Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Gayasura reveals his intentions.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with krishna and sudhama talking. Sudhama says it is time for me, I have to go friend I have to die, you promised me and will take my life and send me to vaikunth. Krishna is sad and he says no sudhama, why do you want to leave me? I don’t want you to go. Sudhama says I shall always be with you, be it here or in vaikunth. Krishna walks away. Sudhama is sad and he goes.

There gayasura laughs and says I have taken control of many planets and to kill krishna, I shall also end everyone who is devoted to him and the reign of demons shall start. Shokracharya appears and says gayasura, remember it is not easy to kill krishna, he is the avatar of vishnu and vishnu can not be easily killed, many demons have tried and died, but this time I shall have my revenge and you shall have yours. Guru says, to kill krishgna, we have to devise a good plan one that even krishna wont know about.

Sudhama goes to radha and tells her that krishna had promised he would let him die and kill him himself one day. Sudhama says the day has come and I want to go to vaikunth dham. Radha says why do you leave krishna because he needs you here now, and whatever prabhu does he always has a motive behind everything. Radha says why did you ask for such a wish? To be killed from his hands and go to vaikunth? Sudhama says it is sa story, I will tell you.

Many years ago, when we were kids. I and kanha were going from a village and we heard of the demon who was about to marry 2 devis by doing prayers, but the devis refused and the demon said no, I shall marry you both and your husband will be a demon and not god, the demon laughs. The devis run away but the demon goes to catch them and the devis cry to prabhu for help but the devi swara and swatha are saved and narad muni challenges the demon.

There gayasura announces that he will give moksha only to people who have committed grevious sins and reveals his intentions that the rule of demons shall start, sudhama is shocked. Gayasura urges and forces the rishis to do the opposite of what they have been doing to attain salvation. The rishis are shocked but get happy.

Precap: Sudhama tells the rest of the story to radha and how krishna was forced to give him a wish to kill him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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