Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pam saying Naina is after Veer, do you both have competition. Sudha says we thought Raghav is charity case and raised him well, we made him part of family, then his wife came here and told him it belongs to him. Pam says Naina married Raghav and thinks she has right on Veer and property. Naina says I don’t care what they all say, I know you trust me, you know my character, I want to know what you believe, we have taken marriage vows, tell me you believe me, answer me. He gets silent. Asha comes and asks whats happening. Naina gets shocked.

Sudha tells her that Naina is trying to attract Veer, she applies mehendi of Raghav’s name and has someone else’s name in her heart. Asha says please, I can’t hear a word against my daughter. She asks Dadi why is she silent when her family is disrespecting Naina, I came to thank you, you got my son out of jail, but something else is happening here, look at Naina, you think Naina can do this, Naina is quiet as my heart is weak, but my heart is not so weak that I see my daughter’s insult, I m first mum asking daughter to leave her husband’s house. Naina sees Raghav and cries. She says you don’t have to say anything even after knowing so much.

Asha takes her. Asha asks Naina to stop crying when its not her mistake. Naina says Raghav stood silent and did not say anything, why. She hugs Asha. Asha says we will go from here. They pack bags and leave. Naina sees Sanjana and Raghav. Sanjana asks what do you want to say now, your wife did so much. Raghav says I came to apologize, Naina did not think before hurting you. I can’t believe this, I have seen those messages, I was with Veer when those messages came, Naina does not like me, its okay, but she should think you are marrying Veer. Sanjana says exactly. He says I m with you, I can support you always. Naina cries and goes.

At Asha’s house, Naina sits crying. Asha says it did not happen right, they can’t say anything, I will not bear this, I m with you always, freshen up, come. Asha goes and meets Raghav at night. She sits in the car. She says I don’t find this right, I want to know why did Naina leave home, why did you make me do all this, they have blamed bad things on Naina. He says I know you got sad, we had just this way, whatever you have seen today, it does not mean I m not with Naina and I will leave her, no, I will make this fine, my family has big misunderstanding against Naina, I will prove Naina is innocent and she is good hearted. Asha says she is my pride. He says mine too, she is my friend before being my wife, I know her, she can’t do this, I was silent that time as I wanted to understand matter, there are some marriage vows, I will not make that a lie, I will keep all vows and return Naina’s respect, the people who insulted her will get her back home with respect, this is my promise. Asha says I trust your promise. He says I need some time. She says fine, I will go, Naina will be waiting. She goes.

Raghav recalls getting hit by necklace. He sees Pam in the window. He thinks why will anyone throw costly necklace, something is wrong, it means that necklace is fake. He recalls Rajeev’s words and says this means Rajeev was saying true in police station that day. Chanchal thinks which jewelry shall I wear, Rajeev will come home tomorrow. Naina comes to her.

Chanchal hides jewelry. She lies about sales. Naina says its not sales season. Chanchal says you came last month and I m staying since 5 years, I know about malls and sales. Naina says jewelry and designer clothes will be expensive, how can you afford this in Rajeev’s salary. Chanchal says you won’t understand this, when husband compliments wife’s smile, its priceless, everyone’s marriage is not fake, your fate does not have this. Naina says I m sorry, you felt bad. Chanchal says you are right, we have to spend less now, when baby came, we did not know two more persons will come along with baby. Naina gets sad.

Sudha, Pam and Balraj drink and talk about Veer and Sanjana’s plan. Pam says we have to make Raghav leave from here. Balraj says all our problems will end, I will start this work today itself. He calls Raghav and asks him to come. Raghav comes. Balraj says Naina created big issue, people are gossiping about us, Dadi went to jail, Rajeev did theft in office and now Naina harassed Veer. Raghav says I don’t know how to make this fine, I was also responsible, tell me what I can do. Balraj says we are disturbed, I want you to go India for few weeks. Raghav gets shocked and says fine, I will go. Balraj says good, go. Raghav leaves. Balraj says its according to plan, once he goes, we will throw master plan, you guys have to be quick. Pam says I m so happy, cheers.

Rajeev meets his child and is happy. Naina says you came back, I m glad, when lawyer said we have to give 10000 euros for bail, I was tensed about arranging money, now everything will get fine, how did bail happen. He says maybe Dadi paid money knowing its her family’s mistake, maybe she felt guilty, its imp that I came back home. Chanchal asks Naina to keep papers safe. Naina checks papers and gets shocked. She checks Raghav’s handwriting and says it means Raghav paid money for Rajeev’s bail.

Veer asks Raghav whose call was it. Raghav says Naina, she committed suicide. Veer gets shocked and asks what.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I love this serial . This and Chandra nandini are the best serial . Love raina chemistry. Raghav should have supported naina but understood his plan I want both of them to fall in love precap was super interesting .I am waiting for tom episode. Veer and Sanjana should turn into positive characters for a while what will dadi do when she comes to know the truth abt Sanjana ,veer , etc . Waiting for all confrontation

  2. Please, please expose everyone who are conspiring in the house. Raghav and naina need to expose balraj too now that raghav knows jewellery was fake and Rajiv was right. Dadi needs to know truth.

  3. I think now all misunderstanding should be cleared between naina and Raghav

  4. Read in spoiler that naina will get shot, it’s another plot by veer to kill her.

  5. Lovely / sad / good episode.

  6. Chithu

    In upcoming episodes Veer’s evil plan is caught red handed by Naina and he goes to apologize to her. While some terrorists dressed as Santa Claus start open fire and Naina gets shot in the process.

  7. Chithu

    Atlast Raghav came to know abt jewellery. Hope Raghav and Naina clears all misunderstandings. Raghav is so sweet I am sure he will expose Sanjana and Veer plan in front of Dadi.

  8. Angelk1

    Hopefully naina trust raghav after this an raghav plan works to expose the culprit

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