Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Pandavas go to vrindavan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kunti going with bhadraksh, she says where is my brother vasudev and sister in law kunti? Bhadraksh says yes I am taking you to them, kunti says why aren’t they in the palace? Bhadraksh takes kunti in the prison and says here they are, bhadraksh goes. Kunti comes inside the cell of vasudev and devki and is shocked to see them in chains. She says brother vasudev! vasudev sees kunti.
In vrindavan, kanha says lets go everyone to vrindavan. Balram says wait kanha, how will we take hidimba? She is a demoness. Bheem says brother balram, hidimba is harmless, she is our friend and wont do anything. Balram says but only we know it bheem, the people don’t know it and in vrindavan the people are already scared of demons and it will take time to make them understand

that hidimba is friendly and kind. Kanha says bheem, brother is right and hidimba cannot come so soon in vrindavan, once we convince the people then we can bring hidimba as well. Bheem says then where will she stay? Balram sees a hut and says till then let hidimba stay in this hut. Bheem says she is my friend and I cannot leave her like this, even I will stay with her. Hidimba says bheem, don’t worry for me, I will be fine but you go with kanha, I will come soon. Bheem says okay hidimba, if you say so. All pandavas go with kanha and balram to vrindavan. Hidimba smiles.
In Mathura, kunti says why are you in chains vasudev? how dare kansa put you both in a prison? He loved you so much right? Then how did this all happen?vasudev tells the entire story of his 8 sons and how kansa killed them after the aakashvani. Kunti says no! enough vasudev, I cannot hear more, kansa so ruthlessly killed the innocent babies, and now waits for your last son, but I wont let him do you both any harm, j am the daughter of hastinapura and kansa cannot dare to stop me! I will take you both from here. kunti snatches a sword from a soldier and kills him, she breaks the chains of vasudev and devki and says come with me. They go out of the cell and kunti starts killing all soldiers one by one!
There kanha and all pandavas reach vrindavan. Kanha goes home and hugs yashoda and yashoda says I was missing you so much kanha, you finally came back. kanha says yes mother. Nand says we are so happy kanha that you have come back. kanha says father, you both will be even more happy when you meet those whom I brought here with me. Nand says who kanha? Kanha calls the pandavas and balram. Pandavas come and yashoda says they look like princes. Kanha says right mother, they are the princes of hastinapura. Yashoda says wow! They are kunti’s sons! Nand welcomes them and says pandavas, welcome to our small house. Bheem says I don’t know about princes but I came here to eat butter, I am very hungry. Yashoda hugs all of them as they take her blessings and says kids come on, I just made butter and I will serve you all. Nand says where is sister kunti? Yudhishthir says uncle nand, mother has gone to Mathura to meet mama vasudev and mami devki. Nand says what? To Mathura? Kanha says yes father, but she will be alright.
There bhadraksh comes scared and says devi kunti you killed all my soldiers here, I wont let you go. kunti says get aside bhadraksh otherwise I will kill you. bhadraksh says if I get aside, bhagwan kansa will kill me and I am scared of him more! Kunti says I will not say again bhadraksh, you don’t know me. Bhadraksh says a sword or stick can do nothing to me. Kunti says I will give you mukti now, you havw roamed everywhere enough causing troubles for all. Kunti prays to mata and suddenly bhadraksh starts turning to black fog, he says what is happening? Bhadraksh says I will better run away, he goes.
Narad muni says what was that mata? Laxmi says devrishi, kunti is not any ordinary woman, she has been gifted with powersand can summon the mata as well to give anyone mukti, that is why all her sons are demigods.

Precap: kansa comes and is angry as he stops kunti. There hidimba comes to vrindavan. Kansa sends a new demoness mushtika to vrindavan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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