Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha goes to retrieve the golden chariot.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhavak telling kanha that to win against kansa, kanha has to attain all the weapons to defeat kansa. For that he shall also need the golden chariot that lies deep within the mountains in a dangerous cave, kanha has to go there and take the chariot before kansa does. Kanha understands and he thanks bhavak for helping him. kanha goes on his journey.
Yashoda is alone and seeks help. Yashoda looks at all the unconscious people and says mata ganga, please help me! all my people have become unconscious. I need to get to your river as soon as possible, I have to help my son kanha in making his shield. Suddenly clouds appear, and rain falls. As the rain falls on the people, the people wake up to consciousness. Yashoda thanks mata ganga and prabhu Vishnu and with the people she heads towards the ganga river.
After walking through their journey, the women, damodar and yashoda reach the ganga river. Yashoda thanks lord Vishnu and ganga mata for helping in her journey. Yashoda prays to mata ganga and says mata, I have come this way to seek your help and to seek your holy water, please help me for my son kanha and provide me with your holy water. mata ganga appears and she blesses yashoda and says daughter, I shall provide you with my holy water for the creation of the shield for kanha. Mata ganga gives yashoda a pot of her holy water and goes. Yashoda is happy and she goes back with the holy water to rishi gargacharya. Gargacharya guides yashoda and tells her to go and do the Pooja of mata kamdhenu and impress her, with her help the shield shall be made. Yashoda goes to the cave of mata kamdhenu and starts doing her Pooja, she prays to her and mata kamdhenu appears and says I am impressed by your prayers devi yashoda, I shall help you but let me tell you, without the help and powers of the other 2 goddesses of purity, I cannot alone make the shield so you need to seek their help too. Yashoda goes to rishi gargacharya for his help and they both come to the Yamuna river.
Kanha reaches the mountains but notices that kansa is there too. Kansa says chakradhari fraud kanha, you are here too? Let me tell you, that golden chariot is mine so if you have come here for that, I will rather kill you. kanha says you cannot do that kansa, you know that. so let me give you a better solution, lets both go together to the golden chariot and then decide whom it belongs too. Kanha says the road ahead is treacherous and we have to cross it together as it has many traps, lets help each other now. kansa agrees and he and kanha walk together, they come across a difficulty in the path as they have to cross a broken bridge between 2 ridges, kanha suggest that kansa let him sit on his shoulders and this way they can cross the broken stones bridge and not fall down. Kansa lifts kanha on his shoulders and starts crossing the stone bridge. Kanha says mama kansa, I now understand why there are 2 ma in the word mama, because a mama gives twice the love of a mother. Kanha says it is fun, for the first time you and me going on an adventure. Kansa agrees and then they cross the bridge, kansa says that is all for now. kansa and kanha come to the golden chariot but see that it is guarded by poisonous snakes. Kanha says go mama kansa, deal with those snakes. Kanha says these snakes are not normal snakes, if they bite us we will instantly give in to the poison and be killed. Kansa gets scared and thinks, I will tell kanha to fight those snakes, once they are dealt with I shall take the chariot for myself. Kansa tells kanha to go ahead and take the chariot, as he doesn’t want it. kanha says mama kansa, I know you very well, I am not a fool! If I deal with those snakes, you will come to take the chariot. so it is better, you go! why should I? kansa says who killed kaliya naag? You did right? Then you can kill these snakes too. Kanha says okay then, but you already said you don’t want the chariot, so you wont have it. kanha thinks whatever it is, kansa wont get this chariot.
Yashoda prays to the 3 goddesses of purity, milk and love. The goddesses appear with mata kamdhenu being one of them. Yashoda asks them for their help in creating the impenetrable shield for kanha, to protect him from kansa and his weapons. The goddesses agree and merge their powers and create the shield and give it to yashoda. Yashoda is happy and she thanks the goddesses for their help.

Precap: Kanha thinks of a way to deal with the snakes. Kansa waits for kanha to deal with the snakes. Yashoda brings the shield.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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