Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Hidimba meets kanha and arjun.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with balram and bheem watching from vrindavan down below as all people are there worried and scared. Balram says bheem vrindavan wont fly like this itself, it seems like some demon is carrying entire vrindavan. Yashoda says then I am pretty sure it is a demon sent by kansa. Balram says bheem, first we have to know who is down there and then I shall deal with that demon and kill it. bheem says but how will you do it brother balram? Balram says don’t worry, tie a rope around me but you have a great responsibility, you have to hold the rope tightly using all your might. Balram ties the rope around him and yudhishthir, bheem and damodar and some men hold the rope. Bheem says brother balram, I don’t know if I can handle your weight but I will use all my strength. Balram

says always remember bheem, strength comes from the heart and if you believe you can do it! then you can do it for sure! Balram says okay, I shall jump down. Balram jumps and bheem and others hold the rope tightly.
Kanha and Arjun run as they try to catch up with mushtika. As they reach a distance, hidimba’s voice comes and she says friends, see you have reached only till here. Arjun says hidimba you? hidimba says yes, I was keeping an eye on vrindavan and mushtika lifted the entire city. Kanha says hidimba, we have to stop mushtika in time otherwise vrindavan will burn in lavatal and all people will die. Hidimba says you both don’t worry, I will do this task, hidimba becomes very huge in size and she holds kanha and Arjun in her hand and says just watch as I shall go faster behind to catch mushtika. Hidimba goes.
There kansa is sleeping in his room and bhadraksh comes and says bhagwan I have a good news. Kansa doesn’t wake up. Bhadraksh says wake up bhagwan, what are you doing? I have a good news, bhadraksh tries many times but kansa doesn’t wake up. Bhadraksh says I have only one option. Bhadraksh takes a feather and starts tickling kansa, kansa laughs but still keeps sleeping. Bhadraksh then says what to do? Bhagwan is not getting up. Bhadraksh then puts the feather in kansa’s nose and he sneezes and wakes up angrily and says what happened bhadraksh? Do you want to die? Kansa holds bhadraksh by the neck and says why did you disturb me? Bhadraksh says bhagwan I have a good news about mushtika, she has lifted entire vrindavan and is almost reaching lavatal. Kansa says you fool, I was watching that same thing right now, you disturbed me. Bhadraksh says how will I know bhagwan what you were watching? Kansa says soon I will watch the people of vrindavan burn and die as they scream.
There balram sees mushtika and says a demoness? Mushtika says you little speck, get away you cannot stop me now. balram says you don’t know me demoness, I am balram and I will kill you, now put down vrindavan where it was otherwise you shall face my anger. Mushtika laughs and says I will kill all of you for bhagwan kansa, you all shall be sacrificed in lavatal and anyway we are almost reaching lavatal. Balram says demoness, this is my last warning, stop now! mushtika says you disturb me, now you shall become my food. Mushtika opens her mouth to eat balram. Balram jumps and climbs up on vrindavan to save himself. mushtika keeps walking, then balram jumps on her shoulder and he says you will have my beating. Balam hits mushtika with his mudgal, but she feels nothing and she laughs. balram says why isn’t anything happening? Balram beats again and then says is she made of metal? She is not getting hurt. Mushtika reaches lavatal and says now it is no use kid, you all will die inside hot lava and your village will burn! Everyone start feeling the heat of lavatal and yashoda and kunti say the heat has increased suddenly, what do we do now?

Precap: hidimba kicks mushtika! Arjun and kanha stand against mushtika as Arjun aims an arrow at her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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