Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with all the wives applying tika to their husbands. Dadi says its been years that I did not touch tilak, since Lala ji left. Raghav says Dadi, you always say love is immortal, come and apply tika to Dada ji. He makes her apply tika to Dada ji’s pic. Dada ji applies tika and prays. She sees Raghav and blesses him for knowing her heart so soon. She asks how did you know I m missing Lala ji. Raghav says you always say your romance was in this, you also know what I want, bless me always, I will win every fight.

Dadi takes him to Naina. She asks Naina to come and do tika to Raghav. Naina shows her mehendi. Dadi says I forgot this. Sanjana asks Naina not to feel bad, this tradition is for Mehra family. Raghav is not family, and he does not regard you family. Raghav says its okay Dadi, I will go. Naina stops him.

Naina goes to Raghav and gets close. Everyone look on. Kal ho na ho…..plays…… Raghav holds her. She bends to apply her sindoor as tika to Raghav. She gets away. She sees Sanjana. Sanjana gets angry. Dadi says its amazing, Naina you find way in every problem, I m your fan, you will get shagun now. Naina says no need. Dadi insists. Naina says as you feel right.

Dadi calls a man/jeweler and says this is our family jeweler. She asks the man to make beautiful jewelry for Naina. Raghav says no need. Dadi says be quiet, its women’s matter. She asks Naina what does she want. Naina thinks its truth to expose fake jewelry truth. She sees Sudha. Dadi asks do you like that necklace, do you want that. Naina says its costly. Dadi says I will see price, you just say it.

Raghav asks Naina how can you ask for costly gift. Naina says Dadi is insisting, I m not asking. She asks Dadi to get something less costly. Dadi sends Raghav. She asks man to see necklace well. She asks Sudha to give necklace. Pam says we can do that tomorrow. Dadi says no need, it will take 2 mins. Naina thinks to call Raghav so that he also sees this family’s truth. She looks for Raghav. Sudha gives her necklace. Naina thinks Raghav is in washroom and asks him to come fast, Dadi is waiting.

Veer comes and holds her. She says leave me, you are hurting me. She gets shocked seeing Veer. He gets close. He asks him to get away. He says I know you want it, don’t hide feelings. She asks him to get lost. He does not let her go and says don’t forget, you are brought in this house for me, I have first right on you. She says leave me, I will shout. He asks her to shout. She shouts for help.

The man checks Sudha’s jewelry design. Pam worries. Everyone hear Naina screaming. Dadi rushes. Balraj says who is shouting. Naina shouts to Raghav. Balraj asks Pam to give real necklace to jeweler, change it. Pam takes the necklace from the man.

Dadi and everyone rush and sees Naina and Veer. Naina says Dadi, Veer tried to molest me. They all get shocked. Dadi slaps Veer and asks how did you fall so low, she is your Bhabhi, she is Raghav’s wife, am I alive to see this day. Veer says you are right, I was molesting Naina. Pam hides the necklace. She worries and throws necklace out.

Dadi scolds Veer. Sanjana shouts enough.She goes to defend Veer. Pam comes and signs Balraj. She asks Veer to say it, I will not be quiet, Dadi is saying so much, why are you saving this woman’s respect, just because she is Raghav’s wife, what about me, I don’t want you to take molestation blame. Dadi asks what do you mean. Sanjana says Naina is after Veer, she is obsessed with him, she is the one harassing him. Dadi asks what are you saying, Naina is not like that, I chose her seeing her character.

Sanjana asks Dadi to open eyes, Naina is after Veer, try to know truth. She asks Veer to give his phone. She shows Naina’s message to Veer. Naina gets shocked. Dadi reads message. Sanjana reads message aloud that Naina misses Veer, she married Raghav by mistake, she does not love him. Naina says I didn’t message this. Sanjana says Veer showed me all texts, we were quiet, now its too much, why did Naina come here to meet Veer in this room, she does not care for me and family, Naina was marrying Veer and got Raghav, she wanted to break my marriage, she wants rich husband, so she did this.

Naina says stop it, its all an lie, Dadi knows I did not give importance to money, trust me, I did not do this, why will I want Veer, he left me in marriage mandap, they are framing me, as I know their truth, I saved Raghav from them always, trust me.

Sudha says you don’t regard Raghav as husband. Pam says you want to give divorce to Raghav. Sanjana says she comes back everytime as she is behind my man. Naina says whatever is between me and my husband, its our personal matter, I don’t want any comments, I never thought I will marry Raghav, Dadi knows why Raghav and I are keeping this marriage, Dadi fixed my marriage with Veer, I said yes to you for your sake even when my heart refused, I accepted Raghav as my husband, this relation is pure to me. Veer is nothing to me now, I don’t think of him. Raghav comes. Sanjana scolds Naina. She says truth is out. Raghav asks Dadi what’s happening. Pam says we feel you and your wife are same, you get after some people so badly. Raghav asks why are you saying this. Pam says you were after Sanjana, your wife is after Veer. Raghav looks at Naina. Naina signs no and cries.

Raghav says don’t worry, I m with you always Sanjana. Naina gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Again lies winning and all believing. The fake jewellery truth was due to come out and now that’s forgotten.

  2. What the hell is going on… i will kill veer as well as her wife sanjana….. who is the director yr…. tell him to make romantic scences between naina and raghav….

    1. Lol, don’t kill veer kill ekta kapoor

  3. Such a nonsense precap. I dont know Why raghav always support sanjana,she is like a fox .I hate her.

  4. Sabrina

    This is a real crazy episode seriously when we thought that truth will be out and this….precap is just crazy with is rags supporting sanjana I don’t undderstand

  5. literally …… if in this two weeks the serial doesnt show any lovely scences and patch up again in naina and raghav and telling each other that they love each other then i will stop watching this serial….. it is one of my favourite serial….

  6. I think Raghav trust on naina

  7. indera sanichara

    Naina now you know for sure someone is trying to seperate you and Raghav. Find the villains and expose them. Only then Raghav will believe you were telling the truth.

  8. Typical Ekta serial.. pure innocent wife keeps getting framed and has to prove herself a million times before it’s too late..and the CVs keep dragging and dragging and forget about the main plot. Creativity Gaya bhard mein!

    1. Yes, it’s the same like kalash

  9. so boring episode
    what the hell………………….
    i hate veer…………

  10. Sowji

    Ekta kapoor all show like this way only…they will never change the track…same story…ekta mam compare to u…all the youngsters writing ff very well…u should learn how to write a story…I never expect this serial is yours…u always show same storyline…same dialogue…as a woman how can u always think to deframing good female characters…entail kapoor story is always shows same thing with different title name…one thing we must know that in your serial all good female lead role searching a proof to prove herself is innocent…

  11. Hope the truth comes out soon. Nice acting by Raghav and Naina.

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