Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha goes to puloman.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with balram saying who are these guests? After they came, kanha has forgotten his brother. Balram goes to the window of kanha’s room and he sees mahadev and parvati, balram says it is mahadev and parvati with kanha? Why was he hiding then? Balram says I will go and tell all people, balram goes.
Kansa brings puloman to a small temple, puloman says where is my daughter? Kansa says it is not so easy to call your daughter? Puloman says what do you mean? You said you would take me to my daughter. Kansa says puloman, you said you can do anything to meet your daughter. Puloman says yes I can. Kansa says then your daughter is in vrindavan and to call her, you need to pray because she was the avatar of devi laxmi and you have to pray to call her here. puloman says then

I will pray and call my daughter here, I will meet her. Puloman starts praying with love and dedication, he prays for pulomi to come and meet him. kansa says see bhadraksh, the bird has been trapped in the cage, now he will bring radha to us.
In vrindavan, kanha is at home and he sits and meditates. Kanha thinks, kansa is for sure up to something and I have to know what his next plan is. Kanha meditates and then he sees though his vision in patal lok, kanha sees kansa with bhadraksh who have fooled puloman in his trick to call radha in patal lok and kill her. Kanha opens his eyes and says I have to tell radha about one of her life’s and her pulomi form. Kanha goes to radha.
Kanha says radha I have to tell you something important, kansa is up to his next plan now. radha says what do you mean? Kanha says radha, in one of your life, you were the daughter of a great demon king puloman in patal lok, your name was pulomi as puloman was a disciple of devi laxmi and he asked her to be his daughter as a wish. Radha says now I remember, I am even hearing puloman call me kanha. Kanha says radha, kansa’s plan is to call you in patal lok and he wants to kill you, because after killing you he wants to kill me. kanha says radha, you go and meet puloman because he is your father and he has been suffering for years, he will get salvation after you meet him. radha says yes kanha, I know puloman’s feelings and he has been craving to meet his daughter. Radha says I shall go.
In patal lok, radha goes and gives darshan to puloman. Puloman is very happy to see radha and he says pulomi, my daughter you have finally come after a long time. Puloman cries. Radha and puloman embrace each other and radha says father, even I wanted to be with you. puloman says forgive me daughter for sending you away, I never wanted adharma but I chose my people. Radha hugs puloman.
As radha is there, puloman gets salvation. Kansa comes and says radha, laxmi’s purn avatar! You came here because I made that decision, I called you and now you will die. It was my plan to call you here through puloman so that I can kill you, because only after killing you I can kill kanha, once you are wiped out from my way I will kill kanha too.

Precap: Radha takes the demon mata avatar of pulomi and uses her power to remove kansa’s power from his body.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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