Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha scolds kanha.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha going towards Mathura. Rishi gargacharya says kanha, you cannot defeat kansa now. Kanha says but rishi var I have to, if I don’t then he will hurt more innocent people, he will attack our village again and he will hurt the village people again! He will not stop until he finds the 8th son of mata devki, that is me! Rishi says but prabhu the truth is you cannot defeat him now, you cannot defeat him with the karma that you have done till now, I saw the future with my powers in my ashram, I saw that he defeated you and he killed your paramaravatar form! Kanha says rishi I trust you, I know you are thinking the good for me, but I have to go, I have to face kansa today at any cost. Kanha goes. Rishi has tears and he says prabhu how do I stop you?
Narad muni says to lord Vishnu, prabhu rishi tried his best and even revealed the outcome of the battle between kanha and kansa but kanha is not willing to stop! Why is that prabhu? If anything happens to paramavatar shri Krishna then the whole purpose of him being born will be void and kansa will win, he will torment the world and the universe! Narad says how will kanha be stopped? Lord Vishnu smiles and says devrishi, don’t worry, kanha shall be stopped by himself, his own consciousness will stop kanha as it will show kanha the truth and make him understand that this is not the right time.
There kansa waits as it is sunrise and says where are you Vishnu? Where are you? You haven’t come, I will not tolerate this. Kansa says I have waited years to find you and you are a coward that you did not come here to fight me now. Kansa goes angrily.
There as kanha is passing from a bridge, he hears a voice saying kanha! Kanha, wait. Kanha stops and says who is calling me? He hears again kanha, kanha! Kanha closes his eyes and then lord Vishnu appears in front of kanha in his divya form and he says kanha, you have chosen the wrong time to fight kansa, it is not the right time kanha. Kanha says but kansa has spread his evil for too long now, and to reach me, this time he even tortured my mother! I cannot forgive him, he has to be killed and punished for his sins. Lord Vishnu says kanha, you are right but you don’t have the karma to defeat kansa now, you are a god and you have powers, as a god you can kill kansa easily but know this, the world will then know that a demon like kansa was defeated by godly powers only and could be defeated by godly powers only! The world has to know that a person’s good karma can make him a god too and good karma can defeat all evil in the world. Lord Vishnu says you have to defeat kansa by the karma that you do and not by your powers kanha! Lord Vishnu goes and kanha opens his eyes. Kanha says it is right, this is not the right time to fight kansa, I will confront kansa soon when the time comes. Kanha turns back and goes to rishi gargacharya and says rishi, I have understood what you tried to tell me, I know I cannot defeat kansa with my karma! Kanha says I have to wait until the right time comes so that the world knows that dharma can defeat adharma! Rishi smiles. Suddenly radha and balram come, radha says kanha where were you? I was searching for you everywhere, you left me and without telling anyone, you went away. Kanha says listen gopi! Radha says I will not listen to you anymore now, you don’t care for me and I am done walking behind you and caring for you, radha is angry and says now I will go, I will not talk to you. Radha goes. Balram goes behind radha to stop her and convince her. Kanha says wait gopi! Wait! Kanha goes behind radha.
There kansa goes to a mountain where a bow and arrow is guarded by a circular shield. Kansa enters the shield by breaking it and he picks the bow. Kansa says angrily, Vishnu you did not come, but see? This is your bow! I will attack your arrow on your own world and I will created destruction everywhere!

Precap: kansa attacks the arrow in the sky and it opens into a circular hole which starts pulling everything into it. In vrindvan, all pots, stacks of hay and rest start getting pulled inside. people panic and say is it a demon? Run! Kanha says I have to stop this!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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