Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha fights kansa.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and kansa continuing to do malyudh. Kanha kicks kansa on his stomach and he is thrown back. Kansa gets up angrily and says I will show you my power Vishnu! Kanha comes running and kansa picks kanha and hugs him tightly and says Krishna! You will now see the power of the fists of kansa. Kansa presses his fists tightly around kanha’s body such that it hurts kanha giving him terrible pain. Kanha screams in agony and then falls down. Kanha’s eyes get closed as he dies. Kansa screams in excitement and says see Vishnu, I told you I would kill you, now that your form is dead, I will come for you.
There suddenly rishi gargacharya opens his eyes and screams, no prabhu! No! I will not let this happen to you. The entire fight between kansa and kanha was rishi gargacharya’s power of seeing the future, he sees the future of how paramavatar shri Krishna may get killed if he confronts kansa very soon.
Rishi gargachary goes behind kanha to stop him. Rishi goes and then he finds kanha going towards Mathura. Rishi says wait prabhu! Kanha stops and says rishi you? What happened rishi? Rishi says prabhu don’t go to Mathura now, don’t fight kansa, it is not the right time. Kanha says rishi, it is the right time, all these years kansa has done so many sins, he has killed so many innocent people and he has always hurt the people of vrindavan even when we were in gokul. He torture my mother yashoda and for that I can never forgive him, he got the gopi’s of vrindavan kidnapped which is an unpardonable offence. Kanha says for this, he has to be killed and I am going to kill him for all the sins that he has done. Rishi gargacharya says how do I tell you prabhu? Please stop, you cannot fight kansa now because prabhu you have to learn a lot. Kanha says rishi I know, I have gathered all my powers with me to fight kansa, I am going to fight him tomorrow morning at any cost. Rishi has tears and says prabhu please, listen to me! I cannot let you step into this pit otherwise something wrong is going to happen. Kanha says rishi, I respect you but I have decided to fight and kill kansa. Kanha goes ahead, rishi keeps going behind kanha to stop him.
It is morning and in vrindavan, radha asks yashoda, kaki yashoda where is kanha? I have been finding him, he is nowhere, where did he go? Yashoda says radha, he must be somewhere in the village playing otherwise he must be with balram. Radha says I saw everywhere, he is nowhere and how did he not tell me before going? Yashoda smiles and says look at how small you are but you talk so big, yes I agree kanha should have told you before going, when he comes back I will scold him and then send him to you. Radha says yes kaki. Radha goes out of the house and she goes to balram who is practicing with his gadha. Radha says brother balram, where did kanha go? Did you see him anywhere? Balram says no radha, since morning I haven’t seen him anywhere, he must be roaming around in the forest to pluck some fruits. Radha says I searched everywhere, he is nowhere. Balram says don’t worry radha he will come back. Radha goes and sits under a tree.
There as kanha is going towards Mathura, rishi stops him again and says prabhu please don’t go, why dont you listen to me? Kanha says what happened rishi? Tell me clearly. Rishi says kanha if you go and fight kansa now, there will be destruction, there will be pain and suffering that the world has never seen before and it will be the greatest destruction ever, listen to me kanha don’t go now, you have to still learn more before fighting kansa.
There radha sits under a tree and is very sad, she says why did gora go like this without telling me? I miss him so much, I think I scolded him and he has decided not to talk with me, I want kanha back with me in the village. Radha says I should have spoken softly with him, he never thinks about me!
There kansa looks in the sky and says where are you Vishnu? Why haven’t you come yet? I have decorated everything for you. Pralapt and janur say bahgwan, we have put the lotus flowers too. Kansa says see Vishnu, so much for you just to see you die! Where are you? Come now otherwise I will cause destruction everywhere.

Precap: rishi says to kanha, kanha if you fight kansa, you will die! Kanha says to rishi by joining his hands, rishi don’t stop me, I have to fight kansa today! Kansa says I will destroy this world with your own arrow Vishnu. Kansa attacks vishnu’s arrow in the sky which creates destruction all over the world.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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