Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update – Sudama explains gomtimai about his past.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sudama in childhood comes comes explaining friends & telling to forgive him while they are telling him that because of you we are going away from kanha & he is pleading kanha while kanha is explaining him to not to worry so he says I won’t stop but I have decided to break the pot to make your friends come to you but kanha tells him to not to do this but he becomes stubborn on his decision.
Sudama is explaining gomtimai about kanha had told him but I did not listen to him so you have to understand what I wish to tell you then she tells him if there is anything to understand then I can understand & she shows a coin telling sudama that this is wealth & if there is no wealth then brahman also do not come for Pooja then sudama explains her I was also stubborn at that time to break the pot.
Kanha expalins sudama to not to be stubborn to break the pot as this is not your work & which is against your ethics but he does not listen to him & goes to search for pot in the darkness & as he is confused no pots can be seen in various houses then he finds one pot which kanha will like but he is again confused where can I find stone to break while kanha plays trick to catch sudama by giving signals to house people to alert & as sudama tries to break then the owner of the house comes stopping sudama asking what are you doing here at night? So sudama tells him I was trying to break your pot then he shouts him & sudama runs away while kanha is happy to stop him doing evil from his hands.
Sudama is in confusion thinking I have to do this as because of me kanha’s friends should not go away from him as the whole night has passed. He sees the same gopiyas taking pots on their head so he decides to break one of them but he can’t break & falls in confusion thinking kanha use to break all pots & why can’t I break one also & he is trying again & again but his stone falls on their legs so they run to catch him & they are cursing him while sudama is explaining them that he is true devotee of kanha & they decide to punish him while kanha comes for his rescue & explain them who is sudama so they stop & he instigates them to punish him but you will be affected so they go away warning sudama. Kanha explains sudama but he does not listen telling kanha that I wish to win faith of your friends & kanha is surprised.
Krishna tells mai that sudama won’t say so he tries to pick milk but she stops him telling him this can’t happen from my pot as I knew your attitude & Krishna tells mai that you are also very stubborn & tells sudama to explain mai what had happened of your stubbornness in past & he explains her.
Sudama asks kanha what can I do as this won’t happen here of breaking pot then kanha advises him to go to other village as festival is going on today & they wait for breaking their pots so sudama thanks kanha & runs towards that village. All gopiyas in that village are talking about who will break our pots today as kanha is also not here & we have to wait for our wishes to get fulfilled so sudama is hearing this & says in himself if kanha is not here no problem as his friend is here & I will break all your pots & he starts breaking pots while first pot is broked & that girl is happy seeing him breaking & sudama is also happy seeing her happy but she is happy for some other reason while sudama is confused that her pot contained only water so he asks her if you have butter pot & she blushes & goes away seeing him again smilingly while sudama is confused on her reaction.
Villagers come to sudama telling to come with us while he asks has anything wrong happened by me so one of them say no as you have done a very good thing by breaking my daughter lata’s pot so please come with us. Kanha says in his feelings that sudama you have done wrong against your ethics & this will teach you in your life a lesson.
Sudama is sitting in palace of villager thinking what is this happening & woman’s come telling him that this happens as it’s your first time then he becomes alert asking them what are you stating & one of them tell him this is your marriage process & he gets shocked so he gets up asking marriage? Lata’s mother is asking him you broke my daughters pot for marriage itself then he says it was for kanha’s butter & not for marriage then she tells him on this festive occasion if anybody breaks pot then he has to marry that girl & he is in shocking condition so he tries to run away but held by people to get him married with lata. Sudama is trying to convince lata’s mother telling her that he is devoted to meditation but in vain.
Sudama is thinking & talking with kanha in his thoughts for help.

Precap: Sudama suggests gomtimai to prepare laddoos of this butter so that everybody’s problems will get wiped out by giving to hanuman. Krishna tells hanuman that I have brought that bhog which you like & after seeing the laddoos hanuman gets very happy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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