Paras Arora QUITS Sab TV’s Kaatelal & Sons

Actor Paras Arora is a very popular name in the television industry. He has been on the tube for a while now and has done some phenomenal work too. These days he has been a part of Sab TV’s Kaatelal & Sons. But now it seems that he has decided to cut the ties off with the show.

His on-screen pairing and offscreen friendship with Jiya Shankar has been a huge hit and they even had a central track going on themselves recently in the show. But even after this, he has decided to officially quit the show now. In an interview with Etimes, he mentioned he isn’t creatively satisfied with his character graph which had further become mentally disturbing for him too.

Talking about it, Arora said, “I was not satisfied with the character graph and my dates were not used properly by the makers. Actually, I had made up my mind before the lockdown but as the lockdown was suddenly announced I had to postpone my decision for next two months. Whatever discussion I could have I tried my best to have with the creative team but I was not getting a solution for it. Hence, I decided to take the decision.”

He then added, “The decision was very tough especially during the pandemic when people are not having work. The decision was not very easy. I was not much visible on the show, still people loved my character and role. They have supported me so much and I see the love on social media. My pair with Jiya was loved so much but the creative team somehow did not utilize the way it should have been. It became frustrating for me after a point of time. My character of Dr. Pramod was loved by people and they appreciated my acting also and that’s the reason I kept pushing my decision. I tried my best but I did not get the results. I had a few discussions with the makers but there was no proper answer. In the end I had no other option but to quit the show.”

Tomorrow is his last day on the sets, and he said that he will miss Shankar the most. Concluding about it he said, “Tomorrow (July 22) is the last day of my shoot. I am going to miss everybody from the show, especially Jiya the most. I share a great and closest bond with her and we have this connection from day 1. On set I will miss her the most and offscreen I know we will meet each other. I will miss shooting with her daily and our lunch sessions.”

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