy must be revealed in front of dadi. Hope to c cute Raina scenes more

  6. Love this new series..i justbhope it does not go off track like the other daily far its going great.

  7. Ya neha i hv seen that. I love this phmhd.

  8. I like raghav and naina jodi. Was sanjana raghav love? Does anyone know plz.

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