Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha gives divya darshan to karmabai.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the rishi bringing in their bhog for lord Vishnu as they serve it in the temple. Karmabai comes and serves the uncooked rice the way she can. The rishi’s say look at her, she has again served her uncooked rice to our prabhu Vishnu, she has to be punished for that. kanha says wait, let prabhu Vishnu decide that. kanha smiles and the uncooked rice disappears, the rishi’s are shocked. karmabai has tears and she cries in happiness and says my prabhu accepted my bhog. The rishi’s say this is not possible. All people see and say kanha was right, our prabhu seeks love more than he seeks anything else. Kanha says brahman dev, you all were egoistic of what you had learned and thinking of yourselves as great brahmins, you tried to punish a disciple of god who was just serving him with all her love and by heart. The brahmins realize their mistake. Kanha says don’t let your ego go past this world, one day the same ego will destroy you. the brahmins ask for forgiveness from kanha and say karmabai forgive us, we had become egoistic of being learned and knowledgeable. Kanha smiles and says I shall go now karmabai. Kanha goes.
In vrindavan, radha comes with her brother jaidev who has a mudgal. Balram is in the village. Radha says brother, that kanha must be somewhere in the village. Jaidev says take me to him radha, I will punish him. radha says brother lets go. As they come ahead, radha comes to balram. Radha says brother, have you seen kanha? Balram says no radha, I have been finding him too. Jaidev comes and says is he kanha? I will punish him. balram says who are you? how dare you think you can punish me? don’t think of yourself to be too strong. jaidev says how dare you! even if you are not kanha, first I will punish you. jaidev comes towards balram to fight. Radha stops jaidev and says brother jaidev, he is balram dau, he is everyone’s brother! Even mine and he always listens to me. jaidev says then he is my elder brother as well. Radha says brother balram, we came to punish kanha. Balram says even I am finding him, lets go I have to tell him something.
There kansa is with shokracharya, shokracharya says now kanha will come to village but when mandhrachal will take his next move, kanha will have to take kurma avatar. Kansa laughs.
Kanha is coming towards vrindavan, karmabai runs and stops him and says kanha I have seen it and I can recognize you! you are my prabhu. Kanha says you are right karmabai. Kanha takes his divya avatar, karmabai says I am lucky and grateful for your darshan prabhu, you have made me holy today! Thank you my lord for coming and saving your disciple. Kanha says a god always goes to save his true disciple from all problems. Kanha goes.
In vrindavan, kanha comes and meets balram. Balram says kanha come on I have to show you something. Balram shows kanha the mandhrachal mountain and says kanha, this mountain landed right here and because it has the sign of lord vishnu’s sudarshan chakra, the people believe that it has been kept here by prabhu Vishnu but I don’t think that is true and there is something evil behind this. Kanha says you are right brother, this mountain seems to be some evil and maybe even kansa can be behind this, we have to warn the people of this danger because they might not know what they think is not god!
Mandhrachal says so paramavatar Krishna, you are here. but you are right that I am not god, I have come to end you and your kurma avatar and I will take my revenge Vishnu.
Kanha and balram are going from the village. From behind radha and jaidev are coming, balram says kanha we will for sure deal with this mountain somehow but how will you deal with radha’s real brother jaidev? Kanha says what? Is he coming towards me? balram says yes. Kanha says then we better run as that is the solution now. kanha and balram are running, jaidev says stop now! balram and kanha stop.

Precap: Kanha says to nand and all people and the rishi that maybe they should think about the mountain. Nand says why kanha? Kanha says father, maybe that mountain has not been kept by prabhu Vishnu but kansa can be behind this as part of his plan.

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