Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha and arjun steal butter.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kunti coming to vrindavan. She says bheem, kanha is right as hidimba has to go now, she will come here at the right time and then people will accept her as their friend too. Bheem says okay mother. Nand and yashoda are happy to meet kunti and nand says sister kunti, why did you go alone to Mathura? Kansa is an evil demon and because of him entire brij mandla is suffering and vasudev and devki as well. Kunti says I did not know about that, but vasudev sent me back, they stayed. Nand says yes, I know.
At night as everyone sleep, kanha wakes up Arjun and Arjun says now we can steal butter. Kanha says yes, even brother balram is sleeping and the real fun is in stealing butter and eating. Arjun says yes and he and kanha go out of the house. Kanha says we will go

to each house and take some pots of butter and go to the outskirt of vrindavan and eat there peacefully, Arjun says yes kanha it will be fun. Kanha and Arjun first go to a man’s house as he sleep. Kanha and Arjun sneak in silently and kanha says we have to take one pot. As they walk slowly, the man changes his sleeping posture and due to arjun’s hand the pot falls and breaks, the man gets up and says who is it? kanha and Arjun hide. The man sleeps back. kanha says the first rule is, never eat butter if the pot has broken, now we have to go from here to another house. Kanha and Arjun go to another house finding butter, they slowly go to many houses and bring back some pots for each of them to eat.
Kanha and Arjun go out of the village and eat butter. As Arjun eats butter, he says it is very delicious, I just always dreamt of eating butter with you kanha but now I my wish has been fulfilled, I am so happy. Kanha laughs and then they feed each other butter. As kanha and Arjun eat butter, slowly it gets morning and kanha says it is sunrise, we have to get back to home, if mother finds out we had gone then she will scold us. Arjun says yes, lets go.
Kanha and Arjun go back to vrindavan but see a very huge crater! Kanha says where did the village go? we went to steal butter but someone came and stole vrindavan. Arjun says kanha, I think we are at the wrong place. Kanha says no Arjun, there is the tulsi plant and the apple tree, this is vrindavan but someone picked the village from here. kanha suddenly see a broken pot and picks it, he says this is my mother’s pot, it will tell us who has taken vrindavan. Kanha closes his eyes and he sees.
In flashback, mushtika comes to the village at night and in her huge form she sees the village and says bhagwan kansa, I am going to burn this entire village for you. mushtika laughs and she lifts entire vrindavan from its roots and holds it in her hands above her head, she says now I will take vrindavan to my place lavatal and burn it there. Mushtika goes.
Kanha opens his eyes and says Arjun I saw, mushtika has taken vrindavan to lavatal and she is going to burn the entire village there. We have to go and save the village and people before mushtika reaches lavatal! Kanha and Arjun run.
There people get up in the morning and they see the tremors in vrindavan and all the dangerous storms! All people fall down and cannot stand stably! They say what is happening? Where is our village going? We will fall down from its ends now, we have to go to nand baba! The people go. balram and bheem come and see the village is in air and balram say what is happening? Why is vrindavan flying? Bheem says yes brother, something dangerous is happening to the village.
There kanha and Arjun run and kanha says Arjun, mushtika will reach to lavatal but she hasn’t gone too far, if we run faster then we will catch her midway and then we can do something and save vrindavan. Arjun says yes kanha we will try but where will we go? kanha says to the south because all demons go to the south. Arjun says okay and they run.

Precap: mushtika reaches lavatal and says bhagwan kansa, I am sacrificing vrindavan for you. kansa laughs. bheem and balram see mushtika. Kanha and Arjun reach lavatal.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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