Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha fights malyudh with kansa.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts at sunrise where kansa comes on the mal-yudh ground. Pralapt and janur wait there with some soldiers and all people of Mathura are forced to gather for the mal yudh between kansa and Krishna! Kansa closes his eyes and says I am bhagwan kansa, I will take all my powers and then defeat vishnu’s avatar. Kansa comes in mid-air and he takes all his powers into his body and his evil powers. Kansa lands on ground.
Kansa says where are you Vishnu? It is sunrise, see I am waiting here for you. Kansa then says I know you are scared Vishnu but don’t worry, I wont hurt you much, come. Kansa goes and sits on his throne as pralapt and janur press his hands. There suddenly a shell sound is heard. Kanha is standing with his gadha and blows a shell loudly. Kansa and others look scared. Kansa then says bhagwan kansa ki jai! All people start saying bhagwan kansa ki jai. Kanha enters the pit and says kansa, I had given you this last chance but you did not make good use of it, you have to be punished as you will never change.
Kansa comes in the pit and says you will punish me? Vishnu, I will kill your form today and then I will come for you. Kansa takes his gadha. Kanha and kansa jump in air and then their gadha’s clash. Both fight with their gadha’s. kanha dodges as kansa swings his gadha on kanha’s face. Kanha then hits his gadha on kansa’s body and kansa falls down. Kansa gets up angrily and hits his gadha whil kanha blocks the attack using his gadha. Kanha then jumps and goes to the other side. Kansa faces kanha. Kanha then jumps in anger and he hits the gadha on kansa’s head with a bang. Kansa it pushed inside the ground half his body by the impact. Kanha laughs and says kansa you are already inside a sand pit of evil and now it is pulling you inside with it. Kanha laughs. Kansa gets angry and says I am bhagwan kansa, I will kill you kid. Kansa gets out of the pit and then hits kanha with his gadha. Kanha is pushed behind. Kanha then comes ahead, kansa dodges and hits kanha on the stomach. Kanha is thrown back with his gadha and kanha falls down. Kansa says see Vishnu, you are vulnerable. Lord Vishnu smiles from vaikunth dham.
There kanha gets up and both kanha and kansa throw their gadha’s, both the gadha’s clash and get destroyed with a loud bang. Kansa says I destroyed your weapon, now I will destroy you. Kansa and kanha jump and now have mal-yudh. Kansa puts mud on his body and kanha takes mud and puts on his body too. Both fight and do mal yudh. Kansa tries picking kanha but kanha jumps from over kansa and then kicks him and puts kansa on the ground.
Kansa gets up in anger and throws kanha on the ground. Kanha gets up and then jumps and he uses his knees and hits kansa on his chest. Kansa falls down with a thud and gets hurt, blood comes out of kansa’s mouth. Kanha then sits on kansa and says you shall be punished now, for what you did to my mother and torturing endless people and killing so many innocent people. Kanha keeps one leg on kansa and says for this you will go to patal lok kansa, kanha becomes huge in size and presses kansa’s body, kansa is pushed inside the ground and then kanha pushes him with his leg and throws kansa in patal lok. Kansa falls and tears come out of his eyes. Kanha takes his normal size and suddenly kansa comes out of the ground and angrily says, now you will see bhagwan kansa’s power kid. Kansa does mal yudh with kanha and then throws kanha. Kanha picks kansa and swings him using his leg and throws on the ground. Kansa goes and picks kanha and then puts kanha on his knees and breaks his back, kanha screams. Kansa throws kanha. Kanha gets up and says kansa, your end will be here.

Precap: kansa picks kanha and throws him on the ground, then he picks him and hugs kanha and then locks his fists around kanha. Kansa says you will see the power of kansa’s fists now, kansa presses kanha’s body. Kanha screams in pain.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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