Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina talking to Dadi. Dadi sits annoyed. Naina asks her to take care of her health. She says Veer’s words were bitter, but it was true, your heart is much big, but don’t keep anything in heart for the dead person, he was your grandson. Dadi says when he was born, we kept a grand event, I loved him a lot, but the love fell short. She cries. Dadi says when wound becomes incurable, it needs to be cut off from body, I can never forgive Veer. Naina says see I m fine, even baby is fine, Dadi I know Veer did that in anger, I know you are very angry with him, Veer went to Lord, he is waiting for your forgiveness, if you don’t forgive him, how will he get soul peace. Dadi asks what do you want. Naina says I want Veer’s Chautha to happen here, please Dadi. Dadi cries and hugs Naina.

Pam stops Sudha and says you lost your son, you are in control. Sudha says if I break, who will manage my husband and family, I have to become their strength. Pam asks what are you doing with Harjeet, I can’t believe you have forgiven Naina. Sudha says you did not lose child, now I have no wish to take revenge, trust me, Harjeet is a strong woman. She is standing with us, she wants to do a havan for Veer’s soul peace, so I was talking about that. She goes. Pam says I know you are planning something big, I have to see what’s that game.

Pandit tells about soul journey. Everyone show grief. Naina goes to check if food is ready for bhog and pandit. The caterer greets Naina and says food is ready. She asks him to serve food to pandit. He says I was shocked seeing all that, the girl who got shot worked for me, it was her first day at work. Naina asks what, how can this happen, she was Harjeet’s relative. Harjeet looks on. He says no, she worked for us, her name was Renu, when she went to do your aarti, I was thinking why did she dress up like that, anyway I will prepare things. He goes. Naina thinks why did Harjeet lie. She sees Harjeet hiding.

Harjeet comes and asks her to take rest, I will see arrangements. Naina says no need, you can help me in one thing, you remember the girl who was going to do my godh bharai rasam, what was your relation with her. Harjeet says I know you are much loved here, but no one spoke to me like this. Naina says caterer said the work worked for him as a waitress. Harjeet says I told Dadi that I can’t do the rasam as I m a widow, so I thought that girl to do the rasam, we get a girl from poor house and make her do rituals, so that we can earn good deeds. Sudha comes and asks is everything fine. Harjeet says yes.

Naina apologizes to Harjeet. Harjeet acts and says I just want your baby to stay fine, I made Renu do godh bharai so that abshagun does not happen, I often forget that its not possible for outsiders to get respect. Sudha says relax, sorry, Naina did not wish to hurt you. She asks Naina to go to Dadi. Naina apologizes and goes. Harjeet says Naina has become spy, we have to stop her, Naina got to know about the girl. Sudha asks what. Harjeet says thanks for supporting me. She goes.

Naina sees some girl hiding face and standing with other women. Khurana thinks did anything happen, why is Naina tensed. Ira faints. The girl drops an envelope and leaves. Naina thinks what did that girl give me and goes to room. Khurana thinks what is she hiding. Naina checks the gun and note. Khurana comes and asks what are you doing, you know its the only proof for Raghav’s innocence, I promised Raghav to keep an eye on your every move. He checks the gun and reads note.

He says Raghav did not kill Veer. Naina and Khurana get shocked. He reads I have killed Veer, he deserved it, my fingerprints are also there on this gun, I don’t want anyone else to bear punishment for my mistake, I m Veer’s enemy. Naina says I told you Raghav did not kill Veer. Khurana says we can get Raghav out on bail by using this proof. They leave.

Harjeet asks pandit to say what’s in Naina’s kundli. He says its your testing time, bad time will break door and enter, who is Naina, stay away from her, else lose to her. She says I did not wish to lose, that girl gets saved from my planning always. He says yes, this will happen always, it won’t be possible to make her lose, I made kundlis again, I can see one birth and one death clearly, is anyone pregnant in your family. She says no. He says its written that a child is coming in your family, the baby will get someone’s death along, he will become reason of your destruction, better stay away from Naina. He goes. She says I won’t let baby come in this world, I will do anything to keep my Kaal away. Inspector checks note and says anyone can write this, you are Raghav’s friend. Khurana says yes, I was a lawyer before becoming successful businessman, I knew you will ask this. He gives papers. Inspector asks what’s this.

Khurana jokes and says love letters. He says its handwriting samples of all relatives, you can check it with the note, its your work to check the fingerprints on the gun, will you find real murderer, or shall I do this, the proof is enough for Raghav’s bail. Naina asks can I meet Raghav. Naina meets Raghav and says a lady has kept proof and went, Khurana is getting you out on bail. Raghav asks who told you to do this, you should have said this to me, you want to save me, why don’t you agree to me. She asks would I get that to you, so that you throw proof and get rotten in jail, I promised you I won’t let you get punished for someone’s mistake. She goes.

Dilraj asks Naina to come downstairs, Raghav has come home. Naina slips on stairs. Raghav runs to hold her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naina is so sweet for Raghav but he doesn’t appreciate her.

  2. anay bangalore

    Naina looks sweet to us because we know entire story but raghav doesn’t know about naina’s truth so for she doesn’t look sweet

  3. The story line is going in circles without much to it.

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