Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa forms a new plan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa in his palace and he says I have to find Vishnu! Keshari says I have a suggestion bhagwan kansa! Kansa says what? Keshari says maharaj, you can defeat Vishnu with love, with affection and emotion, the mother of all dhara knows who Vishnu is! Kansa says love towards Vishnu? Are you visnu’s disciple? Kansa holds the neck of keshari and presses it, keshari then uses her power and opens a portal where mata dhara is shown. Kansa leaves keshari and sees.
There kanha says brahman dev, I am the son of mata yashoda and my father nand and I am a gwala! It is no where written that a gwala cannot take arms? If he has to protect his cows, then he will take arms right? Not just a Kshatriya is entitled to fighting. Brahman says kanha you are just a kid and don’t understand dharma! Balram gets angry. Brahman says but it is written in ved and dharma that only a Kshatriya is entitled to battle and you have such a character, you cannot be a gwala and so yashoda isn’t your mother, nand tells us whose son is kanha? Kanha says but brahmandev it is nowhere written that a human shall be differentiated just because of their dharma, a Kshatriya fights but any human would fight to protect themselves and no person can be rejected because of their dharma. Brahman says kanha you are a kid, you shut up, you don’t know anything, you are a kshatriya and have been living as a gwala! Your real parents are someone else and not yashoda and nand. Brahman says nand baba, you and your wife have done a lot for the gope dharma! So we are trying to save you, sacrifice your son or be thrown out of this samaj! Balram is angry and other people say nand baba, unfortunately the brahman dev is right, give the answers to his question nand baba otherwise you have to leave our samaj.
There keshari shows kansa mata dhara and says see maharaj she is mata dhara and she knows who Vishnu is! She has been the greatest and luckiest mother on earth and has taken care of Vishnu as a human. You have to go to her. Kansa says keshari I believe what you say but if this doesn’t work, you will not stay alive. Kansa looks at dhara and says Vishnu, I will soon know your truth.
Laxmi says prabhu what is this story? Lord Vishnu says devi, mata yashoda was in the last lifetime, devi dhara and she was married to nand who was vasudrone in last life. Both of them married but for many years they did not have any child so they prayed to me for years and one day I appeared. In flashback, Vishnu says mata dhara ask what you want. Mata dhara says prabhu, this life of mine has come to an end now, I just want one wish, in each life, I want you to be my son! Lord Vishnu says mata dhara, I fulfill your wish, I promise that in each yug and life, I will always be your son, even if I am born from someone else, you will be the one who will take care of me from my birth. Lord Vishnu goes. There Vishnu says to laxmi, this way I have always been mata yashoda’s son.
In vrindavan, brahman dev says sacrifice your son or let him die. Yashoda says enough brahman dev, we respect you doesn’t mean you will say whatever you wish, kanha has always been my son and he is my son and be about dharma, my son is so young and he knows better than you brahman dev, but we wont trouble your samaj, we will leave this village if need be so! Nand says what kanha says is true and because of dharma no human being should be differentiated, but we would rather leave the village then sacrifice our son.

Precap: kansa goes to satya lok to meet mata dhara! There nand and yashoda pack their things to leave the village. Kanha says mother and father if you want to leave vrindavan, even I will come with you.
Satya lok

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